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Chapter 76



“Min Min, it’s naturally good news that you’ve been held in high regard by the imperial clan and have been appointed as the princess consort of the imperial prince.

Unfortunately, his sixth Highness already has the firstborn son.

Nowadays, that lady Mu has been diagnosed with pregnancy, too.

After you enter the estate, you mustn’t be reckless and cross swords with her.

Bear in mind that you have to gain his Highness’s respect first.

Scheme after you give birth to di son.”

“Rest assured, mother.

Min Min knows.

That lady Mu isn’t only daughter’s eyesore.

Daughter has heard that woman from Su House has a jealous nature.

Some people will naturally make a move.

Furthermore, his Highness’s firstborn son is still young.

Whether or not he would be able to reach adulthood is unknown, not to mention the one inside her womb.” He Lian Min Min continued to draw the paint.

Her hands were steady and expression concentrated.

“In that case, mother can be at ease.

Remember, you’re the princess consort appointed by his Majesty.

If there are no big misdeeds from your side, your honorable position of princess consort will be very stable.

No matter how his Highness favors that lady Mu, there is no justification to overstep you.”

“Min Min won’t make a mistake and fulfill some people’s wishes.”

She wasn’t as foolish as to personally make a move.

There was no innocent woman in the inner yard.

She just needed to provoke them a little and they’ll give in.

As for offsprings, before she, He Lian Min Min, had di son, no woman in the estate was allowed to act misconducted.

The capital.

Wan estate.

“Miss, you’re not paying attention to your body again.

The wind is big at night, you’ll catch cold.”

“I’m not that frail.

Well, retreat.”

Wan Jing Wen watched maidservant retreat.

Subsequently, she walked before a copper mirror and attentively sized up this unfamiliar face that she’s been looking at for over ten years.

Lady Wan The maiden laughed softly.

Each day of these ten something years, she had to suppress the bone-piercing hatred.

Finally, the Heavens has opened its eyes and let this day come.

He Lian Min Min! The maiden clenched her hands into a tight fist, her expression sinister.

That malicious woman.

She was a nation’s mother, yet she times and again murdered imperial offsprings and framed imperial concubines.

She had bribed the maidservant in her palace to poison her son in the long term.

Served her right that Zong Zheng Lin would rather favor consort Xian and grace imperial concubine Rong than enter her Fengqi Palace.

In the last moments of her previous life, she has merely seen her being deposed.

What a pity that she wasn’t able to personally kill that malicious woman and avenge her son.

When she recalled Jianan Emperor’s cold-heartedness, the hatred Wan Jing Wen harbored inside her heart couldn’t be vanished no matter what.

If it wasn’t for him repeatedly neglecting her and their son and being engrossed in government affairs in the court while their imperial son had an outbreak of an acute illness, how could their imperial son die with regrets She will never forget how her eight years old son died suffering from convulsions, never ceasing calling out for the emperor father who has never cared about him.

Though she didn’t know why Zhong Zheng Lin’s inner yard was completely different from the previous life, she understood that the problem lied on that lady Mu.

Not only Jiang cefei wasn’t able to enter the estate, even Tang Yi Ru, consort Xian with everlasting favor, has “died of a serious illness”.

The one who has now emerged as a new force to be reckoned with and monopolized favor was instead an ordinary concubine whom has Zhong Zheng Lin early on placed in the back of his mind.

How can she not be suspicious

Regardless of that lady Mu’s circumstance, what she hasn’t obtained in the previous lifetime, the other women in this lifetime, too, shouldn’t think of obtaining! And that He Lian Min Min.

At this moment, she was probably having pipe dreams of having di son.

How can she, Wan Jing Wen, let things go in accord to that woman’s wishes

Mu Xi Yao watched seven months old Cheng Qing vigorously crawl on the soft cushion created by Zhong Zheng Lin while greeting and telling lady Zhang who came to pay her respect to sit down.

“Cefei has raised well young master.

Every time qie sees him, qie feels delighted.” Lady Zhang’s eyes were full of envy.

She stared at Cheng Qing, but her heart was gripped by unbearable pain.

She’s been drugged twice.

Although in both cases it wasn’t life-threatening, it’ll be difficult for her to get pregnant in the future.

In this lifetime, not being able to become a mother was the woman’s greatest pain.

“If you’re free, come over more to visit.

Cheng Qing is too naughty.

It’s good to have a helper.” Mu Xi Yao knew that the scene has evoked memories of the past in lady Zhang.

She sighed.

Originally, she intended to use the pretext of miscarriage to sent her off the palace and find a marriage match for her.

Zhong Zheng Lin was also unusually sensible and nodded in consent.

However, they didn’t expect her health would deteriorate so much.

Utterly disheartened, lady Zhang was unwilling to burden others.

She only requested to stay and live days through by visiting others.

As a result, Zhong Zheng Lin took a bit of more care after her parental home as a kind of compensation to her.

“Recently, lady Wu often visits your place”

“Not often.

She comes roughly three to five times a month.” Lady Zhang was a bit flabbergasted that cefei would, out of blue, mention lady Wu.

Cefei rarely showed interest in the affairs of the estate.

Apart from Danruo Courtyard and the front yard, she rarely went out for a walk.

To one’s surprise, cefei knew clearly what was going on in the estate.

“Uhm.” Mu Xi Yao didn’t ask a lot.

Shortly after, she again engaged herself in a casual talk with lady Zhang about Cheng Qing.

The two got along well.

When Zhong Zheng Lin came to Danruo Courtyard in the evening, his expression was unfathomable.

He seemed to be displeased.

Mu Xi Yao raised her eyebrow and cuddled into the man’s arms on her own accord.

She looked up and lifted her hand to smooth the crease between his eyebrows.

“Something is vexing your Highness”

Zhong Zheng Lin had a beauty nestled in arms.

His expression slowly relaxed.

He leaned over to look at Mu Xi Yao’s shining eyes and subsequently kissed her forehead.

“Duke of An has probably intervened in the matter of newcomers.

That old fox has calculated deeply.” No wonder that Zong Zhebg Chun has restrained himself some times ago.

It turned out that they’ve taken advantage of the grand wedding to send him a big gift.

Just, it was unknown to them who was the “Gardenia” whom has his informant accidentally learnt about.

Both the crown prince and the first prince have stretched their hands into his estate.

Could it be that everyone wanted to butt in and join the fun

“House of Duke An Guo” Mu Xi Yao lowered her eyelids to contemplate.

Zhong Zheng Chun truly didn’t learn his lection.

Last time, she broke one of his arms.

It seems to be not painful enough.

He forgot the pain as soon as the wound has healed.

Needless to think.

Since this time Duke of An Guo has intervened in Zhong Zheng Lin’s inner yard, she the misfortune water1 will be the first to bear the brunt.

As for Cheng Qing, he’ll inevitably become the target they wish to eliminate.

In the previous life, Zhong Zheng Lin was childless for three years after the grand wedding.

Though there were also his calculations involved, there was no shortage of Zhong Zheng Chun’s “strenuous assistance”.

Now, House of duke of An Guo wanted to “repeat the old stratagem”

Originally, she wanted to leave Zhong Zheng Chun more dead than alive to put the crown prince Zhong Zheng Hui off.

However, she didn’t expect the other party to be unwilling to do so and not appreciating her kindness.

Mu Xi Yao rose up and walked behind Zhong Zheng Lin to softly massage his shoulders.

“His first Highness is brave and skillful in battle.

His military merits beat all the princes.” As soon as her voice fell, Zhong Zheng Lin squeezed her little hand and brought the person back to the front.

“Jiao Jiao admires war hero” Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes were clear.

As he watched Mu Xi Yao lovably standing before him, he secretly recollected whether he has displayed his martial art foundation that was far superior to Zhong Zheng Chun in front of her in the past.


Qie’s elder brother is a great man.” Mu Xi Yao sighed inwardly.

Your sixth Highness, can you listen to the key points

“How is Zhong Zheng Chun” Alright.

Zhong Zheng Lin even stopped calling him elder brother and directly called his name instead.

Mu Xi Yao sneered, “Bravery of an ignorant person.

Lacking resourcefulness.

He cannot be entrusted with important tasks.” If it weren’t for advisors skilled in strategies who were under Duke of An Guo’s service and assistance of military officers, Zhong Zheng Chun’s military merits wouldn’t be enough to collect his life.

The sixth Highness nodded in satisfaction.

The little woman’s taste was acceptable.

She was still able to recognize Zhong Zheng Chun’s handsome exterior but hollow inside.

Mu Xi Yao was helpless.

Even his compliment “you’re indeed smart” couldn’t conceal the fact that he has interrupted her suggestion just now.

Indeed, the sixth Highness more and more couldn’t stand to hear her give praises to others.

Was there any sovereign who was this petty

“Qie has heard in the past that if you want to give someone a blow, you must strike where he prided himself the most, strike fiercely.” Mu Xi Yao’s beautiful eyes carried a smile.

She sat on Zhong Zheng Lin’s lap and leaned against his bosom, gently stroking her body against it.

“If his first Highness is unable to join the battlefield and accumulate military merits, what will he do”

Zhong Zheng Lin paused for a moment.

Subsequently, he broke into hearty laughter.

The little woman truly disdains Zhong Zheng Chun.

She even plans to sever his “road to riches”.

This chess piece step actually coincided with his plans.

“Jiao Jiao isn’t afraid bendian will take you for a vicious woman”

Mu Xi Yao raised her head to look at him angrily.

Her finger kept tapping against Zhong Zheng Lin’s chest, “When was your Highness softhearted and irresolute”

Damn it! He was by no means a good person yet he still dared to turn up his nose at her She will act as a white peony2 and nauseate him to death!

Mu Xi Yao brazenly dragged the skeleton out of Zhong Zheng Lin’s closet.

Yet, not only he wasn’t angry, instead, he kept laughing lowly.

Translation notes: 

[1] Misfortune water derives from idiom 紅顏禍水 which describes a girl who is beautiful enough to cause disaster to her country.

In most ancient Chinese stories they’re usually posed as the temptation to their Kings as they’re so beautiful these Kings are willing to do anything for them

[2] White peony is used to describe a beautiful and rich woman


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