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Chapter 93


“Your Highness, your shoulder injury isn’t healed yet.” Mu Xi Yao pushed away Zhong Zheng Lin’s paws.

Once this man took a bath, he was immediately full of energy. 

“Just small injuries.

Not worth mentioning.” As soon as the sixth Highness carried the person in his arms, he walked toward the bed’s direction.

How can he be not aroused after being rubbed by her soft body for such a long time 

Mu Xi Yao glared at him, “Your Highness, when the wound ruptures, the one hurting later will be you.”  

“No need for later.

Bendian hurts now.” He pulled at her little hand and led it downwards. 

Mu Xi Yao’s cheeks flushed.

She was so angry she bit him anxiously.

They have to attend a family banquet.

This lustful beast! 

Zhao momo and the lot were so anxious they kept making discreet inquiries behind the door.

Principal consort has already left with people.

Her Ladyship consort Shu’s sedan chair has also arrived for a while.

How come the two masters decided to dawdle at this time What’s more, they were prohibited to disturb them.

They were worried sick. 

Tian Fu Shan held up his Highness’s imperial prince’s ceremonial robe, jumping about nervously.

If his Highness doesn’t come out soon, he will fall behind the eight prince.

This was unacceptable. 

Just as the group of people were staring at each other, they heard cefei’s clear and bright voice sound from inside, “Come in.” Everyone felt a sense of relief.

They quickly attended to them by changing their clothes and freshening them up. 

Zhong Zheng Lin was attired in a black four-clawed dragon robe couched in gold-wrapped threads.

The sight of him made Mu Xi Yao click her tongue in appraisal.

When this man wore formal robe he was drop-dead gorgeous.

Unfortunately, the sixth Highness wasn’t fond of divine-like ethereal white robes.

Mu Xi Yao was quite curious as to whether a white robe would turn someone who is used to be cold and solemn a bit softer and easier to approach. 

“Stay by mother consort’s side.

Don’t make trouble.” Zhong Zheng Lin saw her off at the doors to consort Shu’s palace and then left with his people. 


“Your Ladyship, qie brought Cheng Qing to pay you respect.” Since one came late, one needed to sacrifice its trump card.

Cheng Qing the bun has been sold off by his mother without the slightest hesitation. 

“Heed your steps.

Slow down a bit your pace!” When consort Shu saw her not allowing people to support her in her condition, walking forward while turning back and ordering people to carry over Cheng Qing, consort Shu was so scared by her actions, she quickly send people over to guard her.

The one is Mu girl’s womb was already seventh months old.

No unfortunate occurrence must happen. 

“Babma.” The little bun, Cheng Qing, was very smart.

Recognizing people was his specialty.

When consort Shu heard him call her, her expression immediately softened.

Her face beamed with smiles.

This child was very talented.

He wasn’t even one year old and already knew to call people.

His Majesty had also praised him on several occasions. 

“Bengong’s grandson grew up well and was raised even better!” Consort Shu held Cheng Qing and couldn’t stop praising him. 

“Your Ladyship, don’t spoil him.

He can only call dad clearly.

With other people, his words are still mispronounced.

Moreover, he calls out to people blindly.” Mu Xi Yao was summoned by consort Shu to sit down next to her.

She asked her about how was recently doing the one in her womb. 

The women from the fourth prince’s residence were long accustomed to Mu Xi Yao being favored by consort Shu.

No matter what were their inner thoughts, on the surface, they were all full of smiles. 

It was He Lian Min Min and her party’s first time seeing such a scene.

Seeing Mu cefei being summoned to her Ladyship’s side, instantly, all of them began to follow closely her actions. 

He Lian Min Min looked at the fourth sister-in-law opposite her.

Seeing her being used to this kind of situation, for a moment, she hung down her lids.

When she came to pay respect previously, everyone was mannerly and the atmosphere was harmonious.

Once this woman arrived, all the regards for the precedence system was gone.

Didn’t she see that his fourth Highness’s son and daughter were staying at their birth mother’s side, sitting properly Only her son has to be special and rise above everyone. 

Su Lin Rou laughed dryly, engaging in a talk with little sister-in-law opposite.

However, from the corner of her eyes, she noticed that Mu Xi Yao was currying favor with consort Shu.

She was very upset.

That woman truly did exhaust all of her means and took up the advantage of marrying over earlier.

She won over all the people she could without any exception and grabbed them all in her hand. 

Lady Zhang was already used to relying on Mu Xi Yao.

She would rather see Mu Xi Yao always being like this.

Wan Jing Wen beside her, however, was lost in her thoughts.

Usually, it was hard for her to come across lady Mu.

Even if they met, they’d just greet each other.

Right now, seeing her being skillful in dancing with long sleeves1 in person, she understood that her original guesses must have been right.

To be able to snatch the two principal consort’s limelight without regard for others, yet no one in the palace raised questions about her motives, a chess piece won’t have such capabilities.

It seems that something else must have been behind the reason why his Highness had called for Su Lin Rou’s services on that day. 

“It’s almost time.

Follow bengong to Fengan Palace.” Consort Shu ordered people to carefully protect Mu Xi Yao.

Only then did she take the whole house of woman to Empress Dowager’s place, to attend a banquet. 

Once they entered the main hall, they saw the princes already being seated.

The womenfolk of each residence was properly sitting behind their respective Highnesses.

Consort Shu and her party could be counted as coming late. 

Consort Shu was just about to apologize humbly for the late arrival.

However, the little bun Cheng Qing was a step faster than her. 

 “Want! Want!” The child’s silvery voice attracted the attention of Empress Dowager Jin who was sitting on the head seat.

Upon closer inspection, she discovered a toddler that was carried by momo behind consort Shu.

At the moment, the toddler was reaching out his hands toward her direction with all his might while kicking his little legs ferociously.  

Zhong Zheng Lin began to pay attention to Mu Xi Yao as soon as she entered in.

Who would have imagined that the little woman didn’t cause any trouble this time Instead, his son amazed the world with a single brilliant feat. 

“Whose family this child belong to Carry him over for aijia to see.” 

Consort needed not to plead for the guilt anymore.

She took Cheng Qing and headed toward Empress Dowager. 

Seeing the little bun making troubles, Mu Xi Yao wished she could snatch him back to teach him a good lesson.

This time, the whip was out of her reach2.

Without any better option, she looked at Zhong Zheng Lin, seeking for help. 

The sixth Highness sat firmly, turning blind eyes to her starry eyes.

The old ancestor3 wants only to look at Cheng Qing.

What’s there for this woman to panic about 

Mu Xi Yao couldn’t be blamed for being worried.

Who told her to be only aware of one old ancestor, Xiaozhuang4 That one was an extraordinarily distinguished personage.

In case Cheng Qing displeased Empress Dowager due to his young age, it was not likely Yuancheng Emperor would show a good expression. 

Although she had previously met with Empress Dowager several times and she was always quite benevolent; which of the women in the palace didn’t have thousands of faces To be able to sit steadily on that position until now, how simple could Empress Dowager be 

“Old ancestor, isn’t this precisely the baby whom you have bestowed a jade scepter At that time, the one from the sixth’s household even asked you for fish.” 

Mu Xi Yao was deeply embarrassed.

Your Ladyship consort Shu, do you have to remind everyone this matter in such manner Wouldn’t it be better if you mentioned the screen qie had sent out 

Mu Xi Yao left a deep impression on Empress Dowager.

She still used that Vanda orchid screen every day.

Abruptly, Empress Dowager broke into laughter.  

“The one from the sixth’s household”

Mu Xi Yao braced herself and took a few steps forward, “This servant pays respect to old ancestor, wishes old ancestor good health and fortune, preserving happiness and longevity.” 

Empress Dowager hasn’t seen her for a long time.

Upon seeing her being in an expectant condition yet again, she pointed at the person and laughed. 

“Get up, get up.

Aijia remembers you.

This time, you’re with a child again.

You’re a blessed one.

Are you still eyeing fish in aijia’s palace” 

Can you not mention fish Mu Xi Yao had a feeling she was going to be fixed by the sixth Highness again tonight. 


Old ancestor, qie has a whole pond of them.

If qie wants to eat them qie only needs to fish them up.” 

Empress Dowager was amused by her.

She waved her hand to have everyone sit down. 

“This is the boy Emperor has praised several times” 

Seeing that Empress Dowager finally looked at him, Cheng Qing immediately became excited.

Like how he usually curried favor with Mu Xi Yao, he reached out his hands, wanting a hug. 

“Pretty! Pretty!” The little bun’s smile was so wide one couldn’t see his eyes. 

“Oh my! Old ancestor, he’s praising you for being beautiful.

Cheng Qing calls beauty whenever he sees one.” Consort Shu covered her lips with the handkerchief and laughed.

This grandson of hers was lovable.

His good fortune was bottomless. 

When Empress Dowager heard these words, sure enough, she was amused greatly.

“He’s not one year old yet, right He’s well raised.


The crown prince, seeing that Zhong Zheng Lin has again taken the lead, quickly threw a meaningful glance at the crown princess.

This time, all the residences with child, simultaneously, made moves.

In comparison, Empress Dowager was overjoyed.

Thriving of progeny benefitted greatly the imperial family.

Elders were fond of offsprings running around their knees. 

After all the liveliness, Mu Xi Yao quickly ordered people to carry Cheng Qing back to consort Shu’s palace.

This boy had trounced everyone.

Who knew how many resentments he has incurred upon himself 

“The sixth princess consort” Empress Dowager Jin called to He Lian Min Min whom she had seen only once.

Since Mu’shi has been rewarded, it won’t be proper to transcend her. 

He Lian Min Min’s composed expression was about to snap.

However, she firmly kept her emotions on a tight leash.

This time, hearing Empress Dowager call her, she hurriedly stepped forward to reply to her. 

“He Lian Min Min pays respect to old ancestor.” 


You’re all good children.

Hurry up and have a son.

Don’t let aijia wait for too long.

You’re also to be rewarded.” 

Nevertheless, Empress Dowager approved of He Lian Min Min.

She had heard from consort Shu that this granddaughter-in-law was not bad.

Sixth doesn’t have di son yet.

They need to hurry up. 

“Qie thanks for Empress Dowager’s grace.” He Lian Min Min was elated.

To be able to gain Empress Dowager’s favor on the family banquet, among the sister-in-laws, she was the only one to enjoy such honor. 

Now, it was Su Lin Rou’s turn to feel awkward.

Empress Dowager hasn’t recalled about her at all.

There were only three people from their residence whose names were listed in genealogy.

Only she was left behind.

How can she, thus, feel any good 

Many people felt worse than her.

Each residence envied and resented them greatly in private.

How come his sixth Highness’s residence fishes out benefits every time there’s a family banquet They were first to arrive, yet they were outstripped by the late-comers. 

When Yuancheng Emperor arrived, Fengan Palace was already bustling with noise and excitement.

The high-ranked imperial consorts all successively took seats. 

The imperial noble consort’s face sunk when she saw Yuancheng Emperor being accompanied by consort Liu.

This wench.

In a year, from Liangren5 of fifth rank, she has been successively elevated in ranks.

At this moment, she was already a standard class consort of the second rank.

What’s more, she’d been diagnosed with pregnancy.

Right now, she stood under a limelight.

She will be likely promoted to consort Xian, as long she bore an imperial prince.

Since the fifth prince’s birth mother consort Dongxian passed away, no one was able to encroach on the four consorts position6 for years.

This person, however, was full of ambition.

She looked at the noble consort sitting underneath.

What a generous person she was.

Times and again giving consort Liu guidance.

Did she want to take up the newcomer to oppose consort Shu Why doesn’t she think of the first prince’s current circumstances How can he compare to the sixth prince who is nowadays being entrusted with important tasks by Yuancheng Emperor 

Zhong Zheng Ming swept a glance at consort Liu who fell one step behind Yuancheng Emperor.

He naturally knew this woman.

She vainly coveted for consort Xian’s position.

It was simply wishful thinking.

Zhong Zheng Ming had a deep bond with his birth mother.

Everyone in the palace has acknowledged consort Dongxian, this way of calling, for many years.

Yet, someone actually thought of fighting over his mother consort’s honor Zhong Zheng Ming had made plans a  long time ago.

Once the opportunity comes, he will consign her to eternal damnation. 

Mu Xi Yao was getting up together with the other people to salute.

However, a sudden warning frightened her. 

Was it again directed at her Mu Xi Yao secretly swore.

Yuancheng Emperor has just gone over.

Could it be that big Boss learnt of Zhong Zheng Lin’s “blackmailing incident” and hence has decided to fix her before it was too late Will anything even more exciting follow

The woman with a guilty conscience decided to know herself and know the enemy7, and then make plans.

After sitting down, Mu Xi Yao secretly drew closer to Zhong Zheng Lin’s side, pulling at his sleeves. 

The sixth Highness was being pulled at by someone.

He turned to look at Mu Xi Yao who was casting him meaningful glances.

He rose his eyebrow.

He drew the person to his arms, faking the affectionateness.

At sight of them, He Lian Min Min and the others quickly moved away their gazes.

Their behavior was simply immoral!

Wan Jing Wen was sitting in the back row.

Her eyes turned biting cold as she watched the hugging man and woman in the front.

Mu Xi Yao’s movement just now, she could see it very clearly.

To cooperate with her, Zhong Zheng Lin has actually disregarded his dignity.

What was there be puzzled about She lowered her head to pour herself a liquor.

A plan was set inside her heart.

“Your Highness, is our residence safe Are there any spies of his Majesty” Mu Xi Yao leaned against his ear and asked. 

Zhong Zheng Lin frowned.

Why did she inquire about this matter at this time 

“There are.” 

Mu Xi Yao pulled a long face and grasped firmly his lapels. 

“If his Majesty was to learn that qie is the only one to receive your Highness’s favor, will it…” 

Seeing her all nervous, Zhong Zheng Lin was secretly amused by her.

This woman considered these things now Isn’t it a bit late 


Just as Mu Xi Yao was quickly thinking of ways to get away, she heard Zhong Zheng add. 

“Rest assured.

The person has been already taken care of by bendian.

Nobody will touch you.” 

Dumbfounded, Mu Xi Yao looked at Zhong Zheng Lin’s side profile.

Your Highness, aren’t you too awesome 

Translation notes: 

[1] Skillful in dancing with long sleeves is a Chinese idiom that means to be resourceful, to be socially active

[2] The whip is out of one’s reach is a Chinese idiom that means that something is beyond one’s influence/too far to be able to help

[3] Old ancestor refers to Empress Dowager.

The expression was used to call an elderly and respectable woman in the family 

[4] Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang was one of the most distinguished female in Chinese history.

She assisted three emperors in governing the country of Qing, laying the foundation of the development and the unity of the whole country. 

[5] Liangren is a concubine rank in imperial palace (see here in western han section)

[6] In the palace, there could only be 1 Empress, 1 Imperial Noble consort, 2 Noble consorts, 4 consorts, 6 imperial concubines.

The number for other titles weren’t limited

[7] Know oneself and know the enemy derives from a Chinese proverb: Know the enemy, know yourself, and in every battle you will be victorious


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