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The bed was only two steps away from them but Zhong Zheng Lin could not wait anymore.

He stripped their clothes off and put the person on the bed.

Under the light, the woman’s whole body flushed with faint pink, from time to time shaking with a tremor, making Zhong Zheng Lin’s Adam’s apple bob in accord.

He looked at her till shyness swamped Mu Xi Yao.

Seeing him standing there towering above her, she wanted to tease him a little, but a hot male body impatiently covered her.

“Told you to not provoke, you just don’t listen.

In a moment if you would have a hard time, it will be you who had brought it upon yourself.”

Mu Xi Yao tormented Zhong Zheng Lin until he has lost all of his reason.

He opened both of her legs.

The sight that greeted him almost made him erupt.

The woman’s flower bud was dewy, its petals slightly opening and closing, spilling out threads of jade dew.

How could Zhong Zheng Lin stand it He pushed the crown against the entrance of the flower bud and seizing the opportunity, his scorching hotness entered inside, slamming in without any hesitation.

Henceforth, taking Mu Xi Yao’s innocence.

Mu Xi Yao was a virgin, but since she had spiritual pills to nourish her, she was naturally different compared to other women.

There was only a little pain.

Afterward, she only felt the joy of the lovemaking between man and woman.

Her inside was extraordinarily beautiful, pressing and sucking, making the man on top of her pumping in and out of her with a frantic speed.

Zhong Zheng Lin has never before felt so uninhibited in this matter.

That alluring place of the woman underneath him was so tight and exquisite he was unable to describe it with mere words.

Moreover, there were thousands of creases sucking, teasing and sheathing his manhood.

At the front, a soft flesh pressed against the slit at his tip.

He was overwhelmed with ecstasy, feeling like being in the seventh heaven.

“There’s actually not even one place that’s not beautiful, not exquisite.” Zhong Zheng Lin gripped both of Mu Xi Yao’s legs, fiercely pumping in and out, his voice was hoarse and words intermittent.

“Your Highness is also……vigorous.” Mu Xi Yao replied seductively between moans.

 “Simply impudent! Today Bendian won’t spare you!”

For a little while, red candles gently flickered inside the room, mandarin ducks rubbing each other’s neck, the quilt rummaged by red waves.

Hearing the movement inside, Mo Lan who was just on the night duty outside the main house quickly ordered little servant girls to retreat a little further away.

Her face was scorching red with shyness.

She had her head lowered so deep it seemed to have a difficult time to lift up.

The chief-steward Tian Fu Shan who had specially rushed over here was, on the contrary, so elated he looked like a mentally deranged person.

This was the first time his Highness has lost control in lovemaking.

Listening to the noise inside, it seemed that his Highness was very satisfied with mistress Yao. 

It was more than satisfactory.

Currently, Zhong Zheng Lin even had a wish to swallow Mu Xi Yao whole.

After finishing, while caressing her sweat-drenched skin, Zhong Zheng Lin called for water.

He personally tidied her up and then held her to lie down.

He discovered that the more Mu Xi Yao was aroused, the stronger her natural body scent became and hence the more seductive she turned out to be, making one simply unable to stop oneself.

After this one lovemaking, Zhong Zheng Lin finally came to understand that the matter his brothers had been teasing him about was actually wonderful.

However, that was not entirely true as other women were all tasteless to him.

No matter how he tossed with them he always felt that something was lacking.

As a result, he came to cherish this demoness Mu even more.

As he thought, unexpectedly he became once again overcome with lust.

Looking at Mu Xi Yao’s beautiful eyes being half closed, he knew she was a little bit tired.

Unfortunately, she had stirred a fire inside his body, thus he could only turn her over and again press over her body.

In a daze, she was only aware that she was being tossed by him again and again like there was no end.

At first, Tian Fu Shan stood outside vigorously laughing up his sleeves but as those sounds of movements went off and on until fourth geng [1], he could not bear it anymore and leaned against the soft chair by the doorway, squinting his eyes and dozing off.

Only when he finally heard the people indoor call for the water again and it has completely stilled inside did the chief-steward go dazedly to the front to rest.

Inside, he was secretly admiring his Highness.

As expected of the one practicing the martial arts all year round.

This kind of stamina.

Tsk, tsk…….

When Mu Xi Yao woke up it was already the second day’s afternoon.

As she recalled last night’s madness, Mu Xi Yao tried to move a little.

Immediately, her whole body ached.

She froze.

Inwardly, she snorted, blaming Zhong Zheng Lin.

He was simply a starved wolf, a beast! Even as she fell asleep and was awakened, the first thing she saw were beads of sweat that tumbled from his handsome face, drop by drop dripping on her chest, so scalding it was frightening.

Just as she was thinking, she saw Zhong Zheng Lin come in carrying a tray.

An aroma of food drifted across the whole room.

Mu Xi Yao wrinkled her nose and looked aggrievedly at Zhong Zheng Lin, “Hungry~~” When she recalled that she could not stand up, she even more delicately said, “Sore~~”

Zhong Zheng Lin also knew that yesterday he has lost control and has gone too far, hence he went over and gently lifted her up.

Afterward, he called people in to help her freshen up.

Spoon after spoon, he fed her the meal and only then did he let her lie on his bosom, resting there comfortably.

“Does your Highness feel distressed for qie” Mu Xi Yao shamelessly asked the man behind her.


Do you still hurt a lot” She was still a virgin.

After yesterday, she must be having a hard time.


Your Highness did not take any pity on qie~~” Well, she began to act spoilt.

Her delicate and soft voice made Zhong Zheng Lin’s body a little fervent.

He quickly distracted himself with official matters.

She just drove him nuts.

“Are there any official matters that your Highness has to attend in a little while” Mu Xi Yao raised her hand to rub it against his chest.


Is there anything you want” Zhong Zheng Lin looked at her little delicateness and then reached his hand to caress her cheek.

Although his face was solemn as per usual his movement was very soft.


Want to sleep in your Highness’s embrace.” Zhong Zheng Lin plastered a light kiss on her forehead and then lied down with her in his arms, taking an afternoon rest.

These two were all lovey-dovey here, but outside the world has already turned upside down.

Yuancheng Emperor looked at the documents the imperial censors handed over.

Most of them were impeaching the sixth prince Zhong Zheng Lin for disregarding decorum, lacking conduct and that he shall amend his etiquette and discipline his behavior.

Yuancheng emperor read the documents with keen interest, amused inside.

As for punishment Is there a need to mention Leaving it there without taking any further actions!

These censors, they did not understand at all Yuancheng Emperor’s inward worry and anxiety.

The sixth prince’s indifference to inner yard almost made Yuancheng Emperor think that there was completely no hope to see his offsprings in this lifetime.

Nowadays he had just taken a shufei yet there was already such a big improvement.

It was indeed a good sign as things were according to Yuancheng Emperor’s wishes.

If he produced sons, it would be even more reassuring.

Reward! He must reward.

This Mu shi was very good.

At least she could make Zhong Zheng Lin get close to her willingly.

He hoped that Tang shi also would not let him down.

In that case, the estate would quickly be bustling with liveness.

The great Wei’s imperial house paid great attention to the proliferation of sons and flourishment of offsprings.

With a wave of Yuancheng Emperor’s pen, a string of rare treasures went inside Danruo courtyard.

Her ladyship Shu was even more overjoyed.

She kept repeating over and over again that Zhong Zheng Lin has been enlightened.

Yet another cart of silk and satin fabrics, exquisite clothes and fine delicates has been then sent to the Danruo courtyard.

Subsequently, consort Shu told Zhong Zheng Lin that when he was free he was to take Mu shi to her to pay respect.

This was a great chance for one to raise its prestige.

The ones to be able to pay respect to the palace consorts were usually womenfolk in the prince’s estate that had the rank of cefei or above.

Mu Xi Yao has entered the prince’s estate for just one day, moreover as shufei, yet this quickly she has entered the eyes of consort Shu[2], it was simply a great blessing. 

Once these two’s rewards were bestowed, which one of the Zhong Zheng Lin’s women could not be jealous It was just each of them could only hide their thoughts and plot secretly. 



[1] Fourth geng  – fourth of the five night watch periods 01:00-03:00. 

[2] Enter to one’s eyes means pleasing to one’s eyes.   


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