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Chapter 45


The fourth princess consort was just speaking with consort Shu about an interesting story of the children in the estate when she heard people announce from outside that Mu cefei came to pay respect to her Ladyship.

This was Mu Xi Yao’s first time going to palace to pay consort Shu respect.

In the past few days, she already inquired discreetly Zhong Zheng Lin about consort Shu’s preferences.

Today she came to please her mother-in-law.

As soon as she entered inside, she saw consort Shu sitting on the head seat, next to her was the fourth princess consort and the woman standing behind the fourth princess consort and attending her should be the cefei.

Mu Xi Yao’s face was full of smiles.

She courteously greeted the three.

Soon after, she was called over by consort Shu to sit on the other side.

Mu Xi Yao looked at that standing cefei, hesitated for a while before sitting down in a poised manner.

Pregnant women always enjoyed the excellent treatment.

She wasn’t the slightest bit shy with strangers.

With a smiling face, Mu Xi Yao ordered Mo Lan to bring greeting gifts and then she apologized to the fourth princess consort, embarrassed, “Fourth sister-in-law, qie didn’t know you will also come to visit her Ladyship today.

Hence, qie didn’t take along the share that was prepared specially for you.

How about I have people send it to your estate after returning back” Her eyelashes blinked and blinked, looking very charming.

Consort Shu, who was watching her, was amused by her.

Mu Xi Yao opened the box in her hand and said, “Your Ladyship, qie has heard from his Highness that you are very fond of vanilla.

As a result, qie has made a whole set of jewelry for you.

Do you like them” while holding the box filled with neatly arranged jewelry before consort Shu.

That face of hers which brimmed with expectation made consort Shu take the box without thinking.

People who came to consort Shu’s place, all had to serve her cautiously and with great care.

This Mu cefei, on the contrary, seemed very warm-hearted.

Looking at a set of twelve jewelry pinned on the water-blue colored foil inside the box, all of them glimmering unifiedly in gold, they were indeed very beautiful.

The arrangement of vanilla was very particular.

From flower bud earring to dangling hairpin with full blossom ornament, all their postures were vivid and realistic, immensely opulent.

What made people pleasantly surprised was that the inside of the box was scented with vanilla fragrance.

The scent of the flower was very delightful.

Even the jewelry was laced slightly with the scent that lingered faintly around them.

The women were nicely surprised.

They praised Mu Xi Yao on and on for half a day.

Soon, they were all beguiled by her till they didn’t know whether they were standing on their heads or heels.

After a while, they found the same topic to engage in.

As they were conversing, Mu Xi Yao abruptly wheedled at consort Shu, aggrieved, “Your Ladyship, your grandson is hungry.

May qie ask for light refreshments for him”

Consort Shu covered her mouth with a handkerchief and laughed at her for shamelessly using a child as a pretext to ask for snacks.

Mu Xi Yao immediately complained that his sixth Highness has used the excuse that his son didn’t like the taste of garlic to prohibit putting garlic paste to the meals at home.

In an instant, all the women in the room broke into laughter.

They didn’t expect that the sixth Highness who always carries a serious expression would also have such mischievous moments.

Consort Shu has then recalled that during Zhong Zheng Lin’s childhood when he was just a tiny bit, he would knit his brows and throw a tantrum wanting about not wanting mutton that was stained by garlic.

For a moment, thousand of feeling welled up in consort Shu’s mind.

How long has it been That child has never again revealed his feeling to outside like that.

She subsequently looked at Mu she’s eyes that were filled with smiles.

She made Zhong Zheng Lin a target while she enjoyed the food.

Consort Shu smiled.

This one actually had a big-hearted and easy-going personality.

She didn’t carry complicated thoughts like others.

It was no surprise that the sixth would dote on her.

When Zhong Zheng Lin entered inside, he saw Mu Xi Yao hold consort Shu’s arm in a familiar manner while enthusiastically praising that palace’s layered crepe cake tasted authentic.

Her little mouth kept speaking without a pause.

Zhong Zheng Lin first paid respect to consort Shu and then greeted with others.

As soon as he sat down and took a sip of tea, he saw Mu Xi Yao’s hand again stretch out toward the plate with pastry.

Unconcerned of others around, his brows knitted, “How many did you have”

Everyone in the hall quietened, surprised by him.

Only Mu Xi Yao pouted her mouth and muttered guiltily, “Can your Highness not constantly stare at qie’s pastries” That appearance of hers looked so aggrieved.

Consort Shu didn’t understand, “What’s the matter If you like to eat pastries, take more of them.” As she spoke, she was again going to have people serve her some.

“Mother-consort, the imperial physician prohibited her from eating too much of sweets.

He said that if she had too much of them, the child would grow to be too big.

It would result in unfavorable labor.” Zhong Zheng Lin watched Mu Xi Yao with a grave expression, yet his words were directed at consort Shu.

“This child.

The imperial physician has already said so.

You should listen to him.

Women giving birth to a child is a big matter.

It cannot be taken easily.” Consort Shu looked amusedly at Mu Xi Yao who was pouting, not happy that she was being controlled by Zhong Zheng Lin.

She was simply a child.

Consort Shu thought that Mu Xi Yao was just way too young, only fifteen1.

Even so, she felt things were good as they were right now.

Consort Shu quickly ordered people to withdraw the plate to avoid Mu Xi Yao keep thinking about them.

Seeing Zhong Zheng Lin present, Mu Xi Yao just gave up on badgering.

Leaning against consort Shu, she coyly fawned on her, “Next time qie comes, your Ladyship will prepare even better pastries.” Zhong Zheng Lin’s face twitched when he saw those pair of watery eyes that looked aggrieved.

Consort Shu patted her little hand and complied with a smile.

Zhong Zheng drank the tea.

Seeing that it was about time, he stood up and took his leave, taking along Mu Xi Yao.

Mu Xi Yao looked back while walking.

She was very happy to share her pets with consort Shu, “Your Ladyship, next time qie will bring along those two chubby rabbits for you to see.” Before she could finish, Zhong Zheng Lin pulled her away.

He turned her head, “Look properly at the road!”

“Slow down, your Highness.

Qie’s legs are numb from sitting.” The two talked while their silhouette went further and further away.

Consort Shu and the fourth princess consort looked at each and then sighed.

Finally, there was a person who could make the sixth have different expressions.

The two have truly hit it off.

Cefei who was serving at side sighed silently.

His sixth Highness doted on that one.

Unlike her who was dispensable in the estate.

If she didn’t give birth to his fourth Highness’s only son, she didn’t even know where she would be now.

Zhong Zheng Lin walked in the front.

Mu Xi Yao whose face was flushed cheerfully followed behind him.

“Very happy” The man in the front slowed his pace.

In the palace, he carried a “don’t try to get close to me” appearance.

His acting looked truly realistic.

Mu Xi Yao curled her lips.


Her Ladyship is nice.

Qie didn’t feel like she was an aloof and remote imperial concubine.” Mu Xi Yao responded bluntly.

Zhong Zheng Lin was amused.

His mother-consort was at least connected to an aloof and remote imperial concubine.

Yet, when it came to him, he was never considered extraordinary by the little woman.

Zhong Zheng Lin was bewildered about this.

The rest of the women acted very carefully around him, fearing that they would make the sixth Highness displeased.

When it came to her, teasing and provocation were all a common occurrence.

However, it was exactly due to this reason why he would feel comfortable and unrestrained when he was with her.

“Before you came, you were afraid that mother-consort would be too strict.

Why I didn’t see you being afraid of bendian” Zhong Zheng Lin still asked.

“Qie hasn’t done anything wrong.

Why should be qie afraid of your Highness Besides, even if qie did something wrong, your Highness still can fix qie only after giving birth to the child.” That appearance of hers looked fearless as if it was a matter of course.

Zhong Zheng Lin was so angry that he actually found this situation funny.

So, it turned out that the little woman had such plans.

Cannot stand watching her be so proud of herself that her nose stuck to the sky, he coldly added, “After the birth of the child, bendian will have lots of time to fix you.” His tone was very confident.

Mu Xi Yao froze.

She has temporarily forgotten that one needed to pay after playing in the prince’s estate2.

She pulled on a long face, dawdling at the back and pondering about how to coax big boss so he would forget about her impudence.

Zhong Zheng Lin looked back and threw her a glance, a smile engaging in his phoenix eyes.

The two returned to Danruo courtyard.

Unexpectedly, lady Zhang was waiting outside.

Behind her was a servant girl holding a bundle wrapped in cloth.

“This servant pays respect to your Highness and cefei.” Lady Zhang decorously bent her knees and greeted, waiting for the two to tell her to get up.

Mu Xi Yao amiably told lady Zhang to rise and invited her inside.

Zhong Zheng Lin was, as usual, sitting upright without a word.

“Is there any matter” Mu Xi Yao started to speculate about this lady Zhang’s intention.

This woman was smart, yet she wasn’t as shrewd as Tang Yi Ru.

Since entering the estate, lady Zhang hasn’t been yet graced by Zhong Zheng Lin.

However, she was well-behaved in the inner yard and has never done anything wicked.

In the previous life, she had born Zhong Zheng Lin a daughter, but the child had died before reaching adulthood.

Ultimately, she only got the rank of a mere noble lady.

As a senior in his inner yard, this rank was very embarrassing.

“Replying to cefei.

This servant made some objects for little children in the leisure time.

This servant brought them to show respect to cefei.” Her attitude was quite courteous.

It was Mu Xi Yao’s first time to hear others say “show respect to”.

She felt a little awkward for a moment.

On the surface, however, she appeared very easy-going.

Smiling, she took the gift and also didn’t forget to praise her few words.

Zhong Zheng Lin actually didn’t expect that this quiet Zhang shi would come to curry favor with Mu Xi Yao.

However, he didn’t mind.

Just a mere concubine.

As long as the little woman liked, she could suit herself.

If Zhang shi was well-behaved and knew the property, he will then watch over her a bit.

To him, the concubines in the inner yard were all dispensable.

After delivering the handmade needlework, she didn’t lingering around.

Taking her servant girl, she returned to her Zhuyin hall.

“Mistress, now that you’ve curried favor with cefei, it’s still unknown whether cefei would appreciate your kindness or not.

In the future when the principal consort marries over, the first one she wouldn’t tolerate will be cefei.

If she started to bear a grudge against you because of that, what do we do” Lady Zhang’s servant girl was very worried.

“You’re aware of our current circumstance, so what’s there to talk about the future That lady Mu has is someone with tricks up her sleeves.

To be able to oppress lady Tang, who was also shufei at the time, and make her not being able to serve his Highness to this day, she isn’t someone easy to get along with.

This kind of person, as long as she doesn’t make a big mistake and has a child to back her, is worth to bet on.”


In case you guys are curious how does the layered crepe cake look likes.

Gosh, it looks so yummy ♥


[1] Her age is based on the traditional Chinese method of reckoning.

In this system, a person’s age is one year at birth, and increases by one year at the beginning of the first solar term each year, hence Mu Xi Yao’s actual year is fourteen

[2] You play, You pay means what goes around comes around


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