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Chapter 54


Since the two have returned to the palace from the villa, as if in tacit understanding, they haven’t mentioned what had happened.

Like everything was the same and nothing has changed.

Few days later, Zhong Zheng Lin and Di Wu Yi Zhao had a secret discussion.

A memorial requesting Ministry of War to assist in direct handling of the military training of the capital’s barrack in Shengjin was sent.

Yuancheng Emperor was preparing to use troops in Mobei but lacked a  competent helping hand.

Thus, when he looked at Zhong Zheng Lin’s memorial, he immediately granted the request.

Zhong Zheng Lin stepped into Danruo courtyard.

From afar, he could see the candlelight in the house.

His heart felt soft. 

Although that woman shunned his forceful pushing, she used another way to achieve mutual candidness. 

Seeing Zhong Zheng Lin entering, Mu Xi Yao got up and went over to take his coat, which she then handed over to Mo Lan.

Afterward, she served him hot tea.

Beaming with smiles, she sat down and watched him taste tea as if the previous alienation and strife between the two never existed.

Zhong Zheng Lin has already found the difference.

Mu Xi Yao was too lazy to conceal it.

She might as well take on a “just let it be” kind of attitude.

Zhong Zheng Lin actually enjoyed such attitude of hers.

“Your Highness, coming to Danruo courtyard at this time, is there any important matter” Zhong Zheng Lin should be at the study right now.

His phoenix eyes glanced at her beautiful misty eyes.

Zhong Zheng Lin, as if inadvertently, rubbed the teacup in his hand, “Bendian will go to a military camp for a period of time.

If something happens during the time, just call Tian Fu Shan.

If you’re unable to make a decision, go to the palace to seek mother consort’s help.” 

Hearing that Zhong Zheng Lin was going to barrack, Mu Xi Yao knew then what was going on.

After a little thinking, she lowered her head to gently caress her round belly.

Subsequently, she looked up at him, “When she is going to be born, will your Highness return to the palace”

“Bendian will certainly hurry back.

Needless to worry.

Bear in mind to take care of yourself.” Zhong Zheng Lin went over to take the person to his arms, his big hand covered her small one.

Mu Xi Yao looked back at the man’s solemn face.

She smiled sweetly, “Good.

Qie and she will wait for your Highness.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin hugged Mu Xi Yao and watched her orderly commanding servant girls to pack up clothes, emergency medicines for injuries, gloves, knee pads and other things for his traveling.  Zhong Zheng Lin felt very happy inside. 

His phoenix eyes shifted a little to look at the woman in his arms with bulging belly who took care and arranged things for him.  He felt both tenderness and regret in the heart. 

She did everything she was obliged to do as cefei, yet she refused to respond to his feelings.

Perhaps she did, but it was only a supplementary to cefei’s rank.

It wasn’t whole-hearted, without reservation. 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s sight stopped at Mu Xi Yao’s side profile.

He watched her cheeks redden, dodging his line of sight out of embarrassment and anger. 

When everything was properly packed, Zhong Zheng Lin took her hand and together they went back to the room. 

Mu Xi Yao was pregnant, thus she was prone to sleepiness.

After just a mere few words, she fell into a sweet dream while in the man’s embrace. 

Holding a delicate softness in the arms, Zhong Zheng Lin only felt that Mu Xi Yao being pregnant was truly torture, making him abstain for several months.

He only quietly stroked her waterfall like black hair.

Then, he leaned over to steal a kiss from her. 

As he lifted his eyes again, his eyes showed firm and unwavering determination. 

What he, Zhong Zheng Lin, wanted, there was no way he won’t get it.

Even if it was the power over the whole world he will obtain it one day.

Mu Xi Yao was an enamor he had never thought he would have.

This woman’s everything should by right belong to him.

A man as proud as Zhong Zheng Lin absolute won’t shirk this fact.

Even more, he won’t admit his failure in love. 

For now, he will tolerate Mu Xi Yao’s wavering.

However, he won’t allow her forever hesitating pacing back and forth, not advancing.

He will temporarily let her be free.

After he sorts out his things and get time to think, he will come back to properly fix this woman’s “obedience”. 

On the next day, Zhong Zheng Lin took Mu Xi Yao to the outside of the main gate.

He didn’t heed the gazes of other people.

After tidying up the hood for her, he stared at her for a while, following which he left her to Mo Lan to support her.

Ultimately, he hit the horse and left.

Once the sixth Highness left the estate, the women of the inner yard all weakly returned to their respective courtyards.

For a moment, the prince’s estate turned into an unprecedented peaceful and silent scene.

Originally, seeing that his Highness has graced lady Zhang, all the women in the inner yard were wild with joy, thinking that his Highness was fed up with cefei, that they finally got the hope.

However, they didn’t expect it would last so short.

A day later, his Highness would again start to treasure cefei.

That lady Mu was truly dammed stubborn.

Why did she have to hinder their path, unable to get rid of

The Tang sisters loathed each other whenever they took a look at one another.

They detested each other very much, believing that it was the other party who made fool of them and thus lost their face, causing his Highness to dislike them.

Each of them schemed in their chamber how to completely eliminate the other one, to leave behind a scourge.

Moreover, there was that lady Zhang.

If she wasn’t eradicated now then when it would be

Half a month later, a pot suddenly exploded in the calm inner yard1.

Lady Zhang who has served only for one day was diagnosed with pregnancy.

Tian Fu Shan listened to the subordinate’s report with a distorted face.

He only felt like he saw his Highness’s gloomy and sinister face.

His Highness’s unusual gracing that time.

It certainly had made Tian Fu Shan secretly surprised.

He originally thought his Highness was going to descend rain and dew2.

Only afterward did he learnt that his Highness actually had a disagreement with that one.

He merely used lady Zhang as his chess.

Following the gracing, he bestowed the anti-conception decoction, meaning that his Highness absolutely had no wish of leaving her with a child.

Now, lady Zhang was pregnant.

If that mistress learnt of it and something was going to happen to her due to the stifled anger, not to mention his Highness, even consort Shu will surely insist on tearing him apart.

Tian Fu Shan truly regretted his past deeds.

At the time he should have damned watched the person drink the medicine and not just sent it over.

He has underestimated these women’s guts.

Was this still that well-behaved lady Zhang If in the future the others received his Highness’s favor and followed the suit, then his, Tian Fu Shan’s, chief steward position would also come to an end.

When Mu Xi Yao abruptly heard news of lady Zhang’s pregnancy, she narrowed her eyes and snorted.

Men were indeed unreliable.

Originally, she had planned to peacefully give birth to a little bun, yet, who would have expected an unforeseen accident to occur  Zhong Zheng Lin that man indeed knew how to cause her inconvenience at the critical moment.

At this time, nothing must go wrong.

The sixth Highness was away from the estate.

No matter whether it was her or lady Zhang’s belly if any of them had a mishap, she, Mu Xi Yao would have to shoulder the crime of not taking proper care of both of them. 

What’s more, if only lady Zhang had an accident, she would immediately stand where the wind and the waves were the fiercest3.

Plotting against a concubine’s life, killing the imperial prince’s offspring, these kind of accusations she, Mu Xi Yao, has to decline. 

Mu Xi Yao inwardly cursed Zhong Zheng Lin all over again.

He kept saying that she will give birth to the firstborn son, even going as far as to visit villa where he, for once, pretended to understand the situation and was tactful, confessing to her his feelings.

But, what was now with the human life he has created

Mu cefei who was going to give birth soon, secretly marked inside to the heart: Future Jianan Emperor talked sheer nonsense, like a villain!

Even though the sixth Highness was silently cursed greatly by the woman he cared for he still didn’t receive her forgiveness.

The chief steward rushed over to report back to her that his Highness had sent the decoction, that lady Zhang’s pregnancy was a pure accident.

It was truly not in his Highness’s wish for this to happen.

Mu Xi Yao scoffed at chief steward’s explanation.

An accident happening to Zhong Zheng Lin while sleeping with a woman This was how he got his throne

Now that lady Zhang was diagnosed with child and she was also managing the household, no problems must incur to her.

After telling Tian Fu Shan to report the news to consort Shu, to ask her to bestow two thoughtful and experienced wet nurses and two attendees, she transferred lady Zhang together with the people in her courtyard to a secluded place in the inner yard so she could raise her fetus behind the closed doors. 

Consort Shu, hearing about Mu Xi Yao’s thoughtful placement, nodded inwardly.

That girl was quick-witted.

Her actions were open and candid, too.

It was clear that it was an open warning to the women in the inner yard that this fetus was looked after by her and her Ladyship in the palace, that they were forbidden to make any moves.

Having a cefei to protect her, this Zhong Zheng Lin’s concubine was blessed.

At this time, lady Zhang who was watched by everyone was engulfed by panic.

She was abnormally frightened inside.

Nowadays, besides his Highness, no one can protect her.

But since his Highness was absent, she had no one to lament to tearfully.

Every day, Lady Zhang was in a tensed state, afraid that the next day her life would be taken away by others.

The women of the inner yard, hearing that lady Zhang was pregnant, were so infuriated that their five viscera and six bowels were in pain.

Even more, they loathed Mu cefei for meddling in other’s businesses.

She was already about to give birth, yet she still got involved and protected that lowly servant.

She actually knew how to behave with integrity, rushing to please her Ladyship consort Shu.

Inside the room, Lady Qi was so mad she was going nuts.

Originally, she planned to slip a drug to lady Zhang’s drinking water.

Yet, unexpectedly, she was interfered by Mu Xi Yao, which ruined her whole plot.

That lady Zhang was a wench.

Did his Highness actually allow her to bear a child What made his Highness take fancy onto her Could it be only because she has relied on cefei, so his Highness began to view her in a new light 

In the army, Zhong Zheng Lin has received Tian Fu Shane’s express report.

He instantly broke into a great rage, kicking the table to the ground. 

The present army official seated in the room quietened, intimidated by Zhong Zheng Lin’s action.

Usually, his sixth Highness was imposing enough.

After arriving to the army, he made everyone who met him afraid of him.

Zhong Zheng Lin was furious about lady Zhang’s pregnancy.

Daring to play tricks in the imperial prince’s estate They were indeed looking for death!

Now that lady Zhang’s pregnancy was spread out, based on the little woman’s temper, she must be cursing him, the person who shares her bed, for not living up to his promises.

Thinking of Mu Xi Yao baring her fangs and raise her claws4 in anger privately, Zhong Zheng Lin felt his heart easen.  At the same time, he was also worried her mood would be unstable, affecting their child. 

After a slight contemplation, Zhong Zheng Lin wrote two letters, passing them over to the secret agent to sent them to Shengjin without delay. 


[1] A pot suddenly exploded is a Chinese idiom meaning at a certain place and a certain time, an atmosphere was mixed

[2] Descend rain and dew  is a Chinese idiom meaning to bed concubines 

[3] Where the wind and the waves were the fiercest is a Chinese idiom meaning at the heart of the struggle

[4] Baring one’s fangs and raise one’s claws is a phrase meaning to make threatening gestures 


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