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The Director of Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar frowned deeply.

Yet, he couldn’t not answer, “Her Highness Hu Guo Princess Royal.” 

“Great true.” Mu Xi Yao nodded.

A dazzling light roamed in those beautiful eyes of hers. 

“In the years of Jiaxing, the prince of Qin rose a revolt.

He made a secret alliance with the regional governors of eighteen provinces and started a coup d’etat.

At the time, Cheng Emperor was young, and the situation in the court was turbulent.

The princess royal offered herself to carry out the military campaign.

Her departure went on for as long as five years.

During the period, she had fought three battles with the prince of Qin in Wei Shui, suffering not even one defeat.

Later, at the mountain pass of Qinghai, she personally beheaded prince of Qin from the horse.

Shortly afterward, she annihilated the rebellious faction and, thus, put an end to the “Chaos of Jing Xiang”. 

After the princess royal returned to the court, she turned in the military seal and left her duties with serenity.

She merely assisted Cheng Emperor at the side with the appeasement of the refugees and execution of the new policies.

In the thirty-seventh year of Jiaxing, the vassal state in the West combined forces with Mobei and raised troops at the same time.

Both Emperor and princess royal led an army and took part in the expedition.

One year later, Emperor withdrew troops from the front after winning battle against the vassal nation in the West.

Following, he heard news of Mobei losing a great defeat.

The Emperor was immensely pleased.

At the Guangwu Gate, he received the arrival of the princess royal in person.

However, what awaited him was the whole army attired in plain white mourning dress and a coffin.” 

Mu Xi Yao sighed deeply, mourning the death of the princess royal. 

The people in the great hall, too, gasped in admiration, deeply moved as they listened to Mu Xi Yao speaking of that period of unrest and had called to their minds Hu Guo princess royal’s magnificent deeds.

“Her Highness Hu Guo princess royal is an unparalleled heroine.

Her brave spirit will remain forever.” The grand prince of Yi praised loudly. 

Mu Xi Yao nodded in agreement.

Afterward, she lifted her eyes. 

“Does sir Gao know the origin of Jiahe Hall” 

Did he thought that she asked for clan assembly, just for a dignity” 

“This…” The Director of Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar was drenched in sweat.

He stumbled over his own words, unable to answer.

This Jiahe Hall has been around for a long time.

How would he know Could it be related to her Highness Hu Guo princess royal 

“Sir is well-read, yet overlooks historical facts.

Qie begs to differ.” Mu Xi Yao shot him a glance and spoke in contempt. 

Yuancheng Emperor’s complexion was unusually ugly.

The courtier of the fourth rank was actually unaware of historical facts.

He could not even compare to a woman from the inner yard!  

Mu Xi Yao raised her left hand.

The wide hem of sleeve swept over in the air. 

“Jiahe Hall is the palace quarters Cheng Emperor personally bestowed to princess royal.

The tablet displaying Slender Gold calligraphy1 that is hung high in the middle of the great hall was written by Cheng Emperor.” 

At this time, the imperial concubines simultaneously looked up at the tablet.

Jiahe Hall actually had such an origin! 

Consort Shu looked at dignified and solemn-faced Mu Xi Yao in the middle whose words resonated with power as if she didn’t know her.

This girl brought her too much of astonishment.

This kind of deep learning, how could it be possibly nurtured by ordinary people Even members of noble and distinguished families could not compare to her. 

The uneasiness in the noble consort’s heart grew stronger.

Based on Mu’shi’s previous reactions and current domineering bearing, she wouldn’t say so many things without a good cause.

Moreover, with her learning and knowledge, how was it possible for her to shoot without aim2  

Mu Xi Yao paid no heed to others’ reactions.

She continued, “The princess royal died on the battlefield.

Emperor grieved deeply.

He held memorial services in Jiahe Hall for three months.

Later on, he extended and rebuilt the palace quarters.

All the sacrifice offerings, prays for blessings and imperial clan ceremonies were subsequently being held in the Jiahe hall.

This customs runs to this day.” 

Mu Xi Yao turned around to fix her eyes on the Director of Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar.

She questioned him with a stern voice, “Does sir Gan know what kind of fate Hu Guo princess royal carried with her birth chart” 

Sir Gan’s knees went soft by compel of Mu Xi Yao’s imposing momentum.

He kept raising his hand to wipe his sweat with the sleeves. 

“It seems that sir Director is totally oblivious of this matter.

In that case, qie will have to trouble Inspector of Astrological Service to clear up confusion for him.” 

The Inspector, seeing Yuancheng Emperor nod, stood up to reply. 

When the minister of Justice heard the Inspector of Astrological Service reveal the princess royal’s birth chart, he was quite puzzled. 

“May cefei forgive this subject’s ignorance.

However, it seems that this question of cefei’s has no connection to today’s trial.”   

“Sir is mistaken.

There’s a big connection.” Mu Xi Yao shook her head. 

“The calendar system in Great Wei has been alternated three times upon one time.

The most recent time was seventy years ago during the period of Chongde.

The birth chart sir Inspector has just now revealed was a record from the old calendar.

Qie will have to trouble sir Director of Bureau of Astronomy to take measurements of birth chart and calculate it with the new calendar, and then give us a report again.”  

The Director of Bureau of Astronomy followed the order.

He took up his pen to start the calculations.

Before he finished the last character, his hand was already trembling violently.

His face turned deathly pale.

He grabbed the paper he’d written on and placed it on the side, taking a pen to conduct yet another calculation.

He reckoned time and again, over and over till he finally could confirm there was no mistake. 

He raised his head to look at the woman who stood all alone in the middle of the great hall.

An extremely conflicted expression engaged his face. 

Registering his odd expression, the minister of Justice turned his head and took over the paper that has been discarded by him at the side.

As soon as the characters entered his eyes, he was so startled he stood up.

A panic appeared on his face, “This…This…” 

Yuancheng Emperor, upon seeing that their expression did not look right and receiving no reply from them, asked sharply, “How are the results” 

The Director of Bureau of Astronomy took a deep breath.

He knelt to the ground and bowed down, “The princess royal’s birth chart: Tenth year of the sexagenary cycle, the thirtieth year of the sexagenary cycle.” 

With a slamming sound, sir Gan took several steps backward and tripped on the ground in extreme fear. 


It’s impossible.

How is it possible How can there be such a coincidence in the world” 

“This, this is clearly….” Empress Dowager looked at Yuancheng Emperor in disbelief. 

Yuancheng Emperor’s face was shadowed with an unusual coldness and gloom.

He looked at the person who collapsed on the floor.

For a moment, he was being engulfed by animosity. 

“Sir Gan, you’re still in Jiahe Hall.

Do you dare to look up and face Cheng Emperor’s handwriting and repeat qie’s divination” 

Sir Gan was so scared he kept shivering, his face as pale as death. 

“The divination of Great Wei is based on calculation of week, day, and stars.

The birth characters are the auxiliary.

Qie and her Highness Hu Guo princess royal just happens to be separated by two full decades.

Our birth charts are identical.

If qie’s birth chart clashes with consort Liu’s, and is ominous to the imperial clan, can it mean that her Highness princess royal who shares the same birth chart as qie, is also the sinner of Great Wei as you claim!” 

Mu Xi Yao’s right hand pointed at the despicable man on the ground.

The woman’s voice was sharp, and it rang at the ears of the present audience. 

“What” Everyone in the room exclaimed in surprise, their expressions dazed. 

Consort De broke into shiver.

She fearfully cast a glance at her Ladyship noble consort whose expression has turned ugly. 

Just this one accusation was a capital crime deserving the punishment of nine kinship extermination.

Daring to insult Hu Go princess royal who had died in the battle with Mobei; there was no such person in Great Wei. 

He Lian Min Min clasped tightly her hands.

As she watched the woman with an authoritarian voice, her mind was thrown into chaos. 

That woman had fallen into such desperate straits, yet she could still calmly turn on tables.

Now that she has the princess royal’s reputation to protect her, who would dare to use divination against her 

Once Mu Xi Yao strikes, it was a fierce counterattack.

She angrily rebuked with s a stern countenance. 

“The war in Mobei is just around the corner, yet you publicly dishonor her Highness Hu Guo princess royal who had shed her blood on the battleground and whose soul is buried in the desert.

Your motives are execrable! If the deceased soul of Cheng Emperor learnt how greatly has a later treasonous courtier humiliated the princess royal whom he had personally bestowed “Hu Guo” two letter, how would you have a face to kowtow at the ancestral shrine”  

Following Mu Xi Yao’s string of words, Yuancheng Emperor’s complexion turned livid.

The war in Mobei was critical.

How could he tolerate the predecessor’s merits be insulted In such a crucial moment, there was actually a treacherous courtier causing troubles This kind of crime simply couldn’t be forgiven! 

Mu Xi Yao’s momentum did not diminish.

She seized the opportunity to press him further. 

“Sir minister of Justice, this case cannot be more clear.

Why aren’t you pronouncing the sentence”

“He shall be punished severely according to laws!” Yuancheng Emperor slapped hard the table. 

The grand prince of Yi had a hard time to quench his resentment.

“Lacking benevolence, righteousness, loyalty, and filial piety.

He shall be led through the streets and beheaded!”  

His reprimand could be counted as extremely severe.

In Great Wei, benevolence, and righteousness, etiquette and filial piety were even more important than one’s family background and origins.

The imperial examination candidates from the poor and humble families might still possibly climb up the social ladder.

However, once a person disregards benevolence and filial piety, not only won’t be the person able to establish a foothold, after death the person also could not enter the ancestral shrine. 

“The Director of Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar Gan Fu Wei had brought insult upon the sacred reputation of distinguished predecessor and made false charges against a noble member of the imperial family in the case of consort Liu.

According to law, his nine kinship shall be eradicated and his name removed from the clan genealogy.” 

The minister of Justice concluded the trial.

Gan Fu Wei let out a miserable shriek and immediately fainted. 

While everyone was still gasping in astonishment, not yet recovered from Mu Xi Yao’s magnificent counterattack, they heard her continue with her attacks. 

“Sir!” Mu Xi Yao stood up in indignation.

She supported her waist with one hand and looked straight into Minister of Justice’s eyes, “Since Gan Fu Wei is truly involved in the fabrication of false charges, qie suspects this case implicates a  wide number of people.

The one behind it harbors unfathomable motives as he attempted to destabilize the

longevity of the Great Wei’s dynasty!”  

They mustn’t think that the death of dog official of the fourth rank would make them escape unscathed! Mu Xi Yao swept her eyes at the left side, her words sharp and domineering. 

“Although qie’s knowledge is shallow, qie knows that one’s birth chart is extremely confidential.

Whence did Gan Fu Wei scouted out a birth chart of imperial clan’s member This is considered a prying into the ancestral shrine.

In this case, not only did they intend to destroy qie’s reputation, they also tried to consign qie as well as son born out of qie to eternal damnation.

This is plotting against the life of the imperial clan’s member.

What’s more, qie’s lord, his sixth Highness, will be certainly implicated by qie.

This is disgracing the progeny of the Emperor.

Consort Liu is unconscious.

Evidently, some other mystery underlies this matter.

This is plotting against an imperial concubine.

In the past few days, rumors raged all over Shengjing.

Troubles were stirred up by false stories.

This is misleading the common people.

The war in Mobei is imminent, yet they’ve disgraced the distinguished predecessor.

This is bringing disaster upon the fundamentals of the country.

Could it be that such a big case is not worth to make sir Minister of Justice to submit a memorial for throughout investigation”  

Mu Xi Yao’s expression was biting cold.

Step by step, she drove the Minister of Justice into the corner.

His complexion became taut due to her questions. 

The case of consort Liu has actually become a serious case capable of destabilizing the fundamentals of a nation 

The grand prince of Yi watched at the side.

Looking at the force of her character and listening to her words of conviction, he slapped the table and applauded her. 

“Good! What a remarkable Mu‘shi.

Showing no fear in front of death; calm and cool-headed, with strong insight and keen observation.

This case involves the collusion of people inside and outside.

Machinations run quite deep.

Today, ben wang will pull down this old face, and plead for justice on your behalf!” 

“Your Majesty!” 

“Imperial uncle needn’t say more.

Zhen will personally take up this case and punish severely the culprits.” Before the grand prince of Yi could finish, Yuancheng Emperor has already declared his attitude. 

Since the doubts over divinations were dispelled, Yuancheng Emperor understood that this case involved collusion of the inner palace and court.

They’ve violated the Emperor’s great taboo.

Such a crime was unforgivable. 

“The sinner Gan Fu Wei will be handed over to the Department of Interrogation and Torture to investigate.

The ministry of Justice will detain all members of Gan House and set a date to lead them through the streets and beheaded them at Wu Gate.

All the attenders in consort Liu’s palace are to be sent to the Ministry of Justice, waiting for trial.

Nobody is allowed to visit.

This case will be handed over to the Ministry of Justice to investigate.

The Department of Investigation will collect and sort the evidence.

From today onward, nobody in the inner palace is allowed to walk around without permission.

Order the commander of the imperial bodyguards, Ji Huai An, to dispatch people and watch over each palace’s entrance.

The final decision of this case shall be determined after the investigations.” 

This time, Yuancheng Emperor has been thoroughly infuriated.

They’ve dared to make a big commotion right under his eyes and involve the divination.

In addition, the respectable Hu Guo princess royal has been insulted.

If he was unable to investigate strictly this matter, wouldn’t he simply become an incapable ruler who was unable to tell right from wrong In a hundred years3, how was he going to face his ancestors

This whole time, Empress Dowager was sitting upright with a gloomy expression.

This time, not only has their faces reached rock bottom4, they’ve also almost took a person’s life by mistake.

Did they wish to destroy her merits and let her carry the karmic consequences in the old age 

“Daring to act on one’s selfish ends.

He shall be beheaded at the Wu Gate!” Empress Dowager hasn’t paid attention to affairs in the inner palace for a long time.

Right now, her heart was consumed by fury.

She was aware that she had been deceived to a great extent by someone. 

Following the imperial edicts voiced by the three on the head seats, the truth behind the case of consort Liu falling unconscious and Mu Xi Yao’s birth chart came to light.

The injustice was redressed. 

Although Zhong Zheng Lin was sitting upright, his phoenix eyes were shining brightly.

His scorching gaze fell on the maiden who was proudly standing in the middle of the great hall with her chin lifted up, not leaving her for a moment.  

Translation notes:

[1] Slender Gold calligraphy is a type of regular script invented by Emperor Huizong of Song.

The name “Slender Gold” came from the fact that the emperor’s writing resembled gold filament, twisted and turned.

[2] Shoot without aim is a Chinese idiom that means to speak without thinking

[3] In a hundred years is a Chinese phrase that means one a person dies

[4] Face reach a rock bottom is a Chinese idiom that means to be thoroughly discredited


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