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On this morning when Mu Xi Yao was using a breakfast, just as she took a sip of fish soup, she suddenly felt discomfort in the chest and was nauseated.

She endured it for a while, but in the end, she supported herself with the help of Mo Lan’s hand and threw up till her eyes were teary.

Mo Lan and Hui Lan were so anxious they wanted to immediately report it to Zhao mono and ask for an imperial physician.

Gui momo who was looking from the side was somehow flabbergasted.

Abruptly, she has collected her wits and thought about master and his Highness’s interaction….she secretly counted days.

For a moment, she was swept away by a nice surprise.

“Did the master’s period come this month” Gui momo cautiously sought confirmation from Mu Xiyao.

Mu Xi Yao was stunned for a moment.

Then, she understood Gui momo’s meaning.

For a moment, she was overwhelmed by this pleasant surprise.

Her heart kept pounding quickly.

As she counted, indeed, it has delayed for few days.

Looking at the joy in Gui momo’s eyes, Mu Xi Yao squeezed her silk handkerchief and calmed herself down.

Afterward, she had Zhao momo go and ask for the imperial physician.

Zhao momo was just having a conversation with the chief steward in the front yard when she saw a second rank maidservant Ruo Lan from Danruo courtyard rushing in panic over, saying that her master was unwell and wanted to ask for the imperial physician.

When the two heard it, how could they dare to neglect the matter One took the match card1 and the other one went to send a message to his Highness who was running an errand in the palace.

When Zhong Zheng Lin rushed back to the estate he encountered at the door the imperial physician who hurriedly rushed over with a medicine box carried on his shoulder.

Upon seeing the sixth prince, before that imperial physician could bow to him he heard him saying, “No need for formalities.

Follow bendian!” As soon as he raised his head, he saw his Highness stride with large steps into the inner yard.

When the imperial physician saw his Highness’s attitude, he thought the one he was going to check the pulse was someone of importance.

He didn’t dare to neglect hence he ran over with tiny steps, following behind Zhong Zheng Lin.

Mu Xi Yao was lying in the bed, having gone through another round of throwing up, feeling unwell inside.

Her eyes were just wrapped in tears when she saw Zhong Zheng Lin stride inside with the imperial physician.

“Your Highness.” Mu Xi Yao’s voice was laced with a sob.

She paid him respect with great difficulty.

As soon as she opened her mouth, her inside again started to rummage.

When did Zhong Zheng Lin see her being so weak, not being able to even finish her words In an instant, his expression changed.

He grabbed the imperial physician and pushed him to the bedside, urging him to check the pulse.

The imperial physician, seeing Zhong Zheng Lin’s tense expression and his hands at the back clenched into the fists, came to understand that if there was something wrong with this woman he also won’t be able to escape.

He quickly pulled himself together and carefully diagnosed her pulse.

A moment later, a little bit hesitating, he changed for the other hand, asking to recheck.

After two rounds of checking, the imperial physician let out a sigh of relief.

His face revealed a joyful expression.

He eagerly congratulated Zhong Zheng Lin.

“This subject congratulates your Highness.

It’s an auspicious pulse.

Just, the time is still too short, a little bit over a month.”

Everyone in the room was overjoyed.

Zhao momo was elated.

At last, this day has arrived.

She quickly went outside to pass the information to Tian Fu Shan.

Mu Xi Yao’s beautiful eyes were gleaming with happiness.

She looked up at Zhong Zheng Lin, not speaking.

The sixth Highness’s back was rigid.

His chest moved slightly up and down.

Those eyes of his were firmly locked on Mu Xi Yao’s abdomen.

His face was taut and his long and narrow phoenix eyes revealed an unconcealed pleasant surprise.

It was until Gui momo, who stood at the side, led others to thank the imperial physician did Zhong Zheng Lin turn his head and said to the imperial physician, “Reward!” Afterward, he immediately turned back to seize up Mu Xi Yao’s state.

The two looked at each other.

Mu Xi Yao looked into Zhong Zheng Lin’s deep eyes that didn’t bother to hide its passion.

She turned her body, somewhat uneasy.

Her little face was tinted with a blush.

Seeing her shy, Zhong Zheng Lin turned and instructed Zhao momo to attend carefully to Mu Xi Yao.

He, on the other side, took the imperial physician and went to the study.

One hour later, when the imperial physician came out of the sixth Highness’s study, his back was already drenched in sweat and his legs soft.

His sixth Highness was deserved to be called the coldest among the princes.

Even his study was terribly cold and cheerless.

With a handsome yet serious face, his Highness has asked questions for an hour.

It was truly….miserable.

Whenever he recalled his Highness’s questions and that indifference that was so out of tune, the imperial physician was very hurt.


When chief steward received the good news he immediately sent a message to consort Shu’s palace.

As soon as consort Shu heard of the news, she thought that she must have misheard.

It should be there’s good news in his fourth Highness’s inner yard.

Only after confirming over and over again did she say repeatedly, “Reward.” She kept telling momo at the side that Mu shi was blessed.

She had just entered the estate for three months but was already expecting.

Consort Shu specially took out Yuzhi, ginseng and likewise high-quality nourishing goods from her private treasury and sent them together with other rewards to Danruo courtyard.

Yuancheng Emperor has also received the message from consort Shu.

These days, being overwrought by everything, he has finally heard good news.

Though it was related to the inner yard, it was a bit special.

It was his sixth imperial son’s eldest son or daughter, after all.

Yuancheng Emperor has always carried more concern toward Zhong Zheng Lin, who acted maverickly among the imperial princes.

He didn’t expect that shortly after appointing him a shufei, news of a child would spread out.

Clearly, his foresight was original.

Of course, that Mu shi was also a good one.

Yuancheng Emperor was in good mood.

With a wave of the pen, the bestowed rewards again, with a rustle, entered into Mu Xi Yao’s courtyard.


Once lady Mu’s pregnancy spread out, it was like a thunder falling on the ground, making Zhong Zheng Lin’s other women fry till their expression changed.

Countless of porcelains and teacups broke in the process.

The shattering sounds could be heard on the ground.

Tang Yi Ru firmly ground her nails into a fist.

She has truly became pregnant with child.

Mu shi that woman was simply too lucky.

Just few months and there was news.

That  Kong shi and Wu shi had entered the estate for two years, yet they had no movements.

They indeed couldn’t be compared to Mu shi.

It was said that his Highness had asked the imperial physician questions for an hour.

When she wasn’t pregnant she was already so doten on.

Now that she was expecting his Highness guarded and doted on her even more.

Despite that Tang Yi Ru constantly forced herself to calm down and stay rational but in the end she was just a woman.

She has suffered many grievances since entering the prince’s estate.

What’s more, she could only watch the woman, who has once given her a great humiliation, becoming more and more pampered.

The feeling she felt inside couldn’t be even described by words. 

In the washroom, she splashed herself with cold water.

Looking at woman reflected in the copper mirror, who was like a spring flower in its full bloom, Tang Yi Ru tightly pressed her lips together.

Since Mu shi was pregnant, then it meant she couldn’t serve anymore.

It was now a crucial time to take advantage of the situation and seize the favor.

Moreover, being with child didn’t automatically mean she would be able to deliver the child smoothly.

Even if she gave birth to the child, it might not necessarily be a son. 

What lady Tang could comprehend, the rest of concubines had to ponder back and forth to understand.

Although they were very resentful at first, ultimately, they still they still knew to act tactfully.

The son was the most important backing in the inner yard, after all. 


Inside the Danruo courtyard.

Gui momo was originally going to send a message to Qingzhou but was stopped by Mu Xi Yao.

She told her that it was still early and there was no need for lady Yu to worry.

After three months when the fetus was stable, they would still have time to send them the news.

On the other side, it would be not proper to hide it from Yu estate in Shengjin.

Therefore, she had Chun Lan go inform them about it.

She has also dispatched people to send Mu Xi Ting a letter to specifically instruct her to not worry and avoid a rash and hot-tempered behavior.

In addition, she should beware of Zhong Zheng Ming’s other favored concubine, lady Jiang.

If needed she can rely on cefei Mo Wan Qing.

When Mu Xi Ting received the letter from her di sister, she has just seen the fifth Highness off.

She opened the letter and attentively memorized her instructions.

Subsequently, she lit the candle and burnt the letter.

Afterward, she sent people to send her di sister congratulatory gifts.  

Since Little, Mu Xi Ting has followed behind Mu Xi Yao’s back.

Though she wasn’t favored she had grown up safe and sound and had from time to time received Mu Xi Yao’s care.

She knew that this second sister of hers was very friendly.

Much more amiable than her eldest sister.

She was an extremely bright person.

At home, there was nothing she couldn’t obtain, except for pets.

After arriving to Shengjin, she has somehow gained his sixth Highness’s affections.

She has heard that since entering the estate she was very doted on.

Nowadays, she has become pregnant.

In such a short time. 

Since her di sister said that she could rely on lady Mo, then there must be a reason behind it.

Mu Xi Ting made up her mind and behaved well in the inner yard and only minded the matters related to his Highness as per Mu Xi Yao’s advice.


In the evening, when Zhong Zheng Lin finished his errands he straight away went to Danruo courtyard to accompany Mu Xi Yao using the meal.

Seeing her go through another round of discomfort, which made her face turn crimson red, her tears falling down drop by drop, Zhong Zheng Lin’s brows creased deeply, his face covered by frost.

That night, as usual, Zhong Zheng Lin rested in Danruo courtyard.

He silently held Mu Xi Yao and engaged in a talk with her, sharing with her the joy of becoming a parent.

He gathered her in his arms from behind, his big hand covering her abdomen, softly caressing it.

The two fell asleep while hugging each other.

On the following day, Zhong Zheng Lin called for chief steward Tian Fu Shan early in the morning.

He told him to ask consort Shu to send an elder momo, who was well versed in medicinal cuisine and knew how to nurse the body, to the estate.

Subsequently, he dispatched people to the fourth prince’s estate to ask the fourth sister-in-law for pregnancy remedies.

Furthermore, he ordered the best ingredients to be sent to Danruo courtyard’s little kitchen.

Only then was he satisfied.

After all these arrangements, Mu Xi Yao could finally use the meal in peace.

What’s more, her appetite was excellent.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s furrowed brows has finally loosened and following after he has rewarded everyone.

Looking at Mu Xi Yao, who was being held by him on the lap, eat with relish, chewing with her cheeks puffed, while hugging the person, Zhong Zheng Lin lowered his head to look at the little woman’s rosy cheeks.

He suddenly had a wrong impression of raising a rabbit.



*Now this rabbit it going to born you a bunny XD So here was hiding that Jiang Pin Ting (or at least I think it is her since she told MXT to be wary of her)!*

[1] Match card is usually made of bamboo or wood on which numbers are written.

The middle is split to halves.

It acts as a type of token used to take materials, objects, goods from the household.

When servants need an article and also receives consent from the one in charge of the house, he will split the match card in half and then let the servant take the articles.

At the time of settlement, the one in charge can then carry out an audit


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