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This also showed that Shi Xiaoyas status was really different in Han Zhuolings heart.

Both of them exchanged a knowing look.


After Xiao Zhang left, Shi Xiaoya carried the flowers with her into the office.

Guo Yujie found her a vase from somewhere and said, “May I help you put them in”

Shi Xiaoya stared at that big bouquet of flowers.

Han Zhuolings face appeared in her mind again.

“I have nothing to do anyway.

Ill do it myself,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Okay.” Guo Yujie smiled and went out.

Shi Xiaoya snipped off the thorns on the roses and trimmed the branches a little before inserting each stalk carefully into the vase.

When she was done, she then sat down and saw the card that had been placed on the table by her.

Shi Xiaoya picked up that card.

Previously, when she took out the card in front of Xiao Zhang, she only took a quick look at it and did not look at it carefully.

Actually, she did not know how carefully she could look at it either.

There were only six words in total.

When she first saw those six simple words, there were only three words in the content: “I am sorry.”

She could not describe how she felt when she first saw this card.

Shed felt… a little disappointed.

She did not know what she was disappointed about either.

What could she expect Han Zhuoling to write for her

Was he supposed to write some romantic words for her

What even!

Shi Xiaoya shook her head hard.

They did not have that kind of relationship and were not lovers who had a fight.

What romantic words would there be!

How did she have such expectations

No, she wasnt expecting anything!

Its just… just… Even if its an apology, he should at least write something more!

“I am sorry.” They were just three words.

What was she supposed to tell from that

Shi Xiaoyas gaze landed on the three words, “I am sorry.” For some reason, she seemed to be able to tell that the pressure he exerted when writing that was different from his sign off.

The handwriting was the same, so she could tell that Han Zhuoling wrote it himself.

For some reason, with that knowledge, she instantly felt a little happy.

Shi Xiaoya lightly smacked her head.

She felt that she was a little embarrassing.

He merely wrote a personal card for her, and it was a total of six words.

Three of the words were actually his name and she was already happy.

His name where he signed off felt bold and strong.

The tip of his pen was sharp, but at the sharp points, the ends were nicely tipped and not too piercing.

Seeing his writing made the image of his face leap up from the card.

It was really like how ones handwriting resembles the person.

It was just like his personality.

Domineering, aloof, and reserved.

But compared to this signature, the three words, “I am sorry,” seemed to carry with them some hesitation.

It was as if Shi Xiaoya could see his hesitation before writing those words.

Her fingertips traced every stroke of his name.

That face suddenly appeared without warning on the card itself, as if her fingertips were tracing his facial features.

Shi Xiaoya got a shock and immediately retracted her hand, her face burning hot.

It was as if she got scalded.

She pinched this card and hesitated for a while before putting it back into the envelope.

She did not throw it away but put it properly in her drawer.


Zheng Tianming and Tong Chunian were on good terms.

Both of them were chatting over lunch.

Tong Chunian did not say that Han Zhuoling bought flowers to woo a girl, he just unintentionally mentioned that Xiao Zhang had something on.

When Zheng Tianming learned that Xiao Zhang had gone to the florist to collect flowers, hed already guessed it when he thought about it himself.

So he went back and told Han Zhuoli about this.

Han Zhuoli laughed when he heard this.

His Big Brother actually got enlightened so fast.

Han Zhuoli did not care about his work anymore.

He threw the files on the table and went straight to Han Zhuolings office.

He knocked on the door twice symbolically.

The rushed knocks did not await a response from Han Zhuoling before Han Zhuoli pushed the door open and walked in.

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