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Mu Xi Yao paused for a second.

They knew martial arts Did they send dancers or “genuine pleasure ladies” One moment, she was engrossed in her thoughts and in another Zhong Zheng Lin turned sideways to grasp half of her ample derrière.

Her cheeks flushed with color.

This man became increasingly unscrupulous outside.

As soon as he obstructed other people’s gazes with his body, he started to knead her. 

“Jiao Jiao has promised bendian there would be a dance.” Zhong Zheng Lin’s phoenix eyes were staring at her lips as he slowly leaned over. 

His actions scared her into making a low exclaim.

Taking into consideration the gazes of other people in the hall, she could only quickly comply, telling him that she will let him enjoy the poor dancing skill of hers after they return from the lake trip.  

Zhong Zheng Lin’s face revealed a pity.

The little woman was too shrewd.

She counted well on abacus1.

He has never seen her get the short end of the stick.

He let her off while caressing her back and continued enjoying the dance. 

Although the eyes of the people seated below were fixed on the dancers, they would still keep attention on the sixth Highness in the head seat and Mu cefei in his arms.

Lady Mu, relying on the glory of her son, became more and more insolent.

For a long period of time, she was the only one to receive his Highness’s grace.

Furthermore, she frequently used the excuse of her son to sent his Highness soups and meals.  

Lady Qi was the first one who couldn’t sit still.

Like a willow branch trembling in the gentle wind2, she held up the small cup of wine and went to the head seat, “Your Highness, this servant proposes a toast to you.

Congratulation on your firstborn son.

Congratulating cefei on your newborn son.“ After she finished speaking, she gently lifted her wrist.

Her red lips touched the white jade wine cup, slowly finishing the liquid inside. 

Mu Xi Yao thought that a woman like lady Qi if put into modern times, she would be a social flower that carried a splendidness and beauty of poppy. 

Zhong Zheng Lin nodded.

He raised his hand and drank off the fine wine inside the cup.

It was rare for him to give lady Qi a good face3. 

Lady Qi’s face immediately lit up with joy.

She didn’t forget to courteously curtsy Mu Xi Yao before gracefully returning to her seat.

Henceforth, the rest of women, one by one, stepped forward to propose a toast, falling over each other in their eagerness to curry favor.

Mu Xi Yao sat steadily in the head seat.

She lazily leaned against Zhong Zheng Lin, keeping him a company as he was surrounded by beauties. 

When it was lady Kong’s turn, she appeared to be devoid of her usual enchanting demeanor and impatience.

Instead, she behaved very cautiously and cowardly. 

At last, even the two dancers came to Zhong Zheng Lin, one on the right and one on the left, to plaster themselves onto him.

How delightful it must be to Zhong Zheng Lin, enjoying the company of beautiful women.

Mu Xi Yao was encircled by a flock of women for half a day.

Her nose was engulfed by the rogue and scent of pollen.  She covered her face with a sleeve to secretly rub the tip of her nose.

She had a hard time to suppress the discomfort and not embarrass herself in front of everyone.  

Zhong Zheng Lin glimpsed Mu Xi Yao’s little movement from the corner of his eyes.

He laughed inside.

Waving his hand, he ordered everyone to retreat to their respective seats.

Following after, he helped her to change a posture while having people to open one of the window’s screen.

Only then did Mu Xi Yao feel a little better. 

The musicians in the estate played light and slow relaxing tune.

The women partook in chit-chatting.

For a moment, the hall was a scene of springtime4 and a picture of brocade-like luxuriant flowers5. 

Mu Xi Yao would occasionally get into a conversation with Tang Yi Ru.

Lady Zhang, on the other hand, sat there well-behavedly.

She has also received tributary fruits Mu Xi Yao has bestowed.

In the midst of the lively atmosphere, with a bang sound,  the wine cup in Tang Hui Ru’s hand fell on the ground.

She has suddenly collapsed while clutching onto her chest.

In passing, she grabbed lady Wu’s clothes, making lady Wu jump up and cry out in fear. 

This jump of lady Wu has immediately alarmed everyone in the hall.

Simultaneously, they looked toward little lady Tang’s place. 

The servant girls that were attending lady Qi, seeing that the two dancers gathered toward his Highness, they also supported their mistress so that she wouldn’t lag behind. 

Hence, all the women followed the suit, wishing to use this opportunity to get close to Zhong Zheng Lin’s side.

For a moment, all the people, one after another, rushed forth toward him. 

At this time, to everyone’s surprise, the hand of the dancer who was turning around pushed lady Zhang to the ground.

Lady Zhang hugged her abdomen and cried out in pain.

Blood rapidly soaked the hem of her skirt. 

The hall turned into even greater chaos.

Two women fell onto the ground.

Everyone was at a loss as to what to do due to the scare. 

That dancer’s face turned deathly white.

With a shaking hand, she pointed at her back, repeatedly shouting that someone has ruthlessly pushed her.

However, when everyone looked there, they saw behind her only the other dancer who had the same panicked face as her. 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s handsome face darkened.

His eyes swept over everyone.

There was no one who didn’t fearfully retreat two steps backward. 

Mu Xi Yao immediately stood up.

She ordered Zhao momo to carry lady Zhang to Danruo courtyard and quickly ask for the imperial physician.

Then, she had the chief steward to take down the two and interrogate them with the torture. 

Mu Xi Yao looked at Tang Hui Ru’s condition.

No matter how she looked at it, it seemed like a sudden asthma attack.

She called Mo Lan and carefully instructed her a few words. 

In accordance with Mu Xi Yao’s directives, Mo Lan helped Tang Hui Ru arrange to a semi-reclining position.

She began to slowly massage her back while soothing and calming her emotions.

Tang Hui Ru seemed to be able to breathe somewhat easier after that.

Zhong Zheng Lin stood aside.

His expression was unreadable.

He watched how the little woman calmly asked for the imperial physician to diagnose the pulse.  

Mu Xi Yao retreated to the side.

Her beautiful eyebrows furrowed a bit. 

She had half the credit for this matter today.

However, the other half was unexpected. 

Tang Hui Ru has stayed at the estate for a long time, yet she never had an asthma attack during the time.

Since Tang House dared to send her to the estate, she certainly wasn’t a sickly person.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to attend to his Highness.

Everything was too coincidental. 

The imperial physician checked the pulse and prescribed medicine.

He only said that she has eaten some improper food that has triggered the illness.

Mu Xi Yao, however, knew that it was caused by an allergy. 

After cautiously carrying back the person to recuperate, everyone slowly dispersed.

As they walked back, the women whispered to each other, discussing about lady Zhang and little lady Tang’s scary circumstances.

Zhong Zheng Lin sent Mu Xi Yao back to her courtyard and then returned to the study.

His expression was indecipherable as he looked at the note on the table. 

The little woman’s plan was consented by him.

Firstly, they could avoid lady Zhang’s ruination while secondly they could, in addition, remove “the dancers” sent by Zhong Zheng Chun.

What’s more, they would be able to deal him a counterblow. 

To his surprise, besides Mu Xi Yao, there was also someone else who had ideas about the banquet.

That person has indeed planned well. 

His, Zhong Zheng Lin’s, inner yard has unexpectedly given birth to multitudes of able people.

There was still that “pian xian” matter.

They actually dared to involve the court.

Zhong Zheng Lin knitted his brows.

It seems that his estate needed a purge.

Otherwise, even if there were secret guards, nothing would be foolproof.

Mu Xi Yao was also contemplating this thing.

As for who detested little lady Tang the most in this estate, it would be certainly Tang shufei.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have enough manpower, otherwise, she would be able to find some clues.

In the Shuhui courtyard, Tang Yi Ru stood in front of the porcelain bottle with a sinister face, wishing she could throttle that lady Mu.

It was her again.

Last time, she intervened in lady Zhang’s matter.

This time too, it was that wench lady Mu.

She truly did times and again thwart her.

If it was not for her, today that wench would be forever quiet.

She would then harbor no thoughts of scheming against her. 

The most hateful thing was she clearly knew that someone was plotting against her yet she couldn’t openly report that person.

It was truly vexing! She must eliminate that woman as soon as possible.

Otherwise, according to her insane personality, she will likely fight her to death.

At the back, lady Qi watched little lady Tang being carried away.

She was a little surprised inside.

It seems that woman’s schemes failed.

Lady Qi was afraid that she would be implicated by her later on.

Nowadays, she could only back out and completely sever her connections with this matter.

Else, there would be only endless troubles waiting for her.

After using the medicine, little lady Tang gradually gained consciousness.

She knew without thinking who was the one that harmed her.

It was without a doubt that di sister of hers.

She had her secret in hands.

Despite that, she still dared to put a hand on her.

What a pity she has dodged the bullet.

From now on, her sister’s good days will come to an end. 

Tang Hui Ru was shooting the wild goose all day.

Yet, she’s got her eyes pecked by it! She was bent on to poison to death that Tang Yi Ru.

However, what she didn’t expect was that she would be the first to succeed the task! 

Mu Xi Yao pretended to have kept a watch over lady Zhang in Danruo courtyard for an hour.

After which, she has received the news from the imperial physician that lady Zhang’s “fetus” couldn’t be saved.

Even lady Zhang needed to recuperate for two months. 

Under the wrath of the sixth Highness, the two dancers were dragged down and caned to death.

At the same time, he sent people to deliver Zhong Zheng Chun a message which told him to dispatch people to collect bodies.

It was obvious that Zhong Zheng Lin was enraged. 

When her Ladyship Shu got the news in the palace, knowing that she had lost a “grandson”, she immediately went to seek for Yuancheng Emperor, lamenting tearfully.

Once Yuancheng Emperor left with a tensed face, she put down the handkerchief.

A smile formed on her lips. 

At first, consort Shu also thought there were good news.

She even sent Mu Xi Yao manpower.  Who knew her son would later sent her an urgent secret letter.

She subsequently found out that someone has taken advantage of a loophole.

Now that an accident has happened to lady Zhang, it was clear that Zhong Zheng Lin has made a move. 

Consort Shu cleaned her face and thought of the first prince and the noble consort’s following circumstance.

Her whole body felt light.

Translation notes: 

[1] Count well on abacus is a Chinese idiom meaning scheme well, have things well planned 

[2] A willow branch trembling in the gentle wind is a Chinese idiom describing a woman’s feeble physique and soft movements

[3] To give someone a good face is a Chinese phrase meaning to not give someone an attitude 

[4] Scene of springtime is a Chinese idiom describing the young women’s chatting and laughing voices 

[5] Brocade like luxuriant flowers is a Chinese idiom used to describe a beautiful scenery and/or beautiful things


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