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Mu Xi Yao was sitting and talking to Mo Lan when she saw a disheveled looking woman efficiently kneel in front of them kowtowing abruptly, ceaseless pleads coming out from her mouth.

“Please save me, miss.

There are heinous people who forcefully steal women from common families in the broad daylight.

The government officials have actually turned blind eye to it and drove me away from the yamen1.

I beg the miss for a little shelter.” The woman continued to kowtow, her forehead already started to bleed.

This woman was very perceptive.

She has directly discarded Zhong Zheng Lin at the side who could be evidently identified as their leader and chose Mu Xi Yao who was accompanying him.

Firstly, seeing that she was a woman, women, in general, were likely to go soft.

Secondly, it was to avoid misunderstandings and evoke a disdain in Mu Xi Yao.

Mu Xi Yao lowered her head and pondered a little, after which she understood the woman’s purpose.

Seeing that Zhong Zheng Lin was sipping the tea, she had Hui Lan help her stand up and retreat to the side.

She, on the other hand, fanned herself with a circular fan and waited for the pursuers at the back to arrive.

After only a moment, two men bringing along with them seven-eight attenders rushed over.

The group of people aggressively entered inside while making a ruckus.

The younger gentleman had a neat appearance but his expression was cold and gloomy.

The middle-aged man, a half step behind him, had a face that gleed with oil.

The herd at their back all had fierce expressions.

They were obviously henchmen.

“Just run, you little wrench.

Let’s see where you can run! What a tactless thing.

The noble in the capital has taken a fancy to you.

It’s the blessing cultivated by your eight lifetimes.

Now, immediately go back with us.

Otherwise, if that little brother of yours in the academy were to miss an arm or lose a leg, even if you want to cry at that time you wouldn’t have a place to.” The middle-aged man yelled with no regards to others.

Subsequently, he turned his head to fiercely warn Mu Xi Yao and the party, “This little lady better not meddle in other people’s business, to avoid incurring misfortune.” He has discerned that Zhong Zheng Lin who was sitting was not somebody to be trifled with, thus he turned to aim his words at Mu Xi Yao, indirectly stating his attitude.

“Oh” Mu Xi Yao raised her brow.

“There is only a number of people in Shengjin that I cannot provoke.

Who do you think you are” Her attitude was extremely arrogant.

She kept playing with the ink fan, giving him no glance.

“Wasn’t it said that everything has been properly organized for the journey If so, where did these blind dirty dogs come from” Mu Xi Yao rolled her wrist and then stretched her hand to closely observe the nail guard that was just recently painted.

Her tone was completely disgusted and impatient, carrying a strong contempt in it.

“Miss, this servant will immediately call people to drive them away.” Mo Lan was very clever.

She followed Mu Xi Yao’s meaning and played along with her, acting emboldened and arrogantly as if her eyes were grown on top of her head, just like how Mu Xi Yao was.

“You hussies who don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth.

Do you know who am I This Lincheng has no place for ignorant women to act impudently.” The young gentleman stared at Mu Xi Yao darkly.

In an instant, a loud “bang” sound that has frightened everyone resonated inside the inn.

When Mu Xi Yao put on a play, it was a whole package.

After being insulted by that gentleman, she still sat there without a care.

In passing, she grabbed a pot that contained cold water and expressionlessly smashed it over.

Her expression was ice-cold, tone soft, the circular fan in her hand did not stop its movement, yet the words coming out from her mouth was exceptionally fiery.

“Have them beaten severely! If today we lost face, how can we, Zhou clan, run tasks for his Highness My elder sister will be a laughing stock in his Highness’s inner yard.”

Wei Zhen has received Zhong Zheng Lin’s hint.

He and the group of guards with a boom all stood up and drew their swords about to go all out.



It’s a misunderstanding.

It’s a misunderstanding!” How could have the middle-aged man guessed that each of the lots here would be unprovokable fiends that would draw swords as soon as they didn’t see eye to eye They were even more fearless than them, the local tyrant.

He quickly shouted loudly, “This miss, if you have something to say, say it.” Subsequently, he pulled at that gentleman and stated clearly, “Our young lord is doing an errand for the prefect of Lincheng, sir Yang.

He has also received the orders from the noble of the capital.

Maybe, the noble has some connection with the Highness miss has spoken of.” There was a faint suggestion.

Seeing that she was a mere woman, yet possessed an imposing aura, the guards behind her were all outstanding and her behavior was extremely arrogant, he guessed she had a backing.

Afraid to provoke an unprovokable personage and having heard her speak the two words “your Highness”, he did not dare to act recklessly.

He acknowledged his mistake and has also announced their clan name.

It has actually implicated imperial prince or maybe his subordinate official Mu Xi Yao cast a glance at Zhong Zheng Lin.

Seeing that fellow steadily drink tea, she paid him no more heed.

I let you continue playing, you face paralysis.

Mu Xi Yao collected her arrogance, however, her words did not soften, “Don’t think about worming your way into being acquaintances.

Today, you won’t be able to take away this woman.

Do you want the person Alright.

Bring the letter personally written by that noble and also have that sir Yang personally make us a visit.”

Afterward, she held up the teacup, raised the lid and fling it to the side, “What Do you want me to see you off”

That middle-aged mad quickly piled up a smile, “This miss, please don’t take to heart today’s offend.

We’ll take our leave right away, right away.” He pulled away that young gentleman whose face was so gloomy it could drip water and glanced sinisterly at that woman.

They couldn’t catch the person for the time being.

He could only take his people and dejectedly retreat.

The hindrances were finally gone.

Mu Xi Yao then waited for the food to come up and started to eat unceremoniously without regards to others.

Fortunately, she remembered to pick some food for Zhong Zheng Lin.

Zhong Zheng Lin was very particular about the etiquette when using the meal, except for the act of peeling the shrimp skin for Mu Xi Xao which has dazzle everyone blind.

After the meal, Mu Xu Yao and the party went to the room on the second floor.

That woman was a complete loss.

Mo Lan led her to the room where she stood in its center.

“Are you involved with the influential officials in the capital” Mu Xi Yao resumed her usual laziness.

Her voice was delicate and soft, carrying no intensity.

“Replying to miss.

This common woman has grown up in Lincheng.

My family are just ordinary people.

This common woman has not seen any particular sir, and henceforth doesn’t have any connection with the influential officials in the capital.” Though that woman was frightened, she answered quite neatly.

“There are so many women in Lincheng.

Why do they want to catch solely you”

“This common woman is not the only one caught by Yang House.

Prior to, there was a rumor that the disappearances of the women in Lincheng was secretly done by Yang House.

However, there was no proof and nobody in Lincheng had the courage to stand up and confront them.

This common woman had escaped by luck.

Unexpectedly, when this common woman arrived at the government office to report this case, this common woman was driven away.

Soon after, those two people had found out and chased to this place.” As she spoke, her eyes started to tear.

Mu Xi Yao frowned, “Not just one” Then it was not a plan devised momentary because of the infatuation.

“Those disappeared women.

Did they later appear or have you received any news about them afterward”


There were no news about those women afterward.

Even their family members that had reported the case refused to talk about it or had gradually disappeared.” The woman seemed to have recalled something terrifying, her body started to tremble.

When Mu Xi Yao finished listening, she felt that it was not a matter that could be meddled by her thus she stared at the sixth Highness, her eyes full of curiosity and excitement.

Originally, she had thought that she would encounter a “maiden selling herself to bury father” on the road, unexpectedly it was actually “a maiden from the ordinary family being snatched”.

The established law of the transmigration was indeed very stubborn.

This whole time Zhong Zheng Lin watched without lifting a finger.

Now he could only sight.

Fortunately, lady Yu brought her up well.

Otherwise, based on her lifting up and immediately smashing kind of temper who knows what kind of person she would grow up to be 

This little woman was also skilled in deceiving people.

With just few unreliable nonsenses she has fished out information from the other person’s mouth.

Fancy that she could play such a pure shrew.

When Zhong Zheng Lin thought of the comical image of a rabbit pretending to be the lion, he found it very amusing.

Zhong Zheng Lin had people take that woman out.

Following, he instructed few words to Yan Cheng Zhou and then dismissed everyone.

“What Your elder sister is the beloved concubine of which of bendian’s brothers” Zhong Zheng Lin purposely teased her.

Mu Xi Yao raised her head and went to hug Zhong Zheng Lin’s arm with a smiling face, “What’s so rare about it Qie is darling of the sixth Highness in the capital.

Isn’t it even more pride-worthy” Her face carried an undisguised proudness and ostentatiousness which has brightened/her face a bit.

Zhong Zheng Lin chuckled lightly and kneaded her palm, very pleased inside.

Mu Xi Yao threw him a sidelong glance.

Humph! Big sis knew it.

You’re simply a mensao[3]2!

On the other side, that middle-aged man was currently reporting to sir Yang the sudden appearance of Mu Xi Yao and the party.

That sir contemplated for a moment.

He was certain that in the capital there was no imperial prince’s official consort or cefei with the surname Zhou.

If she was shufei or concubine then there was simply no need to worry.

Moreover, Shengjin had numerous prominent and powerful families.

However, there was no Zhou clan among them.

As a result, he believed firmly that Mu Xi Yao was bluffing and lied in order to save the person.

“That woman deceived you.

There’s no Zhou clan among the prominent families in the capital.

Keep a close watch on them.

You mustn’t let informations get leaked.

If necessary…..” At the moment, sir Yang was still full of mettle.

What he did not know was that the secrets hidden in Lincheng were little by little slowly scooped out by the sixth Highness’s Yue Lai Ge.

He needn’t rush to undertake the task as there would be people who would come to sir Yang’s doorstep and invite him to Shengjin for a cup of tea.

Zhong Zheng Lin stayed in Lincheng for another day.

As he looked at the secret report in his hand, his phoenix eyes glistened with brilliance.

Di Wu Yi Zhao leisurely played with a chess manual at the side, sprouting out high-spiritedly a lot of praises, “Unknowingly, this shufei of your Highness has caught a big fish by a stroke of luck.”

When Zhong Zheng Lin heard Di Wu Yi Zhao’s unintentional word “fishing”, he has recalled a certain woman’s shamelessness in the villa.

His eyes revealed a tiny smile. 



[1] Yamen was a government office in feudal China

[3] Mensao refers to people who look plain, cold or even dull outside, but inside they are volatile, charismatic, hot and sexy.

Shy outside but wild inside  



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