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The trial of consort Liu’s unconsciousness has not yet begun, the rumors already began to spring up everywhere in Shengjing.

All the attacks were pointed at the sixth Highness’s cefei, lady Mu.

It was said that she afflicted her husband’s and son’s fortune, lacked blessing and was destined to die young.

What’s more, her bad fortune will affect her clan and even bring disaster to the nation!

Mu Xi Yao listened to these stories with keen interest, taking pleasure in them.

The people behind these rumors had a good imagination.

Unfortunately, they weren’t gutsy enough.

They could use, for instance, the reincarnation of evildoer, the doom bearer, acting in defiance of the natural order, unable to be tolerated by Heaven.

These kinds of portrayals matched the accusations of her origins.

They also fitted the identity the transmigration deity has specially arranged for her. 

When Tian Fu Shan reported the news, he was overwhelmed by the scare and trepidation.

He was so fearful, his whole body kept shivering.

Every time a word came out of his mouth, his Highness’s face would darken a shade.

Right now, his face was as black as the bottom of the pot, unable to contain his fury.  

What was even more terrifying than his Highness was cefei’s smiling and overjoyed face.

The more one looked at this scene, the more daunting it became.

Watching the strange reaction of mistress Yao, Tian Fu Shan had an illusion of an evil wind blowing by in the broad daylight.  

“Your Highness, Duke of An Guo has racked his brains and struck a concerted blow from both inside and outside this time.

He, indeed, did give a lot of thought to this scheme.” That old geezer’s way of doing things was truly fool-proof, attacking just at the right time.

Unfortunately, when one plots too much a flaw will eventually appear in one’s scheme.

The only difference was whether this flaw was fatal or not. 

“In order to inflict a devastating blow upon bendian, many people have joined forces and disregarded their mutual enmity.” The crown prince’s pushing the waves and adding to the billows1 has thrown the door wide open to suit other’s convenience.

His contribution cannot go unnoticed. 

The one who was acting unusual was actually Zhong Zheng Ming.

Not only did he not throw stones at somebody who fell down a well, he even dispatched his men all over the place to scout out the whereabouts of the head monk of the An Guo Temple.

He went as far as to take sides with him, which was out of his usual self.

Today, he also secretly exerted pressure to prevent rumors from spreading. 

Zhong Zheng Lin shot a glance at Mu Xi Yao who was sitting on the rocking chair and smiling like a cunning fox.

His phoenix eyes were deep and serene. 

Was it for this woman He, indeed, doesn’t give up. 

After this episode passes, he’ll wait for them to move to the residence outside of the palace.

Mu Xi Yao better behave and wait for the arrival of their child.

She will have to abide by her a month-long postpartum rest and recuperation, and won’t be allowed to leave the gates of the residence even half a step.

It was to avoid her parade ostentatiously through the street2 and seduce other men.

Toward Mu Xi Yao’s rotten peach blossoms3, the sixth Highness found them quite disdainful and condemnable. 

He feared that the matters in Shu province couldn’t be delayed anymore.

Already two groups of dead soldiers have come for him.

That day when they had been exterminating the bandit’s den for the whole night, they’ve already inadvertently alerted the enemy.

The other party is, right now, exerting a final struggle.

It was most probable they would return to retrieve the lost ground.

Zhong Zheng Lin took into consideration Mu Xi Yao’s delivery date and then thought of consort Liu’s case.

If Mu Xi Yao is truly able to “give them a lesson” as she said, the situation would, on the contrary, turn for good. 


“Do you mean that his Highness’s personal guards are not in the residence” Wan Jing Wen snorted when she saw the contempt on Zhu Jin’s face. 

Where else could be his Highness’s personal guards at this time His Highness was merely putting his faith in luck and delusional in his thoughts of bringing lady Mu a chance for survival.

What a pity, Heaven was not willing to fulfill the man’s wish.

How was it possible for the great master’s whereabouts to be found in two days Even if lady Mu was hit by luck, the great master won’t be able to make it in time to the capital. 

If she remembers correctly, the great master returned to the capital several years later, just in time to chance upon Empress Dowager’s funeral in her previous life.

He has specially chanted sutras for Empress Dowager for half a month before departing yet again.

Wan Jing Wen looked at the glorious hibiscus flower in the vase.

Smiles engaged her face.

Lady Mu, farewell. 


He Lian Min Min wished she could immediately leave the palace and ask her father whether they could push a bit the trial in the Ministry of Justice.

Although sir He Lian was impartial and fair, however, if they were able to eliminate Mu Xi Yao this time, He Lian House will surely become even more stable.

If his Highness had no other offsprings, she will, without doubts, get what she wants.

So, perhaps, father will make a little concession 


He Lian Zhang cast aside the letter in his hand that contained He Lian Min Min’s entrust.

He took the teacup and closed his eyes to taste tea. 

Foolish! Before this, he had thought this di daughter of his made a slight progress.

Now it seems………unfortunately, his most favorite daughter had a frail body since childhood.

Otherwise, the one entering the prince’s residence ought to be Wei Rui. 


“Mistress, the men his Highness dispatched were intercepted by our lord.” 

“His Highness truly has strong affections for her.” The female’s voice that was full of bitter resentment stood out in the boudoir. 

She got up to sit in front of the dressing table.

A slender jade-like finger with gorgeous red nails traced over the picturesque eyebrow.

The spite inside her eyes lay bare for people to see. 

“Such a scourge.

She’s bewitched his sixth Highness, yet she’s still not satisfied.


After tomorrow, no one can occupy his Highness’s mind ever again.” 


“Jiao Jiao, if things take another course tomorrow, behave and do whatever bendian tells you.

You’re not allowed a disobedience.” Zhong Zheng Lin lifted Mu Xi Yao’s chin and gave her an ultimatum. 

Mu Xi Yao leaned against the man’s chest while nodding docilely.

Things will naturally take another course tomorrow.

She will be very busy.

Tonight, she has to go to bed early to recuperate and build up energy. 

“Your Highness, remember to order people to feed the rabbits on qie’s behalf tomorrow morning.

They have to be let out and hop a bit.

They grew up to be too chubby…..” Mu Xi Yao’s voice gradually turned to a whisper. 

Zhong Zheng Lin held her in his arms and stared at her sleeping face.

He leaned over to plant a kiss on her forehead. 

The sixth Highness sighed deeply.

The last words this woman spoke before falling asleep were not endless whispers of love but instructions for those damned rabbits.

If he knew back then that those pair of rabbits would divide her attention, he would have not sent them over to have her raise them.

Or perhaps, when they move out of the palace, he will leave the rabbits in consort Shu’s palace and place them in her care 


In Fengan palace, Yuancheng Emperor nodded to the elder at his side, “Imperial uncle, zhen will have to trouble you with today’s clan assembly.” 

“Not at all, your Majesty.

As the clan elder of the imperial family, this matter is part of my job.

Once a man gets old, he seeks only for the harmony in the clan.

What he wants to see is merely a prosperity of progeny and birth of outstanding generations.” 

The grand prince of Yi4 had a benevolent expression on his face.

He was enveloped by solitary clouds and the wild crane5a Chinese idiom that means to be as unworldly as/ to have no fixed place of abode/efn_note] like air of idleness.

Empress Dowager looked at him with a smile and complained, “If thirteenth brother has nothing to do, then stay in the palace for a few more days.

Since the passing of the late Emperor, aijia hasn’t seen sister-in-law for a long time.” 

“She doesn’t like rules in the palace.

What’s more, she hasn’t behaved even once in her life.” The grand prince of Yi shook his head. 

Gu Chang De looked at the water clock and took a few steps forward. 

“Your Majesty, the time has come.” 

Yuancheng Emperor rose up.

Everyone, thereupon, moved to Jiahe Hall.

The minister of Justice together with the Inspector of the Astrological Service and the Director of astronomy were already waiting at the side.

Only when the three at the seats of honor took their places, did they finally sat down respectfully.

Following behind them, each of the secretary of the Ministry of Justice took their seats, waiting for the trial to begin so they could inscribe on their scrolls. 

The rest of the imperial princes and members of the imperial clan had only their principal consorts to accompany them.

They’ve all successively sat down. 

“Cefei enters the hall.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s gaze followed the woman who slowly entered the room.

His eyes didn’t move from her for a moment.

Mu Xi Yao was attired in the palace robe of prince’s cefei.

She bore graceful manners and acted calm as well as at ease.

Her flawless fair face was clean and glossy, shining with splendor like a beautiful peach and plum blossoms. 

“This servant pays respect to your Majesty, Empress Dowager, and the thirteenth grand uncle.” Mu Xi Yao curtsied respectfully. 

Upon seeing her limpid gaze, the grand prince of Yi nodded slightly, “No need for formalities.” 

“Your Majesty, since this Mu’shi is pregnant and this trial won’t end anytime soon, what about bestowing her a favor and grant her a seat” 

Having received the order, Gu Chang De promptly went to bring a soft chair. 

“This servant thanks your Majesty and imperial grand-uncle for showing solicitude.” 

The grand prince of Yi shot a glance at the direction of Zhong Zheng Lin, revealing a tiny smile.

Lad, the solicitude you’ve pleaded for, grand uncle complied with your request.

Unbeknownst, how he would thank him later.

He stroked lightly his beard, very expectant. 

“Cefei has previously claimed being framed in the case of consort Liu’s unconsciousness.

Do you suggest that the Director of Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar sir Gan spoke of false words” The minister of Justice adhered to the procedure and questioned her.  

Mu Xi Yao looked at the figure that was standing as straight as a ramrod and answered without hesitation, “Yes.” 

“In this subject’s knowledge, sir Gan is the most acclaimed authority on birth chart matter in Shengjing at the moment.

Whom does cefei plan to ask to challenge sir Gan in the court” 

Everyone quietened with rapt attention, filled with curiosity.

Who was the one able to make Mu cefei willingly risk her life to put up a fight 

“No need.

Qie will speak with him by myself.” Mu Xi Yao softly shook her right hand, having a card up her sleeve. 

Apart from Zhong Zheng Lin, everyone else was dumbstruck.

Their gazes were fixed on the woman who stood in the middle of the great hall with a calm expression on her face.  

Fate divination was something that could be spoken casually The learning in this area was so abstruse.

It wasn’t something a mere woman could encroach on. 

“Qie is not well-versed in face reading.

However, qie has dabbled a bit in chi reading.

Qie has heard that maestros in divination can distinguish people by their handwriting.

Is it true”Mu Xi Yao looked at that Director and raised her eyebrow. 

“What cefei says is right.” Not only did Director Gan nodded, even the two from the Astrological Service and the Directorate of Astronomy, who came to audit, gave nods in succession. 

“In that case, qie would like to ask sir Director to showcase the skill on the spot.” After her words fell, she ordered people to bring three sets of pen and ink and lay them down on the table. 

“The director shall withdraw for the time being.” The minister of Justice gave assent to Mu Xi Yao. 

Sir Gan was asked to leave the great hall.

Mu Xi Yao curtsied the grand prince of Yi, “Qie asks grand uncle to randomly appoint two women to write together with qie.”

Two attending female officials stepped out.

The grand prince of Yi stroked his beard and spoke, “Write character “people” then.” 

To avoid a collusion and false confessions, Mu Xi Yao requested a screen to cover them up and block other’s sights, allowing only the three on the seats of honor to see them. 

Soon, the three people put down the pen.

The grand prince of Yi checked up the paper Mu Xi Yao handed over from a nearby place.

As soon as he took it, he found something odd about it.

He slowly twirled the paper at his fingertips.

A bright light flickered in his eyes.

What a witty little girl.

On the outside, his face showed no change of expression.

He turned around to pass the paper to Gu Chang De who was keeping watch at the side. 

Once the Director of Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar was invited to the great hall again, everything resumed to its original state. 

“Please take a look, Director.” Gu Chang De passed him three papers.

The handwritings were vastly different. 

That Director spread the paper one by one and identified them carefully.

Afterward, he gathered together his five fingers to take attentive measurements and calculations. 

After a quite while, sir Gan stepped out. 

“This one “people” character is written in a law-abiding, upright, stiff and wooden manner.

All the author’s distinct style is lost.

Upon observing this person’s chi, this person should be occupying a servant like position for a long period of time.

She is accustomed to obeying orders and the servility is already engraved in her bones.

This should be written by the palace maid or a female official.”  

The grand prince of Yi nodded in approval.

Everyone immediately became excited.

This Director has actually hit the mark with a single comment.

He truly had a bit of real skills. 

“Your Highness…..” He Lian Min Min was elated inside her heart.

Yet, her face revealed none of her emotions inside. 

“Stay quiet.” Zhong Zheng Lin was well aware of Mu Xi Yao’s quick-wits.

He truly doesn’t believe that this woman won’t make any tricks.

“The “people” character on this paper is written in a graceful and subdued manner.

It bears a distinguished mannerism.

Upon observation of this person’s qi, this person has a proud personality and is rich in knowledge.

Everything goes smoothly for this individual.

She was born into a happy and harmonious family and raised by a prominent house.

Only under cultivation of one’s mind and enveloped by a cheerful environment could one achieve such a graceful handwriting.

In the art of divination, this person carries a menace in her blessings.

This one should be written by cefei.” 

Carrying a menace in blessings Everyone looked at calm and relaxed Mu Xi Yao, inwardly shaking their heads.

She was, indeed, not blessed with good fortune. 

The grand prince of Yi nodded.


Take a look at the last one.” 

Of the three papers, he was right about two.

Consort Shu, who was seated at the side, was consumed by anxiety. 

“The last character.

This individual puts this subject to shame.

The one who wrote this character has a mind so broad, one can hardly come by such a person.

Enveloped by elegant and harmonious air, bearing a great benevolence and virtue.

Her entire life is destined to be filled with both happiness and prosperity.

An extraordinary woman.

This subject dares to make a guess.

In the future, this person will certainly elevate to foremost status and accompany by monarch’s side.” 

Once these words came out, everyone’s expression instantly became peculiar.

Could it be that among those two female officials, there was one who was a pearl shrouded by dust and in the future that person will see a meteoric rise in ranks Their Ladyships were particularly cautious.

They’ve thoroughly sized the two up. 

Empress Dowager glanced the those two people who were obviously scared witless.

No matter how she looked at them, they didn’t resemble someone of tremendous fortune. 

Listening to his words that were spoken with fervor and assurance, Yuancheng Emperor’s expression was unfathomable. 

Originally, the grand prince of Yi was leisurely watching the show.

Right now, however, he was choked by those words.

After a fit of coughing, he waved his hand vigorously, “Wrong.


A big mistake.

A big mistake.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s bride going to accompany by the sovereign’s side The grand prince of Yi looked at Yuancheng Emperor.

How was he going to report this 

Translation notes:

[1] To push the wave and add to the billows is a Chinese idiom that means to add fuel to the fire 

[2] Parade ostentatiously through the street is a Chinese idiom that means to show off

[3] Rotten peach blossom is a Chinese phrase for unwanted admirer/wooer, bad romance

[4] Prince of Yi holds prince of first rank title which is a title privileged to brothers and sons of the emperor

[5] The solitary cloud and the wild crane is a Chinese idiom that means to be as unworldly as/ to have no fixed place of abode


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