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Chapter 78


Zhong Zheng Lin took Mu Xi Yao to stay the villa, spending there a comfortable time.

They’ve delayed till she was in the fourth month of pregnancy before they rushed back to the estate half a month prior to the capping ceremony.


“Let them quietly stay in the inner yard.

They will be conducting greeting rite right after princess consort marries over.” Zhong Zheng Lin carried Mu Xi Yao off the carriage while instructing Tian Fu Shan to properly watch over newcomers in the inner yard, so they won’t disturb Mu Xi Yao raising the fetus.

“Your Highness is in the Jiahe Palace on the day of the capping ceremony.

Can’t qie disguise myself and watch the event” Why the place holding the capping ceremony needed to be cleared The customs of Great Wei dynasty truly made Mu Xi Yao speechless.

They were relatively open-minded toward the women.

There were even female officials in the palace.

But on such an important ceremony as a capping ceremony, they didn’t allow womenfolk to observe.

“Do you want to see” Zhong Zheng Lin looked at Mu Xi Yao’s shining eyes filled with expectation.

“Qie naturally wants.” Capping and hair pining ceremonies were both events Mu Xi Yao has been curious about for a long time.

Originally, she should have had a hair pinning ceremony.

Unfortunately, she married too early and even had a baby.

The hair pining ceremony naturally had nothing to do with her.

Great Wei’s hair pinning ceremony was only aimed at those unwedded noble ladies.

Not everyone could have such a privilege.

 Zhong Zheng Lin was silent for a moment, contemplating a bit.

One needed to keep fast and take a bath three days before the capping ceremony.

On the day of the ceremony, Yuancheng Emperor and Three Dukes1 will be present.

The only woman that could stay was his birth mother consort Shu.

“You can dress as an attender and observe behind the curtain.

After the capping ceremony finishes, you’re not allowed to stay.”

Mu Xi Yao was overjoyed.

Zhong Zheng Lin was truly able to smuggle her inside It was a big matter that inflicted damage on etiquette, after all.

However, there were already numerous etiquettes the sixth Highness has broken.

It was hard to conceal dominancy of the man who stuck to his way of doing things.

“Is his Highness back” Su Lin Rou threw away the needlework in her hands and looked at Dai momo with a complicated expression.

“Mistress, you mustn’t be at loggerheads with his Highness.

We can pass acting proudly toward the ordinary man.

However, his sixth Highness isn’t someone to mess with.

This servant has heard from the estate’s people that, apart from lady Mu, his Highness usually acts coldly and quite imposingly toward others.

This kind of man is bound to be proud and arrogant.

How can he tolerate a woman rebel against him”

“I’m not as foolish as to provoke his Highness and make him displeased!” Su Lin Rou was enraged.

She was only unable to appease the bitterness inside her heart.

“Since his Highness gave a reply, did he instruct when to serve tea”

“The chief steward has passed a message that everyone will conduct a greeting rite after princess consort marries over.” Su Lin Rou’s mind blanked for a moment.

What was the meaning of this

“We’re not allowed to serve tea” Wan Jing Wen looked at Zhu Jin, flabbergasted.

What was the meaning behind this

Could it be Zhong Zheng Lin wanted to show respect for He Lian Min Min Wan Jing Wen’s expression turned gloomy.

The nail she has just painted with a bright color forcefully dug into the fabric of table lining.

“Do you want to shy away from work again” Zhong Zheng Lin embraced Mu Xi Yao’s waist from the back and his big hand caressed her abdomen.

The woman lazily shrunk her toes, brushing them lightly against his legs.

“The poor quality cosmetic powder, stinky!”

Pinching her ears, Zhong Zheng Lin admonished her, “Why are you so finicky Cannot you even stand bauhinia” This woman was a perfect example of giving one an inch, and one will want a mile.

She didn’t know what restraint meant.

If one didn’t discipline her, she will be full of playful tricks.

“Who told them to be as eye-catching as a lovable flower while qie is pregnant Annoying!” Mu Xi Yao usually didn’t use rouge nor cosmetic powder.

If those groups of women gathered together and all of them carried messy scents, how can it not be unbearable

“Your Highness, is the house of courtesans really that good How come as long as one was a man, he wants to worm his way in As soon as qie thinks of the powder that flies everywhere in the air, qie sincerely cannot stand it.

Also, there were those dancing handkerchieves swept over people’s faces as soon as they spot them.

Have they even been washed”

Zhong Zheng Lin was amused by the eccentric thoughts in Mu Xi Yao’s mind.

What was this woman thinking In Shengjing, most of the ones that were able to enter the house of courtesans were ”Ya Ji2” who were quite sought after by the scholars.

Those she spoke of were merely lowly prostitutes who were unable to join the ranks.

Could it be that the house of courtesans was all this foul in the eyes of the ladies from the noble families

“Don’t talk nonsenses.

If you’re not busy, you might as well disguise yourself and conduct a secret investigation.” Letting little woman see more of the world would be beneficial to her.

Though Shengjin was flourishing, it also hid dirt.

It will be better for her to know about its depth so that she won’t wander around after going out of the palace.

Mu Xi Yao’s eyes lit up.

She was allowed to go and see “Even male brothel will do”

“Presumptuous!” Zhong Zheng Lin angrily rebuked.

He grabbed the person over and gave her a good beating.

She even wanted to go to a male brothel It seems that he will have to keep a tight rein on her after going out of the palace.

Otherwise, he won’t be at ease.

Mu Xi Yao has shot herself in the foot.

She’s been fixed terribly this time.

The sixth Highness couldn’t tolerate the most her lack of “woman’s virtue”.

Unfortunately, this woman liked to repeat the mistake.

Despite that, she still didn’t know to repent.

Zhong Zheng Lin was leaving the palace before the capping ceremony.

He narrowed his phoenix eyes and watched her for a long while, “Revise properly the books.

If you’re unable to answer bendian’s questions, discipline momos are nearby at all times.” After he finished, he left without waiting for her reply.

What did he mean Revise what book Mu Xi Yao was baffled.

She dazedly watched the sixth Highness get up and leave.

In the evening after using the meal, Zhao momo held a stack of books.

She bowed her head and presented them to her.

Mu Xi Yao took them over.

As soon as she saw the title of the book, she was so infuriated she gnashed her teeth, swatting fiercely the books onto the table.

Zhong Zheng Lin that jerk!

He actually had her to read 《Woman’s Guide》,《Domestic Lessons》, 《Sketch of a Model for Women》! Didn’t she only mention a male brothel She didn’t do anything yet, right Did he need to go so far Did he need to go so far!

Damn him.

Next time she must time-travel into a matriarchal world and play NP3.

So upsetting.


The thirteenth year of Zhanghe, the fourth day of the sixth month.

The sixth prince Zhong Zheng Lin had a capping ceremony held in the Jiahe Hall.

The Emperor has arrived in person.

The Grand Preceptor delivered a congratulatory speech and Grand Guardian conducted the capping.

Mu Xi Yao dressed in a moon-white garment was quietly sitting on the soft chair in the compartment and looking out through the muslin curtain.

Behind her stood Wei Zhen with a pale face.

The corners of his lips were pursed tightly.

Mistress Yao has even found fun in Jiahe Hall! They wanted his death, didn’t they His Highness has actually indulged her to this point, letting her destroy the ancestors’ customs.

Wei Zhen suddenly missed greatly the former dignified and solemn sixth Highness.

The current master……Wei Zhen bitterly looked at steadily seated Mu cefei in front of him.

How come he had a feeling his Highness was lead astray by this one

Mu Xi Yao watched Zhong Zheng Lin who was kneeling upright.

Even though his knees were bent he still had an imposing aura surrounded him.

That man manifested his inner proudness so unyieldingly.

No wonder he made home flowers, wildflowers, and peach flowers continuously throw at him.

Zhong Zheng Lin who knelt in the center of the main hall was dressed in the imperial prince’s capping ceremonial robe that was decorated by edges of deep purple color.

His head was adorned with a Zi Bu head cap4.

Shortly afterward, he stood up tally, all dignified and solemn.

Yuancheng Emperor nodded in an appraisal.

He also admonished Zhong Zheng Lin a few words.

Mu Xi Yao watched Zhong Zheng Lin act with a composed bearing and elegant manner under the people’s attention.

She pouted and muttered to herself, quietly leaving with Wei Zhen.

Just as Wei Zhen was admiring his Highness’s matchless bearing, he heard mistress Yao angrily humph, “The male peacock likes to show off the most.” His feet instantly staggered.

The corners of his mouth twitched, a sweat emitted from his forehead.

From the corner of his eyes, Zhong Zheng Lin sensed that there were no figures behind the curtain.

Subsequently, he collected his thoughts and serenely accepted the congratulations of the present guests.

Mu Xi Yao removed the ceremonial attire and ostentatiously walked in the Imperial Garden while appreciating the flowers.

However, inwardly she wondered whether Zhong Zheng Lin will really inspect her “homework”.

Just as she was distracted by her thoughts, Zhao momo softly pulled at her sleeves.

She heard people behind her simultaneously pay someone respect.

Only then did she noticed the man with a refined smile in front of her.

Mu Xi Yao blanked for a moment, immediately becoming embarrassed.

She quickly composed her expression and well-behavedly bent her knees to curtsy, “Greetings to your fifth Highness.”

Zhong Zheng Ming had noted the discomfort in Mu Xi Yao’s expression and didn’t bare the fact.

He courteously told her to rise.

Seeing her clad in thin clothes, having no coat over her, his brows slightly furrowed.

“Weather is cold at the end of the spring.

Don’t get cold.” Once his words fell, he took his people and passed by her.

Zhao mono and Hui Lan oddly stared at Mu Xi Yao, sizing her up.

When has mistress become so familiar with his fifth Highness

“Your Highness!” The soft female voice coming from behind interrupted Mu Xi Yao’s stunned trance.

When she turned her head, she saw an unfamiliar woman looking at her gloomily, her eyes revealing a hostility.

Who was she What was with her gaze Mu Xi Yao slightly narrowed her eyes, trying hard to recall.

Translation notes: 

[1] Three dukes were nominally the three highest positions in the central government – in some literature they were ministers of war, education, and work

[2] Ya Ji means elegant entertainer

[3] NP are novels where a female lead ends up with multiple male protagonists

[4] Zi Bu head cape is a type of ancient male headwear used in the capping ceremony 


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