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Last night, beside Mu Xi Yao who could fall deeply asleep, all the other women in the inner yard had their eyes opened till the dawn.

During the daytime, they have heard his Highness’s shocking actions.

Sometime later, his Highness has entered Danruo courtyard and since then has not come out.

He didn’t even go to see lady Tang who was also shufei. 

What was even more stunning was that his Highness had actually rested in Mu shufei’s place for the whole night.

It was rumored that yesterday evening the noise there lasted till the fourth geng and they had called twice for water till things have calmed down.

When the women heard of it, their complexions turned ugly.

Before, everyone was the same as his Highness was cold toward them all.

As a result, they were able to live in peace.

At least it proved that his sixth Highness wasn’t much interested in women charms.

That lady Mu has just entered the estate, however, she has already given everyone a slap on the face.

Who said it was his sixth Highness who was not being interested Clearly, it was these women who weren’t capable enough and couldn’t entice a man.

This way, wasn’t everyone just being offended

Lady Kong was so infuriated she threw down a teacup.

Previously she was still contemplating that if there was someone favored, she would be able to make a comparison.

However, the problem was that the current favored one had her starting point set too high.

There was no way for lady Kong to compare to her.

Though she had well-behavedly waited in the inner yard for two years, till now she hadn’t even seen her son’s shadow.

And that lady Mu His Highness has not even given her the contraceptive soup! Evidently, his Highness wanted to provide her with a son so that she would have a backing in the estate.

Lady Kong’s frustration grew.

Since there was now someone to his Highness’s liking in the inner yard, when will it be her stead to serve his Highness

Lady Wu, on the other hand, was truly well-behaved as she didn’t even have the courage to vie for the favor.

She couldn’t help but feel sad, wanting to shed tears.

Lady Wu revered Zhong Zheng Lin wholeheartedly, but since she cared about him too much and was also self-conscious she became increasingly compliant which just resulted in Zhong Zheng Lin disliking her.

Nowadays, she was even more terrified.

She was afraid that his Highness would never again visit her courtyard, that even seeing him would become an extravagance.

Lady Zhang continued to keep her cool since till now she still hasn’t served his Highness yet.

Although unwilling, she wasn’t that anxious to strive for a favor at the moment.

His Highness must still be seeking novelty with that lady Mu.

As days go, she will have her chance.

As for lady Qi who was put under the house arrest.

She had absolutely no knowledge about this matter.

She was still recuperating in her courtyard, quietly reflecting on her carelessness.

She was thinking about how to nurse her body back to health, how to reverse his Highness’s impression of her, how to……….

make a comeback.

The only steady one was the generous Tang shufei.

Yesterday, she was provoked just enough.

In the evening she started to revise the train of her thoughts.

She thought that instead of fighting with that jinx, Mu shi, she should concentrate on making herself more dignified and virtuous, become a begonia flower[1] in his Highness’s inner yard.

A personage like his Highness must certainly value more future prospects.

In that case, she shall properly act as the most thoughtful woman so that his Highness would think highly of her.

Later on, as she gave birth to a son, her position would naturally turn steady so that nobody would be able to move it.

Inside the bedchamber of Danruo courtyard, Zhong Zheng Lin woke up and took a look at the time.

He quietly got up and put on a coat.

Afterward, he went out and ordered Mo Lan and Hui Lan to go inside and attend to Mu Xi Yao with grooming.

“Your Highness.” When Mu Xi Yao arrived to the main hall, she just happened to see Zhong Zheng Lin browsing a book.


The rabbits are already in the pet house.

Do you want to go and have a look” Seeing Mu Xi Yao coming, Zhong Zheng Lin put down the book.

He then took her hand and seated her down.

Subsequently, he passed her a cup of lukewarm water.

Mu Xi Yao slowly drank the water.

She felt that her body has finally recovered, feeling a bit better.

“Qie wants to go.

Has your Highness seen them”

“Not yet.

Been waiting for you.” A tiny smile curled up on Mu Xi Yao’s face.

She sweetly gave Zhong Zheng Lin a kiss.

The two rose up and have reached the doorway when they heard Zhao momo announcing that chief steward sought an audience.

Zhong Zheng Lin nodded and had Tian Fu Shan directly go to the pet house.

He then slowly took Mu Xi Yao there.

“Where did your Highness found the book you have read just now Is there a library in the courtyard”


It’s prepared for you.

Bendian assumed you would like the books inside.

If there are other ones you want, inform the chief steward.”

After receiving things she liked, Mu Xi Yao began to act cockily.

One could see a hint of an excitement on her face.

She linked her arm with Zhong Zheng Lin’s and praised, “Your Highness is so good.”

Zhong Zheng Lin suddenly wanted to tease her, “Good where”

Mu Xi Yao immediately flattered, “Everywhere.

From top to bottom, from the inside to the outside.” She even repeatedly nodded her head.

“’From top to bottom, from the inside to the outside’…..

So it’s like that.

Tonight, Bendian will work hard to not disappoint the beauty’s praise.”

Mu Xi Yao was dumbfounded.

This fellow simply grew to be more and more indecent!He could connect anything to that matter, knowing only how to take liberties with her.

Her eyes turned, “The whole Great Wei knows that the sixth Highness is not into women’s  charms~” Checkmate.

Let’s see how you’ll play, hoodlum!


This is called collecting a demoness.” After finishing, he even looked her up and down.

The meaning behind his words was self-evident.

Mu Xi Yao not only didn’t take the advantage, but she was also being laughed at.

Her fur immediately fluffed out.

She used her delicate golden lotus [2] to step on Zhong Zheng Lin’s foot, not forgetting to lightly stomp her feet afterward while raising her eyebrow.

Being unreasonable was a woman’s privilege.

What can you do to me 

Zhong Zheng Lin looked at a tiny bit, Mu Xi Yao, before him, who was hopping here and there naughtily.

Afraid that she would fall, he quickly took the person into his arms and whispered into her ear, “Hopping vigorously, uhm” Seeing her staring at him provocatively, he delightfully added, “Bendian’s Jiao Jiao[3] is very fit.” His eyes seemed to implicate a deep message, which made Mu Xi Yao tremble in fear.

When the chief steward came out from the corner, he saw mistress Yao playing lively over there while his Highness carried a leisure expression, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

The two kept whispering at each other’s ears, making things awkward for him.

Tian Fu Shan coughed lightly after which mistress Yao instantly changed into a quiet and sweet-tempered demeanor.

He went over to pay the two a respect while holding back laughter.

Looking at the estate’s chief steward, Mu Xi Yao thought that he not only appeared to be younger than she had imagined but also seemed to be easy-going.

She slightly nodded and greeted him with a smile.

Hearing chief steward Tian say that he had a matter to report, Mu Xi Yao told them that she would go see the rabbits.

She then went inside and left the two out, too lazy to listen to their conversation.

At the moment, Mu Xi Yao felt a great pity that she had not time-traveled into a rabbit.

Just look at those two adorable things.

Be it food they ate, things they used or place they lived, any of the mentioned was better than what the ordinary family possessed.

This was not a pet house, this was simply a president suite.

Was it necessary for two rabbits to have such a big house What was even more exaggerating was that just beside them lied an ice bucket! Although there was only one, the ice inside the bucket was bigger than those two rabbits added together.

Their treatment could slowly even catch up with Zhong Zheng Lin’s concubines.

Mu Xi Yao envied them deeply.

These two rabbits did nothing, yet they lived off better than she did in her previous life.

Though she had a little higher rank of shufei in this lifetime, she was still doomed to a life of hard work.

Her days were obviously not as comfortable as theirs.

Could it be the so-called difference in the horoscope

When Zhong Zheng Lin came in with Tian Fu Shan, he saw Mu Xi Yao crouching there, grudgingly watching her darling rabbits.

However you looked at her, her expression seemed strange.

It resembled a bit of….envy He saw her stretch her hand and poke rabbits’ buttocks, squeeze rabbit’s ears and mumbling something.

Zhong Zheng Lin practiced martial arts, hence he had sharp ears and keen sight.

He needn’t use internal force to hear what was that woman muttering about, “It’s so good to be a rabbit.

How can they be so lucky”

The corner of Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes hopped while the chief steward’s cheek twitched.

This woman was just too outrageous.

While facing two rabbits she could even come to envy them.

Apparently, she needed a discipline.

“Envying rabbits” Zhong Zheng Lin reached his hand to pat her head.

Mu Xi Yao turned around and looked up at Zhong Zheng Lin with a grudged expression, “Your Highness, do you give rabbits a monthly salary”

When chief steward heard mistress Yao’s words, he was almost unable to stand steady.

This, which family’s rabbit would receive a monthly salary

Zhong Zheng Lin was amused by her aggrieved appearance, “Never.

Do you want to mischief again”

Mu Xi Yao immediately smiled, “That’s better.

It finally seems that qie is more doted than those rabbits.”

Zhong Zheng Lin reached his hand to pull the person into his arms.

He leaned over Mu Xi Yao’s ear, “It seems like someone wasn’t attentive last night.

Tonight, Jiao Jiao needs to experience it first-hand.” What followed after was a scorching kiss.

The chief steward quickly retreated and went outside to guard the door.

He wiped the sweat.

Mistress Yao was truly brilliant, to be able to come out with such a sophisticated way to strive for a favor.

It was still broad daylight, yet she has found an opportunity to flirt with his Highness.

The result was indeed…..very intense.

If Mu Xi Yao were to learn about chief steward’s thoughts, she would surely stomp in anger.

Who was flirting with that fellow in the broad daylight Big sis was sighting about the hardship of time-traveling, about time-traveling at a bad time!


/Translator’s rant: Well, I think for those concubines of ZZL it wouldn’t be that bad to reborn as MXY’s rabbits, lol.

What treatment they received! To be honest, even this translator isn’t enjoying such a treatment (accustomed pet house, ice bucket, lavish food).

These rabbits must be tycoons among rabbits XD/ 


[1] Begonia flower used to describe a beautiful woman or that a beautiful woman was sociable and charming

[2] Golden Lotus is a metaphor using to refer to maiden’s feet (lotus feet)

[3] Jiao Jiao is an endeavor Zhong Zheng Lin uses to call Mu Xi Yao, something like (Lizzy for Elizabeth)


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