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Tang Yi Ru, watching Mu Xi Yao’s amiable and gentle mannerism, snorted inwardly.

This woman, indeed, knew how to play.

Usually, she put on a virtuous and elegant facade.

People saw none of the harsh malice she displayed a moment ago. 

Unfortunately, his Highness didn’t see her true face.

Otherwise, he surely wouldn’t be bewitched by such a two-faced woman. 

Tang shufei lamented her bad ill fate inside the heart.

Looking at Mu Xi Yao’s figure and face which became even more vivid after the childbirth, she was swallowed by hate so great that her fingertips shook.  

At the back, as Tang Hui Ru watched that di sister of hers being engrossed in staring fiercely at cefei, she didn’t notice a bit of strangeness on herself.

She was elated inside.

That woman was currently also muddling through by counting days.  Yet, she still had time to be jealous.

She simply deserved to die young.

This was lady Zhang’s first appearance after she went to hiding when she had learnt of her “pregnancy”.

Her two months pregnant belly wasn’t yet noticeable.

Lady Zhang carefully supported her abdomen, her face revealed a bashfulness and tenderness. 

Mu Xi Yao was immensely impressed by lady Zhang’s delicate and superb acting skill.

The women of the inner yard were indeed extraordinary, each of them carried a special skill. 

Just as she waved, indicating lady Zhang who came forward that she needn’t be polite, Mu Xi Yao suddenly discovered her jade pendant emitting a heat.

This accident startled Mu Xi Yao.

The jade pendant prompted a warning.

Was there a danger 

She verified repeatedly.

Indeed, something was wrong with lady Zhang. 

However, there were so many people here.

In such a situation, can she (lady Zhang) still put her hand on her  Not to mention that lady Zhang was nowadays powerless to defend herself, even if she wanted to make a move, she shouldn’t pick such time. 

If she couldn’t directly put her hands on her then it must be an indirect threat.

Mu Xi Yao’s mind turned.

They were so far apart.

Could it be a poison again 

On the surface, Mu Xi Yao was still engaging in a talk with lady Zhang, inside however,  thoughts went quickly through her mind.

This lady Zhang might have again fell into somebody’s trap.

The jade pendant’s warning was to remind her of an unclean thing.

Just, she wondered whether this poison was aimed only at lady Zhang or it wanted to take the opportunity to eliminate her, Mu Xi Yao, out.

They have conversed for a while more before Mu Xi Yao took the tea to see the visitors off1.

After all the women departed, she immediately called the people serving in the room to prepare her a bath and change the clothes.

She ordered for the clothes she has worn just now to be burned down apart from the few pieces which were sent to the front so that chief steward could inspect them.

When Zhong Zheng Lin received the news in the study, his phoenix eyes narrowed.

Using a stern voice, he commanded, “Investigate!”

Then, he dispatched people to secretly check all the objects lady Zhang usually used.

In addition, he has also sent some of the utensils to Hong Gu’s place, waiting for the result.

Two days later, the secret guard came to report that the dress lady Zhang has worn on that day was contaminated with “Pian Xian”.

It wasn’t a drug.

It was a medicinal herb that would gradually induce a malformation in the growth of the infant.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes flashed with the murderous glint.

Did they want to murder “the unborn fetus” in lady Zhang’s belly or kill two birds with one stone, not letting off even Cheng Qing

He needn’t think at all.

The culprits behind the scenes was bound to be those good elder brothers of his.

Looking at the report, Zhong Zheng Lin felt gladful.

Fortunately, the little woman was observant of poisons, otherwise, this medicine may have flared up on his son.

This was the second time Mu Yi Yao has displayed a particularly vigilant side to poison.

Zhong Zheng Lin recalled clearly.

The first time it was with the case of dormant spiders during the selection.

It seemed that the little woman had many secrets.

Zhong Zheng Lin ordered people to monitor lady Zhang’s courtyard to capture the one behind the Pian Xian and to follow the vine to get to the melon2.

Following the incident, he took Mu Xi Yao and their son to consort Shu’s palace to pay her respect.

Pretending that they’ve stayed there overnight, he used this opportunity to send people to clean up Danruo courtyard.

Only then was he reassured enough to bring them back to the estate.

After two days, Zhong Zheng Lin got a message from the secret guard.

His complexion darkened like the bottom of a pot.

It turned out that there was more than one person involved.

On that same evening, a servant girl and a guard quietly disappeared from the sixth prince’s estate.

At the same time, the concubine lady Kong looked at the half finger and pack of powder that has suddenly appeared in the chamber with a deadly pale face.

Her body immediately limped on the ground.

She bit the silk handkerchief as she sobbed out while her body broke into a shudder.

In Danruo courtyard, Zhong Zheng Lin drew Mu Xi Yao into his arms, slowly telling her about this matter.

Lady Kong has listened to the goading of a servant girl in her courtyard.

She was infuriated and resentful that lady Zhang has entered the estate later than her yet was the first to receive the good news.

She has intentionally waited for lady Zhang on the road and seizing the opportunity, she used the medicine on her, the later discovered “Pian Xian”.

However, that lady Kong couldn’t be more hopelessly stupid.

She hasn’t even checked up the background of the servant girl that has been staying at her side, serving her for two years.

By an unfortunate chance, among the three second-rank servant girls, she has promoted a mole planted by the first prince.

The powder also came from her.

But, the target of their plot wasn’t the unborn child in lady Zhang’s belly but Zhong Zheng Lin’s firstborn son, Cheng Qing.

As for that guard, he and one servant girl from the crown prince’s estate were from the same hometown.

They were childhood sweethearts.

They were very cautious when meeting up.

Unexpectedly, the crown prince had found out and blackmailed him with the life of his lover, forcing that guard to betray his master, secretly putting “the pearl of Xizi” to lady Zhang’s beverage.

The crown prince wanted to use lady Zhang, this pawn of his, to create chaos in Zhong Zheng Lin’s inner yard, best to see some framing and backstabbing, dragging in two or three women so that Yuancheng Emperor would see how chaotic was the sixth’s inner yard and that he couldn’t be entrusted with important tasks.

Mu Xi Yao leaned against the man’s arms, listening to the man’s low and mocking words.

Her beautiful pair of eyes were filled with sharp glow.

Since Zhong Zheng Chun dared to touch her son, then she, Mu Xi Yao, also won’t be a doormat.

The only thing that brute could brag about was the military achievements.

When one hit snake one hit its seventh inch3.

When Mu Xi Yao made a move, it was always ruthless and resolute.

The most satisfying counterattack was to make that brute unable to get on the battlefield and earn any merits.

Yet, have no other choice as to helplessly watch his younger brother being bestowed title and advance in ranks.

As for the crown prince, Zhong Zheng Lin will deal with him.

Since he hasn’t directly provoked her, she didn’t have the time nor mood to steal Zhong Zheng Lin’s fun.

As Mu cefei thought of those two trouble-makers and then looked at her forearmed man’s calm demeanor, she chuckled.

“Your Highness, qie thinks the crown prince and the first prince treats you quite generously.” Mu Xi Yao lifted a strand of Zhong Zheng Lin’s hair on his temple, using its tip to softly sweep the side of his neck.

“Naughty.” Zhong Zheng Lin caught the little woman’s mischievous hand and positioned her in front of him.

He lifted up her dazzling face that beamed with smiles only to see her face filled with calculation as she smiled at him sweetly.

It’s been two months since those two dancers entered the estate.

After going through Mu cefei’s personal examination and getting her consent, they finally got an opportunity to present their dance in front of his Highness.

Mu Xi Yao was propped sidewise against the head seat.

Her fair jade-like fingers peeled tributary lychee from the south, feeding them leisurely to Zhong Zheng Lin who was leaning languidly beside her.

Yet, her eyes were sweeping around the different women sitting underneath.

Last night, they’ve released the news that Mu Xi Yao will personally host a banquet to entertain Zhong Zheng Lin.

In addition, she has specially called dancers to perform.

The women of the inner yard could hardly sit still.  Today peach red and willow green4 came in each others company.

Even the three months pregnant lady Zhang was unwilling to be left out.

Supported by the maidservant’s hand, she sat down on Tang shufei’a left side.

Everyone looked at the two dancers below who after cefei’s teaching were truly radiating with coquettishness, so seductive they could steal one’s soul.

Their faces were covered by a silk veil.

They’ve raised their bottoms and swung their hips.

The crystal chain that hung on their waist refracted brilliance with each sway of their body.

The two’s slender waists moved fervently back and forth, its curve exquisite.

Under the translucent muslin dress, their bodice was faintly discernible.

As their body undulated during the movements, the cleavage of their bosom became prominent to people’s eyes.

Mu Xi Yao secretly sighed.

Luckily, the people that Zhong Zheng Chun has selected haven’t failed to live up to dance clothes she has personally drawn-out.

These two women’s fundamentals were extremely solid.

Their every movement carried a shy seduction and provocation.

They’ve clearly received a special training.

To one’s surprise, even someone as vulgar as Zhong Zheng Chun actually knew how to recognize quality.

Maybe men were by nature gifted in sexual affairs, their skills profound.

Even the usually cold sixth prince Zhong Zheng Lin was well versed in this matter in the private, having found pleasure in it.

 Mu Xi Yao turned her head to look at Zhong Zheng Lin who was concentrated on appreciating the beauties’ lithe and graceful dancing.

She laughed mockingly.

“Are beauties good, your Highness” She sent him endearing messages with her eyes, teasing Zhong Zheng Lin for being enthralled.

The big hand of his squeezed her ample derriere under the cover of the wide sleeve, “Care” He watched attentively her accusing appearance, yet his hands didn’t cease its movement.

“These two women know martial arts.” Zhong Zheng Lin whispered softly while nibbling at Mu Xi Yao’s ear.

Translation notes: 

[1]Take the tea to see visitor off – In ancient China, there was a practice of “end tea to send customers.” When the guests meet, the servant offers tea.

The host thinks that after the matter is over, he will pick up the teacup and use the tea.

When the guest’s lips touched the tea in the cup, the servant shouted: “Send the guest!” The host stood up and sent the guest, and the guests voluntarily quit

[2] To follow the vine to get to the melon is a Chinese idiom meaning to track sth following clues

[3] when one hit snake one hit its seventh inch is a Chinese idiom meaning hit where it hurts 

[4] Peach red and willow green is a Chinese idiom used to describe the blooming/luxuriant  and colorful spring landscape


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