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The carriage of the fifth prince, Zhong Zheng Ming, was slowly heading to Fahua temple.

This trip was due to his maternal aunt.

He was to hitch his little cousin, Mo Wan Qing, on his way back and send her home.

Zhong Zheng Ming’s maternal aunt was the sister of deceased consort Dongxian[1].

It happened that his aunt had brought along to the hot spring villa outside of Qingzhou to stay for a while with her younger daughter.

Zhong Zheng Ming’s mother died early, thus he had shifted his affections to his maternal family.

When consort Xian was still alive, Zhong Zheng Ming’s maternal aunt often took along two cousins into the palace, to keep his consort-mother company.

Every time they would bring, especially for him, books and picture albums he was fond of.

Therefore, Zhong Zheng Ming was quite familiar with his two cousins.

The elder cousin had far-married into Huizhou two years ago.

Usually, they were only exchanging letters asking about each other’s well-being.

They haven’t seen each other for a long time.

The younger cousin, on contrary, wasn’t yet betrothed.

Since uncle took up the post outside the capital, they rarely met.

As he had arrived in Qingzhou now and had finally met with the maternal aunt and little cousin, it was only natural that he would take a good care of Mo Wan Qing.

Today Mo Wan Qing went to Fanhua temple to redeem a vow[2].

Coincidentally, he was nearby so he might as well take her back with him on his way to the city.

Hence, he took a carriage and drove there.

He contemplated that it should be the time.

Suddenly, the carriage swayed.

Zhong Zheng Ming didn’t watch out and spilled the tea on his hand.

The outside was also in a great mess.

A chiding voice could be heard.

When the carriage stopped, Zhong Zheng Ming pushed aside the curtain.

He saw few feet ahead of him a crafty looking middle-aged man sitting disheveled on the ground.

He was clearly the culprit who startled the horses.

His arm was currently twisted by an unusually fierce-looking man in coarse woolen clothes.

Although the two knew they had caused trouble, both were unwilling to drop the matter.

They were still pulling each other.

Zhong Zheng Ming frowned.

He ordered the guards to go over and mediate their quarrel.

Who would have thought that instead of fixing the matter, the two actually started to fight

“Today if you don’t settle your debts, your lord, me, will break both of your legs!” The big man’s expression was menacing.

He had an air of bandit enveloping him.

The middle-aged man was also nasty, he shouted, “Brat, you dare! Just try to touch me and see how your lord Kun[3] will pluck your head!” After finishing talking, he took the advantage of his sitting position and kicked the big man.

While the big man was groaning in pain, he broke free from his hold and climbed up.

Without even looking back, he immediately started to run.

Unexpectedly, the big man behind him reacted very quickly.

He threw himself at him and the two, again, began sparring with each other, exchanging the blows.

At this time, more and more people stopped by to watch and gossip.

Zhong Zheng Ming coldly watched.

He ordered guards to directly drag those two away.

Seeing that the coming people, who were about to raise their hands and use force, wore ordinary clothes, the big man totally ignored them and instead threatened them to not meddle in his business.

The middle-aged man was even worse.

He wasn’t even a tiny bit grateful.

As if an enlightenment had struck him, he simply put the blame on others.

He then started to yell loudly that he had been knocked down by carriage, his whole body was in pain and that he required to be treated by a physician.

He also pointed at guards and told to big man: “If you make them pay for the damage, I will clear my debts with you.”

At this time the watching audience roared with laughter as it turned more and more entertaining Even the big man turned his head and looked at the guards beside him.

How could Zhong Zheng Ming not understand that he has come upon two scoundrels He was too lazy to think if that middle-aged man wanted to swindle some money or the two were from the start accomplices.

Taking into the consideration the errand he still had to run, it would be only wise to hush it up.

As a result, he ordered his people to cease talking and directly pull apart those two hoodlums and drag them away.

He then dismissed the surrounding people who were watching the scene, tidied up the chassis and continued to move forward.

At this time, Zhong Zheng Ming didn’t know that this short period of time, this delay, wasn’t just a ‘simple moment’.

What a pity.

Since Zhong Zheng Ming believed that he has only encountered two itinerant hoodlums, he didn’t give it much thoughts.

This had actually accomplished Mu Xi Yao’s crafty scheme and made things progress exceptionally smoothly.

This was why Zhao Qing had a strange expression on his face when he originally listened to Mu Xi Yao’s command.

Master told him ‘to be professional’, ‘love the profession he takes up’, ‘to not be nervous and act like himself’.

It made Zhao Qing think that second miss had a better understanding of hoodlum profession than those people of three religions and nine schools[4].

It was very, uhm…….’professional’.

On the Mu Xi Yao’s side, the guards quickly returned and reported that ahead of them were some people harassing womenfolks and that they were obstructing the road.

Mu Xi Yao frowned.

She had her people follow her and go over there.

She saw three well-dressed young men with seven or eight servants and attendants intercepting two women.

Their appearance was debauched and the words they spoke vulgar.

One of them had good eyes.

After he registered Mu Xi Yao and her party, his gaze became firmly fixed on the girl who was shielded from the center.

He was staring at them without blinking, his appearance was indisputably distasteful.

Seeing their miss to be offended by that man, Hui Lan and Mo Lan were just about to chide him but he spoke first: “Young missus, did you just redeem a vow in the temple It’s already late….” As he was speaking he was also getting closer to them.

His eyes were focused on Mu Xi Yao, wantonly looking her over from head to foot without any restraint.

Mu Xi Yao had previously decided to save beauties.

Before she had the chance to fully display her capabilities, she has first unexpectedly drawn to her all the hostility.

She gave cold-shoulder to that country bumpkin like seduction.

Alright, this woman wasn’t aware that she has been offended at all.

She only felt that this fellow’s seduction downgraded her standards.

The other two, hearing the noise, turned their head to size up ten something people, that had arrived here.

What a spectacle awaited them.

The miss that was surrounded in the center was very beautiful.

Dressed in fancy clothes, she appeared elegant and dignified.

Just her imposing manner was something that ordinary misses could not compare to.

Even her maids and guards were outstanding.

They were all well-dressed and disciplined.

He had a bad feeling.

It seems that he has encountered someone with a background, someone, whom he absolutely couldn’t provoke.

Just when he was feeling anxious and was about to pull back that ignorant fellow, promptly apologize for their behavior and quickly slip away, he heard that moron start talking: “This young missus is so good-looking, possessing fair skin and beautiful face.

I’m afraid that those people with ill-intentions won’t be able to get their minds off you.

What about you join me and we travel together We can protect and assist each other.” As he said this, he was approaching Mu Xi Yao.



The voices of Hui Lan and Mo Lan rang at the same time.

The guards rushed to the front, blocking that rakehell and protecting the womenfolk.

The pair of orchids[5] trembled with anger.

Following their miss for so many years, it was their first time encountering such an outrageous thing.

They were afraid that their master got frightened, hence they quickly cast a glance at their miss.

If they didn’t look they wouldn’t know that their master wasn’t paying any heed to what was happening on this side at all.

Where was that trace of fear on her face Instead, her eyes were shining brightly at the two women in the front.

One had to wonder if she even heard those vulgar words.

“Is this lady and young miss going down the mountain If yes, we can actually travel together.”

The girl’s voice was clear and mellow.

She completely ignored that nagging man.

At the present, all her thoughts were placed on the pair of mother-daughter.

At this time, there was no one who wouldn’t know that Mu Xi Yao wanted to defend those two.

They heard her instruct the guard on the left: “Zhao Qing, go and fetch the lady and the miss.” A tall guard then marched ahead with steady footsteps and solemn expression on the face.

The two men in the back weren’t sure of their identity, thus they remained silent.

Since their masters didn’t give them any commands, the servants nearby also didn’t make any moves.

The rakehell came to realize that the beauty not only didn’t pay him any heed, she was even distracted as she had to take care of those insignificant people.

Having had enough, he shouted: “Beauty,……….”

He didn’t yet finish his speech, he saw that “beauty” first give a nod to the mother-daughter who have come over to her and then give them little comfort.

Turning her head, she commanded: “Zhao Qing, order people to send this gentleman back to Qingzhou and hand him to the magistracy.

If the other two gentlemen are also interested, invite them both to Qingzhou prefectural magistracy to enjoy some tea.” Her expression was cold and words sharp.

The latter two got scared.

They hurried to apologize, then took their people and panicky turned around to run.

They left their companion there.

He hasn’t yet come to himself and was already taken down.

Mu Xi Yao could relax now.

She was again that sweet-tempered girl.

She greeted the two and exchanged some pleasantries with them as well as introducing their mutual family.

As expected.

The two women were Di Wu Yi Zhao’s family relative.

His wife lady Wen together with daughter Di Wu Yu Ying hastened to express their thanks.

Their attitude was very sincere as they were very grateful to her.

When Mu Xi Yao proposed to travel together, they consented as they understood that the other person was showing them consideration.

Hence, they have once again repeatedly expressed their thanks.

When Mu Xi Yao took a step she noticed that the seam of Di Wu Yu Yin’s fine muslin fairy retaining skirt[6] was torn.

She assumed that it was accidentally ripped by grass and trees.

She had Hui Lan to get a long cloak.

After these adjustments were made, the group of people set off.

At the foot of the mountain, Mu Xi Yao sends the two off to their carriage and also assigned them two guards to escort them.

Afterward, she turned around and left.

As she made two steps, she saw not far from her a man coming out of the carriage.

It was actually fifth prince Zhong Zheng Ming!

Mu Xi Yao was inwardly surprised, but her face showed nothing.

She turned slightly to talk with Mo Lan.

Unexpectedly, from behind, a girl with quick steps walked over.

She complained to Zhong Zheng Ming with a sweet voice, her tone was full of grievances: “Elder cousin, you have finally arrived!”

It turned out to be her! ‘Mo Wan Qing’.

When Mu Xi Yao recalled about her, her mood turned gloomy.

There was nothing wrong with Mo Wan Qing.

But she had a close friend who was Mu Xi Yao’s arch enemy! In the previous life, she had caused Mu Xi Yao to miscarry a male fetus.

That culprit was Jiang cefei, Pin Ting of Jiang clan who currently just turned fifteen!

Very good.

These people who were waiting for her to settle matters with them, she won’t let any of them get away.

Mu Xi Yao climbed to the carriage.

She started to scheme.

Since Mo Wan Qing was at Qingzhou, was there any chance for her to plant someone to her side After all, she was going to be Zhong Zheng Ming’s cefei, so she was still very useful.

If there was an unrest in inner residence[7], in critical situations it could cost a person life.


This needs to be done as soon as possible, Mu Xi Yao seriously mused.



[1] Dong was the clan name of the imperial consort Xian.

Xian is her title bestowed by Emperor, which meant “virtuous”

[2] Usually, when people go to temples to pray for spirit’s protection, they will make promises/vows (which are actually good deeds believed to please spirits).

After realizing their wishes, people often believed that spirits have protected and blessed them, they burn incense again and offer fruits and vegetarian meals to them as a way to keep their promises to them and give them their thanks.

This is called “Redeeming vows”

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Amen and Peace!

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[3] By lord Kun he meant himself.

In this case, the lord is actually honorific used to refer to oneself as superior

[4] The three Religions consists of Daoism, Confucianism, Buddhism and nine schools are Confucians, Daoists, Yin-Yang, Legalists, Logicians, Mohists, Political Strategists, Eclectics, Agriculturists.

This idiom is often derogatory and means people from all trades or people of all walks of life

[5] By the pair of orchids they mean Hui Lan and Mo Lan since the Lan in their name means orchid

[6] Fairy retaining skirt is a skirt with folds (similar to nowadays pleated skirt)

[7] Inner residence is women’s quarters, a place where women reside.

Something like a harem.



Little scenario made by the translator and the editor while cosplaying reporter and tea:

Reporter: Tea, you have made yet another cameo appearance.

What are your feelings

Tea: Im feeling great! I’m on my way to fulfill my dream!

Reporter: What’s your dream

Tea: My dream is to be casted as a hero/heroine/MC of my own story.

I will be the most exquisite tea of all my peers!

Reporter: Did you receive any new projects

Tea: All the time.

For new story or people asking me for extra appearance.

But, you know, its always cameo for sipping me, swirling me, spilling me or just leaving me to cool down.

That’s the worst one.

They are not utilizing my talent at all since I’m only chilling.

Don’t you think so too

Reporter: Oh dear.

It’s indeed a waste of talent.

If you were to play the main protagonist in the next project, what kind of role would you like to play

Tea: Hehehe.

Can I really say it Can I

Reporter: Of course! You can spill out anything you want.

(The more you spill the better for us muhahaha)

Tea: Then I wanna play together with my friend teapot! It would be an adventure where we would find lot of new things and friends and fight against people that are bad.

Oh, oh, and we can even have a time travel adventure! It would start with accidentally breaking old tea cup, there would be bright light and whoosh! we would be in the past! We will meet with teas and teapots that are now hundreds of years old! A-also a little r-romance….with….t-t-teapot (whisper).

Reporter: That’s a nice story! Let’s cross fingers for you.

Maybe your next acting project will be like the one you described! ^^

Tea: (۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )۶ʸᵉᵃʰᵎ


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