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Once the word “settle” fell into Zhong Zheng Lin’s ears, his mind that was distracted by Mu Xi Yao was finally pulled back.

After putting down the book, he waved his left hand.

The muslin veil subsequently swept down in a fluttering movement.

Inside, the soft candlelight of dragon and phoenix nuptial candles hazily sprinkled on the two of them.

He Lian Min Min’s heart pounded like a drum.

She placed both of her hands on Zhong Zheng Lin’s chest in a probing manner.

As soon as they made contact with the man’s hot skin, they were burnt and trembled slightly.

She resisted the urge to pull away in embarrassment.

As her palms supported against his chest, she slowly lifted her upper body.

Inch by inch, He Lian Min Min drew closer, slowly pressing her soft woman’s body against Zhong Zheng Lin’s chest.

Her eyelashes kept fluttering, too shy to meet his gaze.

The heart-clenching heat that radiated from under her hands made her compose herself a little.

Subsequently, she raised her head to move her clean little face closer to Zhong Zheng Lin.

Zhong Zheng Lin was pressed under He Lian Min Min’s body.

As soon as he felt a sweet wind assail his senses, his lips were captured by hers.

The woman’s little tongue tried to touch and lick his which made him slightly taken aback.

He Lian Min Min sounded Zhong Zheng Lin out for few times.

However, she didn’t receive any response from him.

Without any better option left, she could only make a firm decision.

Her little hand sneaked into the front piece of the man’s robe.

Recalling momo’s guidance, her hand made way toward his chest and abdomen.

Thoughts surged through Zhong Zheng Lin’s mind, making him hesitate.

Should he let nature take its course and take her now, be like the majority of people who have a wife and concubines.

Or, should he follow his heart and try to put off

Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes were deep and serene as he detected He Lian Min Min’s anxiety and initiative.

In front of him, his principal wife was attentively serving him.

Yet, what constantly passed through his eyes was Mu Xi Yao’s beautiful smile.

Zhong Zheng Lin has never thought that what will welcome him on the wedding day would actually be the overturn of his deep-rooted principles.

Zhong Zheng Lin was even skeptical whether, apart from him, there was any other man who would be, kind of, engulfed by an inexplicable guilty conscience and anxiety.

What’s more, all of these odd feelings came from that woman from Danruo Courtyard.

He Lian Min Min took advantage of his distraction to cover his half-soft hotness with her little hand, lightly stroking and playing with it.

Zhong Zheng Lin took into regard Mu Xi Yao’s pregnancy and has been abstaining for half a month.

At the moment, being provoked by her times and again, he finally had a reaction.

As Zhong Zheng Lin watched He Lian Min Min fawn on him in every possible way, he grabbed the back of her head, leaned over and plant a kiss on the side of her neck.

Being confronted with Zhong Zheng Lin’s abrupt passion, He Lian Min Min’s breathing instantly turned chaotic.

Her hand also almost lost the grab of the man’s flesh that grew to be increasingly swollen.

The arousal coming from the underneath made Zhong Zheng Lin’s abdomen stretch taut.

The images that flashed through his mind made unable to restrain his emotions and call out “Jiao Jiao”.

The man’s voice was hoarse, clearly laced with lust.

Yet, his finger pressed on the woman’s jade pillow point1 as fast as lightning, making the person instantly lose consciousness.

Zhong Zheng Lin pushed the unconscious He Lian Min Min aside and pulled together the lapels.

Since forcing oneself was for no use then he ought to have that woman who threw his heart into disarray compensate him properly.

Inside Danruo Courtyard, Mu Xi Yao slept sweetly while hugging Cheng Qing.

Amidst a good dream, she was scooped out by the sixth Highness who has broken into a maiden’s chamber in the late of night.

Before she could collect her wits, she was already carried to the bridal chamber.

Through the blurred vision, she looked at room decored by a bright red color.

Mu Xi Yao blinked her eyes, staring stupifiedly at the festively burning dragon and phoenix nuptial candlesticks on the table.

Before she had a chance to inquire, her little mouth has been swiftly devoured by the man behind her.

The heat burning inside Zhong Zheng Lin’s body finally found a place to vent out.

His palm covered Mu Xi Yao’s ample female body while sighing deeply.

“Jiao Jiao, first of all, let’s consummate wedding night.” After he finished, he didn’t wait for Mu Xi Yao’s reaction.

He directly stripped her off and brazenly placed her on the quilt depicting “Qilin2 sending a son”.

Consumnating wedding night Mu Xi Yao had an urge to wake him up with a kick.

Was his sixth Highness drunk and didn’t see clearly who she was, right

Watching the man towering above her, sizing her up wantonly, Mu Xi Yao became mad.

She flusteredly covered her upper and nether parts.

However, what she didn’t know was when Zhong Zheng Lin saw this alluring picture of a spring flower, his throat tightened.

It was truly an image of charming abashed beauty.

Both of the sixth Highness eyes burned with fire.

He gasped inwardly.

She was even more bewitching than what he has previously imagined.

On one hand, he watched Mu Xi Yao’s shy little face that was laced with anger.

On the other, he quickly took off the robe he wore.

“Jiao Jiao, bendian seems to have been put under your spell, being unable to leave you.” Zhong Zheng Lin covered her jade-like body that was dyed in blush.

At Mu Xi Yao’s ear, he truthfully admitted his strong desire to possess her.

Just now when he has been teased by He Lian Min Min, the one who went back and forth in his mind was Mu Xi Yao.

The sizzling heat that has rapidly taken him over was due to him thinking of those pair of Mu Xi Yao’s hands that made him go to the paradise and calling to mind that familiar sensual scene.

Mu Xi Yao didn’t know the previous circumstances.

She only knew that she was pulled out by Zhong Zheng Lin in the middle of the night to craze around.

Right now, as she listened to him confessing his feelings without any reserve, she was instantly overcome with a scare that made her pull herself together.

Did Zhong Zheng Lin’s sickness flare out again Last time when they went to view plum blossom in the villa, this stinky man demanded from her “two strings being sincere to each other3“.

This time it was the wedding night where the sixth Highness forced her to “act like turtledove that took over the nest of a magpie4“.

Mu Xi Yao looked at Zhong Zheng Lin’s handsome face which was within her reach.

Her heart trembled ferociously.

Boss, ignoring the proper duties on your wedding, pressing a pregnant woman underneath your body and then forcing her to “consummate wedding night”, aren’t you too much

Zhong Zheng Lin couldn’t care less about her silent curses.

As soon as he grabbed the person, he began to impatiently knead her.

Since Mu Xi Yao was pregnant with child, her body was sensitive.

After being teased by the sixth Highness who was experienced in this field, she immediately lost her temper.

Lying on her stomach underneath him, she cried out bewitchingly.

Zhong Zheng Lin loved the most watching her being swallowed by lust.

He couldn’t wait even a second.

As soon as he covered her body he began to move in and out of her.

Mu Xi Yao’s thoughts were scattered.

For most of the night, she’s been rocked by him like a boat paddling on the water.

All of the memories left to her was a colorful red bed and dragon phoenix bedding embroidery.

The squeezes of Mu Xi Yao’s inner muscles made Zhong Zheng Lin roar on and on.

Finally, unable to bear the extreme pleasure, he ruthlessly thrust into her for few more times before quenching his desire with a shudder.

The two panted while being in each other’s arm.

Immediately after Mu Xi Yao recovered, she became enraged and made a scene.

She bit Zhong Zheng Lin and kept pounding on him.

“Why is Jiao Jiao angry Could it be that you weren’t satisfied enough just now” At the moment, Zhong Zheng Lin was in a good mood.

He planted a kiss on her forehead while holding her.

Mu Xi Yao kicked his knee, “Shameless!” Subsequently, she patted the bed platform in great indignation.

“Your Highness, why did you put qie on the bed where you’ve slept with her”

Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes brightened up, filling with a smile.

“Jiao Jiao needn’t to be jealous.

Bedsheets and bedding were all replaced.

The scent of Jiao Jiao’s body is extraordinary.

How can it be sullied with the scent of another person” Zhong Zheng Lin particularly loved Mu Xi Yao drenched with sweat.

She was so charming and alluring in those moments.

Hearing him flaunt without any sense of shame, Mu Xi Yao immediately became discouraged.

Was this her main point

Zhong Zheng Lin’s whole body felt refreshed.

His mind became clear.

There was still accounts he needed to settle with her.

“If bendian consummated the marriage with principal consort, what will you do” Zhong Zheng Lin was very cautious about this issue.

There was another reason to why he didn’t touch He Lian Min Min, and that was Mu Xi Yao’s unpredictability.

This woman kept him at a distance.

Her words and actions were oftentimes inconceivable to people.

Zhong Zheng Lin had no plans to have his long-time efforts come to naught for a newly arrived He Lian Min Min.

Before he could assure no mistakes arising from Mu Xi Yao’s side, Zhong Zheng Lin felt that He Lian Min Min could be totally put aside for a time being, getting back to her later.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s abrupt oddball question caught Mu Xi Yao off guard.

What had Zhong Zheng Lin’s consummating marriage with the principal consort to do with her

In order to adapt to this era, she needs to sleep well.

Catering to the boss meant she has to go through sleepless nights and weep so bitterly that the front pieces of her garment were stained by tears.

However, if it depended on her, she would have itched to blast to death this pair of adulterous couple.

Your Highness, which version would you like to hear

Seeing Mu Xi Yao’s mind wandering, Zhong Zheng Lin fiercely bit her neck.

Only when he heard the little woman cry out in pain did he release the person and look into her eyes.

“If bedian touched He Lian Min Min today, how would you interact with bendian” Zhong Zheng Lin’s expression was cold and severe.

He tore apart all the pretenses.

His eyes looked for any fine change on her face, his question being plain and straightforward.

Translation notes: 

[1] Jade Pillow Point – also known as “Yuzhen 玉枕” or “BL9” is an acupuncture point in the meridian named Taiyang Bladder Meridian of Foot

[2] Qilin is a mythical Chinese animal

[3] Two strings being sincere to each other is a Chinese idiom describing a good relationship between husband and wife

[4] Turtledove that takes over the nest of a magpie is a Chinese idiom that means to seize another person’s place


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