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Chapter 1552: Know Him Well or Not

The material was thick and not a bit of wind could penetrate through.

In northern places like B City, this coat was good enough to battle the cold until December, both in style and in warmth.

However, the exposed areas of her skin were beyond chilled.

Shi Xiaoyas neck was exposed, and the wind blew down her neck, making her shiver.

She stuffed both hands in the coat pocket after lifting her collar higher, then shrunk further into her jacket.

“You know Young Master Ling very well” A female voice rang from her side.

Shi Xiaoya frowned at its rudeness and abruptness.

Identifying her voice, she turned and saw it was indeed Jiang Yuhan.

Jiang Yuhans assistant was behind her.

But Shi Xiaoya was alone, and she looked alone and weak in the scene.

Shi Xiaoya, however, wasnt afraid of Jiang Yuhan.

She raised her brow and asked sarcastically, “I thought Ms.

Jiang had left earlier.”

Jiang Yuhan had been the first to leave after facing Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli.

Followed by Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fang, after they had said their goodbyes, and then Shao Yuqi and the others.

After so many rounds, Jiang Yuhan should have left by now no matter how slow she moved.

Shi Xiaoya observed her.

Jiang Yuhan seemed to have stayed back specifically just to ask her this question.

Hearing Shi Xiaoya call her “Ms.

Jiang” made Jiang Yuhan smile coldly.

She was calling her “Teacher Jiang” so nicely just now, and now its Ms.


Shes so arrogant just because shes on good terms with Lu Man!

“You know Young Master Ling” Jiang Yuhan asked again.

She was really insistent on the question.

Shi Xiaoya thought she didnt have the obligation to satisfy Jiang Yuhans curiosity, so she replied coolly, “I do.”

Jiang Yuhans gaze sharpened, and she asked in annoyance, “Very well”

Shi Xiaoya brushed her off.

“Weve worked together before.”

“So do you know him well or not” Jiang Yuhan asked rudely.

She urgently wanted a straight answer from Shi Xiaoya.

Actually, Shi Xiaoyas answers already implied that she wasnt close to Han Zhuoling.

But Jiang Yuhan just wanted Shi Xiaoya to say it explicitly, to prove it with her own words.

Not bothering to answer her, Shi Xiaoya rebutted, “What has it got to do with you”

“Yeah, I dont know him well, but are you going to make yourself close to him” Shi Xiaoya mocked her openly.

Jiang Yuhans gaze was extremely cold—Shi Xiaoya had officially offended her to the max today.

But since Shi Xiaoya wasnt close to Han Zhuoling, then she could relax.

Just then, Jiang Yuhans car arrived.

Jiang Yuhan scoffed at Shi Xiaoya with contempt before entering her car.

Shi Xiaoya didnt care one bit about Jiang Yuhans attitude.

Not long after, Shi Xiaoya spotted Han Zhuolings car.

When he stopped, Shi Xiaoya hurriedly got on.

The heater was on, and when she entered, the warmth hit her at once, making her relax comfortably.

Perhaps she stood outside in the cold for too long, the sudden change in temperature made her face a furious red.

Shi Xiaoya took out her hands from her pockets and flexed them.

Han Zhuoling saw and asked, “Why didnt you wait inside”

There was a heater indoors.

She wouldnt have been as cold.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

She had forgotten.

Han Zhuoling asked her to wait and she foolishly waited outside, not even thinking of going indoors.

“Forgot,” Shi Xiaoya replied honestly.

She couldnt tell what Han Zhuoling was thinking, but he actually chuckled.

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