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After arrangements have been set up in Lincheng, everyone again went on the journey. 

In the carriage, Mu Xi Yao softly leaned against Zhong Zheng Lin, taking a nap.

She thought that the man’s bosom was very comfortable.

It was the tenth month, yet when the two held each other they didn’t feel the slightest bit hot.

The carriage advanced smoothly.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s one hand gripped the woman’s waist while the other passed through her long and loose hair.

They felt very soft and smooth.

His fingertips wanted to linger in this kind of coolness.

Watching her enjoy herself with eyes shut, Zhong Zheng Lin lowered his head to capture her lips, tantalizing her with the tip of his tongue.

He saw the woman subsequently open her misty eyes, looking at him resentfully.

What a pity.

When the rabbit has just barely opened its eyes it was already destined to be bullied.

Even if she has protested countless times she still could only endure and be ruthlessly woken up by Zhong Zheng Lin.

“Your Highness~~” The woman’s voice carried a bit of hoarseness.


We’re almost there.” Zhong Zheng Lin waited for the moment Mu Xi Yao’s eyes brightened up.

Sure enough.

The vigor inside the little woman’s eyes immediately ignited.

In a moment those pair of beautiful eyes were again clear and bright, rippling with water light.

Mu Xi Yao quickly rose up, lifted up the curtain and looked outside.

The city gate of Huizhou was right before them in all its astonishment.

Zhong Zheng Lin spread out his arm and drew the person back to his embrace, “A little while more.” Afterward, he fetched the mirror from the little box at the side and handed it to Mu Xi Yao.

Mu Xi Yao confusedly took the mirror to have a look.

Well, her lips were red, even a bit swollen and her face was tinged with a faint blush.

Just one look told people that she had done a thing that was out of propriety.

She went back to rest on Zhong Zheng Lin’s chest, her little hand poked and teased unceasingly his chest.

 “How many days will your Highness stay in Huizhou.”

“Do you like it here” Zhong Zheng Lin was somewhat puzzled.

Although Mu Xi Yao was fond of flowers and plants, according to her lazy temper she wouldn’t go so far as to endure the tiresome journey for the sake of Huizhou’s orchids and want to hang on to this place.


Qie likes Huizhou’s orchids very much.

Qie also wants to try making an item.” Mu Xi Yao confessed honestly.

She was totally unfamiliar with people and places in Huizhou.

Since there was no Zhao Qing to assist her now, she could only rely on Zhong Zheng Lin and through his manpower complete her things.

“Oh Shengjin doesn’t have it” What was the thing that made her so worked up

“The entire world doesn’t have it.” Mu Xi Yao showed off brazenly.

“Qie has to do it by myself.”

Zhong Zheng Lin has recalled, it seemed that after entering the estate the little woman didn’t gift him any items.

The previous bookmark could be considered as returning/thanks gift.

The needlework she gave him during the concubinage rite, he didn’t have to think to know it was not made by her.

As a result, he felt displeased at heart.

With a half shut phoenix eyes, he raised Mu Xi Yao’s little face, “Bendian’s brothers more or less wear some little objects given by their women.

Why Bendian, on the contrary, has not even one”

Mu Xi Yao guiltily bowed her head.

She pulled his big hand, “Qie is awful at needlework.” Her voice was so tiny it was almost inaudible and her ears were reddish like being shy.

Zhong Zheng Lin whispered in Mu Xi Yao’s ear, “If you’re bad at needlework, then change it to something that you are good at.

Bendian can afford to wait.” Seeing that the little woman has complied, he stroked her head, “At least eight to nine days.

If you would like, we can stay for another three to five days.”

Mu Xi Yao was very satisfied when she heard it.

In that case, time was very abundant, enough for her to fiddle.

She lifted her head to look at Zhong Zheng Lin with eyes that were curled up into a smile and answered, “At the time when we leave Huizhou, your Highness will receive a gift qie has put a heart to create.” Her words made Zhong Zheng Lin feel delighted.

Wei Zhen found a villa at the city’s west.

Next to it was a big flowerbed.

Inside, all kind of flowers were in its full bloom.

Mu Xi Yao even saw corn poppy and dianthus! Every kind of orchids one could think of was there in all of its thousand postures, swaying gracefully.

As Zhong Zheng Lin watched deep admiration and elation in the woman’s eyes, he pondered whether he should make her a greenhouse to specially grow rare plants after he went to establish his own estate outside the palace.

In the evening, after everyone settled up, Zhong Zheng Lin asked Mu Xi Yao whether she wanted to follow him to Qianshang.

Going back and forth would take about five days.

Zhong Zheng Lin asked this question without thinking hence he didn’t expect that he would meet rejection.

Unexpectedly, this woman didn’t give it a thought.

She even repeatedly swayed her head, very unwilling.

If it weren’t for Zhong Zheng Lin’s expression getting worse and worse Mu Xi Yao wouldn’t have noticed anything wrong.

“The object qie wants to make is very time-consuming.

Moreover, your Highness’s gift, qie needs few days to personally complete it.” Thus, Zhong Zheng Lin has reluctantly agreed, leaving Ye Kai to serve her.

The rest of people headed to Qianshan together with him.

After Zhong Zheng Lin left, Mu Xi Yao had Ye Kai invite handcraft masters and gardeners and take them to the customized workshop in the city,  shutting its doors and not receiving visitors.

Every day, there were dozens of flower and plant pots entering workshop but there was not one of them coming out.

Like this, five days have passed.


When Zhong Zheng Lin and the party came back to the estate, they discovered that there wasn’t even a person’s shadow to be seen in the villa.

Mu Xi Xao’s chamber looked very deserted.

There was no trace of a replaced bedding.

Evidently, these days she has resided elsewhere.

When Wei Zhen found Ye Kai in the city and brought him back to the villa, Zhong Zheng Lin’s expression was already quite ugly.

As expected.

She needed to be under surveillance.

He couldn’t let her do as she liked.

This woman went even so far as to reside outside without any approval!! Which family had such customs

Fortunately, Ye Kai was guarding her every day and hasn’t lost the person.

After he gave a detailed report about that one’s whereabouts, Ye Kai has finally sighed.

These days he was very fearful, being on edge all days and nights, afraid that something would go wrong.

Nowadays, his Highness has finally come back.

He could finally justify himself.

Originally they have thought this matter would be skipped.

Unexpectedly, the development that followed afterward shocked everyone.

Even though his Highness has sent people to pick her up, that mistress wouldn’t come out.

She continued working on something inside.

There was only Hui Lan who has, in trepidation, come out and briefed them, “Master has said she’s very good.

There’s no need to be mindful of her.” That was all she said.

When Zhong Zheng Lin heard the report, his expression was already bad-looking.

He looked at the quiet and empty bedroom.

Afterward, he called only Wei Zhen and went out.

Wei Zhen followed his Highness.

They have merely stayed outside of the workshop for a while, gazed at the signboard for few seconds and then turned and went back to the estate.

Wei Zhen was very puzzled inside.

What was going on

Since Mu Xi Yao has entered the estate Zhong Zheng Lin rarely slept alone.

Nowadays he went to rest alone for several days in a row.

He was actually quite unaccustomed to it.

As he turned over in the evening, he habitually reached his hand toward his side.

However, there was only emptiness.

It made him unable to fall asleep.

Therefore, he only rested with his eyes closed.


It wasn’t that she didn’t want to see Zhong Zheng Lin.

It was just that item needed to be personally overseen! Time went by just a little and the whole item would get destroyed.

The actual manipulation was much more difficult than how she had envisioned.

The accessory she had bought overseas in modern times was exceptionally beautiful.

When it came to making it in nowadays’s Great Wei, its craft was simply so complicated it made people go crazy.

What’s more, there were many disparities in skills and tools that needed to be re-explored and improved.

Mu Xi Yao felt as if she ate too much and had lot of energy[1].

After this, don’t expect her to spend any great deal of effort and trouble again.

It was simply even more tiring than working overtime in the modern time.

What was even more tragic was the fact that she had brought it upon herself.

Even if she were to cry, nobody would care.

Mu Xi Yao was determined.

Since she has started so difficultly then she must come with a result.

Otherwise, how could it be worthy of her hard work Besides, she already had such an idea.

If she were to replace it with something else, how would she be willing to

Thereupon, when this woman’s temper flared up, she brought along with her two orchids and craft masters and spend every day in the workshop, working torturously.

Those pots of flowers and plants that were carried inside and then dismissed made people’s heart bleed.

They were all rare and famous goods! After being fiddled with by their master they could be only thrown away.

It was too squandering.

On the seventh day of Zhong Zheng Lin’s arrival, Mu Xi Yao finally came back with her people.

After seeing that man who sat silently on the head seat with his handsome face engulfed by a dark expression, Mu Xi Yao wanted to go forward but a burst of dizziness overwhelmed her, making her lose consciousness.

“Master!” Hui Lan and Mo Lan exclaimed and quickly strode forward to help the person.

However, Mu Xi Yao’s eyes were shut and she gave them no response.

Her complexion was slightly pale, lacking the healthy color she usually had.

It scared the two witless.

Zhong Zheng Lin rose up and took the person, after which he went into the inner room with large strides.

He put the person onto the bed and then looked at her closely.

The woman’s eyes were tightly closed, her face revealed exhaustion.

Her chin was unsightly sharp, even her clothes were not as neat and fine as per usual.

Zhong Zheng Lin stretched his hand to check her pulse.

It shouldn’t be anything serious.

He let out a sigh of relief.

However, there was a fire stifled inside him.

He kicked a low stool, causing it to flip over onto the ground.

For several consecutive days, she had shut the door seeing no one.

Yet, she ended up making herself look so ghostly.

A storm aroused inside Zhong Zheng Lin’s phoenix eyes.

The handsome face that was watching Mu Xi Yao carried a frost.

The city physician was first snatched here by Wei Zhen, then he was being gazed at by Zhong Zheng Lin’s ice-cold eyes.

The physician was so intimidated by them that his hands trembled when he checked the pulse.

Even the words he uttered came out broken.

With great difficulty, he has managed to explain clearly that Mu Xi Yao has overworked herself, lacked sleep and didn’t eat the meal regularly.

Her body was in an extremely poor state.

She needs to be properly nursed to health.

In a few days, she ought to be recovered.

After Zhong Zheng Lin heard the diagnosis, he punished Ye Kai by ordering him to stand on the stake[2] while the two maidservants had to kneel outside the door.

Zhong Zheng Lin forcefully suppressed the violent emotions inside him.

He only watched how people fed Mu Xi Yao medicine and then he got up to leave without turning.


[1] Eat too much and have lot of energy means doing something unnecessary

[2] Stand on the stake


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