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Mu Xi Yao followed behind Zhong Zheng Lin while pulling at his lapels, voicing out loudly that she wanted to know in full details how lady Qi had provoked Zhong Zheng Lin.

Zhong Zheng Lin was walking in the front.

His eyes were fully concentrated on the road, his lips pressed tightly together.

Inside, he was brimming with anger.

“Your Highness~~” Mu Xi Yao’s eyes turned.

She seemed to have a hard time suppressing laughter.

Zhong Zheng Lin heard Mu Xi Yao make a call, yet nothing else followed, unlike the previous fuss.

As a result, he turned his head to look back at her.

He saw the little woman carry a strange expression, secretly sizing him up and down.

Zhong Zheng Lin halted his steps.

He shot a glance at the pavilion in the front and took Mu Xi Yao over there.

“Speak out or else you will suffocate yourself.”

Mu Xi Yao sat on Zhong Zheng Lin’s body, her hands hugged his neck.

She took a breath and then carefully looked up to probe, “Your Highness, you…have you been drugged” After finishing speaking, she quickly covered her eyes with both of her hands, sizing Zhong Zheng Lin’s reaction through the seam of her fingers.

Sure enough, Zhong Zheng Lin instantly pulled a long face.

He angrily dragged her little hands down and glowered at her with the pair of angry eyes.

Mu Xi Yao was so frightened she closed her eyes and hid her head in Zhong Zheng Lin’s bosom.

Inwardly, she cursed how accurate were these dramas played on TV.

Even if this man was violated by lady Qi, the one who benefited was still him.

Was it necessary for him to act so scary Hypocrite!

Zhong Zheng Lin was originally going to flare up as his secret has been exposed.

But when he saw Mu Xi Yao’s pitiful and delicate little appearance, his anger was stifled, unable to come out.

He could only fiercely catch her little mouth and discipline her this way.

Mu Xi Yao inside cursed that this stinky man had no elegance, yet on the surface, she smartly begged for forgiveness and was very cooperative.

After Zhong Zheng Lin has vented his anger enough, he grabbed Mu Xi Yao’s chin to settle the score with her, “You’re excited that bendian had been drugged”

“Qie grieves deeply!” Mu Xi Yao immediately acted abnormally indignant.

She fisted her little hand to express that she was firmly against this kind of soft violence.

“Tonight bendian will wait for your compensation.” Zhong Zheng Lin then rose and took her back to Danruo courtyard.

As he turned his back, a smile engaged in his eyes.

Mu Xi Yao’s expression looked as if she was struck by a lighting.

With a blank face, she let Zhong Zheng Lin led her.

Inside the heart, she was extremely indignant.

Why does she have to compensate him when it was not her who had drug him out of sexual frustration! Qi shi that damn woman, this grudge between them was big.

As soon as they entered the main house, Mu Xi Yao started to act shamelessly, not wanting to get up.

She twisted around while making humping sounds.

“Up to something again” Zhong Zheng Lin put on an attitude that was saying that he didn’t mind at all and was waiting to put her in order.

Mu Xi Yao felt aggrieved.

She pouted her lips highly, “Your Highness ought to compensate Qie.

Qie’s hands hurt and feet feel sore!” As she spoke she extended her wrists and swayed her calf, presenting them before Zhong Zheng Lin.

Indicating, you have done it just a while ago.

Zhong Zheng Lin laughed out loudly.

He stretched his hands to stroke her head.

Oh, how can be this merry-maker so charming The more the sixth Highness looked at her the fonder he was of her.

Seeing her still acting pitifully and pouting her little mouth he leaned down and kissed her again.

Mu Xi Yao responded to his kiss with closed eyes.

She sighed inside her heart.

Playing flirting was not easy at all.

It tested big sis’s innate qualities too much and was even more laborious than bickering with those women.

So tiring.

When Zhao momo and chief steward saw Mu shufei again, this mistress just had her leg stuck up, provoking his Highness.

“This side feels sore.

That side is much better.” Mu Xi Yao pointed out and then took a piece of little pastry, continuing to nibble on it. 

“This body is too delicate.

You ought to move a little when you get up in the morning.” Zhong Zheng Lin gave her a gentle massage.

He was very dissatisfied with the fact that the little woman’s body was so weak and could not withstand his tossing/torment.

As soon as Mu Xi Yao heard it she immediately said pettishly in a charming manner to Zhong Zheng Lin, “While qie was still at home, mother didn’t let qie, saying that the postures qie makes will make people laugh.”

Zhong Zheng Lin raised his head to look at Mu Xi Yao’s longing expression.

He contemplated for a while.

Since it was not allowed by lady Yu then it certainly was something ladies from noble families wouldn’t do.

It would be better to be cautious, “Let’s see tomorrow.

If it’s feasible, you can do it in the garden.”

Mu Xi Yao immediately put down her leg.

She smacked her lips and placed a kiss on Zhong Zheng Lin’s face, fawning on him giddily, “Your Highness’s hands are so skillful.” She stood up and stamped her feet.

Looking at Zhong Zheng Lin, she  praised him sweetly, “Thanks, your Highness.

Qie’s legs are good now.”

The chief steward lot shook their hands and then retreated.

Only his Highness would spoil mistress Mu like this.

Mistress Mu seemed more and more at ease.


In the evening, each courtyard hoped that his Highness would leave Danruo courtyard.

Even sleeping in the study would be good.

In the end, when the hour of Hai [1] arrived, they received the message that Danruo courtyard has again called for water, making them so infuriated they retired for the night with unwilling feelings.

Inside the Danruo courtyard’s main house.

Zhong Zheng Lin hugged Mu Xi Yao, touching softly her lips, “Don’t want others to serve Bendian”

“Why Qie is here only few days.

Your Highness belongs to qie.

Do they understand the rules or not” Mu Xi Xao’s hair immediately spiked.

Evidently, she has forgot about Tang shi.

She hasn’t even seen Zhong Zheng Lin’s face in private.

Zhong Zheng Lin watched her vivid little face with his deep phoenix eyes, “In that case you need to work hard.”

Mu Xi Yao quite bluntly hugged Zhong Zheng Lin’s sturdy waist, “Qie will strive to do the best!” She subsequently raised her head and suckled his chin.

How could Zhong Zheng Lin let go of such an opportunity He took the person into his arms and pressed her under him, covering her body with his, “As you wish, for the time being.” His big hand then stretched toward the woman’s body.

When Mu Xi Yao heard him say “for the time being”, she knew that it was his way of promising her that he would not grace others in the short term.

Inside the heart, she was very clear that this man was a person possessing a tenacious mind, the future world’s sovereign.

Even if he had the mind at the moment, he won’t break the ancestors’ practices for her and make Yuancheng Emperor displeased.

However, even if it was only “for the time being”, Mu Xi Yao was still very satisfied.

If she was not mistaken, this “for the time being” could guarantee her the birth of her eldest son or eldest daughter.

Mu Xi Yao had it completely figured out.  Currently, she only needed to serve Zhong Zheng Lin well and try to extend this period as much as possible.

Thus, the two were again like mandarin ducks that rubbed each other’s neck[2], engulfed by the passion.

The scene inside the room that reflected on the window screen was indeed alluring.


On the following day, Mu Xi Yao rose up very early.

Seeing that Zhong Zheng Lin went to practice his swordplay, she quickly called Hui Lan to bring her ‘fitted clothing’ she wore at home.

Hui Lan looked at her in dilemma, “Miss, has his Highness approved” Mu Xi Yao very smugly nodded,  “Of course.

He nodded yesterday.

Also, don’t forget to pick my mat.” Afterward, she took the clothes and changed into them.

Subsequently, she went to the open space in the yard and adopted an open posture.

When Zhong Zheng Lin came back from the sword practice, he saw Mu Xi Yao dressed in water blue attire which just accentuated her congealed rouge like skin [3].

The thin clothes fit the woman’s enchanting curves well.

Her shoulders and arms were bare, with only two straps attached on her shoulders.

What she wore underneath wasn’t the skirt garment but pants.

The woman stood in the courtyard.

She raised her arms upwards while grounding her fair little feet on the grass.

Subsequently, she lifted highly on her tiptoes.

Her eyes were closed, breathing balanced.

A moment later, she bent one foot backward and lifted it up while protruding her body frontward.

She then used her hands that stood erect in the air to hug her calf from backward and dropped her head to the sole of her foot.

Her body was completely relaxed.

Standing on one foot, her body appeared exceptionally graceful, like phoenix bird that spread its wings in all its tallness and slenderness.

Just, her eyes were still closed, her breathing showed no sign of disarray.

Zhong Zheng Lin leaned against the peach three.

He watched her for half an hour, having observed the entire set of movements.

Beautiful, so beautiful it made one feel dizzy.

Every move, every rise of hand, every sway of hips, all of it was beautiful.

This was the first time Zhong Zheng Lin has seen Mu Xi Yao’s quiet beauty.

It has seized his line of sight by such a brute force that it left him with no possibility of breaking free.

At that moment Mu Xi Yao was completely open.

As if she was free of all shackles.

There was not a tiny bit of pretense and restraint.

That temperament of her was so gentle, refined and magnificent it made people’s gaze fixed on her.

Zhong Zheng Lin took a deep breath.

Just as he was to go over, he saw a servant girl spread a mat on the ground and Mu Xi Yao stepping forward and slowly leaning down to lie on it.

Then, she slowly lifted her waist while her upper body was still attached to the ground.

Her arms were stretched forward, buttock stuck up highly and legs bent on the knees.

Zhong Zheng Lin watched just the beginning, yet he was already burning with desire.

The woman’s chest, back, bottom, there was no curve of her that was not beautiful and enthralling.

Abruptly, his face blackened.

He quickly went forward and took the woman into his arms, bringing her back to the room.

“Ah!” Mu Xi Yao cried out in surprise as she has been interrupted while doing her morning exercise.

She exhaled as soon as she saw that it was Zhong Zheng Lin, “Morning to your Highness.

Since qie didn’t see your Highness earlier in the morning, qie went to exercise alone by the doorstep.” Mu Xi Yao’s face was flushed red, covered with tiny droplets of sweat.

Her skin was fair and pure, the pair of her eyes were like water ripples that glittered the reflection of the sunlight.

Zhong Zheng Lin didn’t say a word.

He sat down while holding the person and then started to strip clothes.

“Your Highness, it’s daytime.

You still have matters to attend.” Mu Xi Yao didn’t know what’s got into this man early in the morning.

Hence, she could only pull hard, not loosening her grip.

“There’s time off today.

Be good.

Let go.” Zhong Zheng Lin’s desire was inadvertently stirred up by Mu Xi Yao.

He impatiently tore her garments.

“Your Highness, don’t.

Qie hasn’t eaten yet.” Mu Xi Yao struggled with all her might, not submitting.

Last night, she was tormented by him until she has passed out.

Again this morning Even if she was going to be beaten to death she didn’t want to.

“Be obedient.

It was you who had provoked me.” After finishing, he didn’t even bother to be polite.

He straightforwardly caught the person.

How could Mu Xi Yao resist him Zhong Zheng Lin put her on the lounge, making her lie on the stomach while he rampaged on her from the back.

After half an hour, rain has stopped and clouds have scattered.

Mu Xi Yao had no strength to get up.

She rested on Zhong Zheng Lin’s bosom and panted heavily.

“Qie……when has qie provoked your Highness” Even if she were to die, Mu Xi Yao must absolutely clarify how she has provoked this stinky man.

“The clothes were already like that, more so the lifted bottom and the propped down body.” Zhong Zheng Lin’s face carried an aftertaste, seeming quite satisfied.

“The lifted bottom and the propped down body” Mu Xi Yao pondered about it and then finally has understood what this fellow meant.

Absolutely shameless! Hoodlum! Such a healthy yoga, yet this man has actually interpreted it as seduction.

Mu Xi Yao was so infuriated she opened her mouth and bit him. 



[1] Hour of Hai means 9-11 pm

[2] Mandarin ducks rubbing each other’s neck is an idiom meaning the affectionate couple

[3] Congealed rouge like skin is an idiom used to describe a woman’s soft and smooth skin that was like a solidified oil/fat


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