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Regarding the fact that Mu shufei thought that she wasn’t as doted as the rabbits, his sixth Highness thought that she shouldn’t feel like so.

Henceforth, on that same evening in the bed, Zhong Zheng Lin used his body to teach Mu Xi Yao what it meant to be ‘doted’.

Since he worried about this woman’s memory, he kept repeatedly proving to her over and over again.

Only when Mu Xi Yao has guaranteed sobbingly that she has learnt it very clearly and will never again get it confused did Zhong Zheng Lin stopped his attacks.

Mu Xi Yao has been ruthlessly disciplined by Zhong Zheng Lin.

Her whole body felt weak.

She leaned against the man’s body with slightly red eyes while panting.

Zhong Zheng Lin felt refreshed all over.

He caressed her back and lightly lapped and nipped at her little ear.

“Ticklish~” Mu Xi Yao softly murmured.

Her head leaned to the side to avoid Zhong Zheng Lin’s harassment.

“Just now, did it feel good” Zhong Zheng Lin asked with a hoarse voice.

“Hateful~Not saying.” Mu Xi Yao kicked his leg with her little foot to express she was very angry.

“You have forgot then”

Mu Xi Yao became frightened.

She quickly sighed out stuffily a “Uhm” that almost couldn’t be heard.

She was still pretty angry.

As a result, she opened her mouth and bit his chest.

Subsequently, she moved her body and changed herself to a more comfortable position.

She hugged Zhong Zheng Lin and took a rest.

“Do you want to take a bath”

“Cannot walk, sore~.” Mu Xi Yao felt very aggrieved.

As if having recalled something, she added, “You’re not allowed to bully.”

Zhong Zheng Lin pinched her little nose and carried the person to the Shuangyan pool at the back. 

After the two have tidied themselves properly, Mu Xi Yao comfortably snuggled into the man’s embrace, her eyelids growing heavier and heavier.

“Just sleep.” Zhong Zheng Lin tightened the hold on the soft little body in his arms and also fell asleep.


Mu Xi Yao was scooped up by Zhong Zheng Lin early in the morning.

While muddleheaded, she was freshened up and then stuffed into the carriage.

Currently, she was consuming little refreshments to fill her stomach. 

“Your Highness, where are we going” Mu Xi Yao was propped against Zhong Zheng Lin’s body, not fully awake yet.

“We’ll head back to the Yu estate after using the breakfast in Yue House.” Zhong Zheng Lin moved forward and licked the residue on the corner of her mouth before releasing the little woman.

“Head back to Yu estate” Mu Xi Yao exclaimed as she has, at last, sobered up.

Mu Xi Yao has never thought, that after entering the imperial prince’s harem, she would be able to see lady Yu so quickly.

She looked at Zhong Zheng Lin dazedly, her eyes slowly growing moist.

“What’s there to cry about Silly.” Zhong Zheng Lin softly gathered the person into his arms and gently caressed her supple hair.

Mu Xi Yao rubbed against his chest while her little hands grabbed the lapels at Zhong Zheng Lin’s front.

With a voice that carried sobs, she said stuffily, “Your Highness, I’m very happy.”


After the two used the breakfast, they bought some snacks, desserts and also some signature dishes from Yue House and went to the Yu estate.

Lady Yu originally planned to return back to Qingzhou with concubine Wu after Mu Xi Ting’s marriage, but who would have thought that his sixth Highness would take her daughter back to her parental home[1] It was reasonable to say that shufei did not have a home visit rite.

But at the present, they have already arrived at the doorway.

As soon as Yu estate’s people pulled themselves together, they hastily went to make preparations.

After going inside, Zhong Zheng Lin went to the front yard to talk with Mu Xi Yao’s maternal grandfather.

Mu Xi Yao, following lady Yu, went to the courtyard she has inhabited before marrying off.

She also did not forget to bring Mu Xi Ting along to have a chit-chat with her.

Lady Yu has naturally asked about Mu Xi Yao’s well-being.

She also instructed her to not act lawlessly and throw tantrums in the inner yard.

Lady Yu’s talks made Mu Xi Yao pout her lips and roll her eyes.

Mu Xi Ting, who was listening at the side, looked at Xi Yao very enviously.

She thought that his sixth Highness treated her elder sister excellently as he had provided her with welcoming rite and then home visit.

He evidently doted on her.

She wondered if his fifth Highness would also treat her this way.

As soon as lady Yu finished her lecture, Mu Xi Yao complained to her that Zhong Zheng Lin bullied her.

She even leaned over to show lady Yu the little neck of hers that had been gnawed by Zhong Zheng Lin in the carriage, making lady Yu not know whether to cry or laugh and also a little awkward.

She pulled at her ear and slowly laughed.

Mu Xi Ting was still innocent but she understood the matter inside, thus she lowered her head, her face flushing with color. 

After a while, Mu Xi Yao remembered about the food and gifts she had brought.

She quickly had two orchid flowers help her sort them out.

Mu Xi Yao has even specifically declared that the food was picked by her while the gifts were prepared by his Highness.

If they did not like them they ought to deal the matter with him.

Her unreasonable little appearance made everyone in the house burst in laughter.

During the noon, everyone has enjoyed a very lively meal.

After engaging in a bit of talk, Zhong Zheng Lin had people fetch Mu Xi Yao, and return to the palace.

Learning that lady Yu would go back to Qingzhou in few days, Mu Xi Yao pouted her lips and bid her a farewell with teary eyes.

Only then did she reluctantly climb into the carriage.

Looking at her pitiful as if she was being abandoned kind of appearance, he couldn’t restrain himself and laughed.

However, he still remembered to hold the person and softly pat her back, “Bendian’s Jiao Jiao is more of a crybaby than those little girls.”

Hearing this, Mu Xi Yao, who was just a moment ago dispirited, immediately protested.

She raised her head to suck Zhong Zheng Lin’s chin, lightly nipping at it.

Humph after humph broke out from her mouth.

Zhong Zheng Lin narrowed his phoenix eyes and spanked her little derriere twice, “If you keep provoking, Bendian will put you in order right in the carriage.”

Mu Xi Yao was so infuriated she reached out her hand to pinch him.

Cheeks puffed, she glared at him with dark eyes, “Gentleman uses mouth and not fists!”

Zhong Zheng Lin’s long and narrow phoenix eyes stared her in the eyes.

His gaze carried an overbearing dominance, “Toward you, Bendian has never thought of acting like a gentleman.” In order to prove his statement, his big hand grasped one of Mu Xi Yao’s plumpness.

His eyes were still looking into her eyes, but his hand used a little bit more of force.

Mu Xi Yao was so scared she cried out in a low voice.

She quickly went to rest against him, playing a good girl.

After finishing playing and joking, Mu Xi Yao suddenly raised her head, fixing her moisty eyes on Zhong Zheng Lin’s handsome face.

With a face full of smiles, she pouted and pressed her lips against his.

Mu Xi Yao then hugged his neck and slowly propped against his body, softly brushing her lips against his ear, “Your Highness, qie thanks you.”

Zhong Zheng Lin’s body slightly stiffened.

He hugged Mu Xi Yao tightly and responded with a very light “Uhm”.


This day, the mistresses in the estate got up very early.

They tidied themselves up, wanting to go to pay respect to his Highness and also greet the other courtyards’ people.

However,  before they have stepped out of their doors, the chief steward sent people to announce them that his Highness had taken Mu shufei to visit her parental home and they were to wait in the main house at the hour of Shen[2]. 

All the women secretly gritted their teeth.

Even lady Tang’s eyes reddened[3].

His Highness’s heart was just too biased.

Although according to the etiquette, when the imperial prince took cefei, there was a home visit custom, however, it depended on whether his Highness was willing or not.

When the unfavored cefei returned to her parental home, she would also take along with her objects his Highness had bestowed to her to make a show.

This Mu shi was not even cefei, how could she have his Highness personally visit her parental home It was even more out of the line than the welcoming rite.

The welcoming rite only meant that his Highness valued this person or the clan behind her but the home visit clearly told everyone that he was very satisfied with this person, only this person.

The mere shufei, lady Mu, has again become the focus of the whole Shengjin.

Naturally, there was an increase in the stacks of memorials passed by imperial censors on the imperial table of Yuancheng Emperor.  


On the other side.

When Mu Xi Yao returned to the palace, she didn’t have the slightest idea that she has again attracted attention to herself.

Before Zhong Zheng Lin went to the front yard to attend to the official duties, he told her to go back and take an afternoon nap.

At the hour of Shen he will come over and pick her to go to the main house, to let those women come and greet them.

Mu Xi Yao obediently nodded her head and went back to catch up her sleep.


The main hall was a scene of bouquets of flowers and piles of brocades.

Each courtyards’ mistress brought along with her maidservants, making the whole place into a landscape of flowers and trees that thrived and was tinted with bright colors.

It was quite bustling with noise and excitement.

Even lady Qi, who has been under the house arrest, was released.

Only, she stood at the side with a slightly sickly appearance, her face proud and aloof.

Since lady Qi was spurned by Zhong Zheng Lin, nobody went to bother her.

Everyone kept a distance from her.

Lady Qi had only one servant girl at the side who was supporting her.

Her heart was consumed with hate.

Just looking at these wenches in front of her, that were acting so coquettishly, made her wish she could use a pack of drug and poison them all cleanly.

As her eyes were sizzling with rage, she saw a woman attired in a pink dress leisurely enter.

That woman was not very old.

Her hair ornament was according to shufei’s regulation.

Her appearance was beautiful and figure well-rounded.

The people present did not know which shufei has arrived.

Fortunately, there was a steward who has reminded them.

Everyone, hence, curtsied and greeted Tang Yi Ru and consciously went to sit down on the lower seats.

At this time, the chief steward Tian Fu Shan announced the arrival of Zhong Zheng Lin.

Everyone quickly stood up and groomed their dresses, assuming their most beautiful manners.

As soon as they saw the man’s tall and straight silhouette appear in the doorway hulala[4] a crowd of women bowed to pay him respect.

Their greeting resonated one after another.


[1] Bringing the bride to her parental home occurred three days after the wedding ceremony.

It was a ceremony that only the ranks of cefei and above could enjoy.

In the case of cefei, it depended on the prince’s willingness

[2] Hour of Shen is 3-5 pm

[3] One’s eyes reddening is a phrase meaning envy 

[4] hulala is an onomatopoeia of a crashing sound 


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