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Chapter 1696: Solved Shi Xiaoyas Problem with One Sentence

Hayer also asked curiously, “Then who are the three people you saw before”

“I cant say that.

If I said that, it would offend people.” Robert smiled prudently.

Hayer could not contain his curiosity, but no matter how he asked, Robert just refused to say it.

“But Lu Man does have a special kind of charm.

In that performance just now, she wasnt the first to come on stage, but the moment she came on, everyones attention was irresistibly drawn to her.

As a judge, we clearly should not neglect the performance of the other actors, but every time we looked at other peoples performance, we could still clearly feel her extremely strong presence.

The NFA won brilliantly this time because of this factor as well.

It made one subconsciously neglect the performance flaws of others,” Hayer said.

“Its probably because they rehearsed a lot, so they have chemistry.

Whenever their flaws on stage, which cannot be corrected in such a short time, were about to appear, Lu Man would always manage to shift the focus back onto herself skillfully, minimizing the flaws of others to the greatest possible extent.” Hayer smiled and shook his head.

“I was really stunned by Lu Mans performance and the flow of that show, so I couldnt really react.

Its only now that I realize this was their strategy.”

“So you should understand what I mean when I talk about Lu Mans stage presence,” Robert said.

“Shes extremely well-versed in her craft.

When her classmates were putting on a brilliant performance, she was able to diminish her presence to accentuate her partner.

When the other party couldnt really hold up, she was able to instantly switch the focus back onto herself.

This is not something that just anyone can do, be it their own skill or mentality.

Even if a person is skilled enough, not every person would be able to do that, to be willing to perfect another persons performance.”

Hayer nodded.

“Thats true.

Just like in that performance previously.

That student wasnt even that skilled and still wanted to steal the show.

The end result was even worse.”

Both of them were walking together with Principal Liu, and they did not speak covertly to intentionally avoid attention.

There was nothing to hide about these words anyway.

When Principal Liu and the others heard them, Principal Zhang was very surprised.

He did not expect them to have such high praise for Lu Man.


Lu Man did not know that Robert and Hayer were still commenting on her after they left.

They were walking out to the exit to head for dinner.

When they reached the car park, Lu Man naturally went with Han Zhuoli.

The two elderly people went in one car.

Shen Nuo also brought a chauffeur along.

She smiled and said, “When I came here, I came with Elder Sister-in-law.

Elder Sister-in-law, do you still want to ride in my car or in Zhuolings car”

Lin Liye smiled and said, “Ill just ride in your car.

The two of us can have a chat as well.

If I get in Zhuolings car, what can I talk to him about”

“Sure.” Shen Nuo smiled and nodded.

Lin Liye turned and asked Shi Xiaoya, “Xiaoya, what about you Are you riding in Zhuolings car or ours”

Shi Xiaoya definitely could not ride in Han Zhuoli and Lu Mans car.

How could she be the gooseberry

She would not choose to sit with the two elders either; the pressure would be too great.

Although Old Mrs.

Han was very friendly and warm, she still felt nervous around her.

As for Lin Liye and Shen Nuo…

Shi Xiaoya had just looked over and felt a little hesitant before Han Zhuoling said, “Shes riding in the car with me.”

He solved Shi Xiaoyas problem with one sentence.

“Good, good, good.” Old Mrs.

Han had been afraid that Shi Xiaoya would object and quickly dragged Old Mr.

Han along with her to their car.

“Then we will meet at Sheng Yue and have dinner there tonight.”

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