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Chapter 1439: Born with a Pretty Face

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Seeing how they were not going to let him off if he did not say it explicitly, Han Zhuoling could only take a second look at the photo a little more seriously.

He just took one more look before he looked away immediately, as if he had seen so much that his eyes hurt and he did not want to take another look at it.

Old Mrs.

Han: “…”

Was there some problem with her eldest grandson

Lin Liye: “…”

Was there some problem with her son

“I dont like girls like these two,” Han Zhuoling simply said.

Old Mrs.

Han suspiciously took her phone back and scrutinized the two photos a few more times.

She did not notice anything wrong with these two girls.

“You just took one look at them and you know that you dont like these kinds of girls” Old Mrs.

Han was very suspicious.

She wondered if Han Zhuoling even took a proper look at the faces of both ladies.

“What can you tell from the photos You cant see their personalities from the photos.

And photos are usually not as pretty as the person in real life.

There are many people who are not photogenic.”

Han Zhuofeng said at the side, “Grandma, you dont know this.

Many girls edit their photos nowadays and compete to look better and better.

All of their photos look nicer than themselves in person.

If they look 70% like their edited photos, they are being very honest already.

If you dont believe me, you can ask Elder Sister-in-law.

Women nowadays would never give out their photos without editing it.”

“What has this got to do with you!” Old Mrs.

Han was about to die from anger.

She was trying to persuade Han Zhuoling right now.

Why was Han Zhuofeng butting in and ruining things!

However, Old Mrs.

Han still turned towards Lu Man.

Lu Man: “…”

She was really put in a spot by Han Zhuofeng right now.

If she said yes, Old Mrs.

Han would definitely be unhappy that she ruined her grand plans to persuade Han Zhuoling.

If she said no, Han Zhuoling would be unhappy.

Just look at that cold and stern face of Han Zhuoling…

Lu Man gulped.

Han Zhuoli hugged Lu Man around the waist and said, “I dont know about other womens photos, I havent seen them.

Anyway, your elder sister-in-laws photos are never edited.

She is born with a pretty face.”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

“I give it to you, brother.

You can even find the chance to show your affection at this moment,” Han Zhuofeng complained disdainfully.

From the time Han Zhuoli first brought Lu Man back before they got married, it had almost been two years.

For the length of time they were together, Han Zhuoli would show his affection for that length of time.

He would not get tired of it at all.

What a bully.

“Big Brother, look at them.

Theyre not tired of showing their affection after so long, eh Why dont they go out and show their affection Why are they especially doing this to us at home” Han Zhuofeng sounded really pitiful and sought his own elder brother for some comfort.

Han Zhuoling glanced at Han Zhuoli and was about to say something when Old Mrs.

Han said, “Dont talk about having a wife.

If you both are capable enough to bring a girlfriend back and show off your affection for each other in front of Zhuoli every day, I will definitely support you both!”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Did he say anything

He hadnt even said anything.

He was an innocent victim!

Han Zhuoling glared unhappily at this unlucky younger brother of his who dragged him down into muddy water.

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

Ever since he got married, Han Zhuoli had become the good kid, the good little dog in Old Mrs.

Hans eyes.

Whatever he did was right, which was completely unreasonable.

“Dont change the topic!” Old Mrs.

Han glared at Han Zhuofeng.

He could not even help with anything and still kept changing the topic.

She passed her phone to Lin Liye and said, “Take a look.

Can you tell anything thats wrong with these two young ladies”

Lin Liye stared for quite some time and even zoomed in to look.

She did not feel that there was anything bad about them.

She could only shake her head at Old Mrs.


“I cant tell.”

Old Mrs.

Han then asked Han Zhuoling, “So, what exactly are you unsatisfied with them about”

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