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When the two arrived to the side hall, they sat down.

The man pulled her hand and placed it on the teapoy that separated them and started to fiddle with it.

Mu Xi Yao glared at him delicately.

However, she was unable to pull back her hand hence she could only let him play.

Zhao momo led Mo Lan and Hui Lan to the room to attend them.

After serving tea, refreshment and fruits they retreated to the side and called for that maidservant to come in.

As for the two sitting on the head seat, everyone has long ago learnt what it meant to remain ‘collected’.

When Shu Tao reported to Zhao Momo that she requested to see his sixth Highness and Mu shufei, she was taken to the doorway of the side hall to wait.

As she recalled the scene of her entering the Danruo courtyard for the first time Shu Tao’s heart sunk.

She had only to take a rough look at Danruo courtyard to know that it was much better than her mistress’s Shuhui courtyard.

It was very luxurious and spacious and the landscape inside was also quite particular.

Even its steward momo had her own distinct persona.

How could their courtyard compare

They had just entered the estate.

Both of them were shufeis, yet there was already a difference in their treatment.

What was she to do Moreover, when she went out a moment ago, she saw panicked Shu Mei rushing into Shuhui courtyard with a pale face.

She wondered why it was so His Highness has first arrived to Danruo courtyard and has accompanied Mu Shufei for almost an hour, yet there was no sign of leaving.

What did it mean

As she was pondering, she heard Zhao momo’s summon.

She quickly snapped out of her thoughts and went inside respectfully.

With a slightly bowed head, she arrived in and then paid respect to the two sitting on the head seats.

Only when she heard a woman’s gentle tone to rise did she slowly lift up her head.

The look she was welcomed by directly stunned her.

It was not because Mu Xi Yao had a beauty that could topple nations and cities.

It was because of his Highness’s undisguised intimacy with her.

Didn’t the rumors say that his Highness wasn’t into women’s charms and was indifferent toward the women in his inner yard Then this holding hands……could it be that rumors were not credible In a split second, many thoughts have gone through Shu Tao’s mind.

They were so chaotic it made her flustered.

“What’s the matter” The man’s cold voice coming from the head seat pulled Shu Tao back.

“Replying to your Highness, my mistress would like to ask your Highness if there are still official matters that need to be attended If not then would your Highness like to have the meal served in the inner yard” Shu Tao quickly repeated lady Tang’s words from beginning to the end. This content belongs to thehlifestyle.com, if you see this translation elsewhere, it’s been stolen!

She was indeed virtuous, worthy of her position of ‘consort Xian’, Mu Xi Yao praised her greatly.

“Your Highness, let’s invite big sister Tang to come over and use the meal together.

Livelier~~” Mu Xi Yao stared at Zhong Zheng Lin with her watery eyes.

She seemed to be very excited.

“May.” Zhong Zheng Lin replied without thinking.

All of his thoughts were occupied by the “official matters” that would follow a little later.

Watching the stupefied Shu Tao, Zhao momo inwardly shook her head.

If you bump into this mistress, don’t think of any rules.

Subsequently, she led Shu Tao out and went to Shuhui courtyard to pass a message.


Tang Yi Ru was sitting on the matrimonial bed, her expression serene.

However, inside she was like a roaring wave.

It was simply a plain slap to the face! They entered the imperial prince’s estate on the same day, both held the position of shufei, yet that Mu shi could enjoy a welcome rite that was comparable to that of cefei’s! It was outrageous.

His sixth Highness would actually go so far as to act without regard to decorum.

Where was that person in rumors who was supposed to be dignified and solemn, upright and self-disciplined Even if he was biased toward that Mu shi he should mask it a little.

How come he displayed it openly for all Great Wei’s people to see Wouldn’t it only make others laugh

Tang Yi Ru’s nails viciously dug into the flesh.

She kept reminding herself that she mustn’t be only absorbed in seizing every minute.

In this inner yard, the greatest dignity was bearing a son.

As soon as she thought of son she calmed a bit.

She has spent three years taking care of her health.

As long as she had the favor, bearing sons would not possess an issue.

After pacifying her emotions she has regained her composure, waiting for his Highness’s grace.

As long as he uncovered her bridal headkerchief, everything would be alright.

However, at this time, Danruo courtyard’s momo came to pass his Highness’s order.

She could only courteously invite the person inside.

When she finished listening to the order, no matter how broad-minded Tang Yi Ru was, it was still hard for her to stifle the anger inside her heart.

That was going too far! Not to say that her bridal headkerchief wasn’t uncovered, she actually had to go over there to see that Mu shi! Uncovering the bridal head-kerchief was the last segment in the concubinage rite, meaning auspiciousness and happiness.

How could his Highness comply to such a request

Tang Yi Ru has actually wronged Mu Xi Yao.

That woman absolutely didn’t understand this kind of ‘overelaborated custom’.

If it wasn’t for TV dramas always showing that one had to wait for the groom to come to unveil the bridal head kerchief, Mu Xi Yao would have already pulled it off of her.

Who wanted to be blinded by the bright red during the hot summer

A cold light flashed through Tang Yi Ru’s eyes.

Since that Mu shi went to step on her head as soon as she entered the estate then she needn’t be polite as nice people were only bullied.

She complied to Zhao momo and pulled off the bridal head-kerchief, throwing it aside.

Taking Shu Tao and Shu Mei with her, she followed them and went slowly to Danruo courtyard.

Only after entering the courtyard did she realize how horribly wrong she was.

This wasn’t a little biased.

This was clearly a heart growing askew! His Highness indeed didn’t give her any face.

No wonder that Zhao momo, compared to Chen momo in her courtyard, seemed much more capable.

Tang Yi Ru mocked herself inside.

On the other side, she was even more determined to properly establish herself, not letting others look down upon her.

As for that Mu shi who has fiercely slapped her and her clan’s face, there will be a time for her to repay the debts.

Tang Yi Ru was invited to the hall in the main house.

She courteously paid Zhong Zheng Lin respect and then turned her head to seize up and down lady Mu at the side.

She was indeed a beauty.

Otherwise, his Highness wouldn’t be enchanted to condone her like this.

Tang Yi Ru made a tiny smile and greeted Mu Xi Yao.

However, she did not take a seat.

“Just help yourself, Tang jiejie[2].” Mu Xi Yao was still good at speaking nicely.

“Then I’m grateful to meimei’s[3] kindness.” Afterward, she found a chair beside Zhong Zheng Lin to sit.

Watching Mu Xi Yao’s witty acting, Zhong Zheng Lin pulled at her hand that was under the table to caress it.

He used his finger to scratch her palm.

Mu Xi Yao was harrassed until she could not stay composed, hence she gave him a light kick.

Seeing Mu Xi Yao’ s fur spiked, Zhong Zheng Lin’s lips slightly curled up.

The dishes that have been served on the table were all the ones Mu Xi Yao was fond of.

Zhong Zheng Lin has already instructed the little kitchen in Danruo courtyard to prepare dishes one by one according to the menu.

Sure enough, Mu Xi Yao’s eyes brightened.

Both her brows and eyes carried a smile.

She turned her head and told Zhong Zheng Lin, “Thank you, your Highness~~”.

Afterward, she went to happily watch the fine food.

It couldn’t be helped as she didn’t eat much today.

Fortunately, Zhong Zheng Lin had been thoughtful and let her fill the stomach.

“Uhm.” Zhong Zheng Lin replied dimly and then picked a fish ball for her.

Mu Xi Yao ate the fish balls while telling Tang shi to not pay heeds to formalities, having absolutely no qualms for “keeping quiet during the meal”.

At home, Mu Xi Yao was too lazy to pretend.

When she was with Zhong Zheng Lin, she was so spoiled she just didn’t feel like paying attention to those rules.

Although Tang Yi Ru had a gracious smile pasted on her face, inside her fits of sky startling huge waves were hitting her heart.

Only after a moment of thinking did she felt a little better.

Looking at his Highness and Mu shi’s interaction, it was definitely not their first meeting.

No wonder his Highness would be so intimate with her.

Fortunately, it was only because she has met his Highness sooner than her.

Henceforth, the threat coming from Mu Xi Yao has greatly reduced.

Tang Yi Ru then thought that since his Highness was pampering her so much at the moment, she ought not to openly clash with her for the time being and rip open their faces[1].

After she gained his Highness’s heart, everything then would be more convenient to scheme. 

Therefore, Tang Yi Ru has temporarily forsaken the thought of getting into the conflict with Mu Xi Yao and began to think over how to entice his Highness in an indirect way when they were in private.

If she could produce a son as soon as possible, it would be the greatest advantage.

If she could give birth to the estate’s eldest son then it would be not only hers but also her clan’s glory.

When the time comes, she will truly be considered as having gained the firm foothold.

Who was Mu Xi Yao Sweating blood in the business world where deception was on the daily plate for so many years, with just one look at Tang Yi Ru’s expression, she was able to guess that she won’t pick on her on the surface.

She would probably set on the road of a white lotus flower[4].

However, this Tang shi was already pretty good.

The fact that at the age of fifteen-sixteen years old she could possess such patience and shrewdness when encountering this kind of unfair treatment made her worth to look forward to. 

Lass, you were also aware that this was an unfair treatment 

Mu Xi Yao had never cared about the word fairness.


If there was fairness wouldn’t then she, the pampered consort, have to hand her favor over on a silver platter

What she nowadays knew was that Zhong Zheng Lin’s inner yard absolutely couldn’t be cleared up by her all of a sudden at the moment.

She still needed to keep an assistant to nauseate that princess consort who was yet to sprout out.

Moreover, Yuancheng emperor and consort Shu will never allow such a thing to happen. 

Therefore, Mu Xi Yao not only couldn’t handily dispose of some of them in a fit of anger, but she also had to protect them at the appropriate time and let these messy women steady up their position in the inner yard.

She had already made a mistake with the previous Jiang Pin Ting.

What will follow afterward, she needed to consider properly all the aspects.

It was indeed troublesome.

This was the biggest inconvenience of Zhong Zheng Lin not being Emperor.

Mu Xi Yao started to look forward that his sixth Highness would soon display his magnificence, get rid of cannon fodders and successfully occupy the top seat. 


[1] Rip open one’s face means to shed all pretenses of cordiality

[2] Jiejie means in Chinese older sister

[3] Meimei means in Chinese younger sister 

[4] White lotus flower is an internet slang used to describe a woman who looks pure, innocent but opposite inside


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