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On the following day, Yuancheng Emperor had an audience with Zhong Zheng Lin at the study for half an hour.

Afterward, he nodded his head with a smile, indicating Zhong Zheng Lin to go back and attend to his duties attentively.

Everything went as expected.

Mu Xi Yao passed on a completely new art “Flower Cladding”.

In addition, she had also explained meticulously all the needed tools and procedure. 

Regarding the matter how many benefits Zhong Zheng had fished out in this matter, Mu Xi Yao was too lazy to ask.

However, her Jia Yi workshop has risen to popularity overnight.

The little items laid out inside for selling, as long as they were related to lady Mu’s cladded flowers, were all snapped up.

The noble ladies and misses of Shengjin were like on a wild-goose chase.

For a moment, even though Jia Yi workshop set to work fully-committed, they still weren’t able to satisfy the orders that surged forward. 

When Mu Xi Yao met steward of Jia Yi workshop at the study, saw her anxious face and heard her frustrated words, she made a simple statement “imit the orders” and then cast aside the matter, paying it no more attention. 

Once this considerably eccentric rule of Jia Yi workshop came out, not only didn’t they lose customers like how some people have envisioned, instead, it had raised the prices of valuable goods of Jia Yi workshop that were of a limited quantity, going as far as to vaguely becoming the objects of comparison between noblewomen.  

Zhong Zheng Lin didn’t know whether to cry or laugh at Mu Xi Yao’s indolent nature.

This woman goofed off on her own yet made such a commotion.

Even consort Shu had mentioned in front of him how well-received was that Jia Yi workshop of his cefei in the palace.

When Zhong Zheng Lin heard it, he could only sigh inwardly.

The little woman indeed had planned assiduously.

It’s no wonder that she had requested to go to Huizhou.

So this was the reason.

Indeed a smart girl.

She even dared to cook up schemes about about Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet.

Only she could do such a thing.  

Outside, steward of Jia Yi workshop has strictly implemented all of Mu cefei’s plans, growing Jia Yi workshop to the fifth store at Great Wei and then stopping its expansion, firmly maintaining its monthly quantity.

The advance reservation rule started to operate smoothly.

The business was quite booming.

This unique and effective way of running a business made even Yuancheng Emperor praise greatly.

Only Zhong Zheng Lin knew that it was the woman’s laziness that had recurred.

If the business went large scale, she would be unhappy.

Using her words, it would be “it’s quite sufficient for qie’s expenditure having just these few stores”.

Zhong Zheng Lin was amused whenever he recalled it.   

Mu Xi Yao had no time to pay attention to the excitement outside.

She was a cefei now.

Every month there were two days when she had to go to her Ladyship consort Shu’s palace to pay respect.

Besides, a big matter was awaiting for her to attend nowadays.

The New Year festival was approaching.

The social engagements in the estate stuck around for her, the newly appointed cefei, to take care of.

When Mu Xi Yao recollected those cumbersome matters, she was unable to raise her spirit.

In the end, an idea formed in Mu Xi Yao’s head.

She thought that she still needed to hold on his sixth prince’s thigh.


After Zhong Zheng Lin returned back to the room in the evening, he saw Mu Xi Yao hospitably serve him tea, enquiring solicitously about his well-being.

He needn’t think to know that this woman had something to request. 

“Say it.

What’s the matter” Zhong Zheng Lin lied on the soft chair and let her fawn on him by massaging his shoulders.

In fact, it wasn’t a massage.

Compared to Tang shi’s skillfulness, this woman was kneading.

But who told him to just enjoy it 

Mu Xi Yao didn’t feel ashamed after her trick was exposed.

She, very brazenly, dug into the man’s embrace and curried favor with him, “Your Highness, qie just wants to ask how was New Year festival run in the estate in previous years.

As a matter of fact, qie hadn’t organized it before.” She swayed delicately in Zhong Zheng Lin’s arms, from time to time sticking out her bulged belly to remind him that she was a pregnant woman and that it was not appropriate to tire her. 

How could Zhong Zheng Lin not understand her little thoughts He pinched her little nose to tease her.

The other women, they all longed to wield power, yearned to hold all of the benefits of the inner yard in their hands.

She, on the other side, was nowadays the estate’s only cefei, possessing the highest position.

Yet, not only didn’t she want to draw over to her side connections and allot benefits, she even went so far as to turn to him while acting shamelessly, wanting to avoid work.

This woman indeed did everything in reverse. 

“How about your Highness borrowing chief steward to qie” Hearing her boldly state devious ideas, he adopted an angry attitude and bit her ear to vent his displeasure.  

Borrowing chief steward Based on her personality, once he borrowed her chief steward, she would hurry to push everything to Tian Fu Shan, becoming then an arm-flinging shopkeeper1, Ultimately, she would just look at the list of items while nodding her head.

Was there such a good thing 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s brows raised slightly.

His phoenix eyes looked at her with teasing.

The corner of his mouth hooked evilly.

The sight made Mu Xi Yao feel embarrassed.

Abashed, she went to hide in his arms. 

“Jiao Jiao,” Zhong Zheng Lin stuck close to her ear and said in low voice, “Want to avoid work It’s not impossible.” His tone made Mu Xi Yao’s heart resentful.

What kind of wicked thoughts were going through this stinky man’s mind again Since she now sought favor from him, she could only sullenly endure. 

“Bendian is deeply aware that Jiao Jiao’s pregnancy takes much toil.

To have chief steward assist you is a must.” As expected, the little woman’s head emerged from his arms.

She looked at him with sparkling eyes.

Her gaze was filled with joy and dependence.

However, he won’t be polite with her about the interest he ought to collect from her, “That posture from last night….”

Instantly, a blush tinged Mu Xi Yao’s face.

Her ears felt hot.

This rascal.

Yesterday, when he returned to the chamber, he held an erotica drawing that who knew where he got from and insisted she cooperates with him, checking out the positions inside.

Where were his sixth Highness’s dignified and solemn manners Today, he has again remembered about it.

He was simply licentious! Mu Xi Yao was so resentful her teeth itched.


Zhong Zheng Lin laughed inwardly.

Did she want to be an idle person with few words If there was no benefit, the little woman needn’t to even think about it. 

In the end, Mu Xi Yao still had to ask for help, thus with grief and indignation, she fulfilled Zhong Zheng Lin’s wish, being tormented ruthlessly for a night.

The sixth Highness kept his promise.

On the following morning, as he was about to go out, he instructed Tian Fu Shan to go to Danruo courtyard and look for cefei.

He was to listen to any orders that were given to him. 


After steward Tian arrived to Danruo courtyard and heard Mu cefei’s whole story, with an odd expression on the face, he replied that his Highness had already arranged everything.

Three days prior he had already instructed him to make the preparation and when the time came he was to give cefei the list of items so that she could look it over. 

Mu Xi Yao was flabbergasted.

She still couldn’t believe that she was tricked by that always upright and solemn sixth Highness.

That stinky man.

He had obviously arranged everything already, yet he kept her in dark saying nothing and would even go so far as to thick-skinnedly demand for a benefit.

He was simply shameless to the extreme! Mu Xi Yao fiercely glared at Tian Fu Shan.


The chief steward was at a loss why Mu cefei has inexplicably directed her anger on him.

He could only bitterly retreat.

Only Zhao momo, who was accompanying her at the side, knew a little about the reason.

As a result, she had learnt that his Highness also had such……inappropriate moments.

She resisted laughter with difficulty, stood at the side and watched mistress Yao going around in the room as if to vent out. 


In the evening, when Zhong Zheng Lin came back to use the meal, he suddenly discovered that the woman who usually enjoyed light flavors had unexpectedly prepared a table of bright red colored dishes.

He was amused.

It seems that she was extremely mad.

However, didn’t she know that he had trained an army in Shuzhou2  

Mu Xi Yao even solicitously picked dishes and replenished meal for him.

She watched Zhong Zheng Lin attentively, with a face full of expectation.

That gaze of hers was clearly urging him to to quickly use food.

Zhong Zheng Lin leisurely picked the food and sent it to his mouth.

There was no change of expression on his face.

His etiquette was impeccable. 

Mu Xi Yao was watching him with mouth open, her face carrying a silly expression.

For a moment, she thought that she was dreaming.

In memories, Zhong Zheng Lin never ate spicy food.

After becoming an Emperor, just because once He xiuyuan’s3 mind had once wandered and has picked a spicy hot kidney bean, Emperor, in great anger, demoted her to meiren4.

Afterward, he broke her brother’s thoughts of staying in the capital and instead appointed him to a post outside the capital.

Could it be that…….it was merely a pretext 

In a flash, Mu Xi Yao understood.

This man hid himself so deeply it was frightening.

Even some habits and details were all, unexpectedly, a pretense for other to see.

People who grow up in the imperial household were indeed extraordinary. 

Yet, he wasn’t halfhearted with her.

Right now, it was the real Zhong Zheng Lin.

The anger Mu Xi Yao felt previously has completely dissipated.

What was left was only a slight bitterness. 

“Your Highness, qie is very happy.” Mu Xi Yao put down bowl and chopsticks.

She walked behind Zhong Zheng Lin and gently hugged his neck, her cheek resting his.

She spoke only this sentence android no more. 

Just not long ago, Zhong Zheng Lin saw her be stunned by him into staring silly at him.

However, after a while, there was a tenderness overflowing in her eyes.

Finally, she said very affectionate words and then hugged him, not moving an inch.

As he was about to turn around and laugh at her, he glimpsed half of a chilly pepper in his bowl.

Suddenly, he froze. 

In front of her, he has actually unconsciously removed his disguise.

Then, the meaning behind those words…….

This woman……her intuition was so accurate it was scary.

Momentary, hundreds of tastes mixed inside Zhong Zheng Lin’s heart5.

If she was not like this, he probably wouldn’t be attracted by her and his mind wouldn’t be filled with her.

Let it be.

He ought to just comply with her.

She might be the only one in this world.

Making an exception for her didn’t feel bad.  

He easily grasped the hands that were holding his neck.

The two’s fingers were tightly locked together, uttering no words for a very long time. 


*The end of this chapter was so bitter yet sweet and it clearly showed how ZZL held MXY dearly in his heart as he even shed all of his pretenses in front of her, unconsciously! If MXY didn’t “remind him” I guess he won’t even notice it since he felt so at easy at her presence.*


[1]Arm-flinging shopkeeper refers to someone who asks others to work but does nothing himself/herself

[2] Shuzou – this province refers to Sichuan which is famed for spicy food

[3] Xiuyuan – rank of an imperial concubine (see in Tang Dynasty ranking)

[4] Meiren – rank of an imperial concubine (see in Tang Dynasty ranking)

[5] Hundreds tastes mixed inside one’s heart is a Chinese idiom meaning with complex feelings


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