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Chu Liuyues reply was unexpected.

The people present were all dazed for a moment and almost thought that they had misheard. One just has to think to know how dangerous it is at such a place! He still wants to bring someone along 

However, Mu Hongyu was elated and hurriedly nodded. No matter what, I definitely cant watch Liuyue get bullied! 

Seeing that Chu Liuyue had a determined attitude, Elder Wen Xi thought for a while and didnt object to it. It is just one more student after all, and it doesnt affect much. 

“You can go if you want.

But Hongyu, you cant randomly talk when you get there.

Do you understand”

Mu Hongyu covered her mouth and hurriedly nodded.

Once Elder Wen Xi said this, he heard Luo Shishis voice from behind.

“Mentor, I want to go too!”

“Shishi” Luo Yanming and Zhuo Sheng looked at her strangely. Previously, Fourth Brother had already instructed us to stay in the academy and try not to interfere in this matter because the Luo family wasnt on the invitation list.

Now, Luo Shishi actually wants to follow them Is she joking 

However, Luo Shsihi was very insistent.

She looked at Elder Wen Xi in a begging manner.

“Mentor, I guarantee you that Ill be obedient when Im there, and I wont utter a single word.”

Why do all of them want to go! Elder Wen Xi felt his head ache. If we continue arguing, we really wont get there in time! 

He made up his mind.

“Lets go together!”

Inside Fangzhou City, it was peaceful on the wide and straight square.

The crowd sat together in groups.

In the beginning, everyone could still exchange pleasantries.

But as time passed, the atmosphere slowly became colder and stiffer.

From time to time, some people looked toward Ling Xiao Academys people.

Some even revealed frustrated expressions.

If it werent for Elder Bo Yan and the others there, they wouldnt have held themselves back.

“I couldnt tell, but this Chu Yue is such a diva.” A voice that was neither loud nor soft sounded in the crowd with a few hints of mockery.

“The only person who could obtain a fateful encounter in the Flood-Desert Northern Region is naturally different.” Someone chuckled, but the laughter was piercing.

Elder Bo Yan pretended that he didnt hear it.

Didnt they just say some mean words What was there to care about it As long as these people didnt truly fight, everything could be discussed.

At the side, Jin Di stroked his stubble and couldnt help but sneer.

“I heard that Chu Yue is just a stage-nine warrior, but he already thinks so highly of himself.

If he breaks through and reaches the Apotheosis Realm in the future, wont he be even more amazing At that time, itll be hard if we want to meet him once! Hah!”

Quite a few of their faces started turning ugly. He is just a junior, but he actually caused so many of us to wait here and didnt show his face at all.

He is indeed arrogant! 

“Senior Jin Di, thats not quite right.” A clear voice—which was like the spring water in the mountains that flowed down—broke the stiff atmosphere.

Upon hearing this, the crowd immediately looked toward Ling Xiao Academys side.

A few figures were slowly flying out from within—the person talking was indeed Chu Yue!

They were very fast, and they reached the square in no time.

Countless gazes swept across them one by one.

When they looked at Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue later, their gazes stopped there longer.

They had an unknown meaning.

Only Elder Bo Yan and the others were stunned when they saw Mu Hongyu and others following behind.

But in front of so many people, they couldnt ask in detail.

They were just a few students and didnt affect the big picture.

Chu Liuyue still smiled and said, “Compared to everyone, my status is low, and I really dont dare to be unruly.

However, I was indeed delayed by some matters earlier, so I was late.

I, Chu Yue, will apologize to everyone here.”

As she spoke, she really bent slightly and bowed toward them.

Then, she smiled and looked at Jin Di.

“With what you said just now, you mightve… underestimated everyones statuses too much, right”

Is he saying that I purposely looked down on the people present! Jin Dis expression changed.


“I know that all the seniors came a long way here because some matters caused a misunderstanding and that you would like me to give an explanation for it.” The topic changed, and Chu Liuyue had already passed the previous topic.

Jin Di felt stifled, and his anger was stuck in his throat, neither going up nor down.

It made him feel very uncomfortable! This Chu Yue… Hes really cunning to the maximum! 

He scoffed coldly. Escape Can he escape Today, I must skin Chu Yue alive! 

The others had already shifted their attention because Chu Liuyue had changed the topic.

“Thats right.

Since youre straightforward, we wont talk nonsense anymore.

Chu Yue, regarding those rumors related to you recently, what do you have to say about them” On the other side, an elder in a black robe stroked his beard and questioned Chu Liuyue with a low voice.

He had to give Chu Yue a chance to explain.

If not, they would seem to be unreasonable and domineering.

Chu Liuyue nodded lightly.

“Ill give everyone a clear and logical explanation.”

“Chu Yue, come here.” Elder Bo Yan suddenly spoke, waved to Chu Liuyue, and pointed at the seat next to him.

Even though this meeting was an interrogation targeted at Chu Yue, he didnt want Chu Yue to seem like he was a criminal and be bullied and ridiculed by the others.

Chu Liuyue felt a slight warmth in her heart.

Not any ordinary person could sit beside Elder Bo Yan.

This represented Elder Bo Yan and the entire Ling Xiao Academys support for her!

She hesitated for a moment and walked over.

On the other side, Baili Chun already looked toward Rong Xiu.

His expression was slightly dark.

“Your Grace, we havent seen each other in a while, yet you forgot to even greet me”

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