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Chapter 91

When Mo Wan Qing received the news, she couldn’t believe it.

Was it something done by the imperial prince’s cefei The biggest issue was, this was a cefei from different household! 

Although she was thrilled to see Mu Xi Yao fix lady Lin, she still needed to take into consideration their faces.

After all, his fifth Highness’s person cannot be beaten to a pulp by another person, right Just as she was going to sort out the situation, she heard a servant girl reporting her that his Highness has returned. 


Zhong Zheng Ming was originally worried about Mu Xi Ting.

When he called to mind the lost child, his heart was in sorrow.

However, once he reached the corner, he heard a commotion coming from the front.

He took people and followed the noise. 

After passing by several cherry apple trees, the scene before his eyes became, at once,  clear.

Lady Lin, who was dressed from head to toe in crimson red1, knelt on the ground.

She was being subdued by people and received slaps on her face.

One could only make out the side profile of the woman sitting inside the pavilion.

However, he’s recognized her by one glance. 

Zhong Zheng Ming paused for a moment and took a closer look at her.

The woman’s forest green dress stretched to the ground.

Her beautiful hair was simply coiled up to the side.

No rouge adorned her face.

She was a woman of great beauty.

She idly enjoyed the lake scenery with an elegant bearing.

It appeared like she was intoxicated by the landscape, not disturbed at all by the outside elements. 

He set a step and headed toward the pavilion.

The woman inside wasn’t yet aware of it.

Lady Lin outside, however, wailed out. 

“Your Highness! Save qie, your Highness! This vicious woman wants to beat qie to death!” 

Mu Xi Yao turned at the sound of the woman’s voice.

She watched the refined man stride over to her. 


He was indeed pleasing to one’s eyes.

What a fine painting of a handsome man. 

Zhong Zheng Ming was fond of white clothes, and that was exactly Mu Xi Yao’s Achilles’ heel.

If he held a folding fan or wielded a sword, it would be even better.

Mu Xi Yao, who was deeply poisoned by wuxia novels, let her imagination run wild. 

Seeing the plain and clear appreciation of himself in her eyes, Zhong Zheng Ming was pleased inwardly.

Passing the tactless lady Lin, he directly entered the pavilion. 

“Greetings to your fifth Highness.” Since Mu Xi Yao was heavy with a child, no matter how good was her bearing, all of her elegance was gone. 

“No need for politeness.

Sit.” Zhong Zheng Min was a bit stupified when he saw her truly sit down in response, neither declining his offer nor acting bashful. 


Such a woman was exactly the one whom he’d met on the street that day and could not help but to come to her aid. 

Since the moment Zhong Zheng Ming passed lady Lin without giving her a look and entered the pavilion, she has laid down the flag and stilled the drums2, and completely ceased to resist. 

It was truly like how that woman has said.

This lady Mu was a scourge! Or else, how would his Highness……

“Won’t your Highness ask qie for the reason” Mu Xi Yao turned her head to size him up in curiosity.

This man, who could stand on even ground to Zhong Zheng Lin in the previous lifetime, possessed a unique charm.

He didn’t make people dislike him. 

“Don’t tell bendian, cefei would inexplicably come here from the palace to lecture an irrelevant person” Zhong Zheng Ming was amused by her.

How could he not know of Lin’shi’s temper 

“Your Highness is right to put it this way.

People praise your fifth Highness for gentlemanly manners and extraordinary bearing.

Qie agrees very much.” Mu Xi Yao nodded in appraisal.

The meaning behind her words was: if you blame me today, it would mean you are narrow-minded and not worth your reputation. 

Zhong Zheng Ming laughed softly.

What a lady Mu.

He hasn’t yet blamed her and she has already buckled a big hat on him3.

Seeing her relaxed appearance, he felt comfortable inside.

Talking to such a woman was very enjoyable.

One experienced a simple and refreshing delight. 

“Since your Highness is back, qie has no right for insolent behavior.

May your Highness forgive qie for today’s affront.

Qie will take leave.

Qie only hopes that your Highness will look a bit after qie’s disappointing sister.” Mu Xi Yao spoke earnestly.

She slowly curtsied to him. 

“Your sister has been wronged this time.

Bendian is aware.

Rest assured.” 

Zhong Zheng Ming ordered people to bring a sedan chair, as a means of transportation.

“Be careful on the road.

Give my regards to the sixth brother.”  

“Qie thanks for your Highness.” Mu Xi Yao performed another curtsy.

She summoned Zhao momo and subsequently left.

Only when Mu Xi Yao and the party walked far away did Zhong Zheng Ming turn to look at the dispirited Lin’shi.

Tears still hovered on her red and swollen cheeks.

The sight made Zhong Zheng Ming furrow his brows. 

“Call for the imperial physician to treat her.

Afterward, she shall be confined for three months.” 

When lady Li heard such a severe punishment coming from his Highness, her hatred instantly skyrocketed.

Even when she has offended Mo Wan Qing, his Highness didn’t take any action against her.

This time, she had only provoked that woman, not only did she receive a beating, she was also being confined for three months.

This grievance, she will get back at her one day. 

Mo Wan Qing arrived late with her people, as she came right at the time of Zhong Zheng Ming’s departure.

As a result, she caught up with him to join him.

When she heard what outcome waited for lady Lin, her eyes revealed a rejoice.

Since she has disgraced the prince’s residence, one could well conjure up her future circumstances. 


“Mistress, lady Lin has been confined by his Highness for three months.”

“Tactless thing.

She naturally ought to be punished.”  

“That lady Mu…”

“Her good days are numbered.” 

The woman’s jade-like fingernails that were painted into crimson red skimmed across the hairs on her temple. 


On the way back, Zhong Zheng Lin has successively received two reports.

Both of them were related to Mu Xi Yao.

Just as he was angry at her for disregarding others’ advice, he heard Wei Zhen ask for an audience through the curtain. 

“Master, cefei’s correspondence.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin pushed aside the curtain and came out.

He still had a loose brocade robe draped over him.

He took the letter and returned to the carriage.

As he looked at lady Su who was holding a medicine bottle, he told her to retreat. 

“Your Highness, let qie finish applying the medicine.

It’ll take only a moment.” Su Lin Rou said meekly while gripping tightly the bottle in her hand. 

“Go out.” 

Expression turning stiff, Su Lin Rou curtsied and retreated. 

What’s a big deal about that letter for it to be sent hurriedly their way The two from yesterday already quite displeased his Highness.

Today, they’ve come again to add another one.

Was this one to beg for forgiveness 

Su Lin Rou didn’t know the details, but she did guess correctly the root of cause.

Mu Xi Yao truly was pleading for forgiveness.

However, it wasn’t for her privately leaving the residence but for clashing with He Lian principal consort.

That day, He Lian Min Min had received news of her slapping a shufei from another residence.

Exasperated, she rushed to Danruo Courtyard to reprimand her.

It was about nothing else than to criticize her for shaming the prince’s residence and inflicting damage on his Highness’s reputation. 

Mu Xi Yao was on her legs the whole day.

She had no spare effort to deal with her rants and a bunch of lectures.

She directly flung her handkerchief and left, leaving He Lian Min Min on the spot, so angry with her she shouted that she will put her under confinement. 

Mu cefei knew her position was disadvantageous and her actions were not justified.

As a result, she ordered people to close the gate, claiming that she was going to reflect on her shortcomings. 

When the news came out, Tian Fu Shan let out a big sigh of relief.

Mistress Yao finally showed pity on them.

At least, this time her game didn’t take too far.

Confined in the courtyard It wasn’t an issue at all.

Food and goods will be sent in as usual.

In addition, they would finally have a peaceful time.

Tian Fu Shan secretly hoped mistress Yao would be confined for few more days.

It’ll be the best for the sake of everyone. 

As a result, although Mu Xi Yao was pleading for forgiveness, her letter was, in fact, a complaint. 

The sixth Highness read the little woman’s letter.

Only two lines contained self-reflection over her shortcomings.

The rest, consisting of two pages, was all her charming coquetry and sentiments, complaints, wrongs has she suffered and a request for backing.

For a moment, a smile could not stop itself appearing on the corners of his mouth.


Only she would make a mistake and then request a protection in such a pompous manner.

And, what was with that the one in her belly followed her example and also made a commotion, cooperated with an outsider in taking advantage of those who are soft and fear those who are hard4 As Zhong Zheng Lin read the letter, he couldn’t refrain from his muffled laughter.  

If Mu Xi Yao was “soft” then one won’t find in Great Wei a lot of people who would be “harder” than her.

When the sixth Highness called to mind the word “soft”, his thoughts slowly went astray.

Actually, the little woman had many places that were soft……

The more he thoughts, the more outrageous were his thoughts.

Zhong Zheng Lin held in check the restlessness that rose in his heart.

He decided to properly settle accounts with Mu Xi Yao once he returns and see what kind of interpretation had this “soft and hard” matter.

Of course, talking back was a small matter.

The matter of going out of the palace was the focus of the reckoning. 


The sixth Highness returned to the prince’s residence two days earlier than scheduled time.

Already at the outside of the gate, he was greeted with an unusual enthusiasm by Tian Fu Shan.

Since his Highness has returned, he didn’t have to serve that one while being on tenterhooks.

“What’s the matter” Zhong Zheng Lin stood outside the Danruo Courtyard.

Wei Zhen knocked on the door no response came from the inside. 

How about your Highness you….” Wei Zhen shot a glance at the wall. 

Zhong Zheng Lin swept a glance at him with his phoenix eyes.

He neatly jumped over the wall. 

Seeing no one around, Wei Zhen quickly left.

He was too good-for-nothing as a court attendant.

He even had to keep a lookout for his Highness and cover for him.

This was his HIghness’s own residence! 

“Where is cefei” When Zhong Zheng Lin saw Zhao momo and the party all waiting outside the door, his brows knitted into a frown. 

Mo Lan’s face flushed from holding back the words.

She didn’t spit out any words even after a long while. 

Zhong Zheng Lin cast the person aside when he saw her odd expression and strode in.

When he entered the chamber, he saw muslin silk dresses being scattered across the whole room.

Their texture was flimsy, and outline alluring to the eyes.

Among the clothes were also the woman’s undergarments.

His breathing caught in his throat at the sight of them. 

As soon as he quietly bypassed the screen, he saw a woman standing there sideways with long hair scattered down the shoulders, attired in a peony print muslin silk dress, which seemed-to-yet-no-so to cover her impressive curves. 

“Your Highness!” Mu Xi Yao glimpsed the coming person from the corner of her eyes.

She turned around in a pleasant surprise.

Her turning motion enticed Zhong Zheng Lin so much that his blood rushed straight to his brain, his breathing became chaotic.  

The woman had a proudly blooming gold-trimmed peony flower on the left chest, which flawlessly wrapped up the whole shape of the chest.

Her right side was almost naked.

It had merely a vine that barely covered her peak.

The two sides invoked a strong visual impact on the eyes of the beholder and held firmly his gaze, making him reluctant to move his sight even for a moment. 

With great difficulty, he looked downwards.

Zhong Zheng Lin felt that it was a mistake when he rushed in.

He should have at least calmed down and made a preparation, so as not to lose his face in front of her. 

Upon a glance at the muslin silk dress, one promptly noticed that she wore nothing inside! The woman’s satiny fair and jade-like legs, all of a sudden, entered into one’s sight. 

The scene before him was so captivating, Zhong Zheng Lin’s flesh underneath hardened.

His voice was hoarse and thick-laced.

“Come here.” 

Mu Xi Yao’s eyes turned.

She slowly approached him. 

Zhong Zheng Lin was impatient with her dawdling and put-off.

He strode forward, drew the person into his arms and eagerly grasped her plump softness. 

The man’s rough and heavy breathing rang in her ears.

Mu Xi Yao closed both of her eyes.

The corners of her mouth carried a smile. 

She will fill his stomach first.

It’s unlikely he will be willing to let her receive a punishment later.

His Highness was oftentimes unable to resist her seduction and carnal commitment.  

After the intimacies, Zhong Zheng Lin panted in exhaustion.

He rested his chin on the hollow of her neck and gently stroke the spot.

His big hand, however, lingered on the woman’s smooth and delicate snow-like skin, reluctant to leave the place. 

“Jiao Jiao, you’ve taken great pains to avoid the punishment.

Did you wish to take bendian’s life, huh” 

Mu Xi Yao’s cheeks flushed.

Inside those glossy eyes of hers, ripples reverberated.

Her voice was soft and sweet, “The pleasant surprise qie has prepared, was it to your Highness’s liking” 

“It went straight to bendian’s heart.” Zhong Zheng Lin sighed deeply.

He turned her little head and exercised a round of licking and sucking on her pink lips, “Having not seen Jiao Jiao for few days, bendian missed you quite a lot.” 

A vibrant light shined in Mu Xi Yao’s beautiful eyes.

Her face was beaming with smiles.

She covered his cheeks with her little hands and softly touched his chin with lips, praising him with delight, “Very well.” 

As a result, due to the demoness’s deliberate arrangement, his sixth Highness again indulged himself in womanly charms and put off the work.

Everything else was ignored by him. 

Everyone in the residence know that as soon as the sixth Highness returned he went straight to Danruo Courtyard and then did not come out afterward.

Apparently, after a short separation, the two’s mutual affections grew to be even deeper. 

Su cefei who has been previously envied by everyone was immediately cast at the back of their mind.

The only thing they were concerned about was how long can that eccentric “self-reflection” last.  

Since learning that Zhong Zheng Lin has returned to the residence, He Lian Min Min was waiting for him in the main house.

She had prepared all the bathing stencil.

The clothes for changing were all newly tailored.

Every thread and stitch on the moon-white brocade was sewn with her own hands. 

She’s waited for him for half a day only to receive news that he had already settled elsewhere.

He Lian Min Min clutched tightly the quilt on the bed, saying nothing. 

Your Highness, today is the first day of the first month5. 

Translation notes: 

[1] Note, in ancient China, only principal wives were allowed to wear red color 

[2] Lay down the flag and still the drums is a Chinese idiom that means to give in, to stop one’s actions 

[3] Buckle a big hat is a Chinese idiom that means to put a label on someone 

[4] Taking advantage of those who are soft and fear those who are hard is a Chinese idiom meaning to bully the weak and fear the strong

[5] Husbands in ancient times were supposed to settle in their wives’ chamber during the first day and fifteenth day of the month


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