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Mu Xi Yao had fun and also was a little tired.

She freshened herself early on and lay on the bed, recalling today’s events.

She was truly helpless about Zhong Zheng Lin’s ambush today.

What she did not know was that originally Zhong Zheng Lin planned to intercept her midway and then by using his identity of the prince bring her into Shengjin’s academy.

Since she wanted to join the fun, Zhong Zheng Lin naturally had to put the person under his eyes to guard her.

This way, not only would he be able to learn about her new tricks but also avoid her blunder of snatching other person’s name card.

But who would have known that Mu Xi Yao would be unwilling to be lectured by Zhong Zheng Lin and overplay with fire Afterward, neither one of them could go to the academy, thus they could only drop the idea.

Although Mu Xi Yao’s body was in the courtyard, her mind was already elsewhere.

Ten Gentlemen’s feast, Mu Xi Yao had big plans.  It was not only for Zhong Zheng Lin’s prospects but also for the prosperity of Mu House in Qingzhou.

If nothing went wrong, two years later Yuencheng Emperor will command first prince Zhong Zheng Chun to lead troops and march northward to end the chaos in Mobei that has lasted for a decade.

The Mobei war went on for two and half years until, in the sixteenth year of Zhanghe, a truce was reached and the troops were pulled back.

After the war, Mobei’s imperial court promised to withdraw from Jing, Yun, Mu three provinces and also that they won’t invade the borders within the hundred years.

Many of Yuancheng Emperor’s later famous generals has distinguished themselves during this military campaign.  

The most famous among them were only twenty-four year old, yet being already bestowed secondary class first rank, Tingwei general Yuan Qi Zhao and only twenty-two years old Ye Huai Wen with a standard class second rank vice commander-in-chief post.

The two were equally invincible in their military accomplishments as they triumphed in every battle.

However, their style in deploying the troops and soldiers’ formation strategy was completely different.

The former charged from the front and was known to have a matchless war formation while the latter became notorious for scheming from behind and employing the principle of deception in his warfare.

Moreover, the two of them have not only emerged as dark horses in the war against Mobei, they have also demonstrated extraordinary skills in their expedition to the West during Zhong Zheng Lin’s first year of reign, gaining the reputation of “Great Wei’s double glory”.

Henceforth, there was a high probability that these two came out from this season’s Ten Gentlemen’s feast! Besides, Mu Xi Yao’s elder brother Mu Jin Zhi will certainly take part in Mobei war.

If one did not plan ahead how was one to gain even more benefits

Unfortunately, she had already missed the opportunity of Ten Gentlemen’s fest, losing the possibility of getting acquainted with them in the private.

Now, she could only have Zhao Qing scout out the news and then make plans later.

On the following day, when Zhao Qing listened to Mu Xi Yao’s errand and it was again related to that Ten Gentlemen something, his head started to hurt.

He only felt that his Highness has relaxed too early yesterday.

“There’s an inside story.

You just have to clarify the details about Ten Gentlemen.

Bear in mind to not reveal your identity.” Mu Xi Yao very solemnly instructed.

Looking at miss’s expression which was unlike her usual self, he knew that this matter was different.

The last time when miss took such great pains was to scheme against those several exceptionally powerful personages.

This time, he wondered, who were those ones, that despite his Highness’s obstruction, still made miss take the risks and carry out her plans Zhao Qing was a little bit eager to find out.

Three days later, Zhao Qing brought back the news.

The more Mu Xi Yao read the more excited she became.

Yuan Qi Zhao, Ye Huai Wen and He Ran were all in the list, plus there was Gong Shu Yang! This Gong Shu Yang was indeed outstanding.

He was actually the chief of this season’s Ten Gentlemen’s feast.

Just one thing proved this person’s talent.

Gong Shu Yang was a standard class first rank grand secretary during Zhong Zheng Lin’s middle reign! How could she let go of such an able person and fine jade

These three people currently had just made their reputation.

Nobody knows what kind of achievement they would accomplish in the future.

If not now then when was she to claim them Mu Xi Yao circled these few names.

After two days of plotting she secretly exhorted Zhao Qing over and over again to be extremely cautious and remember to not rush in seeking quick results.

Mu Xi Yao was already certain that Zhong Zheng Lin had arranged people at her side, hence she did not dare to be the slightest bit careless. This content belongs to thehlifestyle.com, if you see this translation elsewhere, it’s been stolen!

Yesterday, inside the carriage that went back to the estate, Zhong Zheng Lin has already said, ‘to behave well these few days and wait for him to come’.

As a result, Mu Xi Xao has completely settled down.

Regarding Zhong Zheng Lin’s promise to ‘come’ Mu Xi Yao paid not even a bit of heed to it.

What a pity for his sixth Highness’s heartfelt feelings.

The day to leaving her maiden chamber was getting closer.

Most of the time, Mu Xi Yao was keeping lady Yu a company and engaging in a chit-chat with Mu Xi Ting, revealing her little bit of information about fifth prince’s estate.

She subsequently wrote two correspondences, one for Mu Jin Zhen asking about her well-being and another for Mu Jin Zhi regarding Zhao Qing’s future prospects.

The rest of the time she spent by feeding the rabbits, drawing the flowers, looking at the fine craft workshop’s account book, practicing the calligraphy, painting, playing zither and revising. 

At the present, Mu Xi Yao was most concerned about Yi Ru of Tang House who was appointed to be shufei like her.

Mu Xi Yao was truly curious about the changes in this selection.

She thought about this person.

In the previous lifetime, it could be regarded that she had lived a glorious life. 

Tang Yi Ru entered the estate as shufei.

Later on, due to her giving a birth to Zhong Zheng Lin’s second son and third daughter she had been promoted to cefei rank and was recorded in the imperial family’s genealogy book.

Subsequently, Zhong Zheng Lin ascended the throne, Tang Yi Ru had been bestowed the title consort Xian of the first rank secondary class.

Zhong Zheng Lin has once praised consort Xian for “being virtuous and noble, possessing a benevolent heart and an outstanding character”.

Until Mu Xi Yao has been reborn, Tang Yi Ru still remained among Zhong Zheng Lin’s most favored consorts.

The only funny thing was that consort Xian of Tang clan and consort Shu of Jiang clan, the former Jiang cefei Jiang Pin Ting, were archenemies.

The reason was that the oldest son by consort Shu and the second son by consort Xian were like oil and water with each other.

Unfortunately, in this lifetime Mu Xi Yao was too impressive.

Consort Shu of Jiang clan has been already outed, before even entering the estate.

Mu Xi Yao had indeed aided Tang Yi Ru a big time. 

As for the so-called favor of the previous life’s Zhong Zheng Lin, Mu Xi Yao sneered.

That man, who hasn’t even been enlightened at the time, at most was idle hence he amused himself by teasing the women in the inner palace.

This kind of flippant favor, she Mu Xi Yao looked down upon.

Her target was a spoilt rotten kind of favor that had no scruples.

Her requirements were very high ~~. 


Emperor Yuancheng’s Zhanghe eleventh year.

The fifth day of the ninth month.


When the absolute majority of Shengjin’s prestigious noble families believed that the sixth Highness would be again indifferent toward the inner yard’s affairs, things have taken an unimaginable turn.

At the hour of Shen[1], the sixth Highness brought with himself the orderly prince’s ceremonial implement and grandiously marched toward Yu estate.

He not only personally went to welcome shufei of Mu clan but has also escorted her the whole way to the gate of the prince’s estate and had her enter through the main entrance [2].

Once this matter was spread out, it has aroused waves of shock in Shengjin.

The influential officials and noble families have all directed their sight at Mu shi of Qingzhou.

This issue has even disturbed Yuancheng Emperor and consort Shu.

On the other side, when Mu Xi Yao arrived to the estate, there was still half an hour to concubinage ritual.

Zhong Zheng Lin ordered Tian Fu Shan to arrange in the marriage room compartment little snacks, tea, couch-bed and a chair for her disposal, to let her rest for a bit.

He went to the front yard to receive the guests.

Mu Xi Yao asked Mo Lan perplexedly, “This is shufei’s rite” It seemed to be different from what lady Yu had said.

Well, Mu Xi Yao has never paid attention to these “over-elaborated formalities” hence she knew only little about these things.

Mo Lan was not sure thus she honestly said, “It seems to be different from what mistress said yesterday.”

Steward of Danruo Pavilion Zhao momo, who has been serving aside, looked at the master and servant, unable to make sense of them at all.

Therefore, she has respectfully stepped forward and answered their question, “Mistress, this servant is a steward of this Danruo Pavilion.

Today’s welcoming rite beside not being like the planned, his Highness has demanded that the whole ritual was to be executed according to cefei’s rite.” After finishing speaking, she very courteously retreated.

She was very clear that she had to be very polite toward this one as his Highness valued very much this Mu shufei.

The two has then finally understood the reason behind.

Mu Xi Yao nodded her head, thanked Zhao momo and then gave her the meeting gift.

Mo Lan was clever.

She knew well about the status of steward momo in the prince’s estate hence she pulled at Hui Lan and together they went forward to thank her and also made her a bow.

Afterward, Mo Lan attended Mu Xi Yao with consuming of some refreshments to fill her stomach.

Mu Xi Yao had drunk some tea and leaned against the couch-bed to take a rest.

Inwardly Mo Lan was overjoyed as his Highness still treated her master so well.

When the time came, everyone tidied themselves properly and then supported Mu Xi Yao up and led her to the wedding hall, setting her two steps away from the sixth Highness Zhong Zheng Lin.

At this moment, Zhong Zheng Lin was seated upright on the head seat, his expression solemn.

Through the bridal head-kerchief, Mu Xi Yao could see clearly a pair of the embroidered shoes on the other side.

It was undoubtedly that Tang shi.

Mu Xi Yao made a proper kowtow to Zhong Zheng Lin, served him tea and then passed him her “hand-made” embroidery.

The ceremony was afterward considered complete.

Once she was lifted up and brought back to the bridal room in Danruo courtyard, Mu Xi Yao immediately stayed on the bed refusing to stand up.

She just let others change the clothes and headdress for her.

When Zhong Zheng Lin came back after seeing the guests off in the courtyard, he was greeted by sight of Mu Xi Yao with bridal head-kerchief announcing delicately that she wanted to take a bath.

Seeing his Highness enter the room, Zhao momo quickly bowed to pay him a respect.

Afterward, she retreated, taking everyone with her.  

“Your Highness~” Mu Xi Yao sweetly called under her bridal head-kerchief. 

“Tired” Zhong Zheng Lin’s tone carried a teasing.

“You’re already tired now.

How would you fare later then” 

“Your Highness, after Qie takes bath Qie will be very well, very comfortable.” Mu Xi Yao showed no weakness when facing Zhong Zheng Lin’s dally. 

Zhong Zheng Lin laughed, “Let Bendian see how well do you mean.” He then removed the bridal head-kerchief, watching the beauty under the lamp. 

Mu Xi Yao wasn’t slightest bit shy.

She extended both of her arms, “Hug, bath.” She requested with a tiny voice, gazing at Zhong Zheng Lin with a pair of shining eyes. 

Zhong Zheng Lin was naturally happy to offer his services.

Beauty in arms, he was very satisfied. 

“Together.” He took off their outer robes in a lightning speed, leaving them only in their inner garments.

Carrying Mu Xi Yao in his arms, he entered the specially made up Shuangyan pool located at the back of the main house. 


[1] Hour of Shen means 3-5 pm

[2] In ancient China only principal wife could enter the main entrance when she married over to her husband’s household, concubines were forbidden such act. 


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