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Chapter 48


On the second day of the lunar month, generally there weren’t any visits in the palace.

Everyone stayed in their quarters, taking proper rest.

Mu Xi Yao was all relaxed as she has assigned down all of her works.

In few days, she only needed to make some visits.

Zhong Zheng Lin read a secret report in the study.

He sent people to ask Mu Xi Yao to come over as he planned to take her to the imperial garden for a stroll in a little while.

Having received the message, just as Mu Xi Yao was about to go out, Zhao momo came in and told her that Tang shufei’s family came and was currently waiting outside.

Mu Xi Yao paused for a moment.

Lady Tang’s family was all acting like this Turn up without asking

Puzzled inside, she told her to let people inside.

However, there wasn’t only one person walking in.

The one taking the lead was a dignifiedly attired madam, following her behind was a bit younger woman.

She looked like the sort of concubine.

At the rear were following two servant girls. 

Mu Xi Yao’s mind pondered.

She understood the two’s identities.

“Qieshen1 pays respect to cefei.” Madam Tang’s complexion didn’t look good.

However, her etiquette was faultless.

After curtsying, she called the rest to greet Mu Xi Yao.

As expected, the woman behind was Tang Hui Ru’s birth mother.

The concubine of Tang household, lady Zhao. 

“It’s a New Year.

Just make yourself at home.

The two of you came at this time to make a visit to Shuhui courtyard” Mu Xi Yao courteously asked out her speculation.

What kind of thing would make them hurry visit early in the morning of the first lunar day 

Madam Tang looked at lady Zhao hatefully.

She was too embarrassed to open her mouth, “Our shu daughter was ill-mannered and has offended the noble one.

It must have brought inconveniences to you.

Already yesterday, shufei has sent home a letter, asking qie to come and pick the person as soon as possible.” 

Tang Yi Ru’s letter was filled with great anger.

She only wrote that Tang Hui Ru had a corrupted moral character.

She has run to the imperial prince’s estate to seduce his Highness, degrading their family’s principles.

As soon as sir Tang saw his daughter’s letter, he was outraged.

Wasn’t their family becoming a joke to others Taking the opportunity of the fact that their family scandal hasn’t yet spread out, he immediately went to pick that brainless daughter of his home to give her a lecture. 

When madam Tang received the words from sir Tang, she right away went to reprimand lady Zhao.

Afterward, she quickly took the person and, with a thick skin, rushed over to pick Tang Hui Ru.

She felt deeply embarrassed at the moment, so it was no wonder her complexion looked so bad. 

Mu Xi Yao nodded slightly.

Inwardly, she approved with Tang Yi Ru’s nimble methods.

If this entanglement went on, who knew how many days it would take that Tang Hui Ru to be willing to “nurse back to health” and leave 

Since Tang household found her, Mu Xi Yao needed to properly handle this matter as cefei.

As a result, she took the people and went to Shuhui courtyard. 

This was Mu Xi Yao’s first time stepping into Tang Yi Ru’s courtyard.

It was very ordinary.

However, compared to the little courtyards of those concubines, it was much better.

At least, it had a small garden and a pond. 

First, she went to visit the convalescing lady Tang, and conveniently she waited in her room for Tang Hui Ru to be carried over and taken away.

Everyone politely engaged in a conversation on the surface.

Yet, unexpectedly, a woman’s low sob sounded from outside. 

When lady Zhao heard the sound, she immediately stood up and worriedly looked at the doorway.

Just one look at the person lying on the soft chair who was being carried in made the rim of her eyes redden.  

Looking at the old and young two women weeping disconsolately on each other’s shoulder, Mu Xi Yao’s head abruptly felt big2.

Crying like who knows what at someone else’s estate on the New Year, didn’t they even mind it would bring them bad luck 

She drew near hand warmer.

The mistress of Tang Household was still present, she was unlikely to get as muddle-headed as them. 

Sure enough.

Madam Tang’s expression stiffened.

Though she pacified them on the outside, she also urged the servant girls to support them up and take them back to the estate.

Tang Yi Ru lied on the bed, her face turning purple.

She felt like being humiliated in front of the outsider.

Wasn’t this like stretching face over and let other people to slap it She hurriedly called Shue Mei and Shu Tao to assist them. 

Since it wasn’t appropriate to openly watch the lot of them getting in a great mess, Mu Xi Yao stood up, intending to take leave. 

Unexpectedly, when that Tang Hui Ru saw she was about to leave, she abruptly shook off the servant girls and rolled down from the soft chair.

As soon as she pushed up from the ground, she started to weep while kowtowing, saying that she was too ashamed to live.

She asked cefei to decide her fate. 

It has never crossed Mu Xi Yao’s mind that this matter would have something to do with her.  Suddenly hearing Tang Hui Ru asking her to make the call, her brain was a little overwhelmed. 

Mu Xi Yao sat back and ordered everyone to quieten.  Her expression was very placid as she looked at the woman who was still kowtowing.

She unhurriedly opened her mouth and started to question her. 

“Miss Tang doesn’t have to be like this.

Nevertheless, speak as you stand up.” She eyed Mo Lan to help her up.

“What’s the matter that needs Ben cefei to determine for you” Your Di mother and birth mother were all present.

In addition, Tang Yi Ru was lying on the bed while glaring at her like a tiger watching its prey.

Yet, she turned to her.

Tang Hui Ru didn’t brush away Mo Lan’s hand.

She obediently stood up and was brought to a soft chair.

After sitting down, she slowly opened her mouth to speak sobbingly.

It was good that this woman didn’t open her mouth.

Once she did, her tears poured down like a rainfall.

She kept on wiping tears before even finishing a whole sentence.

Her left hand held on her chest like she was about to pass out from the crying.

Seeing the woman playing tricks again, Tang shufei promptly interrupted her sobs.

She ordered Shu Mei to take away the person and leave.

Subsequently, she turned to Mu Xi Yao and explained, “We’ve made cefei watch a spectacle.

Qie’s sister is squeamish.

She has fallen to the water so it’s natural for her to be frightened.

The scare made her mind muddled.

Qie hopes cefei won’t be mindful of her.

She didn’t even finish her words, that Tang Hui Ru has already struggled off from Shu Mei and fell down on the ground with a bang.

“Replying to cefei, this common woman is too ashamed to see people.

This common woman already had a skin relationship3 with his Highness.

If this common woman left palace like this, this common woman would live in shame.”

Once Tang Hui Ru’s words fell, everyone in the room stilled while looking at her, dumbfounded.

Each of Tang Hui Ru’s words were spoken crystal clear, carrying firmness and resolution which left no room for others to doubt they have misheard.

Mu Xi Xao’s hands that were holding the hand warmer slightly paused.

She narrowed her eyes and looked at that kneeling woman, very surprised inside.

Having a skin relationship With Zhong Zheng Lin How come she didn’t know even the slightest bit about it She then looked at Tang Yi Ru, only to see her also being flabbergasted.

The corners of her mouth were trembling.

She was so infuriated her one hand pointed at Tang Hui Ru, unable to utter a word.

Lady Zhao had a weak-willed nature.

As soon as she heard her daughter’s words, she followed her example and also fell on the ground.

With a wah, she started to weep.

She lamented to heaven and knocked her head on the ground, wanting Mu Xi Yao to seek justice for her. 

Madam Tang was so enraged she went up to clutch her hair right on the spot about to beat her, but she was persuaded by the servant girls at her back.

Madam Tang breathed heavily, crying that misfortune has befallen their family to give birth to such a shameless daughter.

Mo Lan nervously looked at her master, afraid that even her mistress wouldn’t be able to stand this sudden blow.

If an unexpected accident occurred and something happened to the child in her womb… Mo Lan scared herself into a cold sweat.

She quickly went to stand by her side and was about to help Mu Xi Yao up and leave in advance.

However, looking at her calm face, she didn’t dare to make a rush move.

Watching the people in the room cry and fuss into a mess, Mu Xi Yao’s face turned cold.

She was no more polite with them.

With a bang, she lay down teacup.

This has made everyone pull themselves together.

“You claim that you had a skin relationship with his Highness When did it happen” Mu Xi Yao was very calm.

She thought it was better to get it clear first.

“Replying to cefei.

It happened on the night of the twenty-ninth day.” Mu Xi Yao reminisced.

Wasn’t it the night when Zhong Zheng Lin didn’t return back to the chamber Could it be that…..before she could think it over, she again heard Tang Hui Ru complain tearfully, “His Highness has seen this common woman’s body.

If this common woman left palace like this, who would be willing to have such an unchaste woman”

This time, madam Tang couldn’t hold up her dignity anymore.

After uttering “Despicable!” she directly fainted out from the great anger.

This scared the servant girls.

They quickly went to press her philtrum4and stroke her chest.

Tang Yi Ru subsequently smashed over a jade scepter.

Tang Hui Ru dodged with a frightened shriek.

Lady Zhao was scared witless.

She only knew to cover her face and cry loudly.

Mu Xi Yao’s horizon was broadened greatly by looking at this trouble-making family.

“Shut it up all of you!” Mu Xi Yao angrily rebuked, slamming a teacup ferociously twice in a row.

Looking at the messy woman underneath, her eyes narrowed.

She said with a cold tone, “This matter will be determined after asking his Highness.” She secretly massaged her aching little hand.

She then turned to look at heavily breathing madam Tang and lady Zhao, “Today, the two of you shall take miss Tang back to the estate first.” Her attitude was unyielding, allowing no room for refuffing.

Subsequently, she looked at Tang Hui Ru, “Miss Tang ought to set the mind on recuperating first.

The healthy body is a priority.

Everything else can be said after.” Seeing her still not willing to comply, Mu Xi Yao’s tone grew a bit colder, her expression solemn, “His Highness is a dignified imperial prince.

Do you think he would refuse to admit his deeds If there was truly such thing, the prince’s estate will, without a doubt, justify you.” When Mu Xi Yao said these words, Tang Hui Ru was unwillingly carried out.

However, seeing the stubbornness in her eyes, Mu Xi Yao naturally wouldn’t believe that this woman would stay silent.

Once the room quietened, Mu Xi Yao turned and told Tang Yi Ru to take a good rest and not think too much.

Inside, she was very clear that lady Tang will probably be sick for a while.

After being angered by this troublesome sister successively for several days, it would be hard for her to not overthink.

Today, Tang Yi Ru must have wanted to quickly drive the person out as soon as possible.

Yet, she didn’t predict Tang Hui Ru would be so crazy and claim publicly before many people that the sixth Highness had touched her body without a care for her reputation.

She indeed met an exotic flower.

Tang shufei’s sharp knife had no usefulness.

Instead, it had accomplished Tang Hui Ru’s desire to climb up the ladder.

Once these Tang sisters were put to a comparison, well, the one who cared about her dignity suffered a loss and the one who didn’t care for the reputation, on the contrary, was waiting at home hoping for wealth and ranks.

Mu Xi Yao secretly felt pity as it seemed that today she was unable to take a tour around the imperial garden.


[1]Qieshen is a first-person pronoun used by married women, meaning “This consort”

[2] Head feel big is a Chinese phrase meaning to have a headache

[3] Skin to skin relationship means a close physical relationship

[4] Press one’s philtrum – when one passes out, we’re advised to 掐 his 人中, which can help him to regain consciousness


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