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Yesterday, Zhong Zheng Lin has angered Zhong Zheng Chun with a sentence “Collect the bodies” to such extent he drew out the sword and cut down the screen in the room.

Today, he was called to the imperial study by Yuancheng Emperor, being reprimanded by him.

Yuancheng Emperor looked at him and uttered coldly, “Conducting such heretical deeds, how can you call yourself an elder brother” Yuancheng Emperor’s words made his whole body feel ice-cold. 

When he was leaving the palace, he has received the news that last night Yuancheng Emperor graced the noble consort’s Yu Ye palace and has stayed there for a while before leaving.

Afterward, the noble consort drove people out, sitting alone in the room until very late at night before taking a rest.

Zhong Zheng Chun looked at the sitting advisor while carrying menacing expression.

His tone was gloomy when he spoke up.

“Was this bendian’s sixth brother’s doing”

The dancers he sent him were one in million.

They’ve been groomed as “Hua Mei” for five years.

How can they be so useless 

“Your Highness, the miscarriage of the sixth prince’s concubine is real.

Yesterday, the imperial academy of medicine has consecutively sent two imperial physicians to make diagnosis.” A middle-aged advisor got up and replied.  

“His sixth Highness won’t exchange his blood with the life of two women. On the other hand, this subject suspects whether it was doing of that one” As he said, he pointed to the inner yard.

A realization immediately hit the rest of the people.

Isn’t that so If that one took on the task, she could both eliminate the pregnant eyesore as well as the chess pieces his Highness has sent over to vie for the favor.

Momentarily, they, one after another, agreed, saying that Mu cefei was certainly the mastermind behind.

Zhong Zheng Chun recalled that delicate woman beside Zhong Zheng Lin.

Could she have eliminated his “Hua Mei”

Once he raised his head, he already made a decision.

Since there was a suspicion, she cannot be let off.

As that woman dared to cause Yuancheng Emperor to spurn him and the noble consort, no matter how a rare beauty she was, he should make this beauty pass away.

Mu Xi Yao leisurely raised the little bun in Danruo courtyard. These days, the inner yard was abnormally cold and cheerless.

First, it was lady Zhang who has miscarried.

Following, the dancers were killed to death by cane.

Afterward, news that little lady Tang had to quietly recuperate for half a month has spread out.

In addition, there was also lady Kong who has been warned by Zhong Zheng Lin.

It was as if the inner yard was abolished.

No wonder that it was so oddly peaceful.

The little bun was nowadays very lively.

In few days he would be three months old.

Yet, he already began with futile attempts to turn over.

The time he spent on playing was also getting longer.

He was fondest of sticking to his father.

The little bun especially liked to pull at the hair on Zhong Zheng Lin’s temple or being lifted highly by him. 

Mu Xi Yao often sat quietly at the side, watching the interaction between her hyped son and very patient Zhong Zheng Lin.

When she swept a glance over, the scene of them looked quite warm.

It was a pity, the era was amiss.

Otherwise, it could be counted as perfect and satisfactory life.

“Your Highness,” Mu cefei approached him with lotus steps and took her excited son whose eyes kept looking around from Zhong Zheng Lin’s hands.

She called for momo to carry Cheng Qing away.

Recently, little bun misbehaved at the bedtime.

He needed people to coax him, otherwise, he wouldn’t close his eyes. 

She reached out to smooth the undergarment rumpled by Cheng Qing before speaking out. 

“Qie heard Mid-Autumn festival would take place in few days.

There will be a carnival in West Lake.

May qie accompany your Highness” Mu Xi Yao still remembered that this benefit, which Zhong Zheng Lin has promised her, has not yet been honored.

Zhong Zheng Lin watched her stand before him, tidying up his clothes in a docile and quiet manner.

He grabbed the person and made her lean against his chest.

His big hand caressed the long hair on her back.  

“It’s already winter.

The killing and looting of barbarians in Northwest became out of control.

There are many affairs to deal with in the Ministry of War.

These days, bendian will come back later.

If you want to go, take Wei Zhen with you.

Return earlier.”

A bright light flickered through Mu Xi Yao’s eyes.

Zhong Zheng Lin can’t go Great!!!

After that day, Mu cefei often took the little bun to the palace to pay respect.

Her Ladyship consort Shu was very satisfied with cefei’s filial piety.  

Every time she saw Cheng Qing, she was so fond of him she couldn’t tear her hands from him.

Furthermore, whenever she felt tired after teasing him, she would put him on the side and watch him play by himself.

The women in the house, seeing the meat dumpling toss himself from side to side like twisting a fried dough twist, burst into laughter.

On top of that, since the winter clothes were thick, the little chubby became even more lovable. 

Even Yuancheng Emperor has once, by chance, bumped into his grandson’s earnest performance.

The emperor was greatly pleased.

He praised Mu Xi Yao for raising him well, making him grow into a fit, robust and energetic little guy. 

Mu Xi Yao held the little bun and strolled leisurely with fourth princess consort in the imperial garden.

She became high spirited as soon as Mid-Autumn festival lake tour was mentioned.

“You’re already mother, yet you’re still this free-spirited.

There’s only your Highness that would spoil you.

Otherwise, how could you be so carefree” The fourth princess consort lugged softly as she shook her head. 

Mu Xi Yao’s face was full of smugness as she held the little bun, “Our Cheng Qing has already said, when his mother goes to play, she has to take him along.” 

The fourth princess consort chuckled, amused by Mu Xi Yao.

This girl was too witty. 

On the day of Mid-Autumn festival, Mu Xi Yao took Cheng Qing along with Zhao momo and Mo Lan, climbing into the imperial prince’s carriage.

Wei Zhen brought with him the guards and the secret guards who were hidden in the crowd, protecting the group all the way to the West Lake. 

Mu Xi Yao looked at the bun in her arms while the emotions in her eyes were changing.

If there wasn’t the worrisome Tang shufei in the estate, she wouldn’t have to go so far as to bring along her son at all times, not leaving him from her sight. 

“Momo, I will have to entrust you Cheng Qing to take good care of him today.” Mu Xi Yao’s expression was solemn as she looked at Zhao momo. 

Zhao momo didn’t have this kind of experience, unlike Mo Lan.

Whenever master had such expression, something must have certainly happened.

She was already like that during her maiden days.

Since she had deliberately made such entrust this time, something was surely amiss. 

Moreover, what was with that entrust Could it be that what was going to happen in a moment, would make master incapable of dividing her attention Mo Lan instantly became highly alerted, more watchful than usual.  

Mu Xi Yao lifted the corner of the hanging screen.

Her mind was serene as she looked at the bustling market.

She wondered if that person would make a move She had hampered his plans and used the opportunity to make bogus accusations against that person.

She ought to have enraged the other party. 

He was someone who even dared to assassinate the crown prince in the previous life.

Therefore, he was unlikely to hesitate to deal with a mere woman of the inner yard. 

“Mo Lan, be sure to remember to not act rashly.” Though Mo Lan was steadier than Hui Lan, in the end, she was too eager to protect her master.

She was afraid Mo Lan would ruin things under her impulse. 

When the group of people arrived to West Lake, both banks of the lake were already were filled with a boiling cauldron of voices, with lights shining splendidly.  

The young maidens were in companies of other young maidens.

The gentlemen of noble families brought along servants.

In twos and threes, these people climbed into the painted boats, exchanging toasts while music lingered at their ears. 

Mu Xi Yao carried down Cheng Qing whose eyes were shining with light from the carriage, letting him bounce his limbs in excitement.

When she looked at the pure happiness in the child’s face, she only felt that some people were truly a damned hindrance. 

She slowly boarded on Zhong Zheng Lin’s private five-floor boat.

As soon as she entered, she was frightened by its gorgeous decoration.

Who said that his sixth Highness wasn’t fond of extravagance This boat alone was enough for her, Mu Xi Yao, to enjoy for a lifetime. 

It seems that man had a knack for a good business.

He was much better off than her fine craft workshop. 

Mu Xi Yao handed Cheng Qing to momo and had her hold him.

Because there was a stove and brazier on the boat, she has also untied a little fox fur cloak from him.  

She ordered Wei Zhen to take people along with him and protect Cheng Qing, follow him closely as he kept watch underneath.

She only brought Mo Lan, directly going to the top floor.

Subsequently, she ordered people to light the incense and arrange properly tea set. 

“Nobody is allowed to step inside without the call.” Mu Xi Yao ignited the little stove as she solemnly instructed Mo Lan.

Then, she waved her hand indicating her to retreat. 

In the brightly lit hall, Mu Xi Yao sat upright behind the table, burning the incense and brewing the tea by herself in a very refined manner.

After adding water to Longjing tea, she took the teacup and lightly smelt the aroma while sighing.   

She rose up and went to stand in front of the window.

The woman’s features appeared picturesque as she watched the bright lights downstairs.

She didn’t turn her body as she said languidly:

“Sir came just at the right time.

Would you like a drink” 

The jade pendant on her chest was already burning.

She wondered how many people came. 

The two secret guards hiding on the beam were taken by surprise.

They looked at each other.

Has mistress detected them As they were puzzled over the matter, in a flash, they saw sixth men clad in black clothes flash out from the opposite beam.

All of them had their faces covered by black yarn, their bodies agile and strong.

One could tell by the look they have practiced martial arts. 

Just as the secret guards were going to rush out and protect their mistress, set off the firecracker signal, unexpectedly, their necks were restrained by daggers, rendering them incapable of moving.

There were actually two more people behind them who were keeping a close watch over the situation here. 

Mu Xi Yao didn’t panic when she saw these people appear neatly in front of her.

She moved to the table with zither and sat down.

She hook her forefinger, a light note sounded in the air. 


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