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Chapter 1795: Did He Go and Buy Hacks

Shi Xiaoya did not expect that hed actually remember everything after just one round of watching from Cheng Hes perspective.

He was still fumbling with some techniques, but after a few tries, he mastered them.

The recoil of each gun was different, the range was different, and the accessories that needed to be assembled were also different.

But Han Zhuoling only tried a few times before he got the hang of it.

The shots he fired all had a high hit rate.

“What the f*ck, is this still that box spirit Why does it seem as if its a completely different person Did someone else take his place!”

“Feels like hes about to catch up to Xiao He!”

“How can someone adjust so quickly”

“Did this dude go and buy a hack just now”

“Using hacks so shamelessly!”

“He doesnt need hacks,” Cheng He said.

“Its because his existence is like a hack in itself.

I can prove that hes not using a hack.”

“Yeah,” Cao Jingcheng also said.

“We are here at the hotel using the hotels computer to play at the last minute.

We are just playing for fun.

Is there a need to go and buy hacks Just because youre stupid, you think hes stupid too I can promise you that hes not stupid, so the only possibility is that youre stupid.”

“Everyone, quick come and see, Cao Jingcheng is slaying people!”

“Its been a long time since Ive seen Cao Jingcheng hacking people to pieces.

I almost forgot about his temper.”

“He used to have the kind of temper where he would dislike someone when he couldnt stand their behavior.

Now that hes famous, he rarely does it to maintain his image.

It looks like his temper got much better.

I didnt expect that our Cao Jingcheng actually never changed from before hahahaha.”

Shi Xiaoya pressed quite a few times and a row of rockets was sent out again.

Han Zhuoling glanced sideways briefly.

Cheng He tilted his head out, away from the computer screen.

He happened to sit right opposite Shi Xiaoya and asked, “Sister Xiaoya, why did you send so many”

“To support you,” Shi Xiaoya said with a smile in her eyes.

To thank him for speaking up for Han Zhuoling.

Cheng He scratched his head.

“You dont have to send so many though.

Its a lot of money.”

Cao Jingcheng smiled and said, “Xiaoya, youre really rich and imposing.”

“Its just sending some rockets, look at what you guys are saying.

In front of you big shots, how are these even significant” Shi Xiaoya said, shaking her head.

“A few clicks on your mouse and you sent out more than ten thousand dollars.

Is this not significant” Cao Jingcheng smiled and said, “With these few clicks, you can already buy a new bag.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled too and said, “Its fine to do this once in a while.

Im just joining in the fun today.”

At this moment, Zhang Xiangyous phone rang.

“Its a call from my manager, I have to go and answer the call.

It might be a job opportunity,” Zhang Xiangyou said.

“Xiaoya, why dont you come and help me play for a while Lest it delays Xiao Hes live-stream.”

“Sure,” Shi Xiaoya agreed readily and went to take over Zhang Xiangyous account.

Shi Xiaoya found a spot to hide and opened Zhang Xiangyous bag to look.

“Wow, Brother Zhang is so weak.

He only managed to pick up a machete until now and doesnt even have a gun.”

Shi Xiaoya exposed Zhang Xiangyous bag at once and attracted a wave of merciless mockery from the audience towards Zhang Xiangyou.

“No wonder we didnt see Zhang Xiangyou for so long just now.

So it turns out that his equipment is too lousy, so hes hiding quietly.”

“Ill go and see if there are any other leftover items to pick up,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Sister Xiaoya, be careful.

If you really cant find anything, you can just hide first.

I will go over and pass you some weapons in a bit,” Cheng He said.

“No worries, no worries.” Shi Xiaoya waved him off and prepared to walk.

Yet she heard Han Zhuolings voice saying, “Tell me your location.

Ill go over to find you.”

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