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“Your Highness, this is…” Mu Xi Yao looked at two-note paper Zhong Zheng Lin handed over to her.

She carefully browsed the content written on it.

Her eyelid slightly hung down.

“Mother consort looked over the candidates.

You can pick either of the remaining two candidates for the princess consort.” Zhong Zheng Lin languidly leaned against the lounge and continued skimming through the educative flashcards Mu Xi Yao has prepared for Cheng Qing.

It seems like she has put a lot of efforts.

The images she drew were all to a child’s taste.

The little woman apparently was in good spirit.

Mu Xi Yao took a look at the densely written information about their family backgrounds and personal preferences on the two-page paper and chuckled.

Did the sixth Highness want to dig out their ancestors to conduct a throughout check on them

“Your Highness, how much can be the content written on the paper trusted”

“Everything is just to put wool over people’s eyes.

The results are meaningless.

As for those two people, are they pleasing to your eyes” Zhong Zheng Lin raised his head and looked deeply into Mu Xi Yao’s pitch-black eyes.

“They’re not bad.” Mu Xi Yao got up to sit before the dressing table.

She picked a strand of hair on her temple and began to slowly comb it.

Zhong Zheng Lin put down the cards and slowly walked behind her back, watching the woman’s beautiful face which became increasingly splendid in the mirror, every movement of hers contained a mellow sensuality.

“How about transferring sir Mu to Shengjing” This year, officials will have a grand examination.

The timing was just right.

Mu Xi Yao slightly creased her brows.

She contemplated for a moment, “Father is already old in years.

Qie doesn’t want him to work too hard.

Moreover, after elder sister gets married, mother will feel lonely at home.

It will be better for father to hold a sinecure post.”

Zhong Zheng Lin’s lips curled up when he heard

Mu Xi Yao’s plain honesty.

Mu Jing Zhen’s “twilight years” at the age of forty were already schemed by Mu Xi Yao.

He has finally found some useful information from her words.

Does this woman think men’s love and care for their wife is far superior to their career and future prospects

“If sir Mu’s career was smooth, he can also provide more of a protection to Jiao Jiao.” Zhong Zheng Lin gently caressed her beautiful hair.

His voice came out deep and slow.

Mu Xi Yao put down the fine wooden comb and rested her chin on her right hand while letting out a soft chuckle.

Through the bronze mirror, she could see Zhong Zheng Lin’s extraordinary handsomeness.

He was currently holding onto her shoulder and meeting her eyes her in the mirror.

Even inside the house, the air that surrounded him was imposing.

This man’s capabilities were more and more eye-catching.

“Having your Highness’s protection is enough for Xi Yao of Mu clan.” The woman’s smile was like a flower, her watery eyes were shining with light.

She spoke of “protection” but her eyes were reflecting confidence and determination, accompanied by lovable willfulness.

Zhong Zheng Lin pulled her over to hug her.

He caught the back of her head and kissed her deeply.

“Are you satisfied with the post of chancellor of the Imperial College”

Mu Xi Yao thought over the Imperial College in her mind.

Can be! At least this post wasn’t involved in the battle of the imperial princes.

In addition, it took place in a relatively peaceful Imperial College.

Above him, he had supervising ministers and below he had vice directories to assist him.

Her father should be able to cope with it.

Moreover, after sir Mu transfers to the capital and Zhong Zheng Lin establishes his estate outside of the palace, she can often visit lady Yu.

What can she have against this

“It could not be better.”

“How should Jiao Jiao thank for bendian’s thoughtfulness” Zhong Zheng Lin seized her radiant appearance up and teased her with expectation.

 Mu Xi Yao was pregnant, thus, she was fearless.

“How about finding a begonia flower1 for your Highness” Don’t think that she wasn’t aware that the princess consort wasn’t so far the only new member of the prince’s estate. 

“Bendian is already busy with handling one Jiao Jiao flower.

Why the need for more It would be better if Jiao Jiao explained closely to bendian, what clever use had this begonia flower”

On the second day, the refreshed sixth Highness took along Mu Xi Yao to give a reply with a paper note pinched between his forefinger and thumb.

Zhong Zheng Lin was amused whenever he recalled the little woman’s appearance of disdain.

Mu Xi Yao acted laidback and true in front of him just as he had wished for.

She even blatantly showed disliked for the princess consort whom he hasn’t yet married.

This made him not know whether to laugh or cry.

Even the princess consort wasn’t to her liking.

He was afraid the women following after would also be to her dislike.

Two days later, the imperial edict was issued.

The eldest di daughter, He Lian Min Min, of Shengjing’s century-old clan He Lian House, was bestowed a marriage to the sixth prince as his princess consort.

Her father was a standard class second rank vice minister of Ministry of Justice, He Lian Zhang.

The grand wedding will be held on the seventh day after Zhong Zheng Lin’s capping ceremony.

In addition, an auspicious date will be picked for cefei Lin Rou of Su clan, shufei of Wan clan and concubine of An clan who were appointed by consort Shu to enter the estate.

At the same time, the sixth Highness Zhong Zheng Lin used the reason of having a meritorious deed for producing an offspring, to promote lady Zhang to ranks of shufei.

Each prince’s estate one after another were bestowed with new members.

Momentarily, Shenjing was enveloped by a joyful atmosphere.

There were as many as twenty-one young maidens from the noble and powerful families who have entered the imperial prince’ and imperial family’s household.

This was the highest number of marriage bestowment Yuancheng Emperor has issued consecutively in the short term during his reign.

Since Mu Xi Yao accompanied Zhong Zheng Lin to pick up the imperial edict, her brows did not stop furrowing.

The concubines who followed behind her all thought that cefei worried the princess consort will not only divide her favor after marrying over but also oppress her, that her days will become miserable.

As a result, they remained silent along the way and then each of them retreated afterward.

Just, they looked at lady Zhang with complicated glances.

Mu Xi Yao’s mind was bewildered as she recalled newcomers appointed by consort Shu.

Su Lin Rou has actually become Zhong Zheng Lin’s woman! What kind of story plot was this In the previous life, Su Lin Rou was the first prince’s favored consort.

And what’s more, that shufei of Wan clan, she has never heard of her.

Only concubine lady An was an acquaintance from her memories.

How come this time weird things were going on with people entering the estate Could it be that this was the damage caused by disposing “Tang Yi Ru” in advance

Before Mu Xi Yao could organize her thoughts,Zeng Yu that woman has introduced herself peculiarly as Zhong Zheng Lin’s other concubine.

Mu Xi Yao stared at Zhong Zheng Lin’s handsome black face, watching him without batting her eyes.

The sixth Highness indeed attracted troubles.

Even though she had warned him in advance, Zeng Yu has still succeeded.

Damned the immutable story line.

“Give her Shuhui Courtyard.” When Zhong Zheng Lin recalled Zeng Yu’s despicable tricks, his voice became ice cold.

There was a banquet in the palace today.

Zhong Zheng Lin has consumed a bit more wine, thus he went to take a bit of rest at consort Shu’s palace in the afternoon.

What he didn’t expect was that Zeng Yu would use the opportunity of his rest to break into the inner palace hall and attempt to climb into his bed.

After kicking her out of bed, she unexpectedly cried out and, as sudden as lighting, tore her garment, making such a big scene that everyone in the palace has heard the news.

When has Zhong Zheng Lin ever been schemed in such way, right in front of his face He has immediately broken into a rage.

If consort Shu didn’t stop him with all her might, he would have kicked Zeng Yu to death on the spot and be done with her.

This crazy woman has even drugged the palace maid whom consort Shu has put outside the door to keep watch.

Her Ladyship Shu was so infuriated by her maternal niece that she has passed out.

As she watched Zhong Zheng Lin who was engulfed by the murderous aura, she felt guilt-ridden.

Under the anger, she ordered people to tie Zeng Yu and hurriedly sent her out of the palace.

“Who brought her to the palace” Even if she had secretly escaped from the estate, how did she enter the palace

Consort Shu’s face immediately became cloudy, as if realizing something.

“The crown princess.”

The murderous glint in Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes was oppressing.

Veins protruded on his clenched fists.

His brothers indeed constantly thought about how to put spokes in his wheel and stab him in the back.

Putting such a woman into the inner yard, even a thought of it made him disgusted.

Does she want to enter the inner yard In that case, she will have to go and make Tang sisters a company.

Impudent thing!

“Your Highness, why bother yourself to get this angry” Mu Xi Yao chuckled.

Since Zeng Yu was able to sneak out even after being put under confinement and she has bumped into her, Zeng Yu might as well serve her as cannon fodder.

It was hard to come by such an aggressive woman with no brains.

Zeng Yu that woman was truly an exotic flower.

Not only she didn’t manage to curry favor with Zhong Zheng Lin.

On the contrary, she had built contact with the crown prince’s side.

And like this, she wanted Zhong Zheng Lin to give her a good face Did Zeng Yu truly believe Zhong Zheng Lin and the crown prince were of the same kind

Mu Xi Yao appeased Zhong Zheng Lin’s bad mood in Danruo Courtyard while quickly calculating the circumstances that would follow.

The capital.

The Su estate quivered into ripples due to Su Lin Rou’s sudden fussing.

“Father, this time only three noblewomen were appointed to be imperial princes’ cefei.

Why the first and fourth princes’ cefei’s marriages were personally bestowed by his Majesty, yet, when it came to the sixth prince it became consort Shu’s decision”

Aggrieved, Su Lin Rou wept endlessly.

She was di lady of Su House.

In what aspects was she worse than the other two Why only she wasn’t being bestowed marriage by imperial edict Moreover, that cefei of the sixth prince lady Mu, not only she was promoted by the imperial edict but she has also received his Majesty’s appraisal.

Not only did she birthed firstborn son early on, nowadays she was even diagnosed with an auspicious pulse.

Wasn’t she only going to be firmly crushed by her

Her family background couldn’t be compared to He Lian Min Min.

Could it be that she had to be even stepped by lady Mu who was far inferior to her now

Su Lin Rou watched sir Su while sobbing lowly.

The rim of her eyes were thoroughly red.

“During days, you’ve only learnt how to cry and make a scene” Sir Su snorted coldly.

“If you don’t understand, you might as well shave your hair and become a Buddhist nun.

Don’t wait to lose your life after entering the prince’s estate.”

After being lectured and then seeing sir Su leave with flung of a sleeve, Su Lin Rou only sat there dazedly all by herself.

Afterward, she rested her upper body on the table and burst into tears.

Translation notes: 

[1] Begonia flower is a Chinese phrase used to describe a beautiful woman or that a beautiful woman was sociable and charming


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