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“Misstress, his Highness has left in advance.

Before departing, he instructed us to join him in the roadside inn ahead.” 

Unable to hide her disappointment, Su Lin Rou lied down again.

Her mind was filled with the man’s lofty back and the heroic appearance of him wielding the sword. 

In the past, she often heard people talk about love at first sight.

Su Lin Rou didn’t believe such talks.

Today, after seeing his sixth Highness’s different side, she felt her heart skip a beat.

Not because of his Highness’s handsome appearance, but for that reassuring and worth to entrust’s warmth he brought her. 

Following the change of her mindset, the previous unwillingness she felt toward lady Mu slowly turned to loath.

There was also He Lian Min Min that woman who occupied the position of the principal wife yet was completely incompetent.

Whenever Su Lin Rou recalled they’ve missed the opportunity to punish Mu Xi Yao, she wished she could pry open He Lian Min Min’s brain to see how stupid must be that woman to leave such a scourge in the residence. 

She wanted to get close to that man who gave her reassurance again.

She wanted it so much.

Especially after the calamity.

She wished to be held by him.

Even some words of appeasement from him would be good. 

Under Su Li Rou’s anxious anticipation, the carriage finally arrived at the roadside inn before dusk. 

“Your Highness!” 

Zhong Zheng Lin showed displeasure when he looked at the woman who’s suddenly barged into the room.

Only after he pulled the garment over his shoulder did he raise his head to glance at the person who just stood and stared at him blankly. 

“What’s the matter” 

Su Lin Rou’s lips trembled.

Her eyes teared up.

Her voice carried distress.

“Your Highness, are you injured Did you see a physician” 

As she spoke, she stepped forward and raised her hand, about to examine Zhong Zheng Lin’s wounds. 

“Just a small injury.

It’s nothing.

You’ve suffered a scare today.

Take a rest sooner.

Tomorrow, at the hour of Mao1, we’ll set out on the journey.” 

Su Li Rou hesitated for a moment.

She didn’t leave.

She looked at him a bit stubbornly and pleaded him lowly.

“Your Highness, please allow qie to apply medicine to your wounds.

If we delayed the healing time of the wound, once qie returns qie won’t be able to justify before the principal consort.

What’s more, qie won’t be able to sleep well.” 

When Zhong Zheng Lin saw her clearly fear his imposing air, yet forcing herself to brace up and not take a step backward, he suddenly felt this scene was a little familiar.  

It was Mu Xi Yao.

That woman was also this brave.

She stubbornly defied his demands.

Compared to Su Lin Rou, she was even bolder and more impudent.

She cowered to no one, her expression carried obstinacy and unruliness.

Yet, he was still infatuated with her. 

Jiao Jiao.

Zhong Zheng Lin sighed inwardly.

He’s been away only for one day, yet he already began to miss her. 

“No need.

You may retreat.” After he said the words, he went to the inner room and paid her no more heed. 

Su Lin Rou stood there, stupefied.

She pressed her lips tightly. 

Her eyes didn’t lie to her.

The tenderness and indulgence that flashed through his Highness’s eyes just now were so genuine they made her heart broke.

They were something she extremely longed to obtain at the moment, yet were firmly occupied by another person.

Suppressing the agony that surged inside her heart, Su Lin Rou softly asked for leave. 

He Lian Min Min was not her enemy.

Only Mu Xi Yao, that woman who was enjoying all of his Highness’s pamper in Danruo Courtyard, was the target that had to be eradicated in the first place.

Perhaps, her way of thinking was wrong from the beginning.

Only once things were classified by priority and importance, she would be able to consolidate at every step. 

Just as Zhong Zheng Lin was reminiscing about how soft and lovable was Mu Xi Yao’s body while he held her, his train of thoughts was interrupted by knocking on the door.

His face immediately turned cold.

He was clearly impatient, “Who”  

“Your Highness, this subject has a matter to see you for.” As soon as Wei Zhen heard his Highness’s tone, knew he came in the wrong time. 

“Come in.” 

Wei Zhen stiffly took a step and sincerely passed a letter to Zhong Zheng Lin. 

“Your Highness, before leaving the residence, mistress Yao has specially instructed this subject to personally hand you the letter in the evening.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin was slightly surprised.

Mu Xi Yao has actually circumvented him and had Wei Zhen to convey him a message He took the letter and waved his hand, ordering Wei Zhen to retreat. 

The moment he opened the letter, a familiar scent assailed his nostrils.

This was “Ting Zhi” Mu Xi Yao loved the most during their early interactions.

Later, because he loved dearly this scent on her body during their private moments, he prohibited her to recklessly apply it on herself again.

He didn’t expect she would actually use it on the letter. 

He cleared his mind of distractions and began to carefully read the letter.

Delicate and feminine handwriting appeared vividly on paper.

It was both soft and quick-witted. 

“Far is my longing, deep is my missing.

No end to my missing till we are reunited.

Now, in the moonlight, a solitary one stands.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s breathing halted.

His heart pounded like drums.

Looking at the woman’s tender-hearted personal letter, could this be considered as her reply He read silently the text over and over again.

His fingers that were pinching the paper added a tiny bit more strength. 

He couldn’t sleep anymore.

Zhong Zheng Lin got up to push the windows open.

What unfolded before his eyes was a round moon that glowed in the dark and the bright light it cast at its surroundings. 

Zhong Zheng Lin couldn’t discern the complex and unspeakable feelings he felt at this moment.

He only found himself to be both happy and worried.

He wished to hold fiercely that person who disturbed his mind, yet he was helpless by the fact they were far apart.

What remained were only endless longing and cherishing. 

Mu Xi Yao’s one “love letter” agitated Zhong Zheng Lin so much he wasn’t able to sleep for a whole night.

He hated the fact he couldn’t fetch the horse and return to the residence to take the person to his arms and engage in intimacies with her. 

And yet that culprit was in Danruo Courtyard, enjoying carefree days. 


Mu Xi Yao remembered about that letter before going to bed.

She let out a stifled laugh. 

Who told Zhong Zheng Lin to not take her along Did he want to travel in beauty’s company Then she must spoil his fun. 

Zhong Zheng Lin should not have met with “Swan goose sending love letter2” tactic yet.

It just so happens that he can broaden his mind with this experience.

Prohibiting her to go on an outing Alright.

Then, his sixth Highness might as well stop thinking of having a free and leisure time.

If she does not charm his soul back, Mu Xi Yao will feel like she let down the grievances that stemmed from his stern control of her during her pregnancy. 

No matter what, it would have not occurred to Su Lin Rou that her plan to use the chance of “having shared delights and common hardships, been stuck together in life and death” to get close to the sixth Highness will be completely ruined by Mu Xi Yao’s simple flirtation. 

The sixth Highness she kept thinking about with her heart and soul was right now next door, looking at the letter and missing its owner.

How could he recall even a little bit about her 

Demoness Mu’s power has gradually increased.

She became increasingly bewitching and capable of bringing never-ending troubles. 

On the second day, everyone noticed that the sixth Highness’s mind wandered off several times, which was very uncommon of him.

It was quite a rare sight.

The sixth Highness was used to always being steady and stable.

When has he been ever absent-minded 

Only Wei Zhen carried a taut face.

Even if he was beaten to death he wouldn’t dare to drag out the skeleton out of his Highness’s closet.

Could it be he had to explain to his peers that his Highness was spellbound by the mistress Yao in the residence, and harbored the amorous thoughts of spring 

Under Zhong Zheng Lin’s direction, the group of people finally arrived at Jing city at noon.

As soon as they reached the city gate, they were welcomed in by Su Bo Wen who has been waiting for them for a long time. 

After Su Lin Rou tidied herself up, she was sent to bureaucrat residence3 in Jing city by Zhong Zheng Lin.

Later, she will be invited to participate in the poetry gathering hosted by Pan Yang princess4 as his sixth Highness’s cefei, di daughter of Hanlin Academy’s academician.

This was the purpose of her trip and also the honor Zhong Zheng Lin bestowed to House of Su. 

If it wasn’t for Mu Xi Yao’s pregnancy, Zhong Zheng Lin would have also brought her along.

Compared to Su Lin Rou, Mu Xi Yao was clearly a notch above her.

Although this woman has an average education, she was remarkably accomplished in books and literature, showing great talents.

This understanding often made Zhong Zheng Lin gasp in admiration.

At the same time, he was angry at her careless and slacking attitude. 

Su Lin Rou’s appearance at princess Pan Yang’s poetry gathering was, undoubtedly, conveying to noble families a message that the sixth Highness had far more than one cefei, beside the widely rumored lady Mu.

Daughter of Su House was, too, held in high esteem by his Highness.

On the other side, the sixth Highness attended the Jing city’s poetry gathering in person, assuming the post of the examiner.  He’s enjoyed an entertaining talk with all the present scholars and literati.

Under the recommendation of Su Bo Wen, he engaged in conversation with dozens of accomplished intellectuals during which he’s fully exhibited his literary talents.

As a consequence, he gained respect and admiration from even more young scholars.

This was also Zhong Zheng Lin’s first time displaying flamboyantly his profound accomplishment in verses after entering the Ministry of war, in the poetry prevalent Great Wei. 

In Jing city, the sixth Highness was in fine feather.

Mu Xi Yao, however, listened to Hui Lan’s report with a grim face. 


“Calm down, mistress.

The most important thing for you right now is to take care of your body.

Little master won’t be able to withstand your anger.” Scared witless, Zhao momo stretched her hand to support Mu Xi Yao, afraid that something might befall upon her.

It would be a head-dropping disaster.  

Mu Xi Yao’s face was as cold as frost.

The sight of her scared people. 

“What did the imperial physician say” 

“The imperial physician said the child could not be saved.

This servant is afraid that the third miss will have to stay in bed and recuperate for some days.

This time, her body suffered too much damage.

It’ll be hard for the third miss to avoid a bit of ailment.” 

Mu Xi Yao slowly closed her eyes and contemplated for a moment. 

Could she still not avoid this to happen She’s already thought of ways to plant people into Mo Wan Qing’s courtyard.

Even despite that she still could not keep the mother and child safe.

They’ve only said Mu Xi Tong ran into the young master of the prince’s residence.

Did they take her for a three years old child, coaxing her and be done with his matter  

It wasn’t Mo Wan Qing.

She hasn’t even had time to plead her innocence much less to throw mud at herself.

Was it the woman whom she had met in the Imperial Garden on that day or the newly entered lady Li 

“Hui Lan, tell Tian Fu Shan to prepare the carriage.

You and Zhao momo accompany me out of the palace.” 

“Mistress, his Highness has instructed you over and over again before departure to stay in the residence.” Seeing her want to go out of the estate to make a visit despite her heavy pregnancy, Mo Lan anxiously stopped her with her words, “How about this servant taking the trip in your stead” 

Mu Xi Yao shook her head to reject her proposal.

Mo Lan as a servant girl still had some voice in Danruo Courtyard.

If she went to Zhong Zheng Ming’s residence, who would pay heed to her 

They couldn’t hold back Mu cefei who was determined to leave the palace.

As a result, they could only report the chief steward to prepare a carriage.  

Tian Fu Shan run so fast his head sweated profusely.

He anxiously hurried to Danruo Courtyard to stop the person. 

“Mistress, don’t make things hard for this servant.

Before leaving, his Highness has specially instructed to this servant that if this servant let you go out today, once he returns he will punish this servant.

Would you like to wait for another few days Once his Highness returns, he will accompany you with the visit” 

Tian Fu Shan was so agitated he was like an ant on a hot pan.

Why did this mistress Yao always pick a time when his Highness was absent to rise in revolt They wanted his old bones, didn’t they! 

Mu Xi Yao looked at him leisurely.

Her tone was easy. 

“Are you going to prepare the carriage or wait for the imperial physician’s arrival Whenever something weights your mistress’s heart, she is prone to fall ill.

Headache and mild fever are still small matter.

It’s not like premature birth or postpartum hemorrhage are not possible.” 

Tian Fu Shan was so scared that he broke into a cold sweat.

How would he dare to stay Like a gust of wind, he rushed to run his errand. 

Zhao momo and others wished they could silence her uninhibited mouth! This bad habit of the mistress was too worrisome.

Not only did she not take herself seriously, but she also babbled nonsenses and dragged down along with her the young master! If his Highness was to learn of this, no one will be able to escape the punishment. 

When Tian Fu Shan saw Mu cefei dash out of the palace while taking along with her the imperial bodyguards, he quickly sent a letter to Jing city by horse. 

As he called to mind going to Chanruo Courtyard to call in reinforcement, intending for He Lian principal consort to step in and dissuade Mu cefei, but being passed the buck back by her, Tian Fu Shan could only shake his head and sigh.

With such conduct, how would it be possible for his Highness to put her into his heart 

After a repeated deliberation, He Lian Min Min still chose to stand by.

If she interfered in this matter, it would be like treading on the muddy water5.

She needn’t think about stopping her.

In case she was unable to stop the person, she would be obliged to act virtuously and accompany her.

However, she was very unfamiliar with the fifth prince’s inner yard.

Why should she inadvertently offend people in order to provide Mu Xi Yao a backing Moreover, it was merely a shufei in the fifth prince’s residence.

She’s only had a miscarriage.

What a big deal was it for it to deserve to inconvenience her, the principal consort, to make a visit 

“Mistress, if you don’t go and something happens to cefei, how would you explain it to his Highness” Feng momo looked at her worriedly.

Mistress simply couldn’t understand that if she treated cefei better now, Chanruo Courtyard would be naturally more pleasing to his Highness’s eyes.

Why should she incur his Highness’s displeasure for some trivialities Besides, this lady Mu gloated on her favor now.

If mistress gave her little bits of benefits and pleased his Highness…it was the most important thing. 

He Lian Min Min’s heart became displeased when she heard Feng momo’s words.

Mu’shi was looking for trouble on her own.

How can it be blamed on her What’s more, even if she went over, she won’t be able to stop the person.

Wouldn’t it be busying herself for nothing He Lian House was a century-old noble family.

Yet, there was no principal wife who had to rely on currying favor with a concubine to obtain favor.

She simply didn’t believe his sixth Highness would be an unreasonable person and spoil the concubine while neglecting the wife.

Translation notes: 

[1] Hour of Mao is 5-7 am 

[2]Swan goose sending love letter is derived from another Chinese idiom, meaning to exchange correspondences (in this case love letters)

[3] Bureaucrat residence is a temporary residence provided for officials who travels 

[4] Pang Yang’s princess title is actually not that accurate translation as in Chinese her title “郡主” is usually bestowed to the emperor’s extended family who shares the same surname, thus her actual title should be princes of the second rank or princess of a commandery

[5] Thread on the muddy water is a Chinese phrase that means to get involved in the trouble


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