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“How is it wrong Do not hesitate to speak out, imperial uncle.” Seeing the grand prince of Yi’s hesitation, Yuancheng Emperor immediately smelt a rat in the matter. 

“This…..your Majesty, of the three characters, except for the first one which was written by the female official, the other two all come from the hand of Mu’shi.” 

“What” Empress Dowager was aghast.

She abruptly turned around to cast a piercing glance at the person standing underneath whose face turned deathly pale. 

“Absolutely disgraceful!” Empress Dowager Jin slapped the table and stood up.  

Mu’shi can accompany by the sovereign’s side Were they implying that Yuancheng Emperor will snatch his daughter-in-law by force or that Zhong Zheng Lin will seize the throne and plot a rebellion No matter which one it was, once Empress Dowager thought of it, her mind was dizzy with anger.

If such a disregard of moral ethics happened, how could she have a clear conscience before the late Emperor’s assiduous entrustment 

Everyone in the hall was dumbstruck.

According to that Director’s reckon, the calculations before and after were not only contradictory but also diametrically different.

One person carried menace in blessings, the other one was blessed with tremendous fortune.

What’s even more absurd, the sixth Highness’s cefei was going to accompany by a sovereign’s side now and forever Once they understood the bottom line, they were so frightened they instantly turned quiet.

Just this one sentence, not only will that dog official1 have a difficult time to preserve his life, even them, people who were seated underneath, will be seen as fishbone stuck in throat2 by Yuancheng Emperor. 

“Your Majesty.

Spare this subject’s life, your Majesty.

It’s impossible, impossible! How can one person have two birth charts Cefei must have been prepared beforehand, trying a futile attempt to flee away from her offenses.” 

“You lowlife! Ben wang3 has overseen the whole process in person.

Those two papers were also handed over to Gu Chang De by ben wang.

Are you saying that ben wang lacks in morals and aids that Mu’shi in deception” Overcome with fury, grand prince of Yi pointed at the person kneeling on the ground who was crying out for justice.  

“Who is the grand prince of Yi for you to question him” Yuancheng Emperor’s face turned menacing.

Looking at the shivering figure below, a killing intent arose in his heart. 

“Your Majesty……this,” the Director of Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar was so scared he wiped his sweat and quickly remedied the situation, “Reporting to your Majesty, the miscalculation may be due to strangeness of cefei’s birth chart, which is different from other people.

Moreover, this subject did not make a mistake in the initial calculations.

This proves that the divination from that day was not just an empty talk.

This subject asks for your Majesty’s judgment.”   

The minister of Justice contemplated for a moment.

Subsequently, he got up and reported, “Your Majesty, this subject has heard that one was already considered as mighty for making out two-third of divination.

It’s reasonable that the director of Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar would make a mistake.

Just based on this clause, cefei can only prove that the Director’s words are neither completely justifiable nor wrong.

Yet, it cannot completely overthrow what the director had derived to on that day.

Right now, it seems that the words the director has said about cefei’s birth chart conflicting with consort Liu’s and being unfavorable to the imperial clan, whether right or wrong, may all be possible.

How does cefei wish to prove that he’s truly wrong” 


Correct.” That director grabbed at the straw and kowtowed vehemently.  

“Don’t be impatient,” Mu Xi Yao chuckled.

“Qie tested you only to prove that your calculations count for very little.” 

Yuancheng Emperor and Empress Dowager felt uncertain about the matter of divination.

They already began to hesitate.

No matter what ending will befall Mu’shi, the person who dared to make a presumptuous speculations about Emperor and his harem was doomed to die. 

Seeing that Yuancheng Emperor’s attitude toward Mu Xi Yao softened, Zhong Zheng Lin’s long and narrow phoenix eyes glowed with vibrant light. 

Being caught and framed with the matter of fate that was most difficult to dispute, finding herself at desperate straits, yet still able to handle a butcher’s cleaver with ease4.

Mu Xi Yao was indeed exceptional.

She did live up to mister’s praises. 

“Your Majesty, this subject thinks one would rather believe in divination than neglect the issue.” The director took advantage of the situation and kneeled down, offering his word of advice.

If he doesn’t take down Mu’shi today, a calamity will befall him.

When he called to mind the ruthlessness of the one behind him, his heart became filled with terror. 

“You needn’t say these frightening things just to raise an alarm while hurrying to put qie to death.” Mu Xi Yao took her time to get up.

As she watched the still struggling person, a contempt crossed her face. 

He was a complete fool! He wouldn’t be worthy of her worries if Yuancheng Emperor was to let him off this time. 

“Qi reading is basic in the study of divination.

Yet, you’re struggling with it.

What’s there to say about face reading Today, qie won’t make things difficult for you.

After the great master returns to the capital, he will naturally clear qie’s name.  

Hearing her speak so confidently, Empress Dowager was puzzled inside.

Could it be that Zhong Zheng Lin has already found the head monk of An Guo Temple 

“Sixth, have you found the great master’s whereabouts” Yuancheng Emperor had the same question.

Since he had news of the great master, why didn’t he report it 

Zhong Zheng Lin swept a glance at Mu Xi Yao’s place and coldly nodded his head, “Yes! Just this morning, news of him has been found.

It will take a few days to escort the great master back to the capital.” 

Although he didn’t receive any reports yet; however, since Mu Xi Yao said he was in Lu Shui, he will trust her then. 

Yuancheng Emperor and Empress Dowager looked at each other and nodded.

Since the great master will return to the capital, this case will have a conclusion. 

“Your Majesty, since the great master will return to the capital in a few days, should this case be adjourned and reviewed later” The minister of Justice asked for Yuancheng Emperor’s judgment.

In his opinion, the best option was to fix the tone with a single hammer blow5.

It was a much better solution than the specious situation and standoff right now. 

He Lian Min Min lowered her head and clutched forcefully her fists. 

How come this matter was full of twists and turns6! Once the great master returns to the capital, he can, maybe, snatch Mu Xi Yao from the jaws of death.

Could it be she had to let her continue with her insolent acts 

He Lian Min Min looked at sir He Lian who was seated behind minister of Justice.

The anxiety made her feel like she was sitting on pins and needles7. 

“Your Majesty, consort Liu can wait but the imperial offspring in her womb cannot.” Consort De quickly spoke up when she saw that the direction of the wind has changed. 

The noble consort secretly schemed at the side.

If they couldn’t take Mu’shi’s life today, they had to, at least, unsaddle her.

As for the great Master of An Guo Temple…..of what use was a dead man 

“Your Ladyship consort De implies that the lives of bendian’s cefei and child may be decided hastily” 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s face was icy.

He questioned consort De bluntly. 

Yuancheng Emperor tapped lightly the table with his right hand, apparently weighing this matter in his mind. 

“Reporting to your Majesty, there’s no need to put off conclusion whether this case was fabricated or not.

The truth will come to light today.” 

Just as everyone was waiting for Yuancheng Emperor to make a decision, Mu Xi Yao, who should have remained silent, abruptly appealed.

“Oh” The movement of Yuancheng Emperor’s hand halted.

“Do you have a way to prove your innocence” 

Mu Xi Yao turned her head to look at Zhong Zheng Lin.

She saw the man seated upright, his face as cold as an ice.

It seems that he was dissatisfied with her acting on her own, bringing about yet another billow. 

She was inwardly amused.

Boss, rest assured and just watch the play.

Qie will, at once, claim justice for your son.

As soon as she called to mind that extremely adorable face of Cheng Qing, Mu Xi Yao was consumed with loathing for the person who sullied her birth chart.  

“Replying to your Majesty, this servant needs only a quarter of an hour to fully discern the truth behind the case.” 

Mu Xi Yao declared in a strong and powerful manner, her voice filled with confidence. 

A quarter of an hour Yuancheng Emperor raised his eyebrow, contemplating over her words.

It was a matter of life and death, yet she dared to talk wild words.

He would like to see her capabilities. 


The crown prince and the first prince sat as straight as ramrods.

An ominous glint passed through their eyes.

A mere feeble woman, yet she dared to speak such conceited nonsense.

She simply had no idea of death or danger.

Uttering such boastful talk in the presence of his Majesty.

If she was unable to fulfill her promise, she would be charged with the crime of deceit.  

Mu Xi Yao languidly performed a respectful curtsy.

Afterward, she slowly sat back on the soft stool and started her soft-spoken speech. 

“The great Wei’s legacy runs for thousands of years.

The world acknowledges only two extraordinary women.

The first known is the founder empress, Her Majesty Xian An Sheng Wu Empress.

Her Majesty has married Wei Gao Zong Emperor, then Marquis of An Yuan, at the age of thirteen.

She had assisted and accompanied him the whole journey, never leaving his side.

They’ve gone through twenty-seven years of hardships, in the company of one another.

Once Gao Zong Emperor unified the whole world, and found Great Wei, she could finally enjoy family happiness and retreat to the deep walls of the palace.

Until later, when Gao Zong Emperor fell ill and was confined to bed by sickness, she’s once again come back of retirement to govern the nation, bending herself to the tasks and exerting herself to the utmost for the good of the country.

Gao Zong Emperor once said, having Sheng Wu Empress, he had no regrets in life.” 

Mu Xi Yao’s face was filled with admiration while bearing a dignified expression.

This woman’s whole life was a legend.

For Gao Zhong Emperor, she pursued great endeavors, joined the battlefield, and killed countless enemies.

However, due to injuries, she was unable to have children.

Yet, not only didn’t she oppress imperial concubines, she was also extremely generous in spirit.

She oversaw the imperial harem and preserved on behalf of Gao Zong Emperor eleven adult princes.

Her mind was outstandingly broad. 

Mu Xi Yao has once wondered whether the unrivaled Xian An Sheng Wu Empress was her transmigrator senior or not.

Later, upon attentive investigation, she realized that she’d underestimated the common people.

This woman was a truly remarkable person.

Back then, she had no equal and was revered by all the people.

As a born and bred citizen of Great Wei, Mu Xi Yao felt that this woman was far better than her.

Just those eleven adult princes, it was not something she, Mu Xi Yao, could tolerate. 

Yuancheng Emperor originally thought she was going to follow up a victory with hot pursuit and grab the Director of Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar’s negligence to reverse the verdict.

Unexpectedly, the development that has undertaken afterward surprised everyone.

After Mu’shi sat down, she has raised another subject.

Though her speech was full of sincerity and genuine emotions and she showed quite a deep reverence for Xian An Sheng Wu Empress, what did it have to do with this case 

Amid the confusion, he heard maiden speak slowly with a resonant voice. 

“Apart from her Majesty the founding Empress, there was another legendary woman of remarkableness that has engraved in the history of Great Wei.” Mu Xi Yao’s lips were curled into a tiny smile, her every movement charming.

A bright light flashed in her eyes, so sharp it intimidated people.  

“Does sir Gan know who is it” 

Translation notes:

[1] Dog official is a metaphor used to describe those officials who are black-hearted, corrupt, exploitative, or take innocent people’s lives

[2] As if having a fishbone stuck in one’s throat is a Chinese idiom that means fig.

very upset and needing to express one’s displeasure

[3] Ben Wang is a first-person pronoun used by princes with titles

[4] Handling a butcher’s cleaver with ease is a Chinese idiom that means to do sth skillfully and easily

[5] To fix the tone with a single hammer blow is a Chinese idiom that means to make the final decision

[6] Full of twists and turns is a Chinese idiom that means complications/setbacks 

[7] Sitting on pins and needles is a Chinese idiom that means to be in an uncomfortable situation 


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