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“Are you tired” Half hugging half carrying, Zhong Zheng Lin took Mu Xi Yao back to Danruo Courtyard. 

“Qie’s alright.

This baby is much more well-behaved than when qie expected Cheng Qing.” Mu Xi Yao leaned against Zhong Zheng Lin’s bosom and let him stroke gently her belly. 

“After establishing the residence, bendian will depart to the province of Shu.

When the time arrives, bendian most likely won’t be able to make it in time for your childbirth.” Zhong Zheng Lin’s brows were knitted deeply, particularly worried.

Last time when Mu Xi Yao went to labor, he was there to oversee everything.

Nothing was to be concerned about.

This time, the inner yard was more complex due to new members.

In addition, there was the pawn of House of Duke An Guo lurking in the shadow.

He Lian Min Min couldn’t possibly look after Mu Xi Yao wholeheartedly.

As a result, the little woman would be in a vulnerable position.

Furthermore, she was going to give birth to a child.

Mu Xi Yao was in a very dangerous situation. 

“How about sending you to Mu residence when bendian leaves At the time, sir Mu should have already arrived at Shengjin and taken the post.” 


If House of Duke of Anguo was going to make a move, as soon as qie leaves the prince’s residence, nothing would hold them back.

How about discussing this matter with mother-consort Qie will go to her place half a month before the childbirth and inconvenience her for a few days.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin frowned.

Consort Shu’s palace appeared to be safe.

In fact, each palace had their moles planted there.

If noble consort used the opportunity to put her hands on Mu Xi Yao, they would be defenseless. 

“This arrangement is inappropriate.

There are noble consort’s spies in mother-consort’s palace.” 

Mu Xi Yao gritted her teeth.

Did Zhong Zheng Lin not pluck the moles Could it be he wanted to turn the tables on them 

If noble consort wanted to secretly make a move, she needed to, at least, be able to not get herself implicated! Mu Xi Yao’s lips curled up into a crafty smile.

She was very happy to pull someone into the water1.

In the evening, Zhong Zheng Lin went to Chanruo Courtyard to accompany He Lian Min Min and have a meal with her.

The two behaved according to propriety, no word was exchanged between them.

He Lian Min Min inwardly took note that Zhong Zheng Lin consumed only a bit of bamboo shoots.

He didn’t touch the special heat-relieving soup she has prepared.

She became anxious inside. 

“Your Highness, does the soup not suit your taste” If his Highness doesn’t get accustomed to food in Chanruo Courtyard, things would be anything but reassuring for her. 

“In the afternoon, bendian used a bit more of the soup.

These are enough for the moment.” Zhong Zheng Lin was a man, after all.

He didn’t understand a woman’s mind.

The only person he cared about, Mu Xi Yao, was someone who spoke whatever was on her mind.

If she didn’t want to talk, she would give him an attitude.

He need not to deliberately figure her out.

However, He Lian Min Min who was sitting opposite him wasn’t as easy-going as Mu Xi Yao.

She could only bury inside the heart all of her unpleasant feelings. 

In Danruo Courtyard, he ate comfortably and drank more of the soup.

In her place, however, he took only a few bites and already lost appetite.

He Lian Min Min thought she could control her emotions and remain cool-headed.

Only when did things happen did she realize that she had overestimated herself.

He was clearly in the Chanruo Courtyard.

Yet, everywhere was that woman’s shadow! Holding back the grievances she was feeling inside the heart, He Lian Min Min got up and attended to Zhong Zheng Lin with freshening up.

After the two properly tidied themselves, He Lian Min Min served tea and sat beside Zhong Zheng Lin.

She seemed to wish to speak something but hesitated. 

“Is something troubling you” 

He Lian Min Min’s expression carried a bit of uneasiness.

Feigning calmness, she inquired, “Your Highness, should the gracing system be arranged in the inner yard” This was something all the principal wives had to ask.

No matter how unwilling they were, they had to swallow the unwillingness and ask for their husband’s instructions. 

Zhong Zheng Lin closed his phoenix eyes for a moment.

When he saw her restless appearance, he told her insipidly, “On the first and the fifteenth day, bendian will stay at your chamber.

The remaining days, you needn’t care about.” Mu Xi Yao that woman wished eagerly for him to fail his promise and give up.

Like he will let that happen! 

He Lian Min Min was originally only abiding her duty as a legal wife, overseeing the inner court.

To her surprise, she had unexpectedly received Zhong Zheng Lin’s promise.

For a moment, she was beside herself with joy. 

The fact that Zhong Zheng Lin was willing to follow the ancestor’s custom was already an extremely extraordinary thing.

It was rumored that among imperial princes, only the fourth prince still looked after the princess consort’s prestige.

Every month, he would visit her on schedule.

The rest princes would either grace their favorite concubines or rest in their beautiful entertainers’ place.

In what way did they respect their principal consorts To say a word of impudence, even the current Emperor doesn’t rest at palace quarters of step empress2 during the first or fifteenth month.

In any case, there was still the word “step” to cover this misconduct.

The imperial censors had no good reason to admonish Emperor. 

“Qie thanks for your Highness’s mindfulness.” He Lian Min Min felt extremely content.

Under the influence of her feelings, she slowly leaned her body against Zhong Zheng Lin’s arms. 

Seeing the rims of her eyes redden, Zhong Zheng Lin understood that she felt grateful for his respect.

He sighed inwardly.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t the one his mind was filled with.

In the end, he could only attend to one side.

He gently held her shoulder and moved the person away. 

“There’s no need for politeness between husband and wife.” The most difficult thing to enjoy was beauty’s gratitude. 

Zhong Zheng Lin got up and glanced at the water clock.

He turned to instruct her, “It’s still early.

Bendian will go to the study and will return later.” 

He Lian Min Min was pushed away by him.

She felt like cool water has chilled the warmth inside her.

She could only helplessly watch the man’s tall and straight back disappear from outside the door.

The woman hung down head and secretly gnashed her teeth.

She mustn’t be discouraged.

If one had no favor and became a princess consort in name only, only hardship will befall her! Although this road was difficult, it was still early.

As long as she removed that hindrance that was blocking her path, she doesn’t believe she won’t be able to enter Zhong Zheng Lin’s heart.

All of the problems at the moment was merely due to “pearls and jades in the past3”!

When Zhong Zheng Lin came out from the main house, he didn’t go to the study as he said.

Instead, he made a detour halfway and within several breaths’ time, he reached outside of the Danruo Courtyard. 

Mu Xi Yao watched the man stride in.

She smiled and rose up to greet him.

As soon as she closed to him, she smelt a faint scent of artemisia fragrance.

She immediately began to sneeze endlessly. 

At first, Zhong Zheng Lin didn’t know the cause.

Seeing her unwell, he quickly went to help her sit down.

To his surprise, Mu Xi Yao not only didn’t get well, but she also pushed him away with eyes gleaming with tears, drawing away from him with all her might.

In the end, her whole body flushed.

She desperately called for Zhao momo and Mo Lan. 

“Master!” Mo Lan was startled.

She supported her up and headed toward the bath. 

“Your Highness, dicots plants upset cefei.

Last time in consort Shu’s palace, mistress has unconsciously smelt only a little bit of scent and her whole body immediately turned red.

At that time, your Highness was still in the military barracks.

Thus, this incident had not been reported.” Zhao momo quickly explained as she saw Zhong Zheng Lin’s blackened face. 

Zhong Zheng Lin was already displeased for being pushed away by Mu Xi Yao.

Once he heard a fragrance being mentioned, how can he not understand He tore away the outer garment and went to the side chamber to take a bath. 

When he came out again, Mu Xi Yao was much better.

Her body has recovered.

It was just her exquisite nose was being rubbed into a pitifully red color. 

Looking at Zhong Zheng Lin’s brows that were locked tightly together, Mu Xi Yao pouted and pulled at his hand.

Then, she threw herself into the man’s embrace, “It’s alright, a small ailment from childhood.

Qie almost forgot about it.” 

Heck, as if she could forget about it! This wasn’t her problem nor this body had a sickness.

Rather, her predecessor was allergic.

This inexplicable ailment almost made Mu Xi Yao, who never had a similar experience before, swear.

How can the effectiveness of the spiritual pill be so superficial Will it die if it conveniently made up for deficiencies in other aspects 

Although due to the protection of the spiritual pill her inflammation won’t flare up, the little problems as sneezing and flushed skin were still uncomfortable. 

Zhong Zheng Lin stroked gently her head.

He became angry with He Lian Min Min’s act of intimacy.

In the past, he heard her mention disliking poor quality perfume all the time.

As it turns out, it truly wasn’t an excuse.

Inside the heart, he was dissatisfied that Mu Xi Yao hid this matter.

He caught her and planted a kiss on her forehead. 

“Today was exhausting.

Settle early.” He carried her back to the inner room and then went out to deal with the aftermath. 

“Burn the outer robe.

Send a message to Tian Fu Shan that all perfumes from dicots plants are to be classified as a prohibited item.” 

“Your Highness, are you not going back” Mu Xi Yao asked with a muffled voice while being embraced by Zhong Zheng Lin. 

“Still feeling uncomfortable” When he heard her speak, her voice was still heavy laced with nasal sound.

Zhong Zheng Lin got up and was going to call for the imperial physician. 

Mu Xi Yao quickly stopped him.

Her little hand rested on his big hand.

She needed only to ensure her wellbeing a little. 

Asking for an imperial physician for stuffed nose and sneezing She couldn’t subject herself to such embarrassment. 

Seeing her in good spirit, Zhong Zheng Lin could finally be at ease.

He unfastened his gown and pressed her against his chest, holding her there tightly.  

“Bendian’s Jiao Jiao suffered without any justified reason.

It’s only natural for you to entangle ceaselessly with bendian.

Bendian is worried and cherishes Jiao Jiao.

As a result, bendian cannot bear to leave.” Zhong Zheng Lin’s words were measured.

His excuse for not returning to Chanruo Courtyard was all placed on Mu Xi Yao. 

Mu Xi Yao bowed down to the upgrade of Zhong Zheng Lin’s skill of lying through his teeth.

This man knew how to exploit her well.

Even an ordinary allergy became an excuse for his unwillingness to step into the inner yard.

She didn’t have to think to know that He Lian Min Min’s face won’t look good tomorrow. 

“Your Highness, since qie has suffered today, tomorrow qie doesn’t have to pay principal consort respect and spoil her mood, right” What annoyed her the most about He Lian Min Min entering the estate was that she had to go over and pay her respect early in the morning.

What the hell was with this custom! One slept early in the morning and did not hold a meeting instead!

Zhong Zheng Lin buried his head at the side of her neck.

He chuckled.

The biggest resentment the little woman harbored toward He Lian Min Min was that she couldn’t get enough of sleep. 

“Bendian will grant Jiao Jiao’s request.”

Inside the chamber, the two fell asleep while being in each other’s embrace.

He Lian Min Min in Chanruo Courtyard was so infuriated her head throbbed. 

“Reporting to princess consort, his Highness send this servant over to deliver a message.

His Highness will rest at Mu cefei’s quarters tonight.

May princess consort settle soon.” 

“In addition, artemisia plant is now classified as a forbidden item.

People are prohibited to grow or use the perfume made by this plant.” 

Whenever she recalled the message Tian Fu Shan came to specially deliver, He Lian Min Min’s heart would clench with a suffocating pain.

She went too far! That lady Mu clearly wished to use this opportunity to start a provocation and disgrace her! 

She’s just married over.

Yet, that lady Mu already dared to take the person from her house.

Did she forgot about the distinction between senior and junior His Highness has promised he will return in a moment.

However, that lady Mu had played tricks and deceived him over! 

He Lian Min Min looked at festive decoration that hasn’t been removed yet from the room.

She only felt they offended her eyes.

Tomorrow was the third day of the wedding, a bride’s bride’s return to her parental home.

Yet, his Highness didn’t mention it so far.

He has already settled.

Could it be that she had to learn to be like those lowly wenches and barge her way in to intercept the person 

When she arrived, she was still full of ambition and even told her family to be at ease.

She was here for less than two days and has already  suffered several consecutive blows.

How was she going to explain it to her family tomorrow Don’t tell her that she had to tell her mother, your daughter is useless.

Already on the second day of the wedding, she couldn’t keep his Highness at her quarters. 

Translator’s notes: 

I’m currently revisioning earlier chapters of TBIC.

There are some translated words I’m not satisfied with (related to their accuracy), so I’m gradually changing them.

As a result, those who re-read those chapters may find differences in the text.

Hope it won’t spoil your reading experience!

Translation notes: 

[1] Pull someone into the water is a Chinese idiom meaning to involve sb in a messy business/ to get sb into trouble

[2] Step Empress is referred to the imperial noble consort in time when there’s no empress in the palace and she, in fact, administers the inner palace

[3] Pearls and jades in the past is a Chinese idiom meaning there was already a very outstanding person/work in the past for comparison  


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