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“You should know bendian’s intention.

Don’t think of deceiving bendian or glossing over the matter.” Zhong Zheng Lin was too familiar with her usual tactics.

Hence, he directly cut off her escape routes.

“Your Highness.” Mu Xi Yao’s brows knitted into a frown as she watched Zhong Zheng Lin’s overbearing act.

Did this man plan to get into the heart of the matter Since it was necessary to make herself clear, Mu Xi Yao was unafraid of his mightiness.

“Since your Highness is going to be happily married with principal consort, qie naturally will watch over qies’s favor and keep to qie’s role.

In the future, the principal consort will govern the estate.

Qie ought to respect her and be even more respectful to your Highness and other princes.”

The premise was He Lian Min Min would be sensible and tactful.

However, according to that woman’s character… Mu Xi Yao shook her head, having no optimistic expectancy from her.

Zhong Zheng Lin understood her meaning.

If he touched He Lian Min Min, they could still get on well, but there won’t be any further progress.

Zhong Zheng Lin was so angered by her his face turned livid.

He grabbed tightly her wrists and put her forward against his chest, holding her there tenaciously.

“What use has your respect to bendian” He has enjoyed the world revering him since he’s been born.

As a result, would he still need the tiniest bit of Mu Xi Yao’s particular respect

Mu Xi Yao looked at him aggrievedly and hesitantly said, “Then qie is a scaredy-cat, can it be” What was wrong with her unwilling to be the moth that flies into the flame1.

Didn’t he see that numerous women were annihilated by him She’s been only watching over her tiny piece of land and enjoying herself.

Who told him to look for misery

“Scaredy-cat Bendian thinks you’re audacious to the extreme!” When Zhong Zheng Lin connected events that happened in the past and now, suddenly, all the clouds have dispelled and he could see the sun.

Everything seemed to be clear.

This woman planned to settle for the second-best and putting up with it “since there was no better option”.

Sharing a husband with others wasn’t something she wished for.

However, without any other choices, she could only take a step backward and accommodate to circumstances.

No wonder that until now she always kept a distance from him.

The root of the problem was actually here.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s chest rose and fell in anger.

Apparently, he was in fury, “Grace is easier to ask for than a sincere heart”

Mu Xi Yao was surprised by Zhong Zheng Lin’s nimble thinking.

A hint was all that he needed.

“Qie can obediently rely on your Highness.

Isn’t that good enough” Mu Xi Yao sounded him out.

“Darn good.” Zhong Zheng Lin could finally understand.

This woman truly had no greed.

For the sake of an easy and comfortable life, she has cut off the unrealistic pipe dreams a long time ago.

What enraged Zhong Zheng Lin the most was that Mu Xi Yao gave it all up without any hesitation.

Damn her clear view.

And he was unable to accept this nor let himself feel aggrieved.

Coming all the way to this point, he already could not bear himself to let go.

As he watched Mu Xi Yao look at him pitifully, Zhong Zheng Lin could only stifle his anger.

He closed his eyes to contemplate for a long time.

Shortly afterward, Zhong Zheng Lin snorted with laughter.

Did she want to have tranquil days It, too, depended on whether he was willing or not.

To Mu Xi Yao, those insignificant women were actually worth her indifference toward his repeated demands He, Zhong Zheng Lin, even dared to scheme all under the Heaven.

What were one or two rules

Zhong Zheng Lin pinched Mu Xi Yao’s chin, the expression of his was sinister.

His words were unusually ruthless, “What you dare not to demand, bendian will deliberately give to you.” Seeing her dodge and avoid his gaze, Zhong Zheng Lin forcefully coerced, “Since the sincere heart has already been handed out; that being the case, if bendian cannot obtain reciprocation that belongs to bendian, say, Jiao Jiao, what will be consequences” The man’s big hand reached the side of her neck and lightly caressed it to match the threat he just spoke of.

Mu Xi Yao was so scared her heart trembled chaotically.

Zhong Zheng Lin this madman! It wasn’t yet time for him to make a show of authority, yet he already dared to disregard the ancestor’s etiquette.

If Yuancheng Emperor learnt she has “instigated” Zhong Zheng Lin to favor solely her, she will probably immediately be exterminated from this world.

Moreover, who told him that if he made an effort he will get an equal return This logic of a bandit indeed fitted well his “take by force” personality.

Hundreds of thoughts went through Mu Xi Yao’s mind.

She laughed softly.

Moving along the hand that pinched her chin, she slowly leaned over, pasting her lips onto the man’s, lightly touching it.

“Your Highness, if qie is still unable to make you satisfied even after trying, what then”

Zhong Zheng Lin held her head that intended to leave, continuing to kiss her deeply.

“Absolutely impossible.” The man was full of confidence, his voice powerful and resonating.

He wasn’t the slightest bit worried he won’t be able to conquer Mu Xi Yao this unexpected twist that has happened upon him.

“How about your Highness writing it down on black and white, a divorce letter as proof If your Highness fails to keep the promise, you’ll let qie go.” Mu Xi Yao’s mind was flexible.

She immediately asked for benefits.

When things were put this way, it seemed that Zhong Zheng Lin breaking the promise was more in line with her mind.

Zhong Zheng Lin took a mouthful bite of the fullness on Mu Xi Yao’s bosom, chiding her ferociously, “Don’t ever think of going out of the palace.

Allowing you anything else is, on the contrary, possible.” He will tie her to his side, slowly guide her.

Once she works through the issues that weighed her mind, he won’t need to worry she wouldn’t fall in love.

The sixth Highness had his own calculations.

The two had a verbal confrontation inside the room.

However, they’ve also brought suffering to the commander of the secret guards who has been waiting in the outer room for a long time, asking for an audience.

After Zhong Zheng Lin has enjoyed to the fullest the woman’s company, he spoke with a deep voice, “What is it”

“Reporting to your Highness, hour of Yin2 is approaching.

He Lian principal consort…..”

Zhong Zheng Lin held Mu Xi Yao and gently stroke her back, “Let the female guard handle this matter.”

Mu Xi Yao’s eyelids fluttered in apparent drowsiness.

She only heard “handle this matter”.

Soon after, sleepiness overtook her and she entered the world of dreams.


He Lian Min Min was dazed for a long time before she turned her head to look at Zhong Zheng Lin who slept peacefully beside her.


“Ah!” As she was going to turn over, the sharp pain coming from underneath caused her face to turn white.

How come it was so painful

“Awake” Zhong Zheng Lin rose up.

His tone eased as he looked at her, “Do you feel unwell”

When He Lian Min Min met Zhong Zheng Lin’s focused gaze, suddenly, she became embarrassed.

Her face flushed red.

Yesterday, she was too disappointing.

His Highness’s kiss has actually made her pass out! What followed after……when He Lian Min Min thought of the strange feeling coming from her lower parts, she was so embarrassed she wished to hide in the quilt and never see people.

Momos from the palace came in to take consummation handkerchief3 while congratulating to Zhong Zheng Lin and He Lian Min Min with faces beaming with smiles.

“This old servant expresses good wishes to your Highness and the principal consort on the harmonious union.

May the two of you give birth to a son soon.” After finishing, she respectfully retreated.

“Can you get up” After the wedding night, the little woman has shamelessly slept until the afternoon, lying in the bed for the whole day.

When Zhong Zheng Lin recalled Mu Xi Yao’s finicky baby appearance, a tenderness appeared in his eyes.

Just as He Lian Min Min was abashed by Zhong Zheng Lin’s too direct question, she found that the man’s gaze carried a gentleness.

His eyes that were fixed on hers were committed and full of indulgence.

He Lian Min Min had butterflies in her stomach.

Her little face was crimson red, “It’s alright.

Qie will get well soon.

May I trouble your Highness to wait a little” When her words fell, she took a servant girl’s hand and went to the bathroom to wash the face and rinse the mouth.

Once her clothes were taken off completely, not only the two servant girls had their faces flushed, even He Lian Min Min was greatly embarrassed.

This…….his Highness was a little too much! The purple patches on her body made He Lian Min Min’s knees go soft.

She quickly stepped into the bath to block the view of those shameful spots.

“Mistress, are you alright Do you want to call Feng momo to come and take a look” Bi Lan was worried inside.

How come his sixth Highness behaved so brashly The marks on her mistress’s body so immodest.

One could well imagine the circumstances yesterday.

“What nonsenses are you speaking about Hurry up, we still need to go to the palace to pay respect.” He Lian Min Min was elated inside the heart.

Who said his sixth Highness was cold-hearted Wasn’t the pain she experienced right now the evidence that his Highness was satisfied with her This step went on so smoothly.

What will follow afterward will certainly turn out successfully.

Since she was the principal wife and also had gained favor, what was there to fear of likes of lady Mu

Mu Xi Yao who occupied other’s mind was currently hugging the brocade quilt and dozing off.

Zhong Zheng Lin had carried a clandestine affair for an amusement.

Yet, he still didn’t forget about breakfast.

Early in the morning when the sky wasn’t yet bright, she was pulled out of bed to have a meal with him.

After he the lord cheerfully used his meal, took his arse and departed, she was left there light-headed and extremely sleepy.

What’s more, she couldn’t even lie down to make up for the lost sleep.

Instead, she could only lean against the chair to aid digestion and nap uncomfortably.

In a moment, at the hour of Si4, she still had to go to Chanruo Courtyard to perform greetings.

When Mu Xi Yao called to mind she was going out to meet people with such a terrible complexion, she longed to fall asleep and never again wake up.

Consort Shu told He Lian Min Min to rise with a smiling face when she saw her being helped up by others as her body swayed.

Her younger son became sensible since he got the principal consort.

The two naturally became an item, didn’t they And here she was, being concerned for a whole night.

To her surprise, her younger son was very cooperating.

As she watched Zhong Zheng Lin sitting there insipidly, his face carrying no particular expression of joy, consort Shun’s heart was as clear as day.

At the very least, Zhong Zheng Lin had respect toward He Lian Min Min.

He didn’t put her into his heart nor mind.

However, it wasn’t a matter to worry about.

Intimacy needs to be cultivated by mutual interaction.

After they give birth to di son, the two will naturally be of one heart.

Moreover, the principal wife, the mistress of the household, needed to pay particular attention to her dignified conduct, virtuous character, and generous spirit.

It was already rare to be respected by the husband.

“There’s no need for you to accompany bengong.

Return early and set up rules.

Since the estate got a proper mistress, the inner yard needs to have regulations.

The newly arrived girls in the estate also have to be properly disciplined.” What consort Shu implied was that she needn’t be polite with that disappointing niece of hers.

He Lian Min Min’s heart calmed down when she heard consort Shu’s words.

Having this one’s support, her actions will be even more justified when the time to establish her foothold comes.

Zhong Zheng Lin heard the meaning behind consort Shu’s words.

She actually hasn’t mentioned a word about Mu Xi Yao that least well-behaved one.

It seems that Cheng Qing has completely won her over.

Translation notes: 

[1] A moth that flies into the flame is a Chinese idiom that means a fatal attraction

[2] Hour of Yin is 3-5 AM

[3] Consumnation handkerchief is a handkerchief used to receive virgin blood, used in ancient times during the wedding night or when an imperial concubine serves for the first time

[4]Hour of Si means 9-11 AM


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