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Mu Xi Yao’s hand was held by Zhong Zheng Lin.

She hasn’t yet entered the room but she was already frightened.

What a big spectacle it was!

Well, there was no need to bother with this woman.

She didn’t understand at all a distressed and agitated heart which was anxious to compete for the favor.  

They didn’t hear his Highness tell them to stand, as a result, everyone could only obediently bent their knees and crouch there. 

Lady Qi’s legs felt a little numb.

While she had her head bowed down, she saw the man’s blue-green robe pass by her.

Behind him, a water green skirt has consecutively brushed along her.

She knew that lady Mu has arrived here with his Highness.

Sure enough, when everyone was told to rise and they looked up, they saw Mu shufei sitting beside his Highness. 

That woman was very beautiful.

She appeared to be young, maybe fourteen-fifteen years old.

Though she did not possess a beauty that would topple countries, her facial features were very exquisite, her skin appeared tender and fair, like the luster of gems, and her body was shapely.

What was even more remarkable was her pair of beautiful eyes that were bright and full of life, making people mesmerized by them.

She was, additionally, attired in simple and refreshing clothes, which gave off to people an aura of elegance.

The gaze she cast them did not carry an overbearing arrogance.

There was only a tiny curiosity. 

Everyone inevitably felt a little jealousy in their hearts.

This kind of appearance, no wonder his Highness was bewitched by this vixen.

However, depending on the beauty was not a long-lasting strategy.

Thus, inwardly they looked down upon Mu Xi Yao. 

Zhong Zheng Lin brought up the teacup and slowly took a sip, following which everyone sat down on their respective seats. 

Zhong Zheng Lin has again restored to his usual imposing and aloof demeanor.  

Lady Tang felt a little awkward at the moment.

The two head seats were already occupied by his Highness and Mu shi, whom he had led along.

Since she and Mu shi were both shufeis, it made no sense to sit on Mu shi’s right-hand seat.

Today, if she put up with it, then it would mean she has admitted, for no reason, that she was beneath her.

In the future, if she wanted to retain her face, it would be difficult. 

Just as she was immersed in her thoughts, Zhong Zheng Lin called for Tian Fu Shan.

The chief steward took the hint, and soon, he added a seat on his Highness’s other side. 

Tang Yi Ru was ecstatic.

Apparently, his Highness wasn’t completely biased.

He still took into the consideration her face.

She quickly thanked him and dignifiedly sat down. 

Mu Xi Yao wasn’t the least bit surprised by Zhong Zheng Lin’s move.

How could the man, who was able to ascend to the throne in the future, not have even this little manners Besides, Zhong Zheng Lin was always lenient toward the well-behaving women.

Nowadays, though she was special to him and he also has developed some feelings for her, she was far from being his one and only.

Therefore, it was more reliable to grasp firmly his favor and give birth to the son. 

When the four women seated below saw that his Highness has graced Tang shufei with respect, the rejoice they felt from her misfortune was completely gone.

She was still shufei, after all.

Even if she was not as favored as lady Mu, his Highness still won’t allow misconduct in his inner yard. 

Due to the fact that lady Kong and lady Wu had entered the estate early, they took the two lower right-hand seats.

After them were lady Zhang and lady Qi. 

Subsequently, each of them came forward to pay respect to the two shuifeis according to their seating order.

They have passed them their hand-made needleworks and, in turn, received return gifts from them.

Mu Xi Yao looked at these women silently, comparing them with the ones in her memory.

She felt there was no difference except for the lady Qi, whose face was pale and body a little weak.

She seemed to be sick 

As a result, Mu Xi Yao asked her good-heartedly a courteous question, “Is lady Qi ill Did the imperial physician see her” 

The people who knew the circumstances instantly quietened, dropping their heads down.

Lady Qi’s face was flushed with a deep red.

Apart from Mu Xi Yao and lady Tang who were unaware of this incident, everyone else had observed the ‘ceremony’. 

Although Tang Yi Ru has also noticed that something was not right with lady Qi, she smartly kept quiet.

At the moment, seeing Mu shi mention this matter, she thought that Mu shi was two years younger than her, after all.

Her actions were reckless.

She hadn’t carefully checked out the situation in the estate yet and already has brashly opened her mouth. 

Mu Xi Yao didn’t have these concerns.

When she saw everyone’s reaction, she immediately knew that there was something fishy going on.

She kept gazing at lady Qi with those big eyes of hers, intending to find it out no matter what. 

Seeing lady Mu act so relentless, lady Qi thought that she has specially come to nitpick her.

Since his Highness was still in the hall, she couldn’t lose her manners.

Thus, she replied with a stiff face, “Thanks for shufei’s care.

The imperial physician has already seen qie.

There’s no big issue.” Yet, her heart was bleeding inside.

How could there be no big issue She has recuperated for days, but she didn’t show any sign of improvement. 

Mu Xi Yao saw her odd expression.

Just as she wanted to continue with the inquiry, she noticed that Zhong Zheng Lin’s expression also didn’t look good.

Huh Could it be that this matter was related to this man 

As soon as Zhong Zheng Lin saw Qi shi, he instantly recalled that night’s humiliation.

The fire inside his heart rushed out with a fizzling sound.

He didn’t expect that Mu Xi Yao would coincidentally ask about it.

Zhong Zheng Lin absolutely didn’t wish to let her know about the incident.

Such an embarrassing thing, how could he let the little woman learn about it Henceforth, he sat there silently with a cold face.

When he looked at lady Qi, his expression turned ruthless and chilly. 

Lady Qi was scared by Zhong Zheng Lin’s sudden anger.

She shrunk her body and immediately lowered her head.

Mu Xi Yao was entertained by this scene.

Oh, what were they playing now It seemed quite interesting.

When they returned back, she ought to ask him. 

“It’s good that you’re alright.

Take proper care of your body and have your people attend to you well.” Afterward, she asked no more. 

When Mu Xi Yao finished asking, Tang Yi Ru turned her head to consult with her while carrying a tiny smile, “Nowadays, his Highness’s inner yard is getting more and more lively.

What does little sister think about establishing customs so that the people from each courtyard would have a regulations to direct them”

After hearing lady Tang’s words, Zhong Zheng Lin used his thumb to stroke back and forth the teacup.

He lowered his lids, his phoenix eyes carrying a deep serenity inside them.

Tang shi was a clever one but, unfortunately, she was unable to keep her calm.

The little woman was bound to stretch her claws and make a fuss in a little while. 

Mu Xi Yao didn’t like to beat around the bush.

She put the teacup straight down, “Little sister is not good with customs.

Elder sister should just feel free to speak out what’s on your mind.” 

Lady Tang was choked by her straightforwardness, stumped for words.

She didn’t know how to start talking. 

Just as she was engrossed in awkwardness, she heard Mu Xi Yao saying, “However, little sister thinks there’s no need for morning greetings.

It’s just too tormenting.” She put on an appearance that was, as if, saying that she was very considerate and reasonable. 

Inside, Zhong Zheng Lin had secretly laughed.

It was, obviously, because she was lazy and didn’t want to get up.

But now, it turned out to her becoming a generous person. 

Tang Yi Ru was just about to speak, but Mu Xi Yao has again gone ahead of her, “As for serving his Highness, it shall depend on everyone’s skills.

People who are favored ought to do their best to attend to his Highness.

People who are not favored ought to continue their efforts.” She then took the teapot, indicating that she has finished talking. 

The four concubines’ expression started to turn ugly.

If they were favored, would they have waited until you entered the estate to continue their efforts Wasn’t it obviously an empty talk Currently, you were the only one who has received his Highness’s grace in the inner yard.

Lady Tang, on the other hand, could share a little bit of it because of her status.

Didn’t this lady Mu just want to monopolize his Highness’s favor 

Tang Yi Ru, who was sitting on the head seat, was also dissatisfied.

What kind of customs were these Dismissing the greetings already discorded with etiquette.

This arrangement about serving his Highness was even more ridiculous.

Moreover, her ‘it shall depend on everyone’s skill’ sounded very wretched.

Was this a brothel where prostitutes were attracting customers or a common household where concubine was bewitching a man to her chamber Tang Yi Ru’s brows furrowed, her face looking displeased. 

At first, when Zhong Zheng Lin listened to the little woman, he secretly felt elated.

But, it was until he heard her blunt ‘custom’.

If things truly went as this woman said, ‘it shall depend on everyone’s skill’, Zhong Zheng Lin thought about that scene.

Would he then still have a quiet time The entire inner yard would be probably drowned in the murky atmosphere.

No matter where he went, he would be able to meet an enchanting woman aiming to seduce him. 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s expression became solemn.

He looked at everyone and then used his usual cold voice to speak, “Pay attention to your words and actions and keep to your duties.” 

After hearing his Highness’s words, everyone knew that there would be no conclusion today.

As a result, they could only obediently comply. 

Using the time when others lowered their heads and made complying sounds, Mu Xi Yao’s eyes looked at lady Qi’s direction while her head leaned to the side, pouting at Zhong Zheng Lin.

A calculation was written all over her face. 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s handsome face immediately blackened.

He sternly ordered lady Qi to remain in her house arrest and make a copy of《Women’s Guide》one hundred times once she returned back. 

Lady Qi has been once again reprimanded by Zhong Zheng Lin in the presence of everyone.

She had lost all of her face.  Inside, she resented that Mu Xi Yao had again mentioned the former matter, making Zhong Zheng Lin recall the grudge he had already forgot.

Thinking of a hard time she will face once she went back, she had a strong urge to step forward and tear that wench. 

After this incident, Zhong Zheng Lin took the initiative and got up.

He pulled Mu Xi Yao’s little hand while throwing her a sight that warned her to not act willfully.

Then, he took the person and left.

The women who were left there could only look helplessly how his Highness left together with lady Mu, misery engulfing their hearts. 


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