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There were only two carriages on the journey back.

The rear one was directly given to the two maidservants while Zhong Zheng Lin and Mu Xi Yao stayed together in the another. 

After Zhong Zheng Lin took care of official documents and finished reading the secret reports, he looked up and discovered that the little woman had her attention fixed on a book’s page.

The eyelashes that hung down on the gentle and beautiful side profile would flutter from time to time, her graceful neck exposed from a collar.

The strands of her hair lied on her high bosom, beneath was the slender waist.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes darkened.

Looking at the outline of a thigh that knelt sideways under the woman’s skirt, he seemed to want, through the clothes, to explore the secret place between her legs.

Along with Zhong Zheng Lin’s wandering gaze, the flesh underneath him swelled unbearably.

His eyes were filled with Mu Xi Yao’s quiet, chaste and gentle bearing, yet his mind was recalling how alluring the woman was beneath him during the evenings when she had to receive his pleasure.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s Adam’s apple bobbed, the fire instantly rushing forth.

The hardness between his legs stood ostentatiously upright.

“Come here.” What came out was the man’s low voice.

Mu Xi Yao turned away from the book and turned her head to look at Zhong Zheng Lin.

Her gaze carried an inquiry.

“Come to Bendian’s side.” Zhong Zheng Lin’s long and narrow phoenix eyes stared straight at Mu Xi Yao.

After tiding up the ink and pen, he held out his hand to her, waiting for her to come to him.

Mu Xi Yao put down the book and got up.

As soon as she bypassed the writing desk, she was immediately caught by Zhong Zheng Lin, pressed tightly into his embrace.

He bowed his head and kissed her.

“Wu~wu~” Being suddenly attacked, Mu Xi Yao’s little hands pushed against Zhong Zheng Lin’s chest, shaking her head in protest.

Zhong Zheng Lin parted her legs and made her straddle him.

Afterward, he lifted her skirt and stretched his hand inside.

“Your Highness~” Mu Xi Yao was kissed until she was dizzy.

However, she still remembered that she was inside the carriage.

With a face flushed red, she said, “No.

This is outside.”

Zhong Zheng Lin has already reached  her delicate flower bud and started to rub it.

As soon as he heard her mention they were outside, his handsome face became even more excited, “Be a good girl, Jiao Jiao.

Bendian cannot bear it anymore.” He tore her underpants while talking.

Subsequently, his finger directly entered inside.

Mu Xi Yao’s private part was teased by Zhong Zheng Lin’s calloused fingers, which were moving back and forth.

Instantly a spring dew started to drip outside.

Her eyes were engulfed by mist.

“Your Highness, how come~~”

Mu Xi Yao didn’t finish her words but Zhong Zheng Lin understood her meaning.

He stared evilly at her watery eyes, “Cannot stand your provocation.” The movement of his hands accelerated.

His other hand started to untie his belt.

Mu Xi Yao wanted to die from the embarrassment.

What did he mean she has provoked him This fellow was simply shameless.

Those blind people.

It was a pure farting1 that the sixth Highness was not into the women’s charms! In the end, she could not resist the man’s pestering and has fulfilled his wish.

It was Zhong Zheng Lin’s first time doing this kind of thing outside, additionally in the carriage that would occasionally bump along the road.

Ye Kai and the lot were outside, which excited him even more than usual.

He was so stimulated he clutched Mu Xi Yao’s slender waist and started to vigorously pound in and out of her.  The wet sounds produced by their slamming bodies made Mu Xi Yao so mortified that wave after wave of spring water sprinkled on Zhong Zheng Lin’s hotness.

This forced him to pull Mu Xi Yao and yank her forcefully against his body.

Under Zhong Zheng Lin’s more and more maddening slamming, the deepest part of the woman’s land of joy that kept pushing and suckling him became increasingly tight and hot.

Yesterday, Mu Xi Yao was already ruthlessly fixed by him.

Today she was simply unable to withstand it.

Mu Xi Yao set her mind.

Abruptly, she drew in her abdominal muscles.

Zhong Zheng Lin felt as if countless of small mouths have simultaneously sucked his hotness.

Unable to hold himself anymore, he suddenly dived deeply and attained a release while roaring.

Embracing Mu Xi Yao’s delectable body, Zhong Zheng Lin contendly kissed her forehead, “Bendian’s Jiao Jiao tastes heavenly.”

Mu Xi Yao has had a small death.

Inside the heart, she bore a grudge.

This man turned more and more indecent/.

The carriage has moved and stopped for almost a month before arriving to Shengjin.

When Mu Xi Yao and Zhong Zheng Lin were together, because of that man’s torment, there was not one day she was clear-headed.

It was simply an abyss of suffering.

She couldn’t wait for them to quickly return to the palace so that this fellow would go to attend to his official matters and leave her alone.

On the way, Mo Lan and Hui Lan have picked Gui momo who was still in Yu estate.

The three used Mu Xi Yao’s carriage and together entered the palace.

As soon as they arrived to the imperial prince’s estate, they saw women of different beauty from each courtyard stand outside the main door dressed meticulously.

When they saw Zhong Zheng Lin climb off the carriage, they all in sync curtsied and paid him respect.

Looking at sixth Highness’s tall and handsome appearance, the eyes of women were filled with admiration.

After Zhong Zheng Lin got off the carriage he only threw them a glance before he turned back to carry Mu Xi Yao down.

He tidied the hair for her and only then did he turn his head and told them to rise.

Seeing that Mu Xi Yao was guarded by Zhong Zheng Lin at her side, what followed was another round of greeting ceremony.

Hundred of upset feelings went through these woman’s hearts.

Lady Mu has actually become even more beautiful than few months ago.

The lot of them stayed in the empty and lonely chamber of the inner yard day by day, hoping for his Highness’s early return, and that they would be able to serve him at least one-two days in a month. How good for this lady Mu.

She not only didn’t have to endure the loneliness of the solitude, she even made his Highness a company every day, and was doted and guarded by his Highness.

How could it not make people crazily jealous

Mu Xi Yao turned bling eyes to all kinds of dagger gazes.

She just obediently followed Zhong Zheng Lin to the inner yard.

When everyone took a seat in the main hall, Zhong Zheng Lin solemnly asked Tang Yi Ru about these days’ situation in the inner yard.

Tang Yi Ru didn’t expect that Zhong Zheng Lin would ask her as soon as he sat down.

She quickly recovered and corrected her attitude.

“Replying to your Highness.

Everything is well in the inner yard.

Qi shi has already been put under the house arrest for the whole three months.

she was punished to copy one hundred times qie has seen and passed it to the chief steward to put it on your Highness’s table.

Zhong Zheng Lin looked at Tang shi’s upright appearance and words that didn’t carry flatter.

She was very well-behaved.

Taking into regard her merit of the supervision over the inner yard, he easened a little his expression and said, “You’ve worked hard”.

As for other concubines, he has only swept a glance over them with mild expression, uttering no words.

Mu Xi Yao silently cursed inside.

Zhong Zheng Lin this feudal man.

As expected, he considered concubines as playthings.

They had no place at all.

Everything that her predecessor harbored in the previous lifetime was a deep love.

One could not blame Zhong Zheng Lin as she just had a bad taste in man.

However, since Mu Xi Yao could pique Zhong Zhong Lin’s interest among all his concubines, she was better than people like Kong shi.

No wonder that shufeis and cefeis above her saw her as an eyesore.

Mu Xi Yao, who was still musing ruefully, suddenly saw Tang shi turn her head and stare at her.

Everyone’s gaze fell on her.

Mu Xi Yao instantly pulled herself together.

Could it be that while her mind was wandering she has missed something

She blinked her eyes and looked pitifully at Zhong Zheng Lin.

The sixth Highness knew about the woman’s calculation.

A smile flashed through his eyes.

His tone was still like by a book, “Are you tired”

Mu Xi Yao immediately nodded softly and smiled sheepishly at everyone.

Looking at her little appearance, her act indeed looked realistic.

He rose up, took the person and then walked out, leaving only “You’re dismissed”.

The person was then already far away.

Watching the two’s back, Tang Yi Ru clenched her fists and lowered her eyes.

That Mu shi was just too condescending.

She even paid her, who was also a shufei, no heed.

In the end, she went back as soon as she seduced his Highness.

Just how long has Mu Xi Yao sat there

Mu Xi Yao went out of the door.

When she saw there was no one looking, she hugged Zhong Zheng Lin’s arm and started to act spoilt, “Your Highness, what were they asking qie” Her little face showed a pure question.

She appeared very calm, not tiny bit ashamed for being absent-minded.

Zhong Zheng Lin looked ahead and gathered her waist.

He gave her an extremely serious answer “Don’t know.”, making Mu Xi Yao burst out into a laugh.

He sat so upright in the hall with a solemn expression.

Who would have expected that he would be like her, his mind already elsewhere She laughed even more cheerfully, standing unsteadily and swaying from side to side, her manners gone.

Zhong Zheng Lin looked down and saw a woman’s ring on her left hand’s ring finger.

His expression softened and a smile seemed to engage inside them.

After Zhong Zheng Lin sent the person to the door of the Danruo courtyard, he turned and left to the study.

Shengjin has been very lively in recent days.

The big case of Lincheng, that kidnapped maidens from the respectable family, forcing them to prostitution and selling them as military prostitutes, caused an uproar in the imperial court.

Yuancheng emperor was just planning to send troops to Mobei in the near future, but unexpectedly such a scandal had come out.

It has even involved many middle ranked military officers in Mobei military camp.

The Emperor was furious.

He ordered the ministry of justice to investigate thoroughly the case and the members of the imperial clan to oversee the process.

In addition, he has specially dispatched secret agents to Mobei to investigate in secret and collect evidence.

This case was large-scaled investigated for a month and its result made people flabbergasted.

The first prince Zhong Zheng Chun and the crown prince Zhong Zheng Hui, the two power wielding protagonists, were both involved.

What’s more, the evidence of their subordinate officials being indirectly involved in the case had been found.

The two factions’ subordinate officials not only had gained profits, roped in powerful people and disrupted the order in the military from within, but they had also made false charges against each other and rampantly implicated others on purpose.

The location of the case had also come to involve, apart from Lincheng, seventeen cities of three provinces.

Furthermore, there were respectable maidens from Great Wei who were sold to barbarian tribes in Mobei as slaves and servant girls. 

This was the most vile-natured case since Yuancheng Emperor has ascended to the throne. 

Yuancheng Emperor was towering in the rage. 

He has, on the spot, reprimanded “using people without checking, treating subordinates leniently” at the imperial court.

Yuancheng Emperor cut Zhong Zheng Chun and Zhong Zheng Hui’s three years official salary and ordered the two to reflect on their misdeeds in private.

They were not allowed to participate in politics for half a year.

The officials involved in the case were to be investigated.

Those seriously involved in the plot were to be publicly beheaded. 

In addition, he has reprimanded the crown prince before the courtiers for neglecting his duties.

Yuancheng Emperor punished the crown prince to kneel at the ancestral shrine for three days and reflect! 

Momentary, Great Wei’s wind sighed and crane called2.

The commoners applauded. 

Mu Xi Yao didn’t have the slightest bit idea that the beauty’s rescue would implicate such a deep case.

Currently, she was looking dazedly at Gui momo with an incredulous expression.  



[1] Farting is a Chinese saying/slang meaning nonsense

[2] Wind sigh and crane call is an idiom meaning to panic at the slightest move; to be jittery



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