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Chapter 1740: Almost Touching Her Back

“No need.” Han Zhuoling quickly stopped her.

“I am already full.”

“Really” Shi Xiaoya asked.

“Please dont be polite with me.

You must really eat until youre full.”


You saw how much I ate already.” Han Zhuoling smiled and said, “I already stuffed myself full.”

Han Zhuoling placed his hand on his stomach and suddenly said, “If you dont believe me, you can touch it.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

That would be weird if she did!

Shi Xiaoya looked as if shed seen a ghost as she stared at Han Zhuoling.

Over her dead body would she ever imagine that Han Zhuoling would say such a thing.

And… even let her touch him!

Why did she feel like he was taking liberties with her

Han Zhuoling stood up nonchalantly as if he never said such a thing.

He paced back and forth to aid with digestion.

Meanwhile, Shi Xiaoya cleared the plates and put them into the dishwasher.

When she was done cleaning up and came back to the living room, she saw that Han Zhuoling was still standing there.

She was living alone, so she felt that this house was quite big already and was spacious enough.

But now that Han Zhuoling was standing there, she instantly felt as if her originally spacious living room looked more squeezed now.

As if there was no space for her to set foot on.

It would be squeezy wherever she was standing.

“Whats wrong” Hearing her, Han Zhuoling turned around.

The light shone brilliantly through the glass door behind him, casting light on his silhouette, making him look even more handsome, as if he was a bright prince standing smartly.

The sight was indescribably good-looking.

Suddenly, Shi Xiaoya saw out of the corner of her eye a flutter of white outside the window behind him.

“Its snowing!” Shi Xiaoya exclaimed.

When Han Zhuoling turned back to look, he saw Shi Xiaoya running past him and quickly opening the glass door before going out to the balcony.

The balcony was open air and had plants on it.

Seeing that she did not even put on a coat, and that her slippers were leaving her toes exposed as she stood outside to feel the cold winds and snow, he looked left and right, but there was no sign of Shi Xiaoyas coat in the living room.

He did not feel it was good to go to Shi Xiaoyas bedroom to flip through her cabinets, so he could only walk outside just like that.

As he walked, he took off his own coat and put it on Shi Xiaoya.

The sudden weight and warmth that came with it made Shi Xiaoya tremble slightly.

Turning around, she saw Han Zhuoling standing behind her, close to touching her back.

His hands were still on her shoulders.

Beneath the thick coat, she could still feel the heat from his palms.

Amid the cold winter winds, there was a faint hint of his cologne.

She wondered if it came from his coat or if it came from his body.

Shi Xiaoya was shocked and wanted to return the coat to him immediately.

“Why did you give me your coat How cold you must be!”

“Since you know its cold, why didnt you put on a coat before you came out” Han Zhuoling chided disapprovingly.

“The snow wont stop in a moment.”

Shi Xiaoya stuck out her tongue.

In the vast whiteness of the snow, her pink tongue disappeared in a flash.

When Han Zhuoling saw that, his gaze darkened.

He did not feel cold at all in that moment.

He actually felt his whole body heating up.

“Its almost time.

Lets prepare to leave,” Han Zhuoling said in a hoarse voice.

Shi Xiaoya thought that since he was dressed too thinly, his throat felt uncomfortable, but Han Zhuoling kept his hands firmly on her shoulders and did not let her take off the coat.

So they could only go back into the house.

Shi Xiaoya passed the coat to him.

“Quick, wear it.”

Han Zhuoling put on the coat and Shi Xiaoya went to lock the glass door to the balcony.

She checked the power sources in the house first before she went to put on a coat.

Her luggage was already at the entrance foyer.

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