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Mu Xi Yao was pressed down by Zhong Zheng Lin.

After helping him relieve once, the man finally let her off the hook reluctantly.

With a crimson face, she cleaned her hands.

“Your Highness, have you given little guy one a name” In the private, Mu Xi Yao more preferred the endearment little bun.

However, the sixth Highness certainly won’t agree.

As a result, she could only call him a little guy for the time being.

As soon as Zhong Zheng Lin heard her mention this matter, his complexion immediately turned bad.

This morning, the old man had passed a message that he will personally grace tomorrow’s bathing ceremony.

He even had come up with the name of his firstborn son.

When the time arrives, he will bestow the name before the guests who came to pay a visit.

Zhong Zheng Lin has guessed bits and piece of what’s the old man was up to.

However, he was really unhappy that he made a big deal of his son’s name.

In the case he wasn’t satisfied with the bestowed name, he would have no other choice than to thank for the grace.

How could it compare to the name both he and Mu Xi Yao reached after the discussion

Besides, this would put Mu Xi Yao and their son at the place where the wind and the waves are the fiercest1.

Not mentioning those brothers of his who would be dissatisfied.

Even the womenfolk from each estate would definitely feel uncomfortable inwardly.

Mu Xi Yao, seeing him crease his brows, thought it was another taboo, “Could it be the child has to reach one year of age before he can be officially named”

She has been in Great Wei only for two-three years.

During the time, she had never come into contact with matters concerned to children.

She had heard that at some places they would officially record the child to the lineage book only after the child turns one year old.

“There’s no such practice.

But generally, people would wait till the child is one hundred days old.” Zhong Zheng Lin helped her change her posture so that she could speak while leaning comfortably against his chest.

“This time, it’s different with our son.

Tomorrow, the old man will personally bestow the name.” Seeing Mu Xi Yao failing to understand the meaning behind, Zhong Zheng Lin stroked her hair and encircled the person into his arms, telling her in detail the story about the crown prince’s firstborn son.

Mu Xi Yao frowned as she listened.

Even the crown prince’s firstborn son had been bestowed a name on his one hundred day celebration.

Yet, the first thing little bun was forced to do tomorrow was to attract the other’s envy

Based on the crown prince’s chicken gut2 and intolerant nature, it was unlikely he won’t bear a grudge.

Seeing her face turn cold, Zhong Zheng Lin hugged her, his gaze profound.

The two snuggled up to each other, uttering no words for a very long time.

Inside the heart, Mu Xi Yao took note of Yuencheng Emperor.

In passing, she has also placed the crown prince on her blacklist.

She has decided to look for opportunities and assist her man in taking out that narrow-minded, violent and unreliable crown prince.

With a decision in mind, she let this matter go and continued to think about her son’s name.

This was a big thing in one’s lifetime.

If the name was too appalling or too terrific, she would rather call the little guy with a courtesy name that she chooses for him.

Otherwise, no one could stand having to hear the name one disliked on a daily basis.

“Your Highness is in line to “Zheng” character3.

What’s the character for the imperial grandson’s generation” Mu Xi Yao asked her professional consultant.

Zhong Zheng Lin didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

He pinched her cheeks while pretending to be fierce.

Mu Xi Yao was fond of reading books and have accumulated abundant knowledge through them.

He didn’t expect she would make such negligence.

“The surname of Great Wei’s imperial family is — Zhong Zheng.” His phoenix eyes threw her an askance look.

Inside them was a glint of teasing, waiting to see her embarrassed appearance.

Sure enough.

After the little woman realized that, she immediately became embarrassed.

She awkwardly bore into his bosom while grumbling shamelessly, “Who told the taboo names to be prohibited from being called Qie naturally wouldn’t be clear about it.”

Mu Xi Yao was ashamed inside.

She has married that man and born him a baby, yet she has made a mistake about his surname.

Such mishap…….she was too embraced to show her face.

Her respond has reminded Zhong Zheng Lin that vigorous “jerk” she called him yesterday.

At the time, his name has slipped out smoothly from the little woman’s mouth.

Clearly, she wasn’t polite with him in private.

Who knew how many times she kept harping on him inside her mind Zhong Zheng Lin thought it was nice having his name being called by people.

It was much more intimate.

Unfortunately, the little woman acted well-behaved when sober, refusing to call his name.

The man’s deep voice sounded at her ear, “Jiao Jiao was very exceptional yesterday.

Your call of a jerk has quite touched bendian’s feelings.” After finishing, his big hand caressed the side of her neck, as if to settle a score with her.

Mu Xi Yao bewailed that the stinky man still remembered to settle the score with her after giving birth to a child.

What was she going to do At that time, she acted violently merely due to the anger.

It was momentary anger.

Nowadays, how dared she clamor and behave muddle-headed

She reached out her hands to hug Zhong Zheng Lin’s neck.

She stroked her little face against his cheek, shamelessly going back on her words, “Qie was confused at the time because of the pain, can’t remember at all about this incident.

If qie has accidentally offended your Highness then qie ought……” Mu Xi Yao’s dark pupils turned.

She was clearly thinking of ways how to appease boss.

Zhong Zheng Lin originally said those words only to tease her.

Since she took the bait, how could he let her off

“Oh What ought you do” The man waited for her latter part with great interest.

Mu Xi Yao, seeing that she couldn’t delay anymore, made up her mind.

With a flirtatious appearance, she sweetly leaned against him to lick and suck on Zhong Zheng Lin’s Adam’s apple.

She seductively said two words at his ear.

“Recompensation by the flesh.” The man made an angry sound of reproval and subsequently pushed her down, going for another round of proper tormenting.

In the evening, Mu Xi Yao suddenly recalled that the matter regarding lady Zhang being poisoned hasn’t been clarified yet.

She inquired the sixth Highness who was flipping through a book while gently rocking the bun’s little bed.

Zhong Zheng Lin didn’t even lift his head as he snorted coldly.

Obviously, he wasn’t satisfied that he hasn’t caught the person.

He even told her to be mindful, fearing that this matter had other entanglements.

To be able to elude his secret guards, this thing definitely wasn’t as simple as an ordinary matter that related to the women of the inner yard.

On the morning of the bathing ceremony, Mu Xi Yao was in high spirits.

She got up early, ordering Mo Lan to freshen up the little bun.

Seeing him well-behaved, neither crying nor throwing tantrums, and blowing bubbles as he rested against the wet nurse’s shoulder after having his stomach filled, the more Mu Xi Yao looked at him the more she loved him.

The little guy was very sturdy and grew fast, benefitting from Mu Xi Yao’s special physical condition and daily breastfeeding.

The wrinkles on his skin have almost completely disappeared.

He had no red skin or an old man’s face of the ordinary newborns.

The little guy was fair and chubby, like a glutinous rice dumpling.

Holding the little clothes Mu Xi Yao ordered the needlework department to make quickly, the more she looked at it the more satisfied she became.

She urged people to change the little guy’s clothes while looking at him laugh happily.

This attire of his was just too cute.

Mu Xi Yao’s eyes glistened with vivid light as she watched him.

Gui momo, Hui Lan and the lot stared at the little master’s tiger cub’s attire.

They itched to go forward and pinch him a bit.

The clothes their master personally designed was indeed good-looking.

No wonder Jia Yi workshop’s business was so fiery.

When Zhong Zheng Lin came in to pick his son, he saw a crowd of people forming a circle, chattering cheerfully there.

He coughed lightly.

After people scattered, he saw Mu Xi Yao sitting in the center, proudly showing off his son.

Her face was filled with pride and satisfaction.

When he looked closer, well, his son was attired in a tiger-like clothes.

In addition, he’s got ears and a tail!

The sixth Highness immediately became unhappy.

His son, after being fiddled by Mu Xi Yao….what’s more, watching that little face that was quite similar to his, no matter how he looked he felt that that woman didn’t harbor good intentions.

He then took a look at his own dark purple prince gown with golden-threaded rims.

It was obviously a dignified and noble ceremonial robe.

If he carried his son out like that, Zhong Zheng Lin felt he might be laughed at by people.

Since little, the sixth Highness was raised in a rich and aristocratic nest, being dressed respectably from the head to toe, following the rules and regulations of the imperial prince.

Now, as he glanced at his son, he was simply a unique existence in the palace, not following its practices at all.

As he was hesitating whether his son should change to proper little clothes, he saw the little woman stuff their son to his arms with a face beaming with big smiles.

She seemed immensely proud of herself, shaking her head and asking for approval.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s head ached greatly.

Taking a look at his son’s lovable appearance, he felt if he went like this his son will certainly have a hard time.

How could those womenfolk from the inner yard not rush to torment his son

Unfortunately, Mu Xi Yao won’t let their son change clothes.

She even went as far as to act pitifully in front of him, pretending that her tears were about to fall.

Helpless, the sixth Highness stiffly held his son, his face was stretched very tautly, his footsteps firm.

He went to the front yard, surrounded by an abnormally solemn aura.

Today, courtiers that came to visit and congratulate him were all waiting at the front.

Hearing the news that Yuancheng Emperor would come, many of them brought their principal wives to congratulate them very early, attaching great importance to this event.

The imperial princes with their womenfolk have all arrived.

Even the crown princess was holding her frail di son as she talked to the fifth princess consort in the hall.

When the chatting group of people saw the sixth Highness striding over, they immediately raised their spirit about to step forward and congratulate him, but who knew, at this time Yuancheng Emperor’s carriage arrived followed by her Ladyship Shu’s carriage and her entourage

Translation notes: 

[1]Where the wind and the waves are the fiercest is a Chinese idiom meaning at the heart of the struggle, in the teeth of the storm

[2] Chicken gut is a Chinese idiom meaning narrow-minded, petty

[3] Referring to generation name where one of the characters in a traditional Chinese name is shared between each member of the generation, see here


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