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When Mu Xi Yao saw the exquisite beauty of Shuangyan pool she immediately exclaimed.

The entire Shuangyan pool was three feet squared in size, built of jade bluestones.

One poolside was covered with refined fur while the other one with a cool bamboo mat.

On the platform was stationed a complete set of table and chairs and also a large sized couch-bed for resting.

The couch-bed was well equipped with daily necessities.

Even a copper mirrored dressing table was arranged there.

Looking at the couch-bed, Mu Xi Yao immediately knew of Zhong Zheng Lin’s thoughts.

She couldn’t help but turn her head to cast him a displeased look.

The warm water in the pool had a faint milky white color.

According to Zhong Zheng Lin, a decoction with nourishing medicinal herbs from the palace was added inside.

On the water surface were floating petals of qianye grass that Mu Xi Yao liked.

Zhong Zheng Lin carried Mu Xi Yao to sit on the deck chair.

He then passed her the lukewarm water to drink.

This was Mu Xi Yao’s little habit he had learnt about last time in the villa.

As soon as she swallowed Zhong Zheng Lin leaned down to suck her plump and moist lips.

The two held one another, their bodies tightly pressed against each other, lips and tongues intervened together, making smacking noises. This content belongs to thehlifestyle.com, if you see this translation elsewhere, it’s been stolen!

At first, Zhong Zheng Lin was tender but later on, unable to stand Mu Xi Yao’s messing little tongue, he swept the little flesh in his mouth and began a torrent of a mad kissing, his breaths were short and chest moving up and down.

Mu Xi Yao’s whole body felt weak and boneless.

She could only prop herself against Zhong Zheng Lin’s chest and grip his lapels.

Her hot breath hit his bosom making his back stiffen and abdomen stretch tautly.

“Your Highness, Qie will attend you to bath.

Is it alright” Mu Xi Yao asked through her pants.

Zhong Zheng Lin immediately picked up the person and walked toward the edge of the pool, gently putting her down.

Unexpectedly, once Mu Xi Yao’s feet touched the ground, she began to slide down as she was unable to stand firmly.

Zhong Zheng Lin quickly went to seize her slender waist with one hand while the other hand caressed her cheek.

The teasing in his eyes was very obvious, “Is it the so-called frail powerlessness[1]”

Listening to that man’s smugness, Mu Xi Yao’s little hand untied Zhong Zheng Lin’s inner garment and slowly pulled it aside.

Her fingertips lightly brushed over the man’s chest and used a sweet and soft voice to speak, “Qie naturally cannot compare with your Highness’s formidability~~” Her pitch was high and her eyes seemed to have intangibly glanced at Zhong Zheng Lin’s bulge and then shyly moved away the gaze after which a delicate blush appeared on her face.

Zhong Zheng Lin was teased by Mu Xi Yao’s little hand and sight.

His breath became ragged.

He looked deeply at the maiden’s shy appearance and then he led her into the pool.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s build was slender and tall.

What’s more, his body that has trained martial arts all year round was perfect without any flaws.

Mu Xi Yao stood behind him.

Gathering water from the pool with her little hand, she started to gently wash his back.

Then, she saw a scar that extended from his left shoulder to his right waist.

Mu Xi Yao’s fingertip slowly traced over that old scar inciting a shudder from Zhong Zheng Lin.

“Your Highness, does it still hurt” She used the back of her fingertips to repeatedly caress the spot.

“At the age of seven, Bendian has encountered an attempt at assassination.

It has long healed,” He abbreviated the story.

Yet, when Mu Xi Yao was listening to him, her heart ached a little.

There was one sentence that perfectly suited the children inside the palace ‘They had no childhood’.

Their growing up was surrounded by various sinister schemes and they could lose their life anytime.

It was truly sad.

Mu Xi Yao stuck out her tongue and used its tip to slowly trace the scar, licking downward.

As Xi Yao’s clothes got soaked by water, the roundness on her chest and shape of its peaks became all visible.

Zhong Zheng Lin slightly closed those phoenix eyes of his and using little force he tore Mu Xi Yao’s inner garment, leaving her only in a bright red dudou [2] which was tightly stuck to the porcelain like white body of the woman.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s finger pinched the peak and lightly pulled and pushed it making Mu Xi Yao’s legs go outrageously weak.

She could only reach out and hook her hands around his neck.

Her legs unconsciously began to entangle with Zhong Zheng Lin’s.

The man who was subjected to her seduction used his one hand to cup her plump bottom and lift her up.

Afterward, he wrapped both of her legs around his waist, only then being satisfied.

He conveniently lowered his head to suck her earlobe into his mouth, slowly twirling and nipping at it.

“Your Highness, qie hasn’t yet finished properly the washing~~” The little woman protested with a tremble.

Zhong Zheng Lin subsequently restrained himself a bit.

Holding Mu Xi Yao in his arms, he walked toward the stairs and sat down, letting her attend him with a bath.

Under Zhong Zheng Lin’s burning gaze, her snow white soft body gently rubbed against the strong muscles, from time to time brushing against his sensitive places, teasing Zhong Zheng Lin until his gaze darkened even more.

When Mu Xi Yao’s little hand reached to his abdominal muscles, she used her nails to slightly scrape them.

She then raised her head to look at Zhong Zheng Lin’s rolling Adam’s apple.

Sticking out her tongue, she moved to lick it.

When she left, her eyes were brimming with sensuality.

Zhong Zheng Lin has previously indulged her, but now his whole body stirred restlessly.

All the fiery desire rushed downward, making his manhood swell painfully.

Grabbing Mu Xi Yao’s hand, Zhong Zheng Lin led it to untie the thin belt to his underpants.

Afterward, he immediately plunged inside and firmly pressed her hand against his desire.

Mu Xi Yao’s eyes were blurred, her face crimson.

She said pantingly, “Your Highness, afraid~”

“Don’t be afraid.

Good girl, move a little.” He then took Mu Xi Yao’s hand and started to run it up and down.

Zhong Zheng Lin was unusually excited.

The scene in his dream has now come halfway true.

When night comes…..the more he thought the harder it was for him to bear the lust in his body.

Zhong Zheng Lin immediately used the other hand to pull apart Mu Xi Yao’s final coverage.

He leaned down to cover her body with his.

Having her softness sucked by Zhong Zheng Lin, Mu Xi Yao’s low moans abruptly grew louder.

She unconsciously used more force on her hand.

Even her other empty hand moved to toy with that round ball beneath the flesh.

How could Zhong Zheng Lin bear such a teasing He groaned.

The rows of panting

came out from the body before Mu Xi Yao’s chest.

His tongue was unable to tear off from the pair of fullness.

He sucked its tip and used his teeth to bite it lightly.

Mu Xi Yao made an exclamation, her fingernail accidentally scraping over his tip.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s back abruptly tensed, an overwhelming numbness rising from his waist.

Before he could suppress it, Mu Xi Yao’s little hand has clenched tightly his flesh.

Zhong Zheng Lin bellowed in low voice, his desire erupting.

Mu Xi Yao looked at thick white juice on her hand.

She made a delicate moan and then hid in Zhong Zheng Lin’s arms, only exposing her little ears which were bright red.

Zhong Zheng Lin panted, trying to calm down his loud heartbeat and ragged breathing.

He gently hugged Mu Xi Yao and latched his mouth on her reddish ear, licking, and suckling.

Afterward, he landed a gentle kiss on the side of her neck.

When his breathing stabled, he dug out Mu Xi Yao from his arms only to see maiden’s face being flushed by an embarrassment.

Inside her eyes, that were like spring water, ripples of desire undulated.

Her little mouth was slightly opened, delicately gasping out the breath. 

Zhong Zheng Li’s desire that just had its release began to stir again.

“Vixen!” After giving her a quick cleanse, he picked her up and went toward the couch-bed.

He pulled up a dry robe and put it on, managing then to finally somehow calm down a little.

“Your Highness~~” As soon as the words came out she was kissed.

Zhong Zheng Lin warned her with a low and hoarse voice, “If you start to tease again, Bendian will take you right here.”

Mu Xi Yao aggrievedly blinked her eyes and used a voice that carried a tiny sobbing, “Hungry~~” That look of hers.

Zhong Zheng Lin closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Subsequently, he carried her to the main house.


Mu Xi Yao’s whole body felt weak.

She let him fiddle with her.

Looking at Zhong Zheng Lin’s furrowed brows at the group of women that attended with his clothes, she chuckled ill-heartedly.

Zhong Zheng Lin turned his head to look evilly at her, “Has your strength recovered Then…..very well.” Afterward, he cast a meaningful glance over her body.

Mu Xi Yao froze.

She pondered for a moment and then said charmingly, “Your Highness, Qie has heard a rumor that there are some people who practice martial arts that can do seven times a night.

Unbeknownst if it’s true.” Zhong Zheng Lin raised his eyebrow.

He responded delightfully, “There’s no need for envy.

You will know tonight.”

In exchange, he received Mu Xi Yao’s pinching.

Zhong Zheng Lin then finally helped her clumsily put on clothes.

The two were all mushy with one another when they suddenly heard Zhao momo from outside announce that Tang shufei’s maidservant had a matter to report.

Zhong Zheng Lin seemed to not have heard as he continued to stroke Mu Xi Yao’s hair, his expression concentrated.

Only when Mu Xi Yao pulled at the outer robe that got all wrinkled by the man sitting next to her, did he order that maidservant to wait in the side hall.

When Zhao momo looked at his Highness and mistress, she came to understand.

She withdrew with a smile on her face.

Mu Xi Yao pulled at Zhong Zheng Lin’s sleeve.

She raised her head to look at him with shining eyes, “Does your Highness wish to grace countless of women a night” Her tone was mild but her little hand has reached to the soft flesh on his waist and poked it threateningly a few times.

Zhong Zheng Lin was amused by that little look of hers, “Bendian hasn’t yet tried gracing countless of women a night.” He lifted Mu Xi Yao’s little chin and caressed it gently.

He looked at her, “Gracing one woman countless times can be done tonight.

Alright” His eyes were scorching, voice deep.

Mu Xi Yao’s face reddened at once.

She scolded, “Dirty-minded!” She then got up and went to the side hall.

Zhong Zheng Lin has also got up.

He grasped her hand and together they went out hand in hand.



[1] Frail powerlessness comes from 《長恨歌 》(Long hate song)  of a Tang dynasty’s Bai Ju Yi meaning if there’s no maid to help her, she’s unable to stand steady/frail lady that needs others help 

[2] Dudou is an undergarment covering the chest and abdomen (source, picture)  


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