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Chapter 95


“Mu’shi” Empress Dowager muttered in a whisper.

A displeasure appeared on her face.

She’s just rewarded the person and in the next moment, she was slapped right in the face1 When she swept her glance at Mu Xi Yao’s seat, her gaze hid an anger. 

“Your Majesty.

There must be some mistake How can it be possible that Mu’shi is ill-matched with the imperial family Since marrying over for three years, it’s her second time being diagnosed with pregnancy.

Moreover, when this marriage was bestowed, their eight characters had been compared.

There was nothing wrong with it.” 

Consort Shu’s heart clenched tightly.

How can she not understand that someone wanted to deal with Zhong Zheng Lin If Mu’shi was found guilty, the future prospects of Cheng Qing and the one in her womb will be utterly ruined.

No matter whether Mu’shi was sent to the family temple or her name was removed from the imperial genealogy, it’ll all make a damage on Zhong Zheng Lin’s reputation.

Besides, Zhong Zheng Lin’s children were all born by Mu’shi.

They intended to destroy his foundation! 

“What an extreme audacity to spread fallacies and blind the mind of the people!” Before Yuancheng Emperor could speak, the sixth Highness attacked first. 

“Imperial father, such a treacherous and crafty person who talks sheer nonsenses ought to be beheaded.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s phoenix eyes locked directly onto the cowering person in the front.

There was no investigation, yet as soon as that person opened his mouth he wanted to take a human’s life. 

Zhong Zheng Lin protected Mu Xi Yao firmly behind his back.

Her heart felt warm.

Boss standing up for her at the crucial time actually made her feel touched.

However, she, Mu Xi Yao, wasn’t someone to be bullied.

Since they dared to brazenly wreak damage on her, as long as she didn’t scrape off a layer of the other person’s skin, they ought not to think that she was done with them.  

A burst of sadness and happiness went through He Lian Min Min’s heart.

Just a moment ago, she was sick at heart with worries.

And now, it was as if she was immersed in a dream.

Such a good thing has actually come upon her 

If Mu’shi was convinced of crime by Yuancheng Emperor, her problems would be easily solved.

She will be troubled with no more worries.

No matter how many children Mu Xi Yao had, it would be all in naught.

Not to mention her miserable ending.

Daring to clash with the imperial family’s birth chart, not being sentenced to death was already a blessing. 

Wan Jing Wen was stupefied for a moment.

So many people had a grudge against lady Mu She was still biding her time and this lady Mu was already approaching her grave

Su Lin Rou did not conceal the happiness on her face.

Heaven had eyes.

Such a witch.

Her life deserved to be collected a long time ago.  

In the whole prince’s residence, apart from Zhong Zheng Lin, only lady Zhang worried sincerely for her.

Yet, her worry was mixed heavily with selfish motives. 

Yuancheng Emperor secretly kept an eye on Mu’shi who became the focus of everyone’s attention.

Except for the initial shock, she acted neither servile nor bumptious, showing no cowardice.

She’s been sitting there quietly as if the one who was accused of having an unusually ominous birth chart was not her. 

Just this courage and spirit alone made Yuancheng Emperor held her in higher regard.

This cefei of Zhong Zheng Lin’s, except for the words that were spoken about her birth chart today, all of her other aspects made him greatly satisfied.

However, since this matter concerned the imperial clan, it couldn’t be taken lightly.

If she truly violated taboo, he could only discard her and put her under house arrest for the rest of her life.

The fact that he didn’t take her life was already his special grace. 

Yuancheng Emperor ignored consort Shu’s pleading, not mentioning it.

He looked at the sitting Mu Xi Yao, and pondered for a long time. 

“Your Majesty, if this Mu’shi only clashed with consort Liu, sending her out of the palace could still be considered as a solution.

However….” Consort De seemed to have a great pity for Mu Xi Yao.

In fact, each of her words threw stones at a person who fell down a well2.

When consort Shu glimpsed smugness in her eyes, her complexion turned extremely ugly.

So she has made up her mind to render Mu Xi Yao incapable to liberate herself 

“Your Majesty, this is a matter of great concern.

It needs to be taken with caution.

Mu’shi is currently pregnant with a child.” On the contrary, the imperial noble consort had a mild attitude.

She had seen through consort De’s tricks and was secretly aiding consort Shu.

As for the person behind consort De, the imperial noble consort swept her eyes over at the first prince’s place. 

Yuancheng Emperor looked all over everyone’s expressions.

In the end, he called Mu Xi Yao to speak for herself. 

“Mu’shi, do you have something to say” 

Mu Xi Yao patted Zhong Zheng Lin’s tightly clenched hand and slowly rose up. 

“Replying to your Majesty.

May this servant make bold and ask sir Director of Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar to clear up a few confusions for this servant If this servant oversteps boundaries, this servant begs for your Majesty’s forgiveness.” 

Yuancheng Emperor nodded, “You may.


Mu Xi Yao softly lifted the hem of her skirt and slowly walked to the center of the main hall.

She looked straight at the person ahead who was standing at the side with his hands hung by sides. 

“Sir is well-learned and proficient in fate divination.

Qie, on the contrary, dwells in the boudoir for most of the time and has humble talent as well as shallow learning.

Today, qie was pointed out for having an ominous birth chart by sir.

Qie naturally is unwilling to admit.

Therefore, qie wishes to investigate this matter a bit.” 

The Director of Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar cupped his hands in greeting, and humbly replied, “Cefei may as well ask.” 

All the people in the hall held their breath and watched with rapt attention the unperturbed maiden who was standing alone in the center with a graceful bearing. 

“Qie is fond of reading books.

In the past, qie has read 《Wu Xu3’s prime numbers》.

It mentioned that the calculation of the birth chart depended on the week, day, and number of stars.

Is it right” 

That Director of Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar was alarmed.

It did not occur to him that lady Mu would actually know about astronomy and adjustment of astrology.

It exceeded all of his expectations. 


Mu Xi Yao nodded.

“The stars and calendar system of Great Wei fixed one hundred and twenty years as a one full cycle.

Once it finishes, the cycle then comes back to the start.

Is it right”  


“In that case, Great Wei’s legacy has a long history.

It has a vast territory and a flourishing population.

From time to time, people having an identical birth chart is a common occurrence.

Is it right 

The  Director of Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar nodded, “Cefei is right.

Does cefei wish to investigate thoroughly the eight characters of all people in the palace to rule out these kinds of possibilities, and then make a final conclusion” 

“No need.” Mu Xi Yao waved her hand and sneered inside her heart.

It’s good this way.

She had east wind4 in her grasp.

Everything is satisfactory. 

“Qie has one last question.

Does sir dare to pledge with your own family and life that qie’s birth chart is unfavorable to the imperial clan” 

Mu Xi Yao’s aggressive approach enraged that Director of Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar.

Under the influence of anger, he vowed loudly. 

“This subject avouches, cefei’s birth chart is not unfavorable, but ominous!”  

As soon as this statement came out, Yuancheng Emperor and Empress Dowager’s complexion changed.

Consort Shu closed her eyes, disheartened. 

Zhong Zheng Lin abruptly got up.

Under his threatening gaze, that Director of Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar hurriedly hung down his head. 

“Sixth!” Yuancheng Emperor slapped the table.

His finger shook as he pointed at him.

Yuancheng Emperor chided him angrily, “Presumptuous! Quickly sit down!” 

The crown prince, upon seeing Zhong Zheng Lin commit a breach of etiquette in the presence of Emperor, instantly rejoiced.

Unexpectedly, Zhong Zheng Lin was a man of sentiment who would go as far as to fall into disarray for a mere woman. 

“Imperial father, this is an independent opinion of only one person.

How can such words be believed” Zhong Zheng Lin stood upright and towering, having no intention of backing down.  

Yuancheng Emperor looked at his attitude.

It seemed that he was unwilling to let the matter drop.

Just as he was going to reprimand him, consort Shu forestalled him. 

“Where are your manners! You have no room to act willfully in front of Empress Dowager and his Majesty.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes were filled with frost.

He narrowed slightly his phoenix eyes. 

“Your Highness,” a gentle and calm female voice instantly pulled back Zhong Zheng Lin’s attention, “qie’s child will surely be alright.

Your Highness needn’t worry.” 

Mu Xi Yao was scared by Zhong Zheng Lin into cold sweat.

Boss, are you sure you’re not here to screw her over How come you’re talking back to Yuancheng Emperor in such a frank manner Do you wish for him to bury her a bit sooner 

Mu Xi Yao quickly drew the direction of conversation to the child inside her womb, so as not to attract the sovereign’s taboo. 

Zhong Zheng Lin cast her a flat glance.

Then, he took a look at her swollen belly.

He sat back.  

Empress Dowager took Zhong Zheng Lin’s expression into her heart.

She’s been fasting and praying to Buddha for many years.

Hence, she couldn’t bear to commit sins.

Let alone, an unborn child. 

“Emperor, the sixth acts so because he worries about his offspring.

It’s pardonable.

The child inside Mu’shi’s womb is the blood of the imperial family, after all.” What she implicated was they had to preserve the one in her womb. 

Yuancheng Emperor nodded.

From the beginning, he had no plans to take her life. 

Mu Xi Yao looked at the two on the head seats.

It seemed like they pitied the small one.

As for her, it didn’t matter. 

As expected of the imperial clan’s way of doing things.

Fortunately, she has always seen clearly through the fickleness of human nature in the palace. 

“Reporting to your Majesty, qie has finished with questions.” 

Everyone was baffled that she has interrogated the other person for a long time, yet concluded it in such a manner.

Then, they saw a solemn-faced Mu Xi Yao slowly kneel down and bow her head down to the ground. 

“May qie make bold and entreat your Majesty in the name of his sixth Highness’s concubine to hold the clansman assembly to testify that qie’s innocent reputation has been framed by false accuses and bring justice to qie and the child born by qie.” 

Qie was subjected to an injustice today, and it has also involved an imperial offspring.

Qie entreats your Majesty to file the case of consort Liu falling to unconsciousness for investigation and hand the case over to the main judge of the Ministry of Justice.

Subsequently, assign  Inspector of Astrological Service and Director of Bureau of Astronomy to audit in order to ensure a correct understanding of the facts.

If qie’s words today carry any lie, or the examined results would be in accordance with the words of Director of Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar, qie will personally ask to be removed from the imperial genealogy and a poisonous wine!” 

The maiden kowtowed and pleaded on her behalf, her voice powerful and resonating. 

For a moment, the hall fell into utter silence.

Nobody had guessed that Mu Xi Yao would be this resolute, leaving herself no way out. 

Yuancheng Emperor contemplated for a moment.

Seeing her having a hard time kowtowing, yet bear a tenacious and unyielding spirit, he gave a final verdict with deep voice. 


Translation notes: 

[1] Slap one in the face is a Chinese phrase that means to prove one is wrong in a humiliating way

[2] Throw stones at sb who fell down a well is a Chinese idiom that means to hit a person who is down

[3] Wu Xu was the ancient scholar well versed in divination and horoscope

[4] East wind is a Chinese phrase for driving force of revolution



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