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When Zhong Zheng Lin arrived to the main house of Danruo courtyard, Mo Lan apologized and led him to the warm room1.

in the side palace hall.

He waved his hand and pushed the door open.

There were two red candlesticks of human waist’s height in the room.

The whole interior was illuminated by their dim light.

On the place of the seat of honor were only a coach-bed and a long narrow table.

On top of them were prepared a space heater and cooked wine.

Mo Lan attended him with the hand-washing.

Afterward, she withdrew silently.

Zhong Zheng Lin was left alone, lying sideways on the coach-bed while his left hand held a wine cup, taking a tiny sip of the wine.

The man stretched his legs and enjoyed a cup of wine by himself, very patient.

In a quiet hall, a drum beating sounded out very abruptly.

It was intense and vivid.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s phoenix eyes were shining, until the moment an astounding figure reflected on the screen amid the music.

Abruptly, his pupils constricted and his heartbeat stopped.

The woman in the front was attired in a golden dance dress, moving inside in an extremely quick rhythm.

She was like first rays of the morning sun that split through the darkness, coming out in all of her splendor.

Her upper garment consisted of a narrow sequined bandeau.

Under her navel, a beaded belt with a bell adornment embellished her hips.

Her bottom was made up of a long high-slit muslin skirt which partly hid her jade-like legs.

The feet that would, from time to time, reveal from the skirt were translucent and bare.

Furthermore, a jingle bell bracelet strung on the fair ankle of hers would make a noise with her every move.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes seemed to burn with fire as he watched woman’s abnormally provocative attire.

He stared tenaciously at her enticing face that could be vaguely seen behind the face veil.

Under the black eyeliner, Mu Xi Yao’s beautiful eyes were able to take one’s breath and make them captivated.

Her bright red lips were plump and alluring, able to stir the men’s blood-thirstiness and wild nature.

The movements of the little woman’s bare feet were accompanied by tinkling sounds of bells.

At once, the music began to play.

Her slender waist moved in gyrating fashion, lifting and dropping her hips.

The dance was both passionate and overflowing with enthusiasm.

The dancer’s uninhibited and free soul was like a little bird that was about to meet a violent storm, a flame that burnt without fear, a free-flowing stream.

This was Mu Xi Yao whom Zhong Zheng Lin has never seen before.

She was dazzling and shined in all her beauty.

Like a pearl that illuminated a bright light unbridled by any scruple.

This kind of woman was the real Mu Xi Yao – so proud and unshackled, so confident there was no room for others to question her.

The woman was seldomly seductive and seldomly provocative.

Her smooth and fair legs would, from time to time, peek out from under the muslin skirt.

As she danced, her coquettish glances gradually became blurred.

Watching her, his heartstring was deeply touched.

Zhong Zheng Lin looked at the vivid figure at the front.

He watched her let herself go and dance, drop all the restraints.

In this lifetime, if he couldn’t conquer such an unrivaled Mu Xi Yao, Zhong Zheng Lin won’t be content.

The man threw away the wine-cup and suddenly rose to a sitting position.

His phoenix eyes lit with a bright light that shined like stars.

“Jiao Jiao, come over.” The man’s voice was deep and carried a spell.

Mu Xi Yao slightly opened her eyelids.

She swung her waist and winded around him like a water snake.

Mu Xi Yao hasn’t danced lambada for quite a while.

Today, she had a great time crazing around.

Her uncurbed light brushes and caresses made his whole body throb with desire.

Yet, he was unable to tear himself away from the woman’s rare initiative, of her climbing and winding around him on her own accord.

He could only sit upright and restrain himself as he watched the woman’s resplendent passion that was unfolded before his eyes.

Mu Xi Yao danced to her heart’s content.

She couldn’t stand seeing Zhong Zheng Lin’s level-headedness and graceful manners.

She raised her jade-like fair foot and, in a second, made way through the man’s hem, reaching to the tip of his hotness.

She softly rubbed and twisted her foot against it.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s abdomen muscles went taut.

Watching the prominent curves under the dress, just a mere suggestion made his mind captivated by that lovely allure.

Mu Xi Yao still wasn’t satisfied.

With a hook of her finger, the loosely tied muslin skirt, in a split second, floated down, leaving her only with two thin straps fastened on the hip and a narrow and small cloth that covered her intimate parts.

Mu Xi Yao’s shocking provocation stirred Zhong Zheng so much that he was unable to sit calmly anymore.

His breathing became chaotic.

He reached out to grab the person.

“Your Highness,” Mu Xi Yao protested coquettishly and dodged his hands.

Then, she made matter worse by brushing softly her slender jade-like finger against her chest.

The man’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he watched her.

His fingers were clenched into a fist.

The woman’s foot didn’t cease its action.

Her two hands pulled at her back.

The bright golden-colored top slipped down in the blink of an eye, leaving behind a ribbon that just happened to barely cover her peaks.

The two roundnesses were proudly bared to people’s eyes just like that, forcing their way out rampantly and entering into Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes which burnt with raging flames in an extremely impudent way.

When had the sixth Highness seen such a provocative and unruly woman He raised his big hand and tore the ribbon that covered her.

Watching the delicate roundnesses bounce and hoot, he chided sternly with unsteady breathing.

“Where have you learnt such debauchery” Although his words carried a great admonishment, the movements of his hands didn’t have a trace of politeness.

They were delightedly roaming over her body.

Mu Xi Yao simply stuck out her chest, pushing it before his lips when she saw that the man was determined to preserve his dignity at all cost.

She approached him in a bewitching manner, “Your Highness ~, do you want or not”

‘Debauchery’ The stinky man then better has balls and stay put.

Mu Xi Yao’s insatiable seduction and teasing made Zhong Zheng Lin unable to pay heed to anything else.

How could he still remember the previous talk As soon as he opened his mouth, he sucked in the pink softness that he has coveted after for a long time.

A groan broke from his throat.

Finally, has he quenched painful desire.

Mu Xi Yao shifted her leg and straddled the man.

Her little hand grabbed his manhood and started to play with it as she pleased.

Every time Zhong Zheng Lin was about to reach climax, she would abruptly stop her movements and began a new round of torture, making him groan over and over again.

“Jiao Jiao, fast.

Can’t stand it.” Zhong Zheng Lin’s whole body trembled.

The beads of sweat on his forehead dripped down.

Mu Xi Yao lifted up slightly her lower body and began slowly unfastening the cloth covering her intimate parts in front of the man.

She then brought it to the tip of his nose and brushed gently the cloth against his nose, only to see Zhong Zheng Lin held up his chin highly, panting heavily.

“Does your Highness want nujia2.

to serve you” Her wanton voice titillated his senses.

She didn’t wait for his response.

Her little hand directly supported the stiff rod and directed it toward her softness, slowly sitting down.

“Such a teaser.” Zhong Zheng Lin couldn’t stand how deliberate slow she was.

He drew her to his arms, tightly held her waist and directly entered into her.

The man didn’t stop for a moment.

As soon as he was inside her, he began to thrust into her in a frantic speed.

After experiencing the most difficult waiting, Zhong Zheng Lin has entered into paradise, feeling like having a good rain after a long drought, rising from the dead.

“Jiao Jiao, bendian won’t let you off no matter how many times you’ll beg for mercy today.”

The little woman had soft bones.

She was naturally wanton in bed, becoming increasingly familiar in bedroom intimacies.

Indeed, she was intoxicating to one’s senses.

Accompanied by such an extraordinarily beautiful woman, if it weren’t for Zhong Zheng Lin’s usual self-control and taking pity on her, how could she still act so arrogantly and bossily She would, most likely, not be able to get up on the second day.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s unprecedented mad attacks scared Mu Xi Yao into letting out faint sounds of sobbing.

Her body felt aroused and unbearable.

She only knew to moan delicately on and on.

Her inner muscles kept tightening around Zhong Zheng Lin’s flesh, making him bellowing again and again.

For a moment, the man and woman were partaking in the act of lovemaking that was both intense and full of passion.

It went on ceaselessly without a break.

Mo Lan along with little servant girls kept a watch outside for almost half a night before they heard his Highness calling for water.

Originally, she thought that masters would rest in the warm room, but to her surprise, after a while, she heard once again a delicate outcry rise from inside.

She quickly took people further away, waiting to be summoned.

“Your Highness~no.” Mu Xi Yao’s words were broken.

She lied under Zhong Zheng Lin, as limp as a mud.

“No” Zhong Zheng Lin was determined to fix her today.

Thus, how would he listen to her soft whispers “Jiao Jiao is too untamed.

The day when you took concubine for bendian, have you said no”

Mu Xi Yao didn’t expect the stinky man would bring up old scores3.

at such time.

The humiliation made her fly into a rage, yet she couldn’t withstand the thrusts of his lower parts.

As a result, she had no other choice as to pitifully confess her crimes and vow she won’t dare to make such deed again.

“The remaining few misdeeds, if Jiao Jiao is willing to admit to them like this, they won’t be ever again pursued after today.” Zhong Zheng Lin leaned over and whispered to Mu Xi Yao’s ears.

No long after, he saw the woman’s face flush into a deep red color and subsequently speak out indignantly, “Shameless!”

Zhong Zheng Lin slightly closed his phoenix eyes.

His smile harbored evil intentions, “Another misdeed added to the pile.” He picked Mu Xi Yao and was about to move toward the window.

Mu Xi Yo detected the man’s intention.

She was so scared her whole body trembled and she hugged him tightly, crying out in alarm, “Qie admits.

Qie admits.”

Zhong Zheng Lin finally made a detour and pressed the person against the wall, ravishing her fiercely.

Mu Xi Yao’s breath became unsteady as she saw the man going back on his words.

She criticized him resentfully, “Qie has already complied.

How can your Highness go back on your words”

Zhong Zheng Lin’s manhood was pleasantly engulfed by Mu Xi Yao’s softness.

He reminded her good-naturedly, “Bendian has promised not to pursue matters ever again after today.

Now, bendian is conducting a separate punishment.” After finishing, he began a fierce taking, giving the woman no time to take a breath.

His thrusts made Mu Xi Yao cry out loudly, lost and delirious.

Only when the sky started to show first rays did Zhong Zheng Lin carried the freshened up Mu Xi Yao to bed and went to rest while drawing her to himself.

Mo Lan and the lot fought hard to stay sober.

Finally, Zhao momo brought Hui Lan to take a turn on duty.

They then dazedly returned back to their rooms to take a sleep.

Just, she was worried inwardly.

His Highness was so vigorous, could her master still cope with his Highness

Mu cefei who was in other people’s mind was having a nightmare at this time.

Inside the dream, the great devil king chased after her endlessly, making her flee all over the place.

In the end, devil king has ferociously captured her back and suppressed her under the Mout Five Finger for whole eight hundred years4.

This pic perfectly portrays how I’ve envisioned Mu Xi Yao’s dance.

Translation notes: 

[1] Warm room is a heated room served for entertainments

[2] Nujia means your servant (humble self-reference by young female)

[3] Bring up old scores is a Chinese idiom meaning to reopen old wounds or to revive old quarrels

[4] Referring to Monkey King who was suppressed under imprisoned for five hundred years


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