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Mu Xi Yao has wrongly predicted the date of Zhong Zheng Lin’s arrival to Qingzhou.

Instead of coming to Qingzhou after the New Year festival, he came two days earlier to pay a formal visit to Di Wu Yi Zhao.

Mu Xi Yao was quite curious if there will be three humble visits to a thatched cottage[1] kind of incident.  

On the afternoon of the next day, Mu Xi Yao received a farewell letter from Di Wu Yu Ying in which she said that she will be returning home with Di Wu Yi Zhao, ending this family outing.

As a result, Mu Xi Yao figured that this matter was done. 

After Di Wu Yi Zhao returns home and settles everything, the next time he receives a letter, it would be from the capital. 

The New Year festival was approaching.

Mu Xi Yao held this family reunion in a high regard as this was supposed to be her last time enjoying New Year with her family.

What was awaiting her shortly afterward were the news of the imperial edict that Yuancheng emperor had issued. 

Therefore, when Mu Jin Zhi managed to make it back to the prefect’s residence on the New Year’s Eve, he received a welcoming from Mu Xi Yao that was warmer than ever before.

It made him feel very uneasy.

He worried that Mu Xi Yao had either caused some mischief or that he was about to become her scapegoat. 

After the whole family spent a harmonious and delightful New Year, Mu Xi Yao reluctantly sends Mu Jing Zhi off.

The youth in front of her was high-spirited.

He suavely climbed up the horse and turned his head to give her a hearty and warm smile.

Afterward, he kicked his horse and left. 

Mu Xi Yao’s eyes unconsciously moistened with tears but she held them in check.

She turned around to return back.

There was no much time left.

There were still too many things needed for her to prepare. 

Zhong Zheng Lin was sitting by the window on the second floor of Juxian House and looking at the lively crowd on the street.

Abruptly, he has recalled that late autumn evening last year.

Till now he wasn’t able to forget about that warm and sweet girl’s voice and that fair hand of hers that had put down the curtain of the palanquin. 

This evening the notoriously upright and stern sixth prince of Great Wei experienced for the first time in his life an awkward moment.

The caress of a little hand and soft moans of a faceless woman in his dream actually made him release his pent-up lust.

When he got up early in the morning, he still vaguely remembered that dream.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s expression turned ugly.

When he sat up and pulled the blanket off, sure enough, underneath was a complete mess. 

The sound of Wei Zhen’s knocking on the door could be heard from outside, ”Your Highness, did you get up” 

“Send me immediately a bucket of hot water, afterward retreat.” Zhong Zheng Lin commanded with a deep voice. 

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After freshening up, Zhong Zheng Lin sat expressionlessly and quietly on the couch bed looking distracted.

His mood was hard to figure.  

Never before has Zhong Zheng Lin, who was indifferent and well-mannered at all times, felt such an embarrassment.

Besides, it was already the second time an image of that girl flashed through his mind.

Graceful and lithe silhouette, delicate fair hands and a warm and soft voice.

The more he thought the graver his face turned.

Zhong Zheng Lin wasn’t someone to succumb to womanly charms.

The two concubines in his inner yard absolutely couldn’t rouse his interest.

He was reluctant even to visit them. 

What was the matter with him How could he develop such despicable thoughts about the woman he has never met It was practically a violation.

Zhong Zheng Lin felt extremely upset. 

Finally, his highness has pushed the door and came out.

Wei Zhen lifted his head to look at the time of day.

It was already an hour of Si[2].

His Highness used to get up on an hour of Mao[3] and practice fists and swordplay.

He has never before missed morning exercise.

Sixth prince Zhong Zheng Lin began practicing fists while standing on poles and later on swordplay since the early age of four.

He diligently trained on a daily basis without any break even if it was raining or snowing.

He just changed the training place to his room, never slacking off. 

His Highness got up early, yet he called for water.

Was it possible that…….no, it wouldn’t take such a long time.

Wei Zhen thought that lately his highness acted more and more strangely.

Coupled with the previous sigh, it was the second time his master showed an unusual behavior. 

When he looked at his master again, Wei Zhen was shocked.

Earlier, he was preoccupied with guessing the time and his highness’s abnormal behavior.

Just now he notices that the person in front of him was enveloped by an icy cold aura which gave off an intense message warning people to not approach him.

What has happened How could he change so much after a night When his highness went to sleep yesterday, he was still alright. 

Even if Wei Zhen racked his brain, he wouldn’t be able to guess that the cause actually laid in the sixth prince’s one spring dream[4]. 

Recently, Mu Xi Yao had a very good time.

Although she hated to part with this courtyard and her family and felt melancholy during the quiet evenings, the fact that she was still able to go out and explore the outside world and freely breathe the air of this dynasty before the imperial edict reached to Qingzhou kind of gave her comfort.

Great Wei was a relatively enlightened dynasty.

It did not forbid the education of females.

Although this country didn’t progress to the point that it would establish female schools, enable every person to enter school and receive education, but it provided people with libraries which were open to the public.

Every prefectural city offered them.

All the students, well-known scholars, gentlemen and young ladies from noble families could either borrow or copy the books from there. 

Mu Xi Yao visited the library several times a month.

Even though her family had collected many books but they were mostly historical records, policy arguments, river management, agricultural and commercial kind of books.

On the other hand, in the city’s library, Mu Xi Yao could borrow many travel notes, various records, biographies as well as folk stories, theatre scripts or odd skill manuals, in which she was unusually interested. 

Today Mu Xi Yao was free, hence she slowly browsed through travel notes of Yuzhou, reading about its local conditions and customs which were totally different from Qingzhou.

A feeling of yearning sprouted inside her.

Right when she was enjoying the part that was talking about bride kidnapping custom in Yuzhou, Mo Lan behind her reminded her that it was the time.

Mu Xi Yao quite reluctantly closed the book and attentively smoothed its corners.

She then got up and went to the bookshelf to put the book back in place, arranging it neatly. 

“Miss, Mo Lan had never seen anyone who would cherish a book as much as you.” 

“There are so many good books here, yet I don’t have time for them all.

What a pity.” Mu Xi Yao smiled shaking her head.

She felt that time passed way too quickly. 

“In few days, Mo Lan can accompany miss back to the library.” 

Mu Xi Yao was lost in her thoughts for a moment and then she smiled.

It wasn’t that she didn’t have time.

Rather, there won’t be such freedom for her to enter and exit the library as she wanted in the future, Mu Xi Yao thought, her expression turning gloomy. 

“Let’s go back.” Taking along Mo Lan with her, she walked outside.

Unexpectedly, few steps away from the entrance to the library, a young scholar like man suddenly came over to give her greetings.

Afterward, he stood still and lifted his head to look at her anxiously. 

Mu Xi Yao sized up the coming person feeling baffled.

She didn’t know him.

She turned her head to cast a glance at Mo Lan.

Mo Lan also felt perplexed.

She softly shook her head. 

The scholar seemed to be uncomfortable.

His face got more and more red.

He took a deep breath and earnestly said to Mu Xi Yao, “I apologize for troubling this miss, yet,” his voice was a little unsteady, but he plucked up his courage and calmed himself, “this humble one has been admiring miss for a long time.

Every time miss comes to the library, this humble one sits across the miss with only a table separating us.” Afterward, he couldn’t utter a word.

He stood there like a silly, his hands by his side slightly shaking.

Mu Xi Yao was surprised as she didn’t see it coming.

Mo Lan stared with an astonishment.

She quickly turned back to look at her miss, pondering on how to handle such situation.

In Great Wei, unmarried maidens weren’t prohibited to go out and make friends.

Thus, occasionally, there were some bold people who would express their love to the maidens they were fond of. 

The problem was that this place was a library and they were under the watchful eyes of the people.

Mu Xi Yao had a strange expression on her face.

Was this the ancient library romance 

Mo Lan was so distressed her eyes turned red.

How come last time it was a rakehell and this time it has changed to a scholar Although their behaviors were completely different they were both rude.

If their mistress was to learn about it what would she do 

Nevertheless, Mu Xi Yao was the first one to come to senses.

She didn’t speak directly to the scholar.

Instead, she turned her head to inquire Mo Lan: “Who is this gentleman” She needn’t Mo Lan to answer.

As if she has realized something she said to that gentleman, “Greeting to gentleman Zhang.

It’s my fault for not being clear enough with you last time.

Toward you…….I don’t have any thoughts.” After she finished she made a curtsey with a slightly apologetic expression.

Then, taking Mo Lan with her, they left. 

Mo Lan contemplated about that gentleman Zhang and also about that last time in bewilderment.

Last time, could it be……..So it was like that.

Miss acted like this on purpose, to tactfully tell that scholar that miss hadn’t even noticed him, so she couldn’t accept his feelings. 

When Mo Lan figured it out, she stopped to worry.

On the other hand, that scholar stood there absent-minded.

It took him quite a long time to sober up.

Nonetheless, he suffered a huge blow, looking defeated. 

“I am not gentleman Zhang…….” He stumbled out of the door with a dazed expression. 

There was another person whose mood was even worse.

Zhong Zheng Lin stood rigidly behind the bookshelf.

The expression on his handsome yet cold face could not be described as ugly anymore[5]. 

He was originally browsing through the first volume of《Classic of Mountains and Rivers》and planned to switch to the second volume.

However, when he looked up, he saw a woman’s figure pass by him.

He had a feeling of familiarity, yet there were some differences. 

It was because Mu Xi Yao has grown taller.

Moreover, today she was attired in simple yet fancy clothes which quite differ from the lithe and graceful dress she wore last time.

The fact that Zhong Zheng Lin could see similarities just by one glance was already not easy.

Later, when he heard her conversation with the scholar, her soft and tender voice instantly made him froze on the spot. 

It was her! The sixth imperial highness of Great Wei actually had a guilty conscience.

Even as that silhouette has completely disappeared, Zhong Zheng Lin was still unable to move a step. 

That morning’s incident made him feel humiliated, so much that even words could not describe his feelings.

For the first time ever a thought of ‘being too ashamed to see others’ has emerged in Zhong Zheng Lin’s heart.

Right now he felt extremely annoyed.

Zhong Zheng Lin did not understand where was this kind of feeling coming from.

He only knew that the gentleman Zhang, who has been uttered by her lips, and that scholar, who confessed feelings to her, both upset him, making him very displeased. 

Wei Zhen had again a lousy luck.

When his highness came out of the library, he was so cold he seemed to shed icicles.

After only few steps, Zhong Zheng Lin abruptly made a halt.

Few seconds later his face turned completely black.

Subsequently, he increased his tempo.

He was silent this entire time. 

Zhong Zheng Lin wore a displeased look the whole way back, even his footsteps were heavier than usual.

When he arrived in his estate he immediately ordered to depart the next day as they will be returning back to the capital in advance.

If he stayed in Qingzhou he would be too close to that woman.

Zhong Zheng Lin felt that it was way too easy for him to lose his cool here.

Just a moment ago, the reason why he suddenly stopped was that he got to the bottom of the recent conversation between that woman and scholar and the initial reaction of that servant girl.

If his guesses weren’t wrong, that women used little tricks on that scholar.

She was surprisingly mischievous.   

What it had to do with him whether she was mischievous or not How come the irritation and melancholy he felt a moment ago have now been pacified Thinking this way, he felt that the woman who had disturbed his mind was truly hateful! What bothered him, even more, was the fact that a mere woman could actually throw him into disarray.

It was absurd, wasn’t it



[1] A three humble visits to a thatched cottage refers to a famous episode in the Romance of Three Kingdoms, where warlord Liu Bei recruits Zhuge Liang by visiting him three times.

This idiom is often used to describe people who invite someone in all sincerity and eagerness

#this content belongs to thehlifestyle.com, if you see this translation elsewhere, it’s been stolen!!!!! May ill omen (like stepping every day on dog poo, losing a wallet every time one goes out, choking by mere water and forever staying as a lonely dog) befall those content stealing jerks.

Amen and Peace!

#if possible, please support the original translators by reading the translations from the original source.


[2] Hour of Si means 09 AM-10AM

[3] Hour of Mao means 06 AM – 07 AM 

[4] Spring dream means erotic dream, wet dream 

[5] Ugly expression is a phrase used to describe an abnormally severe/strict expression


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