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Few days later, Di Wu Yi Zhao returned back to the capital along with chief of this season’s Ten Gentleman, Gong Shu Yang.

The two entered the study in the afternoon to pay a formal visit to the sixth prince Zhong Zheng Lin.

Afterward, the three of them engaged in the confidential talk until the morning of the next day.

During the time, Mu Xi Yao ordered Danruo courtyard’s little kitchen to send over dinner and midnight snack.

Di Wu Yi Zhao praised to Heaven Mu Xi Yao’s meticulously paired food.

His sixth Highness felt that the little woman was very considerate. 

The return of Di Wu Yi Zhao and joining of Gong Shu Yang was deemed by later generation as Jianan Emperor Zhong Zheng Lin’s core reason behind the birth of the secret cabinet during his reign.

Inside the palace, Yuancheng Emperor also has gradually recovered.

On the first day of holding the court audience, he summoned the crown prince to the imperial ancestral temple and reprimanded him severely.

He ordered the crown prince Zhong Zheng Hui to kneel in the imperial ancestral hall for two days and also had taken the authority to patrol over the capital and its surrounding area away from his hands. 

Yuancheng Emperor’s move made the first prince and his faction very happy.

One can well imagine how the loss of the authority to patrol the capital would weaken the crown prince’s forces in the Shengjin.

However, the first prince and his people weren’t even happy few days, Yuancheng Emperor soon announced that he will be conducting an army revision after the new year.

The garrison stationed at the Mobei borders and military forces at the three provinces in Jibei will be the first to bear the brunt.

This time the deep gloom started to cast over the first prince’s faction, making them all quite irritated.

Before they had time to use the high ranking military officers they had taken the trouble to win over prior on, these people were most likely to be changed.

They practically suffered much bigger damage than the crown prince. 

This move of Yuancheng Emperor made the crown prince and the first prince behave much better than before.

They understood that Yuancheng Emperor did so to handicap and balance the two factions. 

Mu Xi Yao has well-behavedly raised her fetus already for three full months.

Zhong Zheng Lin, who was guarding her by the side, waited for the imperial physician to check her pulse.

The result was very gratifying.

The imperial physician said that shufei had a good foundation and had taken good care of herself.

The unborn child was very healthy.

As long as they were more mindful in the future and didn’t use taboo things, this fetus will be very steady. 

Zhong Zheng was overjoyed.

He immediately ordered the imperial physician to be rewarded.

After more of the attentive inquiries, Zhong Zheng Lin came back to tell Mu Xi Yao to take heed of some details.

He particularly had her distance herself from the other women in the inner yard. 

On the following day, she dispatched people to deliver a letter to Qingzhou.

As for Mu Jin Zhi, lady Yu will inform him. 

The Empress Dowager’s birthday was approaching.

Yuancheng Emperor ordered imperial noble consort that she must do her best to overlook the preparation of the birthday banquet.

The noble consort was to fully support imperial noble consort.

How do the two dare to neglect the matter They complied right away. 

Since then, each palace and residence sunk their teeth to earn Empress Dowager and Yuencheng Emperor’s favor at the birthday banquet.

On one hand, Zhong Zheng Lin discussed congratulation gifts with his advisors.

On the other hand, he entered into the palace to seek consort Shu’s audience to discuss the matter regarding the request of bestowing Mu Xi Yao the title of cefei. 

When consort Shu heard her younger son mention that he wanted to raise Mu Xi Yao’s rank, she hesitated at first.

After all, the imperial prince’s shufei could be promoted to cefei rank only due to the merit of bearing a child.

Mu shi was only expecting at the moment.

It was still too early to bestow her a title. 

However, Zhong Zheng Lin said that if the sixth prince’s estate didn’t have a womenfolk of adequate rank to attend  Empress Dowager’s banquet, they would seem too desolate and it would bring down some of the cheerful atmosphere.

Besides, Mu shi being pregnant was a happy occasion.

If she could receive Empress Dowager’s auspicious aura, wouldn’t it be even better 

Consort Shu thought it was reasonable.

Thus, she asked Yuancheng Emperor to promote Mu shi in advance, before the joyful event.

It would be good for the fetus in her belly as she would be able to get Empress Dowager’s blessing. 

Yuancheng Emperor regarded highly Empress Dowager’s birthday.

As a result, he also has paid a lot of attention to the details.

He thought that at the time if Zhong Zheng Lin attended the event all by himself again, that scene……just thinking about it made him uncomfortable.

It will be better if Empress Dowager’s grand birthday was bustling with noise and excitement.

Not to mention, that Mu shi didn’t let him down and he was the one who had appointed her to the imperial prince’s estate.  The credibility of this matter was justifiable.

Hence, he nodded his consent and had the Ministry of rites to complete the promoting ceremony as soon as possible. 

On Zhanghe twelfth year of Yuancheng Emperor, the twenty-third day of the first month, the sixth prince Zhong Zheng Lin submitted a memorial requesting shufei of Mu clan to be bestowed the title of cefei.

Emperor granted the request. 

On the twenty-fifth, the head chief of the Imperial Household Department together with a delegation of stewards carrying imperial edict, cefei’s formal attire and the seal arrived to the sixth prince’s estate.

At the same time, the trunk of auspicious gems bestowed by the imperial noble consort and jewels and royal brocades bestowed by their ladyships, mistresses of each palace, also arrived. 

Mu Xi Yao had no knowledge of Zhong Zheng Lin’s request to have her promoted.

When the imperial edict arrived, she was still indoor trimming the bonsai.

As soon as she received the news, she quickly went to wash her hands and change clothes.

Bringing people from Danruo courtyard, she hurriedly went to the front yard. 

During the whole way she was in a perplexed state.

How come the imperial edict suddenly arrived There was not even a prior indication.

Moreover, what kind of matter in this estate these days would make this imperial edict link to the inner yard 

She just arrived in time to see that leading eunuch speak very courteously with Zhong Zheng Lin.

After everyone from the inner yard was present and positioned themselves in order according to their ranks, eunuch opened the imperial edict and started to read its content loudly. 

Mu Xi Yao, who was kneeling underneath amidst the clouds and mist1 has then finally learnt with astonishment that she got a promotion! Yuancheng Emperor has actually personally issued an imperial decree to promote her ranks.

From now on, Mu Xi Yao will be Zhong Zheng Lin’s cefei.

Her name will be forever in the imperial genealogy.

Of course, she mustn’t make such a mistake that would have her name removed.

Mu Xi Yao’s heart was filled with joy.

She took the imperial decree graciously, and taking the lead, together with everyone in the inner yard, thanked for the grace.

Only then did she dignifiedly rose and called Zhao momo to cater to coming people.

In addition, she also gave them a big reward. 

Mu Xi Yao looked at Zhong Zheng Lin at the front who was exchanging pleasantries with the head eunuch.

She was deeply moved inside.

He was indeed an Emperor material.

His execution and style of work told that he was simply the flat man of action, swift and decisive.

His efficiency was so high that he even omitted the time to notify her. 

Having such a man to protect herself, Mu Xi Yao stated that she was quite satisfied.

Although it wasn’t a monogamous era but to be able to gain such a doting husband was already pretty good.

However, it wasn’t good news to Zhong Zheng Lin’s principal consort.

Whether she would be nauseated by Mu Xi Yao, it simply went without saying. 

After sending people from the palace away, Zhong Zheng only looked at Mu Xi Yao once and then hurriedly returned to run his errands.

The hint inside that gaze of his made Mu Xi Yao’s face blush and heart pound. 

The remaining women from the inner yard were so enraged inside that their five viscera and six bowels were churning.

Yet, their faces had to be piled with smiles and they had to curry favor by saying congratulatory words.

One couldn’t do anything about it since this lady Mu was already a cefei that was recognized by the imperial household.

Things were very different now.

Even if the principal consort entered the estate in the future, she would still have her place at the side.

What’s more, this cefei’s status was personally issued and bestowed by Yuancheng Emperor.

It was a bit more honorable than the one bestowed by the average imperial consort. 

Looking at the formal attire of the imperial prince’s cefei held up with both hands by Mo Lan who was behind Mu Xi Yao made Tang Yi Ru’s heart extremely jealous.

She didn’t expect his Highness would go this far for her.

Nowadays, crushing Mu shi was simply a lunatic raving.

It seems that she could only depend on the principal consort’s power to compete with her in the future. 

The other concubines also felt uncomfortable inside.

Apparently, they had no other choice than to take their time before making a decision.

Perhaps, they will have to rely on this lady Mu’s help.

If she truly could give birth to the eldest son, the situation inside the inner yard would become even more complicated.

However, everything depended on the future principal consort’s approach.

It would be in their best interest if they just silently watched for now. 

This night, during bedroom intimacies, Mu Xi Yao has naturally received the hint Zhong Zheng Lin had sent her.

Very affectionately, yieldingly and softly, she called him “Your Highness”.

Those captivating pair of eyes could even drip water.

Having a beauty throwing herself into his arms, how could Zhong Zheng Lin be polite with her Besides, three months have already passed.

The two would naturally be like mandarin ducks that rubbed their necks, lingering in each other’s embrace.

After having his prohibition lifted, the sixth Highness pestered Mu Xi Yao, making the noise till third geng2.

It was still only because he worried about her body, otherwise, Mu Xi Yao most likely wouldn’t be able to get out of bed for several days. 

While these two were lovey-dovey with each other, an uproar broke in the outside world.

Innumerable aristocratic families in Shengjin gasped for air.

This lady Mu climbed too fast.

The imperial princes had so many women in their harem, yet there was no one who was like her, turning from shufei to cefei in half a year.

She had such a good fortune. 

The capital’s Yu estate was jubilant.

They quickly dispatched people to send gifts.

Later on, Mu Xi Ting also send Rui Zhu to go pay a visit and deliver congratulatory gifts for promotion, as well as the baby clothes, shoes and socks and other objects which were hand-sewn by her.

When Mu Xi Yao looked over those soft tiny clothes, she thought they were very adorable.

She subsequently brought them before Zhong Zheng Lin to show off only to receive his teasing.

Afterward, the news arrived to Qingzhou.

The joy made lady Yu broke into tears, which reminded her to send a letter to Mu Jin Zhi.

After a long sight, sir Mu only said that if the younger daughter could continue to be like this everything would be great.  He would be grateful.

The capital, inside the prince’s estate.

Zhong Zheng Lin with Di Wu Yi Zhao and others were wholeheartedly preparing things for Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet.

Mu Xi Yao, on the other hand, was all by herself in Danruo courtyard,  mysteriously moving back and forth her long-prepared gift.

Though her face showed a proud expression, her heart dripped blood.

This one was practically exchanged by the incomparably valuable beauty sleep of hers. 


[1] Amidst the clouds and mist means puzzled

[2] Third gang means 23:00-01:00 


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