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Chapter 53

Mu Xi Yao nurtured her fetus in Danruo courtyard, enjoying life to her heart’s content.

Each day, she didn’t forget about sending food to Zhong Zheng Lin at the front yard.

She was very thoughtful as she didn’t even once miss his meal.

Wei Zhen thought it would be better for mistress Yao to not send the meals.

Every time his Highness saw the food but not the person his expression would turn so gloomy and terrible it frightened people.

Despite that, each time he would use the meal that was delivered over.

It was indeed strange.

Inside the Zhu Ying Hall, lady Zhang was plagued by feelings of anxiety.

Only she was aware of the suffering she was experiencing right now.

After his Highness has abruptly graced her last time, lady Zhang was quite frightened.

She even suspected that his Highness had deliberately made such a move to turn her into a target and keep off calamity from falling upon Mu cefei who was about to give birth.

She envied that cefei had his Highness’s full protection.

That was his Highness’s genuine doting.

At the moment, all of the women in the inner yard had their attention fixed on her, green with envy and longing to take her place.

The hatred in those women’s eyes scared lady Zhang so much she was unable to sleep well.

Ske knew well that she had no favor to depend on.

As a result, she became increasingly cautious, being very wary when going out of her courtyard.

On the other hand, Mu cefei who was being envied by others was pregnant with a bun, enjoying herself in Danruo courtyard.

Every day, the news that was sent out was all “cefei is well, cefei is radiating with health and vigor”.

When Wei Zhen heard those words, he immediately trembled.

Sure enough, his Highness’s expression has turned ugly.

At this stage, how could Wei Zhen not know what was going on His Highness refused to give in to mistress Yao.

He would go back to rest in Danruo courtyard every night, yet during the daytime, he would stay in the study with a cold face, from time to time inquiring the news from that side.

Though his Highness longed for the other person, he wouldn’t say it clearly.

Cefei also seemed to be baffled recently.

Whenever she spoke to his Highness, she would look carefully at his Highness’s expression.

Thus and so, he was afraid that His Highness was actually getting further and further away from his expectations.

It was a pity mister wasn’t in the capital these days.

Otherwise, there would be a person to consult with.

This month, Zhong Zheng Lin got by very badly.

Every time he faced Mu Xi Yao, he wanted to ask her what would make her be willing to comply with his wish instead of sticking to her secure spot and refusing to advance.

However, since it was the sixth Highness’s first time falling in love, he didn’t know how to open his mouth.

Furthermore, he was unable to let go of his face.

As a result, he endured and remained in a deadlock with her.

Mu Xi Yao didn’t understand Zhong Zheng Lin’s complicated thoughts.

She only felt that the boss’s recent temperament has changed.

She assumed it was because the man was currently at the puberty and it was probably somehow similar to a woman’s menopause.

Having some inexplicable tempers was completely understandable.

Hence, in their interaction she accommodated to him a bit, becoming unusually considerate and tolerant.

These days, her Ladyship consort Shu was beaming with smiles.

When she saw Mu Xi Yao who came to pay her respect, she immediately took her hand to talk and drink tea with her.

These two’s mother-in-law’s and daughter-in-law’s relationship became increasingly close.

Mu Xi Yao was the lucky star in the consort Shu’s eyes.

Since they had her, her son’s problem has gradually started to get better.

The way he treated concubines has also changed to some extent.

Though he went only that once, who can say clearly, there won’t be a second or a third time

Zhong Zheng Lin took the long route to take Mu Xi Yao who entered the palace to pay respect back.

Watching her hold the rewards bestowed by consort Shu with a face full of smiles, he only felt the sight was abnormally unpleasant to his eyes.

She could value greatly the tiny benefits others gave her.

Yet, she remained unmoved with such a big living person in front of her.

Which dynasty’s imperial prince has been so disregarded by someone

In a moment of indignation, the sixth Highness has counted his mother to the group of other people.

When his phoenix eyes lied upon the little woman’s radiant face and graceful appearance, anger broke inside his heart.

He got by so unwell, unlike her who lived so carefree.

“How is the child doing today” Zhong Zheng Lin decided to find a topic and guide this woman with his questions.

Mu Xi Yao was surprised that Zhong Zheng Lin would suddenly ask about the child on their way back.

She was a little perplexed.

Didn’t he already ask in the morning However, on the surface, she gave him an earnest respond, “Everything is well.

Your Highness needn’t worry.” That thoughtful and gentle tone of her made Zhong Zheng Lin not know how to reply.

Watching the rarely seen tenderness appear in her eyes when the child was mentioned, Zhong Zheng Lin was unable to put up with Mu Xi Yao anymore.

“Mu shi” Zhong Zheng Lin’s voice was low and so solemn it made Mu Xi Yao’s heart jump.

Mu shi Was he calling her

She looked up into Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes.

She only saw endless depth inside them.

The man’s voice was gloomy.

He leaned over to instruct her, “Pack up.

Tomorrow we’re going to the villa and settle there for a while.”

On the second day, Zhong Zheng Lin took Mu Xi Yao to the villa located in the suburbs of the capital.

It was a place a little different from the place where she went fishing last time.

This courtyard had a large plum tree forest.

Unfortunately, she had missed the best season.

Zhong Zheng Lin waved his hand, indicating others to retreat.

He pulled Mu Xi Yao to sit beside him.

His big hand caressed her swollen abdomen and felt a familiar fetal movement.

“During the childhood, mother-consort wouldn’t let bendian keep pets.

Bendian painstakingly recited books for several days without leaving the study.

When imperial-father examined the homework and bendian had received an excellent evaluation, bendian obtained a permit to take one from the palace and place it to the mother-consort’s palace to foster it.”

Zhong Zheng Lin slowly spoke, his phoenix eyes followed closely Mu Xi Yao’s expression.

“When bendian was four, bendian wanted to study martial arts from a master.  Mother-consort wouldn’t permit.

Bendian locked myself in palace library and looked up through files for the whole three months.

Later, during the political discourse examination, bendian received imperial- father’s praise and, finally, bendian got the palace’s best palace guard commander to lecture bendian martial arts.”

Mu Xi Yao listened quietly.

She felt that this move of Zhong Zheng Lin must have a more profound meaning.

He was usually a man of few words.

There was no way he would grab her to tell her stories of his youth for no reason.

“Then at the age of ten, bendian saw a colt offered as a tribute by the vassal state.

Bendian was immediately infatuated.” A light flickered in his eyes.

“Afterward, bendian thought up every possible method and took the horse away from elder brother’s hand.” With these words, he has fully revealed his abilities.

“At the age of eleven, bendian has finally accomplished a major matter that has lied at bendian’s heart for two years.

Even sleeping only an hour each day, bendian was perfectly happy to do so.” At that time, Yue Lai Ge has at last spread the spies all over the Great Wei, becoming the most important hidden triumph card in his hand.

Listening to his story, Mu Xi Yao had a bit of a clue.

“Nowadays, bendian has another thing bendian is enamored with.” His big hand that carried a thin layer of callouses stroked slowly Mu Xi Yao’s cheek.

His phoenix eyes closed in on her, “Unfortunately, this time it’s a little different.

Impatience won’t do any good.” His speech was unhurried.

The words he spoke actually carried a regret.

If it wasn’t for his expression that revealed a self-confident overbearance who would have thought that this man who has used such a gentle tone would be at the moment exhibiting an unmistakable desire to possess her

“Jiao Jiao, say, what should be done” The man leaned closer to Mu Xi Yao’s earlobe, lightly suckling and teasing it.

“If bendian forced way through, would it accomplish bendian’s purpose” Zhong Zheng Lin gently caressed her neck.

He used a bit of more force in his hand.

A light shined in Mu Xi Yao’s eyes.

In a blink of an eye, it disappeared.

Using the pretext of tiding the hair on her temple, she hung down her eyelids.

This man was too dangerous.

His instinct was so keen! One sure cannot deceive future Emperor.

Just a year passed and he has already detected clues.

She was really unwilling to accept such an outcome.

This kind of Zhong Zheng Lin, Mu Xi Yao saw for the first time in “two lifetimes”.

No matter whether he was an ambitious imperial prince or sovereign who had the whole world under his control, he won’t tolerate other people say ‘no’ to his decisions.

Mu Xi Yao sneered inside.

This man will be surrounded by the harem full of flowers that were like embroidered brocade.

Even like this, he still wanted her to pledge her determination, her sincerity, and her heart Dream on!

“Your Highness, qie knows there’s a saying in the world that goes by – – – to treat each other as an honored guest1.” Mu Xi Yao smiled brightly.

For the first time, she used her sharp wit against Zhong Zheng Lin’s forcefulness.

She had all good cards on her hands – child, favor and his feelings.

Zhong Zheng Lin has actually fallen in love with her! Mu Xi Yao revealed a tiny smile.

Very well.

This surprise that she has never thought of was actually waiting for her here.

Mu Xi Yao raised her head to look at Zhong Zheng Lin.

Mu Xi Yao no longer concealed emotions in her eyes.

In the war of love, she has won without a battle.

So, now as a winner, she naturally had no fears.

Zhong Zheng Lin has finally recognized this woman’s arrogance.

She didn’t cower in the face of imperial oppression.

Her eyes were clear.

They reflected a vast blue sky.

After a short confrontation with such a vivid Mu Xi Yao, Zhong Zheng Lin broke into low laughter.

His handsome face lit up with a smile.

He leaned over to kiss her particularly alluring moist lips, twirling and grinding their tongues.

“Bendian’s Jiao Jiao has such an eloquent mouth.” He kissed Mu Xi Yao deeply till her breathing became chaotic.

Only after then did he let her off and licked his lips.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s voice was low and unhurried, but each of his words came out clearly.

“What bendian wants was never treating each other as an honored guest, but – – two strings being sincere to each other2.”  


[1] To treat each other as an honored guest is a Chinese idiom meaning mutual respect between husband and wife (in most cases, love is replaced by respect)

[2] Two strings being sincere to each other is a Chinese idiom describing a good relationship between husband and wife


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