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Since Zhong Zheng Lin dared to say this, what was there to be afraid of As long as Yuancheng Emperor was ruled out, Mu Xi Yao feared nothing.

By the way, did the jade pendant passed its shelf life recently Mu Xi Yao babbled to herself, indulging in flights of fancy1.

After Yuancheng Emperor took his seat, the lighthearted atmosphere disappeared.

Everyone’s actions became more or less restrained.

Consort Liu received grace.

As a result, she accompanied by the sovereign’s side, being immensely pleased with herself.

Watching her insolent behavior, the noble consort’s lips curled up.

There was no such thing as a free lunch.

Even if there was, one needed to think deeply about whether one could eat it.

She had helped her for quite a few days.

It should be time to collect the return.

She cast a sidelong glance at consort Shu.

A smile flashed in the noble consort’s eyes.

Zhong Zheng Lin was dragged by Zhong Zheng Ming sitting next to him to chat with him.

Occasionally, he would turn his head to look at Mu Xi Yao’s situation.

This woman actually found amusement in her own way.

Right now, she was watching a play with Zhang’shi.

They were engaged in a hot discussion.

When he listened closely to her conversation, his face immediately darkened.

“This scholar has delicate features.

He is, to some extent, pleasing to eyes.”

“Look! Take a closer view of the attender at the rear.

In fact, he looks better than the scholar.

Unfortunately, he is too valiant and can only play a supporting role.”

Lady Zhang looked him up and down.

However, she found nothing particular about that pitch-black combatant actor, “Cefei, isn’t he a tad bit too black One can’t see him clearly.”

Mu Xi Yao sighed.

How can that be described as “black” Bronze color was such a sexy skin tone.

Y’all don’t understand.

“It’s better for a man to look valiant and imposing.

What was the matter with looking fair Sissy!” Mu Xi Yao couldn’t stand a little white face2.

Regarding the cross-dressers, whenever she sees one she annihilates one.

Mu Xi Yao’s words made Zhong Zheng Lin’s face blacken out of anger.

This woman was simply presumptuous.

He was still sitting there and yet she dared to comment about another man’s appearance.

Did she want to revolt


Before Mu Xi Yao could have any reaction, lady Zhang was the first to be frightened.

She quickly retreated to the back, to be further away from them.

Looking at his Highness’s complexion, cefei was probably going to suffer.

“Your Highness…..” Mu Xi Yao turned to look at him dazedly, unable to make any sense of the matter.

Why did this man suddenly get angry

“Valiant and imposing” Zhong Zheng Lin narrowed his phoenix eyes and glanced at the stage outside.

She was done for! Mu Xi Yao slowly came to see she’d made a mistake.

She immediately understood that the sixth Highness’s ailment has relapsed.

By no means must she praise another man.

Otherwise, trouble will wait for her.

Just as she was going to throw herself at him and whine coquettishly, she heard a startled cry coming from the seat of honor’s direction.

“Consort Liu!” Yuancheng Emperor took into his arms the unconscious person and hastily summoned the imperial physician.

The hall immediately fell into a silence.

No words could be heard.

The troupe outside also quickly retreated.

Yuancheng Emperor’s complexion was ugly.

He had people to carry consort Liu the side hall and wait for his orders.

Yuancheng Emperor did not speak.

Everyone, thus, could only watch and stay at their seats, discussing in whispers.

Empress Dowager’s face was biting cold.

She has seen too many tricks in the inner palace.

She naturally understood that someone was having wicked ideas.

They’ve specially picked a family banquet to stir trouble.

Did they think that this old woman lived for too long and hence didn’t take her seriously

Mu Xi Yao watched consort Liu being sent away.

A bright light flashed inside her eyes.

Could it be that…..

Just now, when Yuancheng Emperor passed her, the one following behind him; if it was not that person who else could it be!

So it was like this.

It has actually come about on her.

Mu Xi Yao straightened her expression.

Since a show has started, she ought to watch it with pleasure.

When the imperial physician arrived, Yuancheng Emperor directly exempted him from the greeting ceremony.

He valued greatly this child of consort Liu.

Once a man reached his middle age, he couldn’t bear to see his offspring demise before him.

The situation in the side hall was unknown to Mu Xi Yao.

However, since there was no news for a long time, she had her guesses.

It seems that things won’t end simply.

“Your Majesty, her Ladyship’s pulse is smooth.

She shows no sign of illness.” The imperial physician shivered as he bent down to report back, fearful inside.

When seeing a patient, a physician feared the most being unable to diagnose the patient’s pulse.

Yuancheng Emperor was furious, “The person is still lying there, yet you tell zhen that she shows no sign of illness”

“Your Majesty, this subject mastered not the skill.

This subject is guilty of a crime for which even death cannot atone.

This subject asks your Majesty to send people for sir administrative assistant of Imperial Academy of Medicine to personally make a diagnosis.” The imperial physician was so scared his head was covered in sweat and he kept kneeling on the ground.

Once the two administrative assistants from the Imperial Academy of Medicine hurriedly arrived, and successively took pulse, the conclusion they arrived at was precisely the same.

“Reporting to your Majesty, these subjects believe her Ladyship consort Liu suffers not from illness nor poisoning.”

This time, even Empress Dowager fell into anxiety.

The administrative assistant was his Majesty’s trusted subordinate.

Since they’ve reached such a conclusion, what was then the circumstances of the fetus inside her womb

“If consort Liu doesn’t wake up, can be the fetus preserved” Yuancheng Emperor cared far more about offspring than a woman.

“This….” The administrative assistant hesitated for a long while.

He helplessly shook his head, “Due to consort Liu’s pregnancy being less than three months, and her fetus being unstable, the fetus will be difficult to preserve.”

Yuancheng Emperor looked at the person in the bed.

His eyebrows knitted tightly.

Empress Dowager swept her gaze through the consorts who have followed in.

She inspected closely their expressions.

Their faces showed nothing out of ordinary.

“Emperor, what should we do now” Since it was neither illness nor poison, how was consort Liu going to be treated

“Reporting to Empress Dowager, chenqie remembers there was a similar case during days of the late Emperor.” Consort De nervously replied.

Upon hearing consort De’s suggestion, both Empress Dowager and Yuancheng Emperor’s faces abruptly changed.

Did she speak of witchcraft During the reign of the late Emperor, the witchcraft case implicated numerous people.

The imperial harem was covered in rivers of blood, while the front court was thrown in turmoil.

When Empress Dowager called to mind that period of dark and bloody days, her expression became abnormally sinister.

At the time, she has been almost kicked into the Cold Palace.

Fortunately, Heaven was guarding her and she had redressed her injustices by a stroke of luck.

Otherwise, she would be already an earth and dust today.

“Gu Chang De, summon the Inspector and Directors of Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar.

They are to quickly come and seek audience with zhen.”

“Order the commander of the imperial guards, Ji Hua An, to take soldiers and search through the palace!”

Once Yuancheng Emperor’s orders fell, the imperial palace in Shengjing immediately became overshadowed by the sighs of wind and calling of cranes3.

Nobody dared to indiscriminately rush into action.

Mu Xi Yao was so tired she leaned against Zhong Zheng Lin to take a nap.

Not long after, she fell deeply in sleep.

It was right at noon.

The woman who was used to afternoon naps couldn’t hold back drowsiness anymore.

Seeing her lean against him uncomfortably, Zhong Zheng Lin simply took her into his arms and pressed her head against his chest to prevent others from peeping.

Such a big thing happened in the palace.

He Lian Min Min had no time to pay attention to those two who hugged each other while disregarding the protocols.

She approached Zhong Zheng Lin, being very worried, “Your Highness, would anybody use this opportunity to frame mother consort” The struggle in the inner palace was particularly treacherous.

The first thing that came to He Lian Min Min’s mind was intrigues between palace concubines.

Right now, she feared the most consort Shu being implicated.

“You shall wait quietly.” Zhong Zheng Lin was as coolheaded as usual.

If anyone dared to implicate consort Shu… a cold glint flashed through Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes.

After half an hour later, the commander of the imperial guards, Ji Huai An, came to report: they have searched through the entire palace and found nothing.

Instead, in the palaces of some servants, they’ve found evidence of illicit acts.

Yuancheng Emperor was currently filled with rage.

When he heard of these kinds of nauseating matters, how could he tolerate it “Drag them down and behead them.”

The Inspector of the Directorate of Astronomy and calendar took along two Directors and hastily entered the palace.

As soon as he entered the doors, he heard Yuancheng Emperor ordering to behead people.

He was scared into a cold sweat.

“Scram here!” Yuancheng Emperor has waited for a long time.

His patience was used up.

“Take a look at consort Liu.

Did she fall prey to witchcraft”

When Inspector of Directorate of Astronomy and calendar heard the word “witchcraft”,  a tingle of tremor went down his spine.

His predecessor exactly stumbled over this matter.

This time, was it his turn For a moment, the sweat dampened the front piece of his attire.

The three people were busy taking measurements and calculating.

One minute, they were observing the astronomical phenomenons on the sky and the next minute they were discussing on and on for a long while after which they drew a long breath of relief.

“Reporting to your Majesty.

Her Ladyship consort Liu shows no signs of falling prey to witchcraft.”

This declaration was actually in accord with Ji Huai An’s report.

Yuancheng Emperor and Empress Dowager put their hearts at rest.

As long as it wasn’t the witchcraft.

“In that case, why isn’t the person waking up”

The Inspector of Directorate of Astronomy and calendar was deeply ashamed.

Shouldn’t they ask for the imperial physician to examine the unconsciousness

“This…” Momentarily, he was stumped for reply.

“Replying to your Majesty, this subject frequently performs calculation upon one’s fate. This subject can give it a try.” One of the two Directors of Astronomy and calendar offered his services.

The divination of fate was held in great importance in Great Wei.

When a child was born, a man and woman consulted marriage, sovereign offered sacrifices, all of these needed to be calculated for whether they met Heaven’s order.

The Directorate of Astronomy and calendar was filled with a great number of competent people.

Not only were they well versed with astronomy and astrology, they even could calculate more or less a person’s fate and birth chart.

“Your proposal shall be granted.”

Half a quarter of an hour later, this person spoke the outcome of his calculations.

“Your Majesty, someone in the palace has a birth chart that clashes with consort Liu’s.

Moreover, this person’s birth chart is unusually ominous, and comes into conflict with the imperial clan’s, too.”

Empress Dowager was greatly alarmed.

This is an outrage!

“Emperor, this matter must be thoroughly investigated for one to set the mind at ease.”

Yuancheng Emperor closed his eyes to contemplate for a long time.

Looking at the Director who was kneeling on the ground, he warned him with a stern voice.

“This is not a small matter.

If you dare to tell lies, you’ll be punished with death!”

That Director broke in shiver from the fright.

While trembling, he swore, “Thus subject dares not to commit such a treacherous crime.

This subject will carry out duties with dedication, telling no false words.”

“Everyone, retreat.” Yuancheng Emperor was the first one to return to the main hall.

Following behind him were imperial concubines who have left the banquet.

Mu Xi Yao was awakened by Zhong Zheng Lin.

Seeing that Yuancheng Emperor has returned to his seat, she quickly left Zhong Zheng Lin’s arms to sit upright and still.

She was dissatisfied inside.

What took them for so long Aside from disturbing her lunchtime nap, she couldn’t even go out to look at her son.

She wondered whether little bun cried and threw a tantrum.

“Your Majesty, this subject needs the birth chart of everyone present except the Empress Dowager and the imperial princes.”

Yuancheng Emperor nodded.

Everyone was perplexed, yet they dared not to raise a question.

Thus, they could only docilely write down their eight characters4 and submit it.

That imperial astronomer verified for quite a while before picking one of the notes and respectfully presented it.

“It’s this person.”

Yuancheng Emperor looked at the paper note.

His brows furrowed.

“Is it truly this person”

“This subject pledges with this subject’s own head.”

Yuancheng Emperor afterward called Inspector of Directorate of Astronomy and calendar to take a look, “Does this person’s birth chart clash with consort Liu’s.”

Once his words fell, everyone underneath came to realization.

As it turns out, it was a clash of birth charts.

For a moment, anxiety filled the heart of people present.

“Reporting to your Highness, this subject’s knowledge of astronomical phenomenon calculation is passable.

Yet, this subject dares not to speak wild talks about divination of one’s fate.

However, sir Gan has a profound insight in this area, having no equal in Directorate of Astronomy and calendar.

Since he dares to pledge with his own life, this thing should no be far from truth.”

Yuancheng Emperor looked at the other Director.

That person was unexpectedly honest.

He spoke fortnight that he was not well versed with fate divination.

“If any of this is found to be a crazy and unfounded ravings, nine kinship exterminations.”

After he spoke, he looked at consort Shu.

His expression was unfathomable.

An ominous glint flashed through Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes.

There were truly people who dared to lay their hands on consort Shu He Lian Min Min’s face turned stark pale.

If something happened to consort Shu, his Highness will surely be implicated by her.

Mu Xi Yao squeezed Zhong Zheng Lin’s palm, indicating him to keep calm and not get agitated.

If they wished to pull consort Shu off the horse, the identity of the mastermind behind went without saying.

“The words Director of the Directorate of Astronomy and calendar spoke, did you hear clearly”

Since the moment she’s been sized up by Yuancheng Emperor, consort Shu knew she’d fallen for someone’s scheme.

She did not panic.

Consort Shu remained calm and unperturbed.

Since entering the palace, she has gone through so many storms.

How could she be afraid of fate divination No matter what, just based on the fact she had birthed two sons, topple her with a fate issue was a simple pipe dream.

“Replying to your Majesty.

Chenqie has naturally heard clearly.

If it is said that chenqie’s birth chart clashes with consort Liu’s, and even the imperial family’s, chengqie cannot admit to such deed.”

Yuancheng Emperor waved his hand to interrupt her refutations.

He handed her the note.

Consort Shu looked down at the graceful handwriting on the note.

She cried out in alarm, “Mu girl!”

Mu Xi Yao was still wrapped by thoughts of the shadiness of this case.

As a result, she was startled by consort Shu’s sudden exclaim.

Mu girl Was she calling her She roused her head to look at consort Shu who was sitting at the front, only to see her also look straight at her.

Subsequently, she turned to glance at the note she squeezed in her hands.

She pressed her lips tightly.

So it was like this! The person they wanted to get rid of from the start, it wasn’t consort Shu but her, Mu Xi Yao!

Translation notes: 

[1] Indulge in flights of fancy is a Chinese idiom that means to let one’s imagination run wild

[2] Little white face is a term used to describe pretty men that are being kept by a rich woman/ It refers to an attractive young man being kept as a lover by another person

[3] Wind sighing and crane calling is a Chinese idiom that means to be startled at the mere rustle of leaves in the wind/ so scared that one would run from its own shadows

[4] Eight Characters refer to the Eight Characters of one’s birth time that carries the full information about a person’s composition of Five Elements.

By analyzing this information, one can tell the fate and the running process of the person’s whole life (more information)


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