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After finishing the meal, lady Tang sat in the hall for a little while, politely engaging in a short talk.

Afterward, she tactfully rose up and asked to retire.

She had figured out that his Highness would rest in the Danruo courtyard today.

No matter how unwilling she was, she could only endure.

Instead of hanging there and attract disdain, she would rather leave early and make his Highness bear in mind a little bit of her good.  

Sure enough.

Zhong Zheng Lin turned his head to look at Tang shi and addressed her for the first time, apart from telling her to rise, since she has entered, “You must be tired today.

Go back sooner to rest.” Afterward, he said no more.

Lady Tang immediately complied and, taking along her maidservants, returned back. 

Seeing Tang Yi Ru leaving, Mu Xi Yao immediately took back her politeness and returned to her lively self. 

“There’s no need to take into consideration others.” Zhong Zheng Lin was more fond of her various small tempers. 

“Qie is thriving to acquire a dignity for you[1], your Highness.” Mu Xi Yao complained with a pout.

A smile engaged in Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes.

This cunning girl! 

“Your Highness, is Tang shufei as good looking as Qie” After asking such a question, she deliberately leaned her face closer so that Zhong Zheng Lin could take a careful look. 

Zhong Zheng Lin pinched her face.

He has never met someone as brazen as her.

One could clearly see a smugness and anticipation for the praise on her little face.

He complied to her wish and began to seriously look her over. 

“She cannot compare to you.” As expected.

Mu Xi Yao’s face was full of smiles, her calf that hung from the chair swayed back and forth. 

Zhong Zheng Lin looked at the embroidered shoes on her feet that swayed back and forth.

The light reflected on the embroidery dazzled him till his eyes felt hot.

Unconsciously, he has recalled that smooth and tender calf.

His body started to burn a little.

“Your Highness, would you like to take a stroll in the garden together with Qie, to aid digestion” Though Mu Xi Yao’s words were asking for his opinion, her little hand has already reached for the corner of Zhong Zheng Lin’s sleeve, softly pulling at it.

Zhong Zheng Lin directly caught her little hand and held it in his own.

He tidied the hair at Mu Xi Yao’s ear, “Bamboo ink forest or koi pond”

Mu Xi Yao leaned her head to the side and thought for a while, “Bamboo ink forest.

Didn’t they all say ‘arriving in the evening to listen to the sound of the wind’ “

Zhong Zheng Lin slightly nodded and then took the person to the forest.


After arriving to the bamboo forest, Mu Xi Yao let go of Zhong Zheng Lin’s hand and happily went to stroll in the east and take a look in the west[2], having great fun.

Zhong Zheng Lin put his hands behind the back and followed her.

Looking at the maiden’s back that wandered here and there, he took languid steps to match her pace.

A faint content overflowed his heart.

Imposing and solemn, handsome and tall sixth Highness surprisingly displayed a bit of gentleness at the bamboo forest during the summer dusk. This content belongs to thehlifestyle.com, if you see this translation elsewhere, it’s been stolen!

Abruptly, Mu Xi Yao has recalled a matter.

She turned back to ask, “Your Highness, about tomorrow’s paying respect.

All the womenfolk in the estate have to come”

Mu Xi Yao treated all Zhong Zheng Lin’s other women equally.

They were classed as ‘colleagues’.

If their ranks could not compare to hers then it was naturally superior-subordinate relationship where seniority had to be abided.

If they had ranks above hers then she should just rely on the unwritten rule of the workplace, going to Zhong Zheng Lin to have him back her up.

“Do you want to see them” According to this woman’s laziness, would she mention to see those other women on her own accord

“During the day, your Highness is busy with official matters, mostly staying out of the courtyard.

Qie would be bored.

If Qie got to know them, qie can visit them.” At the present, those women’s foundation was still too shallow.

They still needed princess consort to enter the estate to be able to make a fuss.

“Tomorrow Bendian will be indisposed, arrange it to the day after.” Zhong Zheng Lin decided, without giving it any thought.

As for why he was indisposed, the little woman knew.

“Uhm.” Mu Xi Yao gleefully run back to hug Zhong Zheng Lin’s arm and asked him about one thing.

“Your Highness, can you send someone to pick qie’s chubby rabbits Qie has raised very well the rabbits your Highness has given to Qie.

They are both chubby and adorable.

And also that rabbit lantern at home, qie also want.” Mu Xi Yao has finally recollected the rabbits she has been feeding every morning.

But both of them were still kept in Yu estate.

“Have Zhao momo to attend to this matter.

Danruo courtyard does have a pet house.” Zhong Zheng Lin patted her little head as if appeasing a naughty little girl.

Hearing that there was a customized pet house, Mu Xi Yao was amused.

Zhong Zheng Lin was truly thoughtful.

She had to encourage this trait of his.

She indicated to him to bow his head.

When the man lowered his body, she immediately embraced his neck and kissed him on both sides of his cheeks.

Gaining such a benefit, how could Zhong Zheng Lin let her go Seizing this opportunity, he hugged the person and leaned his forehead against hers, their eyes meeting.

“Gaining such a benefit, how do you plan to thank Bendian” A fire flickered inside his eyes.

Mu Xi Yao thought with a difficulty and then timidly probed, “Lifelong devotion.

Is it enough”

Zhong Zheng Lin was so shocked by her words that his breath has stopped for a moment.

This little woman was indeed more and more audacious, daring to say anything.

He embraced the person and patted twice her lush and soft bottom, “Shameless.” Since his hands were reluctant to leave the tenderness, he started to lightly knead them.

“There’s more shamelessness coming.” Mu Xi Yao then blocked Zhong Zheng Lin’s lips by kissing him, licking and nipping him slowly.

When Zhong Zheng Lin recovered, his tongue promptly took over, feverishly twining with hers.

His big hands also began to explore her chest.

Mu Xi Yao was kissed until she was breathless.

She whined through her tiny nose, protesting.

Her little hands clutched Zhong Zheng Lin’s lapels, her eyelashes quickly fluttering.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s body, which has slightly lightened up back in the hall, completely flared by Mu Xi Yao’s naughtiness.

He fiercely gripped the woman’s plumpness on the bosom, pinching and playing with its red peak.

“Your Highness, painful~~” Mu Xi Yao did not cease her teasing and continued to provoke him.

Zhong Zheng Lin narrowed his phoenix eyes a bit, his pupils pitch black.

“Let Bendian see where does it hurt.” He pulled open Mu Xi Yao’s upper outer garment and went to suck the place right through the fabric of dudou.

“Is it this place”

“Ah~~” Mu Xi Yao was taken aback by the unexpected attack.

Her entire body went soft.

Her arms weakly draped over Zhong Zheng Lin’s neck while her cheeks were tinged by vivid red color and mouth slightly opened.

Zhong Zheng Lin panted heavily.

Looking at the woman’s little springful face[3] he ruthlessly tore her last coverage only to have his body stimulated to tremors by her fair plumpness that bounced out.

Those perfectly round breasts were snow-white and flawless.

The two delicate peaks on top were currently engorged and trembling.

They could make any man burn with desire.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s scorching gaze seemed to carry a fire.

As if he could no more hold back some kind of emotion he had stifled inside, he lowered his head to suckle the bud, drawing it lightly into his mouth and twirling it slowly, using his teeth to nibble it.

Mu Xi Yao delicately cried out an “Ah”, her cry causing Zhong Zheng Lin’s scalp going numb.

His big hand abruptly reached to the place between her legs and pressed on the soft flesh, stroking the place lightly.

Unexpectedly, the woman’s body was very sensitive as a faint moistness soaked through the fabric of the clothes.  

“So sensitive.” Zhong Zheng Lin took a deep breath.

Subsequently, he ruthlessly tore her underpants and directly went to draw circles and press on the flower bud, teasing it immensely. 

Mu Xi Yao’s moans grew louder and louder.

She kept calling “your Highness” with a trembling voice.

Listening to her calls, a seething need raged in Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes.

His fingers forcefully parted the petals and entered into a warm and tight overwhelmingly euphoric place.

As he was enthralled by the suction of the little mouth underneath, a jade dew sprayed his fingertip, enticing a low roar from Zhong Zheng Lin. 


Truly a vixen.” Not being able to suppress it anymore, Zhong Zheng Lin loosened his belt, quickly releasing his desire that was swollen to the extreme.

He turned Mu Xi Yao around and had her prop up against the thick and solid branch of the ink bamboo, grinding the woman’s tender flesh from behind. 

“Ah~~No, your Highness~~” Mu Xi Yao exclaimed.

Another tide of spring water poured on Zhong Zheng Lin’s erect flesh. 

“Oh!” Zhong Zheng Lin had never been this stimulated.

He moved madly under the woman’s body.

From time to time he would accidentally slip into the blissful territory, making both of them shudder with immense lust. 

“Good girl.

Bendian will just rub a little to relieve the discomfort.” Zhong Zheng Lin appeased Mu Xi Yao with ragged breathing, yet his movements underneath did not slow down but instead kept increasing its frantic pace.  

“Your Highness, uncomfortable~ Qie wants to return back to the bedchamber.” The woman sobbed moans, her body instinctively moving backward to meet Zhong Zheng Lin’s pumping.

She used glossy and misty eyes to look back at him, a strong desire engulfing her expression.

Obviously, she also could not stand the torment. 

Zhong Zheng Lin was so enticed by the sultry look of the woman before his eyes that his manhood throbbed and jumped slightly.

Yet, the little of the sanity left urged him to hold onto Mu Xi Yao and casually wrap her in outer robe.

Afterward, he rushed to the main house with large strides.

Amid walking, the man’s tall and straight length kept rubbing against Mu Xi Yao’s thigh and abdomen which resulted in the woman’s low and soft moans at his ear. 

“Good girl.

Touch it.

It feels really uncomfortable!” Zhong Zheng Lin’s voice was low and hoarse, his brows were furrowed. 

Mu Xi Yao knew the man’s pain that came from halting at the critical moment.

Therefore, she shed her embarrassment and grasped the bulge, wrapping her hand around it.

She run it up and down and then also went to tantalize round balls beneath it.

In turn, she heard the man’s satisfied sigh.

Just, his breathing kept growing heavier and heavier, his heart beating like drums. 

Zhong Zheng Lin entered the main house in lighting speed.

He kicked open the entrance door and then with a bang closed them.

Afterward, he carried Mu Xi Yao hurriedly to the bed in the inner room.


[1] You – in this context is used polite you which is not the same as ordinary you

[2] Stroll in the east and take a look in the west – to have a look, sightseeing

[3] Springful – Chinese word spring beside having the meaning of a season can also refer to passion and sexual desire 



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