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Since it was narrow inside the carriage, how would it be possible for Mu Xi Yao to flee Zhong Zheng Lin reacted by stretching his long arms to spun her into his arms and make her straddle him.

He slightly narrowed his phoenix eyes, glancing at her wickedly.

“Want to escape with stark naked body stripped of clothes” His tone rose, the perfect example of dallying with a woman.

Mu Xi Yao was at her wit’s end.

She could only put forth her triumph card, honey trap!

“Your Highness, cold” She softly extended her fair and delicate arms to embrace his neck and pout. 

“Do you still want to wear the man’s clothes” Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes carried a menace, obviously being displeased. 

“It was made yesterday.

Nobody has worn it.” Mu Xi Yao protested coquettishly.

Her flirtatious expression made Zhong Zheng Lin’s heart tickle.

He gently caressed her cheeks, his gaze scorching. 

Mu Xi Yao was unwilling to see herself stripped naked by him hence she lightly leaned against his body and her little hands started slowly untying Zhong Zheng Lin’s outer robe.

“In that case, I express a gratitude for your Highness’s bestowment of the robe.” She then gleefully went to undress him. 

Zhong Zheng Lin was tantalized tremendously by her small hands.

Unable to resist it anymore, he grabbed her waist and ground her slightly against his loin to relieve a little bit his desire. 

Mu Xi Yao, on the other hand, paid no heed to the man’s actions.

She threw Zhong Zheng Lin a sultry glance, “Your HighnessDress, change” She pulled at his outer robe while talking, wanting to put the garment on herself.

Zhong Zheng Lin laughed softly.

This little temper of hers that has been so indulged.

He just let her do as she pleased and draped his outer robe over the maiden’s fair and soft body, fondly caressing her beautiful back, very reluctant to have his hands leave. 

Since Mu Xi Yao got herself a cover, her courage has also respectively grown.

You must be kidding, today’s happy occasion was spoilt by this stinky man.

She absolutely won’t let him have it easy! She then slightly lifted her body and sat on his manhood, the tip of her tongue licking the man’s earlobe, complaining accusatively, “You Highness is heartless, painful~~” Aiyoo, you were just touched a bit.

It was only a loud thunder but small rain, yet you already started to bear a grudge. 

Zhong Zheng Lin was now feeling both angry and regretful.

This little one was absolutely presumptuous.

She knew well he could not touch her hence she began to entice him without the slightest scruple.

Since he didn’t have the heart to give up this rare opportunity with her, he could only endure with a tense body. 

How could Mu Xi Yao not know about Zhong Zheng Lin’s discomfort Yet, she was not satisfied with the small gain.

She extended her little hand and inserted it into his inner garment, stroking lightly his hard and sturdy chest.

Her whole body was propped against the man’s bosom.

All the hot air she has exhaled sprayed on the protruded tips on Zhong Zheng Lin’s chest. 

Her teasing made Zhong Zheng Lin’s body shiver. 

“Your Highness~~” Mu Xi Yao’s eyes were misty.

She licked her lips and raised her head to call him sweetly, “Your Highness is exceptionally handsome.”

Zhong Zheng Lin was completely provoked by this sound.

He leaned over to capture that little trouble-making mouth of Mu Xi Yao’s, frantically besieging upon them.

At the same time, his big hands were forcibly squeezing and kneading her softness at the front. 

The fire has been lit good enough.

If she overdid it she would only invite herself a trouble.

Since it was not the case, she prepared the last fierce strike.

Looking at the big hands that were rampaging at her chest, Mu Xi Yao lightly brushed one aside and drew that hand to cover her cheeks, slowly caressing it.

She then tilted her head to suck in her mouth one finger, her tongue curling up as if to play with it.

What’s more, she started to draw the finger in and out of the mouth.

Her eyes were overflowed with spring water and her little mouth hummed out moans.

This appearance of her was simply so beautiful one could see water dripping. 

“Vixen!” Zhong Zheng Lin’s handsome face was distorted.

His forehead was covered with dense beads of sweat, hungry gaze fixed on Mu Xi Yao, both of his eyes burning hot.

Beneath, he was on the verge of eruption. 

Mu Xi Yao cast Zhong Zheng Lin a proud sidelong glance.

See if I am not able to teach you a lesson.

I let you spank a person as soon as you enter in! 

“Zhao Qing!” Mu Xi Yao abruptly pushed Zhong Zheng Lin away, calling out loudly for Zhao Qing.

She then stood up, tightening her robe and grooming herself. 

Zhong Zheng Lin was suddenly pushed away.

However, his body was still in the restless state that was about to gain a fulfillment.

Although it was extremely uncomfortable, he still narrowed his phoenix eyes and gazed at Mu Xi Yao.

This woman was just too daring, spoilt bottomlessly!

Yet, he heard her complain softly and cast him a displeased glance, “Please forgive me, your Highness.

About what followed after.

I was frightened so I temporary forgot~~” She acted well but those eyes of hers that were rejoicing in other people’s misfortune, anyone who was not blind could see it.

Zhong Zheng Lin was amused by her shameless act.

His eyes carried a smile.

Since it was him who has pampered her rotten, he had now to bear the consequences. 

He let out a sigh, helped her neaten the hair on her temple and called for Wei Zhen.

“Don’t want Wei Zhen.

Want Zhao Qing.” Mu Xi Yao pulled at Zhong Zheng Lin’s sleeve, swaying it back and forth. 

Zhong Zheng Lin abruptly cast her a sidelong glance.

Watching her in silence. 

Mu Xi Yao then reacted, “Want Zhao Qing to call Mo Lan and Hui Lan here.” Since her plans have changed, she had to call her chief-maidservants back, otherwise how was she to go back in a little while Her clothes and messy hair needed to be tidied by those two orchids. 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s expression relaxed. 

“So you know that you can’t let people see you like this Just a moment ago you lacked shame…..” Mu Xi Yao used her little hands to cover Zhong Zheng Lin’s mouth while glaring at him and preventing him to utter any more words. 

Zhong Zheng Lin looked at the rabbit with fluffed out fur[1] in front of him.

Her eyes were round and slightly reddish.

She obviously had not much strength but still dared to get touchy with him as if she didn’t care about his identity at all.

When Zhong Zheng Lin thought of this, his heart became very soft.

He gently pulled away the little hand and pressed a kiss on her forehead. 

Mu Xi Yao made a humph and in a very proud manner raised her little chin.

Zhong Zheng Lin patted her small head and chuckled.

This rabbit was just too adorable.

He subsequently ordered people to send for her maidservants and had Ye Kai drive the carriage to the villa. 

Villa When Mu Xi Yao heard these words she thought that its landscape must look like Jiangnan’s water town.

Her eyes immediately shone with light.

She raised her head to look at Zhong Zheng Lin, seeking for the explanation. 

Zhong Zheng Lin needn’t look at her to know what was on her mind.

Therefore, he told her in detail the location of the villa and its scenery inside.

He then poured a cup of warm water and brought it to her lips to let her drink. 

When Mu Xi Yao heard there was a fish pond, in a flash, she became high spirited.

She hugged Zhong Zheng Lin’s neck and pronounced loudly that she wanted to go fishing and have a fish feast.


Zhong Zheng Lin’s phoenix eyes glanced into her beautiful pupils and pointed at his lips. 

Mu Xi Yao raised her head and right at once kissed him.

Inwardly, she was muttering to herself that maybe Zhong Zheng Lin’s second attribute was seeking a caressing and kissing

The sixth prince has enjoyed the beauty’s service enough.

He also didn’t forget to dally with a sentence, “As aroma goes deeper, it overflows with purity and freshness.” Afterward, satisfied he ordered Wei Zhen to look for the best cook to prepare a fish feast for Mu Xi Yao. 

Having received the orders, Wei Zhen turned around with an almost crying expression.

Your Highness, where are you going to be led by mistress Yao Didn’t his Highness say that he was going to teach her a proper lesson What kind of ‘teaching a lesson’ was it to search a cook throughout the whole Shengjin How come mistress Yao’s voice became more and more cheerful Wei Zhen was deeply depressed.

He went to do his task. This content belongs to thehlifestyle.com, if you see this translation elsewhere, it’s been stolen!

Upon their arrival to the villa, Mu Xi Yao’s maidservants were already there, waiting.

When they saw Zhong Zheng Lin, they quickly went to pay him a respect and greet him.

Since Mu Xi Yao itched to go sightseeing the villa, she impolitely pushed Zhong Zheng Lin away and took along her two orchids to cleanse and tidy herself. 

When Wei Zhen came back, Mu Xi Yao has already taken a tour around the place.

She was sitting properly by the fish pond at the moment, earnestly fishing. 

Few steps away from her, Zhong Zheng Lin, who also seemed to be fishing but in a more carefree way, was lazily leaning against the bamboo couch-bed holding a fishing rod in hand, his eyes filled with smiles.

Mo Lan and Hui Lan were helpless as they watched their master’s unwilling and non-acceptable expression.

Unfortunately, they have found out their miss’s another weak point after the needlework.

Ai, look at his Highness.

He has easily caught four spotted guapotes, each of them looking chubby.

And then their miss.

In comparison, one could not see even the shadow of a fingerling.

As her maidservants, they felt their faces burning.

Mu Xi Yao has exhausted her patience.

Since she was not willing to let others amusing themselves at her expense, she leaned her head aside and thought for a little while.

Afterward, she looked at Zhong Zheng Lin with a face full of smiles.

“Your Highness~~hot, want a bamboo platform.” She ran over to him and pulled Zhong Zheng Lin up and hauled him to her couch-bed.

Afterward, she diligently run back to Zhong Zheng Lin’s bamboo couch-bed and sat down.

She proudly cast a glance at the little basket at her side and stretched her foot to draw it even closer to her.

Looking at the lively spotted guapotes inside, her face was beaming.

Watching her shamelessness, a smile appeared on Zhong Zheng Lin’s face.

Wei Zhen’s face twitched.

This great aunt, are you taking us all for being blind with open eyes

After Mu Xi Yao expressed that she was very satisfied with the fish feast in the evening, Zhong Zheng Lin sent her back home.

In passing he informed lady Yu that he had encountered Mu Xi Yao on his way, hence he invited her to join him sightseeing.

The sixth Highness, who handled matters meticulously, cleaned all the mess for Mu Xi Yao and only then did he climb the carriage and went back to the palace.



[1] Fluff out fur is a phrase meaning getting angry


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