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Chapter 92


Early in the next morning, for the first time ever, everyone saw Mu cefei accompany his Highness to the main house. 

“Your Highness.” All the people uniformly paid him respect. 

Zhong Zheng Lin nodded.

He took Mu Xi Yao’s hand and sat down.

Originally, Su Lin Rou intended to try and sit beside Zhong Zheng Lin today.

Perhaps, his Highness won’t chide her for taking Mu Xi Yao’s original spot Who would have imagined that her happy occasion will be disrupted by Mu Xi Yao’s sudden appearance It seems that this matter can be hardly accomplished. 

“Mu’shi has unintentionally talked back the principal consort.

She’d already received the punishment.

In the future, each courtyard shall be cautious of their words and actions, behave courteously and dutifully.” Zhong Zheng Lin’s speech was directed at everyone, yet his eyes looked straight into He Lian Min Min’s. 

Unintentionally Had already been punished A smile engaged on He Lian Min Min’s face.

She spoke out benevolently, “Little sister wasn’t deliberate.

Qie naturally won’t take it to heart.

As long as little sisters attentively serve your Highness, qie will be only happy.” After her voice fell, she swept a glance at Su Lin Rou from the corner of her eyes. 

“Big sister is right.

In this inner courtyard, we should put the interest of his Highness above everything else.” Su Lin Rou picked up where He Lian Min Min has dropped off.

However, her eyes glanced at Zhong Zheng Lin. 

Oh Mu Xi Yao sat there upright, observing the two’s expressions.

Did they just unite their forces in order to win by numbers Unfortunately, if they want to conquer the man in front of them, the future Jianan Emperor, even if they gave him the whole harem, it was for no use. 

As for ganging up on her, it was even more delusional.

Did they think one could just casually dig a hole1.

for a woman who had the liberty to make troubles Mu Xi Yao was as cool as a cucumber.

She used her little hand that was fiddled by Zhong Zheng Lin under the table to softly scratch the hollow of his palm. 

“Tomorrow’s family banquet, have you already prepared well”

He Lian Min Min had already made plans for it, “Everything is prepared.

Tomorrow, qie and Su cefei along with two shufeis will show up together.

Just unbeknownst, how will be things with little sister……” He Lian Min Min looked at Mu Xi Yao’s belly, as if in a dilemma. 

Zhong Zheng Lin disliked the fact that she took too many people.

However, he didn’t disapprove of her decision in front of the crowd, “You needn’t worry about Mu’shi.

Mother-consort will send people to pick her.

At the time, Cheng Qing will also go over.” Consort Shu has passed the message early on.

Cheng Qing and the one in her womb will stay by her side. 

He Lian Min Min’s mind tingled.

She was almost unable to control her expression.

To ensure safety of the sixth Highness’s progeny, consort Shu went as far as to allow Mu Xi Yao to overstep her by giving her a special grace.

To her, this was undoubtedly the worst news.


In the end, she has lost in the matter of offspring! 

“Your Highness, today is the second days of the lunar month.

In a half month, we will have to go out of the palace to establish residence.

Does your Highness wish to examine the guest list “ He Lian Min Min spoke to sound him out. 

Zhong Zheng Lin directly rejected, “Have Tian Fu Shan to handle these things.

You needn’t ask for instructions in case of such trivial matters.” He got up and left with Mu Xi Yao.

After taking two steps, he suddenly halted.  

So that explains it.

Zhong Zheng Lin rose his eyebrow, “Yesterday, bendian was negligent.

Bendian will use a meal in Chanruo Courtyard tonight.

“ His big hand squeezed Mu XI Yao’s soft hand, afraid that she will think too much. 

Boss, you’re truly a narcissist.

Mu Xi Yao threw at Zhong Zheng Lin an enchanting and flirtatious glance, immediately lifting Zhong Zheng Lin’s mood. 

“Qie will tell the kitchen to prepare more of dishes your Highness is fond of.” He Lian Min Min has achieved her objective.

Her voice turned a bit more lively. 

Zhong Zheng Lin nodded and departed with the person.

The sixth Highness’s face was filled with regret.

He leaned over and drew near to Mu Xi Yao’s ears, “Bendian’s most favored dish is in Danruo Courtyard.” His eyes devilishly drifted over her body. 

Mu Xi Yao cast him a displeased glance.

Her smile was bright and beautiful. 

Boss, you’re not bad yourself.

However, the feeling of pressing underneath her an emperor ought to be even better.

Boss, you still need to work hard. 

“Mistress, you mustn’t act so careless anymore.

At the moment, He Lian principal consort has already served his Highness.

Once she gets pregnant with a child, his Highness will certainly divide some of his attention on her.

You mustn’t underestimate the one in the main courtyard.” Gui momo could not help but admonish her. 

“Rest assured, momo.

I’m putting the mind on it all the time.” These words were not false.

It’s just that nobody understood the things Mu Xi Yao put her mind on for the time being.  

Mo Lan shook her head.

Mistress, are you putting your head on how to goof off


In the evening, Zhong Zheng Lin entered Chanruo Courtyard.

The dishes He Lian Min Min employed all her skills to prepare and present could finally make Zhong Zheng Lin use them without a hitch.

After his appetite was spoilt by Mu Xi Yao, meals in other places turned tasteless to him. 

“You’ve been thoughtful.” 

He Lian Min Min’s face broke into a smile.

She attentively added food to his bowl.  

During the night, He Lian Min Min nervously approached Zhong Zheng Lin.

She was still very shy.

She had served him once.

However, at the time she has shamefully passed out.

In all honesty, tonight’s sober experience will be, in a sense, actually her first time. 

“He Lian’shi.” 

The man’s deep voice resonated in the light-extinguished chamber.

It sounded particularly imposing. 

“Nobody in the residence will overstep you.

However, you must not extend your hands to Danruo Courtyard.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s abrupt warning frightened He Lian Min Min and made her whole body stiffen.

Could it be that his Highness has already learnt of it 

“Ordinary women do not understand what Mu’shi seeks for.

You just need to remember to take good care of the inner yard.

Nobody can substitute your principal consort position.” 

He Lian Min Min was both happy and worried by Zhong Zheng Lin’s words.

She was happy because the sixth Highness made a promise and will not go back on his words.

At long last, she had a backing in the residence.

What she worried about was the “seek for” his Highness mentioned.

What did Mu’shi wish to obtain What’s more, his Highness’s words hinted that he held Mu’shi in a high regard.

At least, she wasn’t “the ordinary women”. 

“Qie shall sincerely follow your Highness’s instructions.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s waist was embraced by the women next to him.

Inside the darkness, he turned over and pressed her under his body. 

Under the moonlight, one could distinctively discern that the woman was shaking while having her eyes closed, overcome by nervosity. 

The man leaned over and placed his mouth at her ear.

The mellow and rich voice of his made its way into her ears, “Min Min.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s sudden intimacy made He Lian Min Min’s cheek burn with color.

She felt more and more fervent.

Her body shuddered in reaction to the ceaseless fondling of the man’s big hands.

Her mind was in a great mess.

She could only forcefully contain those shameful moans. 

Zhong Zheng Lin remained propped against her body for a moment.

Seeing the woman being overwhelmed by desire, her mind already put in a trance, he pulled together the lapels and got out of bed. 

“Keep an eye on her.”

“Yes, your Highness.”


When Mu Xi Yao was woken up by Hui Lan, still dazed, she touched the bedding stacked beside her.  

“Did his Highness not return” Her voice carried a softness that was distinctive for early mornings. 

Hui Lan felt awkward.

Could it be that mistress forgot that He Lian principal consort was attending to his Highness yesterday “Mistress, his Highness rested in the main house yesterday.” Afraid that she will be heavy-hearted, Hui Lian quickly changed the subject, “His Highness has said yesterday that her Ladyship Shu will send a palanquin today.

Mistress better get up soon.” 

Where did Zhong Zheng Lin, that man, go Mu Xi Yao yawned while muttering inwardly to herself. 

The one who had the same question was He Lian Min Min who was grooming herself in front of the mirror. 

“When did his Highness leave” How come he quickly went out without even using the meal When she recalled their intimacies yesterday, He Lian Min Min’s cheeks flushed with color. 

“His Highness is not fond of servant girls attending to him.

Each time he stays overnight, he would dismiss us.

As a result, this servant doesn’t know.”  

He Lian Min Min’s face flushed even more.

She asked no more about this matter.

Did his Highness not want others to hear those embarrassing words 


Mu Xi Yao used a meal in the main hall.

As soon as she finished, she saw Zhong Zheng Lin stride in with big steps.

His clothes were unchanged.

In addition, the hem of his robe had wrinkles on it. 

Just as she was going to instruct people to attend to him with freshening up, she was picked up by him and carried toward the Shuangyan pool. 

“Attend to bendian with the bathing.” 

“Your Highness, qie has already taken a bath this morning.” Mu Xi Yao struggled in his arms. 

“Bendian didn’t.

Jiao Jiao will accompany bendian.” 

Mu Xi Yao’s face twitched.

Accompany him Was she a prostitute in the pleasure quarters or bar girl in the pub  

Well, a woman with a complicated mind was prone to distort facts.

The sixth Highness’s merely wanted her to clean his back and massage his shoulder. 

Zhong Zheng Lin leaned against the shore.

His eyes were closed.

He uttered no words.

Mu Xi Yao has finally registered the fatigue in this man’s eyes. 

Was he awake all night The movements on Mu Xi Yao’s hands slowed down.

She massaged him gently, helping him to alleviate the tiredness. 

Translation notes: 

[1] Dig a hole is an expression used to describe getting someone into deep trouble




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