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Chapter 1615: Finally Came Through

Lin Liye: “…”

Why did she feel like her youngest son was so senseless

“If there was really a day when that live-stream comes, let me know,” Lin Liye said calmly.

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

With Han Zhuofeng holding the phone like that, Lin Liye could not see the photos clearly.

She decided to just take the phone over and zoom in to take a more detailed look.

“Not just that, that face of his looks more gentle than it usually does.” Lin Liye moved her fingers and sent these few photos over to her WeChat.

She returned the phone to Han Zhuofeng.

Lin Liye then sent the photos to Old Mrs.


“Mom, look at Zhuoling.

I wonder what hes looking at, but his expression looks so gentle.” Lin Liye sounded even more exaggerated than Han Zhuofeng.

Han Zhuofeng quite admired her for being able to see how “gentle” Han Zhuolings expression was just from that tiny detail on his face.

He did not expect Old Mrs.

Han to be even more exaggerated.

“Hes finally come through! Hes finally come through! This young man has finally come through!”

Lin Liye could not help but run up to Han Zhuolings room door.

At that moment, Han Zhuoling had already closed the door.

Who knew if it was because hed discovered Han Zhuofeng had just been outside his room or not.

Lin Liye knocked on Han Zhuolings room door and said outside, “Zhuoling, are you asleep”

Shortly after, the door opened.

Han Zhuoling was wearing his pajamas and standing in front of Lin Liye as he said, “Mom, whats the matter”

“Haha, its nothing,” Lin Liye said, all smiles.

She glanced at the phone, which was left on his bed behind him and happened to light up, and asked, “Are you chatting with someone right now”

Han Zhuoling just said, “Its the phone system notification.”

Lin Liye: “…”

“You didnt even see it.

How would you know” Lin Liye asked, refusing to give up.

Han Zhuoling calmly said, “I just know it.”

Lin Liye: “…”

She would not be able to find out anything from Han Zhuoling, so Lin Liye refused to give up and glanced over Han Zhuolings back to look at the phone again.

But it was so far away, and the phone screen was only so big.

Even if she did not give up, she would not be able to see anything, so she could only let him off.


After she was done talking to Han Zhuoling, Shi Xiaoya opened up her camera roll and went to see the photo of the crayfish stick she took during dinner.

After staring at it for quite some time, she opened Weibo and posted the photo with the words, “Heard that its the trend to eat it like this now.”

She did not even dare to say that she had someone to help her shell the crayfish, let alone mention Han Zhuolings name.

She did not want Han Zhuoling to misunderstand and think that she was purposely saying these ambiguous things as if she wanted to make things up.

Even so, there were fans in the comments that still asked her, “Did your boyfriend shell them for you or did you shell them yourself”

“Xiaoya is single, right Itd have been so sad if she shelled them herself!”

“Im guessing someone else shelled it for her, because theres also cutlery at the opposite side in the photo, so theres clearly someone sitting there.

Just not sure how that person is related to Xiaoya.”


Just yesterday, the First Young Master Han followed Xiaoya, and today, Xiaoya already had someone else shelling crayfish for her.

Heres one second of feeling bad for First Young Master Han.”

“Dont bring in Han Zhuoling, okay Han Zhuoling clearly had nothing to do with this at all.

Why are you putting the two together”

“Didnt she only get a follow from Han Zhuoling So you dare to bring Han Zhuoling in on everything now”

“Its just a stick of crayfish, nothing can be seen from that.

Must you let others think that someone else prepared it for you Thats way too scheming.”

“Its just a joke, some people dont need to have such a huge reaction.”

“Xiaoya just said its a trending way of eating it, did she say anything else Those who said shes making things up, Xiaoya didnt say anything else from start to end, and she did not express any kind of ambiguous language hinting at romance.

You guys are the ones who are trying to make a connection.

How interesting.”

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